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  1. GF Missions Script

    Loving it! The previous one favored places in the middle of the map too far away from anything. The cluster on the top right might be worth checking out. It is giving you so many possible locations there that maybe a very high percentage of missions end up happening just there. Perhaps tweak the parameters a little to spread that part a little bit more. Of course we could just blacklist places like that anyways. A suggestion would be that each mission can have its own set of parameters to call from the main "Find Locations Function/Script" so we can customize each mission a little bit more. Anyways, your are a magician! I am enjoying watching you do your magic.
  2. GF Missions Script

    I can't wait! Once you release them I will work on their Lore/Description so the story is even better for the next release! You just focus on the technical aspects and I will take care of the cosmetic details =)
  3. GF Missions Script

    I have added your new method on finding the mission position and it is much much better than the previous one. May I suggest doing mission positioning not based on a single script parameters but changing those parameters depending on each particular mission. Favoring for example: Set parameters 1) Rural areas, flat locations, not close to roads and/or towns. (For enemy camps, bunkers, secret facilities, any mission that requires placing buildings etc., Like Hidden Vehicle, Destroy the Fuel Tank, Clear the bunker etc.) Set parameters 2) Forests, can be hills or flat, not close to roads and/or towns. (For missions that don't require moving vehicles and/or buildings and only units/crates, like find the hidden cache, retrieve the cargo drop, find the prisoners, kill the spy, eliminate the snipers). Set parameters 3) Rural areas, Near Roads, Flat locations. (For missions that require moving vehicles and/or placing buildings) Makes no sense having vehicles too far away from roads. Set parameters 4) Near/inside towns, flat locations. (Missions that are supposed to happen in/near urban areas, with units and/or vehicles but no building placements so they don't get clipped with buildings from the town) With these custom set of parameters for each mission we will stop getting vehicles at the top of empty hills (how and why did they got there?) as well as buildings that do not look out of place or are funny looking etc. Also lots of diversity. With the previours method I was getting missions in the middle of nowhere with vehicles exploding because of the slope or buildings having odd gaps etc. Your new method is better but still all the missions happen on empty flat locations and none in forests and/or inside towns.
  4. Don't worry I will be testing in multiplayer with lots of players. Yeah, even default settings spawns a lot of items because buildings have so many possible locations. With the Ravage mod that spawns furniture for you there might be some issues of clipping but I will report later on that.
  5. Believe it or not but even now (almost 2019) there wasn't a public script made for this purpose before so your work is filling a nice empty niche here! Anyways, it fills my exact needs so I will be testing it out and giving feedback! Thanks and please keep improving it if it is needed!
  6. GF Missions Script

    Ok so I found out you were using this command alot for your missions: _Overwatch_Pos = [(_Group_Pos)] call BIS_fnc_findOverwatch; The problem is that its default values are 500 for the max distance and 100 for min distance and 50 for difference in height compared to the _Group_Pos. So it ended up sending the Ai very very far away from the mission point. I suggest you use something along these lines instead: _Overwatch_Pos = [(_Group_Pos),150,50,15] call BIS_fnc_findOverwatch; 150 is the max distance they will wander from the defend position. 50 is the min. 15 is the min height advantage they will seek but could be a lot more depending on the max/min values. I will keep posting suggestions ;)
  7. I found a bug while using only the Ravage mod: If I enable persistence save game, perhaps also happens with a regular saved game, if I go into the incapacitated state and leave the game and soon re join the server then I am at the same location and in full health and no longer incapacitated but now I cannot move at all other than my camera, the character is stuck in prone position and not able to move or fire or reload or nothing. BUT... If there is a vehicle close I can use the GET IN option and then my character is un-stuck again and I just leave the vehicle in move freely again. Yet if I empty my weapon magazine and don't reload before the clip is completely empty then my character becomes stuck again in exactly the same way I was after reloading the game. The only fix is to delete all the saved games and start with a new character. Perhaps a check that checks if the unit has more than XX amount of health then the "Incapacitated" state is removed.
  8. So I've set up AIS_DAMAGE_TOLLERANCE_FACTOR to 0.09 so I can take lots more damage and indeed bullets do a lot less damage but I was still put into incapacitated state after taking 2 shots. So I added a health hud and it turns out went down (into incapacitated bleeding state) with 82% health remaining which seems quite weird/not right! (Perhaps I was head shoted? But wouldn't that reduce my health to 10% or something?) Is there any simple modification I can make to the script so that it requires my health to be 30% or less for a bullet to get me into the incapacitated state?
  9. JBOY Dog [Updated v1.3]

    At least it is partially working in MP!. It is just the damage but that can be solved with a trigger and a proximity check. (At least for damaging players). Also, the script I pointed you to works perfectly in MP. You can add dogs to Ai and/or players and the dogs will attack whoever is set to their master's enemy side. I've also added dogs to invisible Ai so that the dogs appear to move alone to simulate packs. The script requires arma 2's CBA so it might require some changes to make it work in Arma 3 but it is a point in the right direction for a simpler MP friendly Dog script ;)
  10. JBOY Dog [Updated v1.3]

    Thank you Johnyboy! On point as always! I am just running the Ravage mod. Weird because other 9mm pistols hurts all of us just fine. Can it be because it is multiplayer? Most Ai mods come with a min/max range that the units can spawn from players and also how far can the player go before they disappear. Makes no sense having dogs running around if no one is seeing them (Performance wise). Also, have you seen this mod for Arma 2? It works perfectly in Arma 2 multiplayer and it is very simple. Perhaps it can give you some ideas.
  11. This mission is amazing! Thank you very much for combining the best from Ravage with the best from the community. Question: Is there any way to have the recruitable AI cost some money to recruit? Also, how do I earn money? PS: The vehicle restoring system did not work on my hosted server. Players could claim vehicles and store them but when they tried to retrieve it the vehicles would just disappear. =(
  12. JBOY Dog [Updated v1.3]

    I am having this issue of the feral dogs not doing any damage when they attack players. We see blood and they drop their victim's weapon but they deal no damage. Is there any way to increase their damage? Also, when I activate the trigger to spawn the feral dogs they spawn and wander around just fine but if I go far away from them (teleported 5 km away) they still remained there... shouldn't them de-spawn to save resources or something?
  13. Ravage Mod

    So I can just delete all the IRON FRONT LITE content related to terrains and vehicles, just leave the weapons/uniforms PBO's inside the Addons folder and then force them in Ravage with GF Set Custom Loadout? Because my objective here is getting rid of all the unused files inside the IRON FRONT mod folder and just leave the basic minimal content so that Ravage can pick it up for populating the world with weapons and such. I tried just deleting the PBOs already but then IRON FRONT was no longer recognized by Ravage so no WW2 weapons appeared in my server. God I would love an RAVAGE community content mini mod that would just include the assets Ravage uses from other mods. That would save me like 20GB of hard drive and a few FPSs in the process.
  14. Ravage Mod

    Guys, is there any way of only using the weapons an/or uniforms files from @IFA3_AIO_LITE and still have it working with Ravage? The whole thing (Iron Front Lite mod) is 10GB!!!! And only for using maybe 1GB of data in Ravage :( Also, just by having @IFA3_AIO_LITE on I loose ~10 FPS. It is worth it for the weapons alone but do I have to pay such a steep price for the added atmosphere? Anyways, the new version is awesome! Having a blast with it!
  15. Hello guys, just wanted to say that Alive is awesome and next to Ravage is the single most impressive piece of work (more like piece of art) that I've ever seen in Arma. (I am pretty sure you already know that by know). I would like to do 2 suggestions before I go. 1) Please make the support modules a stand alone release. You know that part that is basically a remake of http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15906 but on Arma 3. Perhaps adding a cool interface like that. =) 2) Please make a lite version of Alive that can be run on Hosted Servers rather than "Dedicated server only". We have huge issues with players not authenticating correctly on the latest Arma 3 but all works fine on Hosted servers. (I am sure you get this request far too often). Anyways, thanks!