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  1. gsg94490

    Helicopter camera

    @Misconduct You are 100% right. Your Above Post is a perfect example of why it shouldnt happen. The fundamentals have been changed with no warning and without proper testing and evaluation.
  2. Hello. This isn't my first mission that I have built so I can work my way round the editor but scripting? whole other question for me :/ I am building a training mission that has live firing ranges (if you get me) and in one of the ranges I have an AI vehicle(see fig 1) that moves around a set path (see fig 2) and I can't find a way of making the two AI respawn with the same waypoints in the vehicle so they do the same thing over again. One last thing is a small thing, I have been building a firing point here (See fig 3) and I can't find the place you lie on when your firing (see fig 4 under the person). If you could tell me the name of this so I can get it in game that would be brilliant. Sorry for the massive photos but making them smaller seemed a tab pointless. Yours sincerely Gsg Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4
  3. gsg94490

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I have read and searched alot on this and i cant find a definitive answer for someone like me. im VERY new to seting up servers and i am trying to get JUST zombies and demons to run on the server. the problem i keep having is that when the server loads the player (me) into it, the mod makes the screen flash and wont load and the error message is as follows "mpmissions_zombie.zargabad\mission.sqm/mission/entities/item7.type: vehicle class ryanZM_modulespawn no longer exists". I would greatly appercate somehelp ASAP with this. thanks in advance gsg