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  1. determine if object is beneath another

    Is this command not working underwater properly? Looks like lineIntersectsSurfaces works better
  2. determine if object is beneath another

    via small correction it did the trick if (count (lineIntersectsObjs [getPosASL quad, [_vx,_vy,(_vz + 20)]]) > 1) then {hint "Something above obj1"}; thanks
  3. determine if object is beneath another

    Are you sure on that? "Returns list of objects intersected by given line from begPos to endPos." Even if the objects are next to each other it will still return intersection or? I just need to capture if they are above each other
  4. Hi Guys, is there any BIS function (I couldn"t actually find one..) which tells if an object is beneath another one?
  5. I have an alternative solution but didn't test it yet in dedicated
  6. HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Small teaser
  7. Find Zeus controlled unit

    I tried that https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getAssignedCuratorUnit already and as far as I see it shows which unit is zeus. It is not showing which unit is under remote control of zeus and that is what I am looking for
  8. Hi Guys, which command reveals the units which are remote controlled by a zeus? Is there such command? :) Thanks in advance
  9. Or simply use Ares Mod and add the objects via Zeus module
  10. Event Handlers in Config.cpp

    Dedmen, you nailed it :) Post Init solved the issue! Many Thanks!
  11. Yes it is an amazing tool :) Thanks @optix! Does it also finds the uploads which are not totally public? I.e. visible to friends only or visible to uploader only?
  12. Any idea how long does it take that Steam guys check what is reported and is there any way to see the progress?
  13. HAFM Submarines V2.0

    which submarine has the issue?
  14. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there a way to see the steering point either by MFDs or HUD of RHS air vehicles if server has hard difficulty settings?