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  1. Updated! The script now includes various locality fixes by davidoss!
  2. BI Project Lead Ondřej Kužel has confirmed here: That no more than 10 people working on Arma 3. If there are 10 employees working on BI's cashcow flagship best seller game how many do you think are working on A2? I was hoping for an A2 update with a unified DLC gold edition for all that game has given BI but no love. I've since moved on to A3 but that game has one of the most uninteresting lores of the whole industry. It is imposible to emotionally attach to A3's lore where A2 had an amazing lore and campaign.
  3. Update released! Completely rewritten the script from scratch! - Added the much requested custom/increased Hit Points (HP) for Units feature: Finally you can easily set custom HP values for Units in Arma 3! - Heavily optimized the script by removing the while loop! With this last update you can have for example boss battles where a unit with 200 health has to be taken down a few times before it is truly dead! Any Unit can become a predator, a super human and/or an important NPC who needs to be kept alive. Known issues - Every time a unit is shot it will communicate it via systemChat too many times (A single shot is broadcast several times for some reason). I have commented this line until I find a solution.
  4. ZAM - ShowNames

    Great script! Thanks Phoenix!
  5. Ravage Mod

    Great tip! Thanks! I want to start using Grad Persistance in my mission. How did you resolve the vehicles issue? You disabled vehicle saving/loading in Grad Persistance? How did you do that?
  6. Ravage Mod

    I agree with Damsous. R3F works great and I use it on every mission! Will save you lots of time that you can focus on other things! By the way have you seen this before? https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/189405-arma-3-underground/
  7. Hello Hoverguy! I am loving and using all your shops for all my missions but I've a couple questions... 1) You said you have a system where money is also an inventory item. Is there a way for me to drop money on the ground as a physical item and that item represents XXX amount of money? So perhaps it can be dropped when players die? 2) Is there a way to limit the stock available of certain/all items on the shops what get increased after time/ when players sell items? 3) What does your persistence system saves? Because it doesn't seem to save player health and when a players leaves and rejoins my server they get full health again so that way if they where close to death they cheat death! =( Thanks in advance! PS: Perhaps a system like antistasi where if enough players sell an item it becomes infinite on the shop would be awesome to have as an option!
  8. Amazing! +1 vote for keeping the holdaction! perhaps can do an animation while holding space and/or require having an axe in inv. Haleks, it seem we will need one last update with more items!
  9. Ok got it! Updated the script! Loving the unified code inside the "HandleDamage" addEventHandler. Now that we are optimizing the "HandleDamage" addEventHandler may I ask if you can direct me towards a reliable way to reducing the damage these special Ai takes? I've tried lots of "solutions" I found here on the forums involving the "HandleDamage" addEventHandler but none seem to do the trick. Currently the NPCs go into incapacitated state after 2 shots (Rifles, pistols, anything) regardless of what I add to the "HandleDamage" addEventHandler. I want them to take 4 or 5 shots before reaching that 0.8 damage. Also grenades (explosions) should still do full damage.
  10. Thank you davidoss! Keep em coming if you can! I've seen lots of interest in this script and it has improved a lot since I first envisioned it.
  11. Yeah, the whole Idea is that those NPCs are special and should not die so easily! You can set their lives to 1 with null = [this, 1] execVM "scripts\specialAi.sqf"; That way they will only go incapacitated once and you will be able to kill them while they are down but since I've added the HoldAction to revive them you can revive the Ai again even if it has no lives left! If you don't revive it on time or shoot it again then it is dead for good!
  12. Nice one! I've added this to the script and also: - Made the incapacitated Ai also setcaptive true so that it is not attacked during their incapacitated state (they do not take damage anyway). - Added a HoldAction to revive the incapacitated Ai faster.
  13. Don't be greedy and teach me! I've added this to 10 NPCs that act as traders on my mission and haven't seen any drops in FPSs but adding to more units should hurt performance I guess, because of all the EH + While loop! At least the loop ends when all the lives are spent =) I am planning on adding a holdaction to the _unit when it is incapacitated so that players can make them stand up faster and without consuming a life!
  14. Hello dear A3 community! Today I present you my first ever script (released) so please be gentle with me, I am still a virgin! I've often run into players in my servers who complain about how Arma 3 and/or most of its missions do not offer incapacitated NPCs (a la Farcry 5). Previously, most Arma 3 mission makers had to set important NPCs to be immortal so their mission's functionality could remain intact and/or use Objects such as Boards, stands, computers etc as Vendors/Traders etc. It was that or having extremely fragile NPCs that "evil" players could exploit to ruin other players' experiences. There was no middle ground and I often found these immortal NPCs and/or Objects as traders quite immersion breaking. Another mayor complaint from Arma mission makers was the extremely high difficulty revolving around setting custom Hit Points (HP) for units. Mission makers often found their important characters dying faster than they wanted or perhaps even tankier than what the mission required. This script is the solution to both problems =). It is also a solution that is both system resources friendly and Multiplayer compatible! So with that in mind and since I couldn't find any script that does exactly that or what my players wanted I came up with this: I tried to make it as MP compatible as my limited knowledge allowed me to! (I've only tested on Hosted Servers). EDIT: Then came davidoss and fixed any locality issues remaining so not it should be fully MP compatible. Usage: Inside a Unit's Init field in the EDEN editor add: null = [this, 40, 2, 60] execVM "scripts\bossAi.sqf"; Where: "this" is the name of the unit that will have increased HP. "40" is the ammount of HP the Unit will have. (40 health means units can take ~4 shots). "2" is the amount of lives/revives the Unit will have. (0 lives disables the increased HP so 1 is minimum), Set it to 999 for immortal NPCs who for immersion's sake still go into incapacitated state! "60" is the time in seconds the Ai unit will remain in Unconscious state. Ver. 1.2 UPDATE 03/12/18: Completely rewritten the script from scratch! Ver. 1.0 UPDATE 30/11/18: The davidoss update! As always any optimization/improvement/request input is greatly appreciated! PS: This my first ever script is dedicated to my first ever friends and idols here on the forums: Haleks, George Floros and Vandeanson! This wouldn't have been possible without the knowledge I kindly received from the scripting/programming gurus Larrow, davidoss, pierremgi, phronk, johnnyboy and many others! So thank you very much guys!