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  1. LSValmont

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    In my opinion the mission uses so little of ACE really that there are viable scripted alternatives for the little you are taking from it. In fact I will do the scripting and will send you a demo mission this week. Lockpicking is used just for the vehicles or also for doors/buildings?
  2. LSValmont

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    I would love if ACE was completely optional rather than a requirement. Other than that this is the most fun I've had in A3 since OLD MAN but this is Multiplayer and ultra optimized so it is far more impressive and daring than any official content currently on Arma 3. Wouldn't be a surprise for me if Arma 3 Devs contact @Sparker just like they did with Warlords and talk about including Vindicta officially into future versions of Arma 3. (Since Arma 3's multiplayer scene in really its greatest selling point and Arma 3 could still sell a lot more copies.)
  3. LSValmont

    S & S

    This is so good that it should be officially included into CUP!
  4. It is finally happening!!! https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124140 Get your engines started 😉
  5. Sharing the tools and code that make Vindicta such a unique experience as a stand alone tool to help your fellow mission makers/coders/moders really speaks highly of you @Sparker. And not only on the display of your technical prowess that we are all very aware by now but as a community provider and teacher for the current "New Blood" of mission makers wanting to do things better/differently. This generation lacks the KKs and other Gurus that were here 24/7 teaching their magic and amazing us with their tutorials and missions so it is up to the likes of you and very few others to drive this amazing community forward still into 2020 and beyond. PS: Does this work for Dedicated servers only of is it possible to use on hosted missions too?
  6. LSValmont


    My favorite mapper doing his magic! Thank you Temppa! We owe you hundreds of entertainment hours 😃
  7. So basically both mods do the same but yours is more efficient and works on all vehicles and not only Aircraft? Is that correct? Or even with your mod enabled we should also get this one?
  8. Thank you Tinter! Remember to keep the objects count as low as possible. In my opinion as soon as the building feels like it was occupied is enough for immersion and there is no need to add more objects that could possible get in the way of player movement, near buildings and stairs and also prevent the Ai from navigating (they are already horrible at navigating buildings). Another suggestion: I've discovered that when objects are inside each other (colliding) is what causes much of the FPS issues some missions have so try to not clutter them all together. Also spawn the objects as simple objects whenever possible. I will try your script as soon as I am done with some compositions 😉
  9. Thank you Tinter, yeah that is exactly what I am trying to do. I have the objects list but did not want to place them manually on the other map. Sadly since I could not find an easy solution I am just replicating the Compositions manually so my mission will probably take me one more week to finish 😞
  10. Yeah Did that, then loaded it on my malden mission but it does not save nor are the composition selectables on EDEN. Remember I am only using EDEN not the Terrain Builder...
  11. So I tried Plopper and while a great tool it seems to require the use of the terrain builder to complete the process and I am just using EDEN and want to make compositions out of map objects...
  12. Looks awesome! Thanks Checking it out 😉
  13. So I intent to take some map's buildings layouts and add them to another map via script or editor. Previously I used the " BIS_fnc_objectsGrabber " command to get a template of objects on my missions but that command only works for player placed items while I need to take map maker placed objects. How can I do that? Because replicating those layouts by hand would be extremely time consuming.
  14. LSValmont

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I see. So it is NOT that the Ai is Dumb but rather it does not see and/or hears enemies fast enough (Their knows about values take 8-15 seconds to update) making it "Seem" dumb (thou they are not dumb they just seem to be due to not being blind/deaf). =p Well first you also need to understand a few things: 1) Many Ai behaviors in Arma 3 are hardcoded meaning that its values cannot be changed or at least it is very hard to do so. 2) LAMBS does not modify the Knows About mechanics in any way (At least it was not advertised) . 3) At the start of the mission depending on the load, your system resources and other considerations could make the Ai delay its normal behavior and functions so using the immediate start of a mission as a parameter is inadequate. You would have more accurate test results if you measure Ai behavior a few seconds into the mission and the Ai's creation. 4) All in all I have not experienced a significant delay in the reaction of the Ai and they still engage me over 800+ meters under the 6 seconds windows once the mission has been running for some time.