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  1. Do you think it is possible to put a .paa overlay on top of the GPS UI to increase immersion? The scripts I've found completely redo the GPS system instead of just using the one from the game. Basically what I need is to find the size and location of the default GPS UI so I can apply a .paa tablet background to it for example
  2. LSValmont

    3D objects - Dialog

    Did you managed to get it to work?
  3. LSValmont

    HDR 2020

    To be honest ACES Simulated looks way more realistic than all the other options. Vanilla looks "plastic" and "flat" in comparison. Well done!
  4. Just tried it and holy moly the update was worth the wait! Everything from the weapons and the units themselves look great, certainly the XCOM/X-FILES vibe is a lot stronger and more refined now! Hopefully future updates can update and add variety to the vehicle textures but other than that, 10/10!
  5. LSValmont

    [SP] S I R E N S

    Just got to the third objective! It is safe to say that this is one of the most immersive exploration/survival scenarios I've played in a while! A very refreshing take that feels as polished as a CLDC. I love it that once you destroy they nearest siren the whole location changes to reflect that the "corruption" is gone. On par with the likes of Phantom's horror scenarios and Creatical's Silent Abdera for example, and those are the cream of the crop when it comes to immersion and atmosphere. Given coop support, random starting positions and random locations for the Sirens each playthrough this could easily rival DayZ.
  6. LSValmont

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I won't lie to you. It is quite simple really. The best AI mod for Arma 3 has reached new heights never seen before in any previous and current Arma tittle. I don't know how many years it will take A4's devs to reach this level of quality in terms of Ai realism but it is safe to say that LAMBS will be our best bet for at least a few more years to come. Kudos to the team, the testers and for us players out there, enjoy this masterpiece!
  7. Put the code in initPlayerLocal.sqf and a few lines after put: player call VAL_fn_drawLaser; Then inside the game you might need to call the function again to turn the laser ON/OFF. I do that by adding a keyPressed EH for when shift+L is pressed by the player but you can add an addaction or call it from the debug console too, whatever is easier for you.
  8. Here is the improved version, with heavy credits towards @Leopard20 , @fn_Quiksilver and @POLPOX VAL_fn_drawLaser = { if !(isNil "V_PLAYERLASEREHID") exitWith {removeMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", V_PLAYERLASEREHID]; V_PLAYERLASEREHID = nil; systemChat "Weapon Laser Off"; playSound3D ["A3\missions_f\data\sounds\click.wss", player];}; if (currentWeapon player isEqualTo secondaryWeapon player) exitWith {systemChat "Weapon Laser NOT AVAILABLE";}; playSound3D ["A3\missions_f\data\sounds\click.wss", player]; V_PLAYERLASEREHID = addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { private _laserDir = (player weaponDirection (currentWeapon player)); private _w = currentWeapon player; if (_w != player getVariable ["last_weapon", "?"]) then { private _cfg = configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _w; private _m = getText(_cfg >> "model"); private _o = createSimpleObject [_m, [0,0,0], true]; private _off = _o selectionPosition [getText(_cfg >> "muzzlePos"), "memory"]; _off = _off apply {[_x]}; deleteVehicle _o; player setVariable ["offset", _off]; player setVariable ["last_weapon", _w]; player setVariable ["proxy", [ "proxy:\a3\characters_f\proxies\pistol.001", "proxy:\a3\characters_f\proxies\weapon.001", "proxy:\a3\characters_f\proxies\launcher.001", "proxy:\a3\characters_f\proxies\binoculars.001" ] select (([1, 4, 4096] find getNumber(_cfg >> "type")) + 1) ]; }; private _offset = player getVariable ["offset", []]; private _proxy = player getVariable ["proxy", ""]; player selectionVectorDirAndUp [_proxy, 1] params ["_vy", "_vz"]; private _pos = selectionPosition [player, _proxy, 0]; private _vx = _vy vectorCrossProduct _vz; private _mat = matrixTranspose [_vx, _vy, _vz]; _pos = _pos vectorAdd flatten (_mat matrixMultiply _offset); _pos = _pos vectorAdd [0.01,0.15,-0.05]; private _laserStart = player modelToWorldVisualWorld _pos; drawLaser [ _laserStart, _laserDir, [1000, 0, 0], [1000, 0, 0], 0.20, 0.25, 100, false ]; }]; systemChat "Weapon Laser ON"; }; Thank you guys, and enjoy!
  9. I am still having the issue of Artillery not firing when playing the Malden mission. But I also wanted to state that this is one of the best MP missions in Arma 3 period. Up there with BI's own Old Man, Western Sahara CDLC's Extraction Mode, SOG's Mike Force and Vindicta/Antistasi. Thank you and your whole team for making such a masterpiece. Everything from the UI to the way missions are set as a campaign speaks to the wonderful work, attention to detail and just the talent of the makers.
  10. LSValmont

    HandleDamage Event Handler Explained

    This code is very elegant! As I understand it, only overall damage is deadly? Will this still allow for legs and arms to increase their current damages?
  11. That would explain a lot! 😅😄
  12. This map looks like what Arma 4 is supposed to look like! Just insane!
  13. This script is pretty awesome but I have a single issue with it. It does not delete the looted items from the dead bodies meaning that it is supplicating the items (this is playing vindicta with ACE 3). This means that if I add this awesome script to the ACE interaction my players can use it to cheat their way into plenty of stuff. PS: Would be also awesome if the script adds an addAction to delete the box (with remoteExec so any player can do it)
  14. LSValmont

    LAxemann's Environment Ducking

    Another awesome contribution from the legend! If the Ace 3 devs approach you to include some of you work officially into the mod would that be ok with you? I am asking because I suggested over their github to include some Reforger features that you ported over to Arma 3 (year before Reforger was even released)
  15. LSValmont


    Thank you for all your years of hard work! Ravage and most of your other contributions are a staple of Arma 3 by this point. And I am not going to lie here, when it was release and for many years Ravage was literally Revolutionary. Not only was it ahead of its time and technically impressive (you were basically doing what even the devs couldn't get right in DayZ at the time) but also you made it so that anyone could benefit from it by making it so modular and accessible. In a way, your work represents all that is good about the Arma community. An inspiration, an example and a tool that enabled countless hours of entertainment for so so many players. These memories and this experiences that were possible due to your contributions and specially the extra work you endured to make it a true platform will not be soon forgotten. It is sad to see you move on but it is also a relief because we will see each other again... in Arma 4! I drink to your health!