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  1. Devastator_cm

    Devas Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

    v.4.9 Tweaked: Sensors and panels by submarine and ships are improved Tweaked: Radar footprints of naval assets are improved Tweaked: Air assets textures and materials are improved Fixed: Rotation bug by naval asset turrets is fixed Fixed: Sea-Zenith fire animation fixed by Meko200TN Fixed: Akar Class Resupply ship's zodiacs are fixed
  2. Devastator_cm

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    that is already a good solution for my case as we do coop against AI 🙂 So I will disable or set them all to same code and will get rid of mystery behind the long range radios
  3. Devastator_cm

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    as workaround is there a way to detect with a watcher logic such empty codes in assets and assign a new code?
  4. Devastator_cm

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    we only face sometimes issue with vehicle radios. They do not transmit to long radios by infantry although other vehicle drivers can hear them. No idea if it is an issue by the user or the mod though
  5. Devastator_cm

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    that section is updated now
  6. Devastator_cm

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    that section of the manual is out of date... Sorry for the inconvenience. We adjusted the GUI and now the code sample needs to be changed as well
  7. Devastator_cm

    Devas Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

    v.4.8 Fixed: Re-arm for submarine is fixed Fixed: Meko-200 will attack to enemy air units Tweaked: Ship and submarines will be visible from longer distances
  8. can someone tell me where to define panels? Is it not inside vehicle class? There I have something like this class VehicleSystemsDisplayManagerComponentLeft { componentType = "VehicleSystemsDisplayManager"; x = (safezoneX + 0.5 * (((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 40)); y = (safezoneY + safezoneH - 21 * ((((safezoneW / safezoneH) min 1.2) / 1.2) / 25)); left = 1; defaultDisplay = "SensorDisplay"; //display to be selected when player changes vehicle and had "empty" previously selected class Components { class EmptyDisplay { componentType = "EmptyDisplayComponent"; }; class SensorDisplay { componentType = "SensorsDisplayComponent"; range[] = {16000,8000,4000,2000}; resource = "RscCustomInfoSensors"; showTargetTypes = 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256; }; }; }; still when I am by turrets of the vehicle I see range up to 4km and panels not only sensor and empty but also gps, crew etc. Why turrets showing things which are not defined under vehicle and also incorrect range? There is no component class under the turrets ... I am lost
  9. Thanks TeTet. Actually we already did it in current dev built. I found your remark here already during the day 🙂https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/157177-preview-release-nimitz-for-arma3-0102a/?page=32&tab=comments#comment-3189453
  10. we will check
  11. You can start by reading the user manual and watching the initial weapon system introduction video which I recorded
  12. Devastator_cm

    Helicopter Rotor script interaction

    My goal is not spawning a heli. I have one on the floor with engines off and I want it to start engine and have rotor turning full speed in under a second
  13. Hi Guys, does anyone know how to make a helicopter's rotor turning with full speed right after engine turned on? I cannot find any command related that but I feel there should be one as Arma engine automatically doing it for spawned vehicles in the air
  14. Devastator_cm

    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    it is a way but will not work as you expected. The helicopters are landing via script and it is not possible to stop the pals or start them running while they are attached to the ship. So if you start with a heli in mission start on landing deck, you cannot lift it up when you unsecure it. I hope I can find a solution in future
  15. bingo