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  1. Thanks guys! Is ACE3 compat works for this version as well?
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    Does anybody know whether is it possible to implement vanilla like horn by boats and tasks? Somehow the simple config entry of it under vehicle class is not letting driver to make any sound.. ... weapons[] = {"TruckHorn2"}; magazines[] = {}; ...
  3. http://prntscr.com/qsj1vt tweak the settings if you do not want limping. Looks like not only fractures can cause it but any open wound
  4. Hi Guys, my second project and this time for AI aircrafts. Helicopter Patrol Fixed Wing Patrol Features Developed for AI Aircraft (helicopters and fixed wings) Aircraft patrols between markers and adjusts the height based on setup Possiblity to limit speed In case enemy is noticed during patrol, aircraft engages Intel share from ground units in search distance. Which means if there is ongoing battle air unit will be aware of enemy positions if they are in search distance (adjustable) Adjustable communication delay for intel share Restarting the patrol after aircraft finds no more enemy after an engagement Possibility to have multiple aircraft patrols in a scenario Script can be called from triggers or init.sqf Detecting all enemies inside kill zone. From now on aircrafts will not ignore infantry which do not fire on them. Advanced optics will detect all inside kill zone (adjustable) Return to base (RTB) if fuel is low (20% considered as bingo fuel) RTB based on damage situation (less tolerance to damage during normal flight compared to being in combat) RTB based on ammo. The decision is made based on cannon ammo count. RTB if gunner dies. Refuel, repair and reload ammo at base Target priority rules. Enemy aircrafts are highest value targets. After that comes tanks, armored vehicles, static weapons and infantry. Dense enemy formations have value multiplier which means 10 infantry in close formation is more valuable target than a single Humwee Laser guidence is used if aircraft has any missiles/bombs which can benefit from laser lock. Future Plans Possibility to have multiple bases Known Issue(s) I didn't code anything to improve the aiming of AI pilots. So still vanilla skils and attack methods are in play which means helicopters are also doing fly by to attack and they cannot hit that accurate. Download Dropbox (version 2.1) Armaholic (version 2.1) Sample Mission Dropbox Usage Details are in readMe.txt inside the zip. Examples about how to add custom code or adjust patrol behaviour are inside AirPatrolEnd.sqf. Sample mission can be found above. Version History v.2.1 Fixed: Independent aircrafts were not using laser guidence. Fixed: Logic Objects on map can cause aircraft to stuck in combat mode over an area as such objects might be categorized as enemy. Added: After attack while waiting the restart countdown, aircrafts will do loiter over the area. Tweaked: Some code optimizations. v.2.0 Fixed: Workaround applied due to bug in BIS_fnc_EnemyTargets function which does not consider static weapons as enemy Added: Fixed wing support Added: RTB based on ammunition Added: RTB if gunner is dead Added: Aircraft uses laser for guided bombs Added: Target priority rules v.1.5 Fixed: Possiblity that aircraft stucks at a marker and starts turning around it Added: RTB based on damage Tweaked: Adjustable ServiceTime option removed from script call. Service time is now depending on how much fuel is missing or how much damage is taken Tweaked: AltitudeArray removed from script call. Multi-dimensional array will be used to hold markers and altitude together v.1.0 Initial version Enjoy!
  5. hmmm maybe I have a bug for airplanes. It works for helicopters but looks like failing by airplanes 😕
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    HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Exactly 🙂 @beebah, what kind of example you need? Did you try to use the code which I have sent?
  7. Hi Guys, this mod will bring vehicles, units, weapons and objects which are used at the moment by Turkish Army via. Some of them are re-texturing (i.e. RHS and Firewill's models) of existing assets. Thanks to my dear friend Aplion, there are now also vehicle models in this mod and LTF is handling the nice uniform textures. -Videos- Vehicles C-130 AH-1 CH-47 UH-60 F-4E 2020 Terminator Leopard 2A4 Unimog 1300L Typ-209 Submarine MEKO200TN Track II Frigate Akar-Class Resupply Ship RHIB SDV Units Fixed Wing Pilots Rotary Wing Pilots OKK Operators (Turkish Special Forces, Maroon Berrets) SAT Operators (Turkish Navy Special Forces, Underwater Offence) Navy Crew Objects Turkish Flag Turkish Red Crescent Flag Turkish Map Marker Military Zone Sign Mine Field Sign Items and equipment boxes Download Steam Workshop Dependencies RHS: United States Armed Forces Road Runners LBT 6094 Firewill's AWS Firewill's Pilot Pack CBA A3 Version History v.4.9.4 Added: SAT Trainer T-Shirt Tweaked: ACE3 Custom Rank sizes Tweaked: Flag textures Tweaked: Akar Class Ship heli landing action's activation distance Version history of older releases Credits & Thanks Red Hammer Studio for their awesome mod Road Runner for the nice 6094 vests Thanks to Zabb for the Hood models PuFu and da12thMonkey. Thanks a lot guys for your support and patience! Thanks to lyy amao, dirks, and ineptaphid for help Thanks to Firewill to have such nice modular weapon system and nice pilot equipment Thanks to CBA A3 mod team for their supportive mod Reyhard for the tank loader script Enjoy!
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    Devas Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

    v.4.9.4 Added: SAT Trainer T-Shirt Tweaked: ACE3 Custom Rank sizes Tweaked: Flag textures Tweaked: Akar Class Ship heli landing action's activation distance
  9. I spawned the aircraft like in above code and it works fine. Use markers for spawn point like I did
  10. what is exactly cap1_spawn? Is it a marker? Try this I rewrite with markers _pos = getMarkerPos ["cap1_spawn", false]; _pos set [2, 100]; _cap1_1 = createVehicle ["rhs_mig29s_vvs", _pos, [], 0, "FLY"]; createVehicleCrew _cap1_1; _handle = [_cap1_1, [["cap1_wp_1", 2000], ["cap1_wp_2", 2000], ["cap1_wp_3", 2000], ["cap1_wp_4", 2000]], 3500, 400, 30, [10, 30, 60], airbase1, 150] spawn DEVAS_AirPatrol; btw in your code there were so many weird characters for text. I think it was not UTF charachterset. So it is better if you do copy paste the texts which I have sent
  11. Devastator_cm

    Devas Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

    v.4.9.3 Added: ACE3 Custom Ranks Fixed: Submarine texture
  12. I think "ace_medical_statemachine_fatalInjuriesPlayer = 2; (Players can never be killed off completely, they remain in cardiac arrest (revive state))" this one is used not to make instant deads due to fatal injuries like head, torso shots or heavy trauma (multiple injuries). So it is not like being in cardiac arrest eternally. That is my understanding though..
  13. Btw, how to understand if the person is in cardiac arrest state? Does heart rate 0 means he is in cardiac arrest?
  14. I checked that one and it looks like it works like I thought. Based on my setting (previous screenshots in my post), logic will do a check every 7.5 seconds (as epi boost is 2 by me which halfs the 15 seconds) and wake up change for that duration is 20%
  15. I am still lost... So here it states it makes every 15 seconds a check to wake up the person. I assume when I set this one to 0.2 it means 20% chance that person will wake up in case he is stable http://prntscr.com/qj4evl Now this one states epi increases how often the check is done. So the 2 which I set makes now what? If it is increasing the frequency of wakeup check then I assume it is making it now 13 seconds instead of 15 as I set 2. In that case what will do 30 as max setting for that glider is 30 http://prntscr.com/qj4f6a
  16. and how to find that 5% multiplier in that equation? I think I miss that in the settings or it is not described yet
  17. how the numbers are really working in the settings? Epinefrine wake up change starts from 1 till 30 but wake up chance between 0 and 1. So wake up chance is % wise working but how is the epinefrine which is between 1 and 30? Any idea?
  18. atropine is removed. There is only adenosine now. Looks like the description text was not updated. More details you can find in their medical rewrite page https://ace3mod.com/2019/12/31/ace3-version3130.html
  19. Hi Guys, does anyone know what is the picture size for the jet dlc briefing room desk and screen to properly display a jpg file? I tried 1:1 and 1:2 ratio but had no success to display the picture completely. It is always having som portion of it out of display..
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    Briefing Room Desk & Screen Picture Size

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    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    problem of invisible menu items was due to ACE3. The setting "Group Bar" by Ace3 UserUI Section is adjusted to be false. If you set it to true then the issue is solved by this mod. It took me so long to find out what was breaking this mod so I guess @duda it will be nice if you put this hint to your FAQ section 🙂
  22. Devastator_cm

    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    ok I see that I have a weird situation. When I chose the action "Deploy Cargo Ropes" in my dedicated server, nothing is happening because the selection of how many ropes I want to deploy is invisible... If I randomly scrol down and press again it drops the ropes. Does anybody know why the action menu becomes invisible after the deploy rope action?
  23. You might still create two local markers for each pilot in the airplane so they can see each others markers. With different color codings and naming convention (i.e. xx_airplanemodel_groupname where xx is unique marker number), new functionality on mfd to disable other pilots markers or enable them (so turn on/off visibility can be done via alpha setting of marker without really deleting anything). THis can be extended to share markers between airplanes on the same side as well
  24. Devastator_cm

    Devas Turkish Armed Forces (TAF)

    v.4.9.2 Added: C130 static parachute jump funtionality Fixed: AH-1 pylons Fixed: Multicam boonie hat display names By C-130, if soldiers in cargo have the non-steering parachute then the static line jump can be simulated via giving green jump light while any back door or ramp is open. Green light will start deploying the soldies with non-steering parachute and that parachute will be opened automatically when the soldiers left the airplane
  25. Devastator_cm

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Does anyone else have a problem with SAF Opfor units in dedicated server? When I place them in a mission, they come out naked in dedicated server 🙂 I cannot find them also in Zeus. Is this a bug to report or something wrong in my end? http://prntscr.com/q0kmaz