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  1. is there a chance to have the fuel tanks also in gray form in addition to white? Something like this
  2. Devastator_cm

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    is explosion EH Reset time in seconds or minutes?
  3. can you give hint which uniforms are changing as I made before re-texture for the pilot uniforms so I might need to fix my mod 😞
  4. Are you sure you give morphine from an arm which has no tourniquet?
  5. Will the classnames of pilot pack items stay the same? Amy adjustment in their texture files expected?
  6. Thanks for the hint! The sample config.cpp in first post needs a small tweak then. It was written only this info there "CFT list : no = no CFT / yes = with CFT like block 52+"
  7. Is config for F-16D models with CFT not working:? I set fir_f16d_cft = "yes"; and passed the CFT.paa to 2nd texture array position but no CFT is showing up in model
  8. Hi Guys, this mod is based on Firewill's F-16 mod and has textures for some F-16 Squads of Turkish Air Force. At the moment includes only two squads. Enjoy! Squads 152 Filo "Raider (Akinci)" (TuAF) with F-16C Block 40 and F-16D Block 40 161 Filo "Bat (Yarasa)" (TuAF) with F-16C Block 50, F-16C Block 50+, F-16D Block 50 and F-16D Block 50+ Download Steam Workshop Credits & Thanks Thanks to Firewill to have such nice F-16 and sharing texture templates! Turkish Air Force F-16 Tails
  9. Devastator_cm

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    will the other lambs AI scripts included inside single mod in coming release?
  10. Does anybody faces frozen respawn screen since last ace3 update? I have a feeling, during review duration when ace3 stops the keyboard interection if a person force respawns sometimes keyboard interection stays further blocked and respawn becomes imposible as person cannot click to respawn button on the map
  11. Devastator_cm

    Devas Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

    v. Added: Ship horns for frigate and resupply ships (over action menu) Fixed: Meko-200 right side zodiac release fixed Fixed: Sound effects by naval vehicles are working now Fixed: CIWS are working in dedicated now Tweaked: Ship texture adjustments
  12. Thanks guys! Is ACE3 compat works for this version as well?
  13. Devastator_cm


    Does anybody know whether is it possible to implement vanilla like horn by boats and tasks? Somehow the simple config entry of it under vehicle class is not letting driver to make any sound.. ... weapons[] = {"TruckHorn2"}; magazines[] = {}; ...
  14. http://prntscr.com/qsj1vt tweak the settings if you do not want limping. Looks like not only fractures can cause it but any open wound
  15. hmmm maybe I have a bug for airplanes. It works for helicopters but looks like failing by airplanes 😕