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  1. Its great to hear that! May I also suggest you use this system for the Enigma Civilian Population script. Instead of just considering the houses like it currently does (creating an unlimited supplies of civilians per town) it could do: 1) Check the town/cities locations of the mission map. Example script: 2) Count the amount of open houses/buildings (with interiors) around each location to determine its size. 3) Create a Population/Depopulation trigger with its size based on the size of the location. 4) On the trigger set a max/min civilian population amount based on the size of each location. 5) On depopulation, remember how many civilians remained like the Patrolled Areas script already does. 6) On re population of the town add the amount of civilians the trigger remembers it had. 7) If cero civilians remain then the trigger deletes itself or sets an increased interval for re population. Additionally, when creating the civilian groups I suggest adding: _group deleteGroupWhenEmpty true; I know that you delete the group on depopulation but just in case 😉
  2. Exactly, if I put the dogs in the renegade faction their own handlers will shoot at them. So rating do works on animals? Like if I spawn a chicken and give it a rating of -2000 the other ai will shoot at them?
  3. Thank you! Perhaps going as far as to "remember" how many units survived etc you could take a far easier path: Only "check" if the patrolling team was COMPLETELY WIPED OUT. If it was then perhaps with setTriggerInterval you could just increase the interval so it takes a lot longer for a trigger to recheck and repopulate (saving precious resources in the process). It could work like this: When running PATAREAS_DepopulateArea the trigger already passes _markerName and _group. All it needs to pass additionally is its own name. Then at the beginning of PATAREAS_DepopulateArea it checks if (count units _group < 1). //if the patrolling group has less than 1 member. If true then it the fnc changes the interval of the trigger to a _repopulateDelay value. So it would: if (count units _group < 1) then { _TriggerName setTriggerInterval _repopulateDelay; }; Then mission makers who do not want infinite enemies on their missions could just set _repopulateDelay = 9999999; and so once emptied locations are never repopulated or could set _repopulateDelay = 120; for a two minutes repopulation etc. Most of my missions are meant to last 2 hours or so and in those instances instant repopulation makes no sense mostly and having an option to delay that would be a game changer. The bad thing is that setTriggerInterval will come with version 1.96 so currently it is only working on the Dev Branch. The good thing is that that gives you plenty of time to further refine your script 😉
  4. @pierremgi If I have "marker1", "marker2", "marker3"..... "markerx" in my mission. And I wanted to check every 10 seconds if a player has stepped in range of one of them (using findIf ) and then spawn units at that marker and delete the marker (so the loop does not check that anymore). What would be the best way to do it? This is the loop as example: I need to somehow add a forEach _markersArray; otherwise the script is too long and "manual" but don't know which is the best way to do this.
  5. This is a great topic! I am in the process of updating my vDog patrol script and since the dogs are "Agents/Animals" and other Ai won't shoot at them I wanted to know you Halek does that with Ravage's zombies!?
  6. Wow Enigma your Patrolled areas script is amazing and exactly what I was looking for! Any chance of small updates to it in the future? 1) I noticed that you use triggers for spawning/despawning of the groups. As of Arma 3 version 1.97 there will be a new trigger param that let you change/define the intervals (setTriggerInterval), (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/triggerInterval) at which the triggers check their conditions. Adding that to your script settings would greatly increase the performance, specially if instead of the triggers' standard 0.5 second check you could set for example (2 + (random 2)); then a high number of triggers would all check their conditions at different intervals greatly improving the performance in a mission. 2) I couldn't find any reference to your script deleting the trigger and marker after the group was completely killed. I checked PATAREAS_DepopulateArea but couldn't find it. Perhaps you do delete the trigger elsewhere whenever the patrol group is empty but if you don't you could add that to the next version so you squeeze a little more optimization out of it. 3) If I wanted markers 1,2,3,4,5 to spawn opfor units while markers 6,7,8,9 and 10 to spawn resistance units is that possible? Because I only see ["SIDE", east], on the example. 4) Finally, there is a probability option for the patrol group to spawn ["GROUP_PROBABILITY_OF_PRESENCE", 0.5],. If the group does in fact not spawn, are the marker and trigger checking the conditions deleted also or it remains in the mission checking its conditions in vane? Other than that it is probably the best patrol spawn system I've seen for A3! Well done!
  7. Do you have a direct download link perhaps? Thanks!
  8. LSValmont


    Ohhh I did not know that, my bad! Thank you @Gill93!!!
  9. Livonia buildings incoming?
  10. LSValmont


    Thank you Haleks! Neat fixes and features. May I ask for the possibility in the future for a module option to choose between: - Any dead Ai has a chance to resurrects as zombies. - Only dead Ai killed by zombies are eligible to resurrect as zombies. Right now I believe if you have the setting on then any dead Ai can raise as zombie and that is the only option.
  11. Thank you! I tried taking code from there but couldn't replicate the effect using the debug console 😞
  12. LSValmont

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    The downside to having the Ai taking cover on "everything" is that they will take forever to traverse open terrain or perhaps even a straight line. Sometimes you just want your Ai soldiers to go from point A to point B as fast as possible. There is a thin line between too much CQB style combat vs open terrain style combat. Too much of one or the other and the gameplay suffers. That is why BI never got to do CQB right, they figured that having both open terrain combat and CQB was incredibly hard to balance so they went full Open terrain all the way. Therefore sucky CQB on default Arma 3. I would say right now is almost perfect in that regard. In fact I find that the Ai tends to wallHug a little bit too much for too long so if anything right now CQB is favored by the mod.
  13. Thank you Mr. H. I am opening the dialog just from the mission folder (no mods). I've been searching for examples in the ACE 3 github but their macros make it hard for me to understand anything. Everything I've learned comes from the Overthrow and Dynamic Civil Wars githubs. Both missions are amazingly coded but I cannot find the specific functions that they use for opening their custom menus. What I could really use is an actual example given my particular situation and having the previous working script as a reference (posted of the first post).
  14. For the longest time I've been using a Spawn for opening and closing dialogs IE: But I've since been migrating all my dialogs and even scripts to a function based unscheduled environment using both CBA and ACE 3 guidelines. ( https://ace3mod.com/wiki/development/coding-guidelines.html#72-scheduled-vs-unscheduled ). I am currently facing a problem finding the most optimized, simple and unscheduled way of opening my custom UI by using: vMenu_keyHandlerID = [33,[false, false, false],vMenuOpen] call CBA_fnc_addKeyHandler; //33 = F key Instead of: displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", So here is my whole previous working code:(Executed via: [player] execVM "vScripts\vMenu\vMenuOpen.sqf";) So what could be a more optimized way of doing this? Like a CBA unscheduled way (more akin to a Event Handler rather than a spawn/ExecVM). PS: Also, since I am using the "F" key for opening the menu, is there a way to auto unbind the previous "F" so that letter is exclusive to opening the menu? PS2: Thanks in advanced guys!
  15. Hey @0Y0 , how did you create the "eye blinking effect" used in your mod? Can you share the code snippet with us? PS: I tried looking in your fnc files but it is quite hard to get that effect exactly and alone. Thank you in advance!