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  1. LSValmont

    TvsTvsT RPG Crookz v0.9

    I have very fond memories of this mission since it was the first one I've ever played online in Arma 2. I am glad you brought it back and I can't wait to play it on more maps! Thank you! PS: I will be there tonight!
  2. I assume that is in Arma 3? Ideally you should host a server on Chernarous Arma 3 and roam around and then Host a DayZ server and roam around comparing the two FPS performances.
  3. Indeed, reload animations look a lot nicer! Still, a performance comparison 😉 Under fairly similar conditions what are your FPS in A3 vs DayZ?
  4. LSValmont

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    Thank you! Super clear, nothing to add really! Not really an issue with having such small mods required! (It is just me being stubborn and trying to do my missions PBO free but of course limiting myself because of that).
  5. Well, it is the closest to full Enfusion we have on display and to compare to... we will have to do our analysis with what we have so we don't dwell into hypothesis territory. Remember that is performance differences/improvements what we are discussing here but on even fields (As much as possible of course). Arma 3 clearly performs far worst than DayZ as soon as there are Ai units and vehicles on the server but since DayZ has no Ai other than dumb zombies then we cannot add Ai to the comparison. Also it seems desyncs are a lot more common on DayZ servers compared to Arma 3 servers under similar conditions since I am getting lot of feedback on discord regarding this post. To even the fields even further I added the Ravage mod to my Arma 3 server during my testing spawning just Zombies with DayZ and just zombies and I am getting 60 FPS on CUP Chernarous for Arma 3 while I get 70 FPS on DayZ. Both with around 20 players and + 30 zombies near my playable unit. PS: That is client FPS, I was not measuring server FPS. PS2: Both games on Ultra and 1200 view/objects distance. Intel I7 6700K 4.0 GH (4 cores) Geforce 1660 GTX 6GB 32 Gigs of Ram Samsung SSD So all in all a 10 FPS improvement for DayZ and its half Enfusion engine. I am not impressed at all.
  6. LSValmont

    [MP CO15 Campaign] Wolfpack Vol. 1

    Thank you! I believe adding such option could be really important to simulate several realistic conditions such as: 1) Asset refueling 2) Patrol resting, resupplies etc. 3) Pauses to simulate Radio communications 4) Pauses to simulate location/bearings checking 5) Temporary building garrison Otherwise enemies both mechanized and on foot are just never resting walking machines and that looks unrealistic on most scenarios when those units are not engaged (In SAFE mode). Also those small pauses create windows of opportunity that are the perfect chance for patient and tactical players who study enemy patrol patterns to strike at the best possible moment. For snipers to take that shot to kill the officer or for that Specialist to put that satchel charge under the patrolling (now stationary) tank. Even AT soldiers have should wait for enemy heavy asset targets to come to a full stop not waste their precious and HEAVY rockets. I've myself added the timeouts to an older version of your functions but with your constant updates I won't have those again if I want to benefit from your performance improvements. Most of your functions immersion would greatly benefit from increased timeout settings for some waypoints, specially such functions as the fn_defendArea, fn_defendAreaPatrol and fn_footPatrol.
  7. LSValmont

    [MP CO15 Campaign] Wolfpack Vol. 1

    I was going to suggest to include the waypoint timeout param to your Ai waypoint functions since that is the only param missing. setWaypointTimeout [10, 30, 60]; Example: ADF_fnc_footPatrol.sqf [group this, position this, 750, 5, "MOVE", "SAFE", "RED", "NORMAL", "WEDGE", 5, false] call ADF_fnc_footPatrol; As you can see, it is missing the setWaypointTimeout values, which are very important if you want the patrol to simulate taking some "rests" between waypoints. Specially useful if you want to create a window of opportunity for players to strike at Ai heavy assets during those "pauses". Most if not all ADF functions dealing with waypoints are missing setWaypointTimeout.
  8. I know everyone is comparing Arma 3's Real Virtuality 4 engine performance to that of DayZ's Enfusion Engine but that is NOT a fair comparison by any means because: - Arma 3 has a far more complex Ai Ecosystem than the barebones Ai framework that DayZ currently has. - Arma 3 has far more assets and objects to support all its diverse maps, factions and ecosystems. - DayZ has a far more complex Lightning system. - DayZ has a fairly different Server-Client infrastructure. Clients feel smoother in DayZ just because much of the load is handled by the Server while on Arma 3 the Server and Client load (when hosting) is handled under the same system/core. The weird thing is that on players only Arma 3 servers (no Ai) such as the ones on most Life Servers I get the basically the same very high FPS I get on similarly sized DayZ servers (amount of players) which leads me to believe that under similar conditions (No Ai) both Engines run at about the same FPS even thou Enfusion uses more cores but in the end how players measure performance is by their FPS and not the resource utilization, and also it makes no sense to optimize the engine to use more cores but get no FPS improvements in the process. So my question is: Where are the real performance improvements of the long Enfusion engine development cycle if under similar conditions it performs exactly or perhaps only slightly better than the old one?
  9. LSValmont

    [MP CO15 Campaign] Wolfpack Vol. 1

    Have the functions been updated in anyway or just the mission scripts?
  10. LSValmont

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    I have some questions 😃 1) Do each spawned Civilian runs a loop to check for nearby players or is it a single server loop that checks proximity of all active Civilians versus all players at intervals? (I am impressed by how the civilian system is so performance friendly). 2) If 10 different players are in 10 different towns each town spawning 5 Civilians that would mean that there are 50 civilians active on the server not counting Enemy units. Do you limit/scale that somehow? 3) Do Enemy patrols use waypoints, script commands such as "moveTo" or FSM for their patrol routines? 4) Besides the Medical System and the interaction menu, is ACE 3 really needed for anything internal such as the UI and/or the mission uses ACE 3 functions? (Asking in case the community would request a Vanilla Version). 5) Besides multimedia files, what else do you need/use the PBO for? (Again evaluating a completely modless version of the mission).
  11. LSValmont

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Perhaps future versions could add a temporary LAMBS.fsm disable for units under Zeus control and until they fulfill their Zeus waypoint command. That could alleviate the issue perhaps.
  12. LSValmont


    Those must be JBOY Dogs, mine do not zig zag at all... they just run straight for their targets! 😃
  13. LSValmont

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    And I... and my whole family really, enjoyed playing this masterpiece of a mission of yours! To be honest I am sort of a hobby mission maker myself and I had envisioned doing something like Vindicta many times and even getting quite further but I was lacking a team and the knowledge to bring the project to release. Luckily you were doing all that and so much more. Now I am back at work, inspired by yours and to release a mission that could give you some neat ideas perhaps! The mission will be called "UnIdentified" and tasks a limited pool of players to choose a faction and compete to finish their main goals before the players on the other factions. But the premise here are relatable characters crucial to your success but that die permanently if you are careless and you loose their perks on your Squad. It is also open world and another premise of the mission is that there are many ways to win a campaign and campaigns are not too long, some lasting an hour even but most should last several hours under competitive conditions. Once I release the Alpha maybe you could help me implement a save system. 😃
  14. This is the slickest UI I've seen for Arma 3 so far! Amazing job! Can we get a Inventory/Ammobox version to display and transfer the contents of containers from one to the other faster. That feature would be a god send in Antistasy/Overtrow type missions where you must move around thousands of weapons and items.