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  1. LSValmont

    Reduced Haze Mod v3.1

    Your mod is a must have! Thanks. Quick question, is there a way we can have this in the form of a sqf script rather than a mod?
  2. LSValmont

    Ravage Mod

    That is just awesome EO! I can see this detecting anomalies too! Great work! Will be using this!
  3. LSValmont

    GF Holster script

    Hello George! May I ask if there have been any updates on this?
  4. Thank you for your kind words chewdog, I am super happy to hear that the BossAi script was just what your mission needed and it is a lot of fun for your players. I am going to try it for sure this weekend!
  5. LSValmont

    DUI - Squad Radar

    What about the bearings in numbers?
  6. LSValmont

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Amazing work as always diwako! PS: Can we get one radar as close as possible to what the Frontline mod (https://www.frontline.frl/) has: See, the 102 is the bearing he is looking at. Here is a video: Also, just if you can... have an alternative script version of your mod, even if it does not has as many features, would be great for us mission makers. Thanks and keep it up!
  7. LSValmont

    Ravage Mod

    Has anyone been able to test this on a server with many players yet? It is very important that we give Haleks some feedback on this but sadly my provider will be out this weekend so I won't be able to test it until next week. Anyone with servers don't forget to check and comment on this please =)
  8. LSValmont

    GF Missions Script

    Hey no need to thank me! If we held a thank you for your script/code competition you would win by like 60 thanks! I use your holster script, your missions script and your weather script in ALL my missions! So this sharing of work is my way of saying thank you!
  9. LSValmont

    GF Missions Script

    Yeah, here is an example so you can see what I am talking about more clearly: Your original script using GF_Missions_allPlayers (One trigger, 3 WaitUntils): _Trigger_Present = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", _Pos_1]; _Trigger_Present setTriggerArea [GF_Missions_Attack_Distance, GF_Missions_Attack_Distance, 0, false]; _Trigger_Present setTriggerActivation ["EAST", "PRESENT", false]; _Trigger_Present setTriggerStatements ["this","",""]; waitUntil {count list _Trigger_Present > 4}; waitUntil {count list _Trigger_Present < 3}; waitUntil { { _x distance _Trigger_Present < GF_Missions_Attack_Distance } count GF_Missions_allPlayers > 0 ;}; deleteVehicle _Trigger_Present; My script using _closestPlayer (Cero triggers, 1 waitUntil): waitUntil {sleep 1; private _closestPlayer = _Pos_1 call closestPlayer; _aliveEnemies = allUnits select {(side _x isEqualTo east) && (!isPlayer _x) && (alive _x) && (_x distance2d _Pos_1 < 1000) && (_x distance _closestPlayer < 1000)}; _remainigEnemies = (count _aliveEnemies); (_remainigEnemies < 3 && _closestPlayer distance2d _Pos_1 < 1000) };
  10. LSValmont

    GF Missions Script

    That approach works very very well but I believe: - It requires a trigger to check if any GF_Missions_allPlayers are near the location? - It cannot be used to individualize the closest player to a location. Only perhaps the leader of the group or a random player inside the GF_Missions_allPlayers array can be individualized using this method. So if for example a player who is not the leader nor the selected random player by the script and that player gets close to _Offroad he will not trigger the waitUntil and that is why it must rely on triggers. I was looking for a simple alternative that is faster and more reliable than triggers (triggers sometimes spawn at the wrong location or even do not work right at all for me for some reason) and that is why I came up with this... but now I am using those functions for everything like getting the : _closestEnemy, _closestAlly, _closestMedic, _closestVehicle etc etc... it is very useful and saves a lot of time/resources and makes mission making easier.
  11. Not tested but it should work as long as the unit you are giving custom HP to does not have Ace Medical enabled. (Since ACE probably overwrites damage eventHandlers) Give it a try and if it doesn't work I will see what I can do to fix it for you.
  12. LSValmont

    Ravage Mod

    Sounds good! Can't wait to try the new version but take your time no need to rush things. I am 99% done on a mayor MP Campaign for Ravage. It is a mission that will require no other mods and I am designing it to be the definitive Ravage campaign for players to see the full potential of your mod! Once released we could make it a ravage community effort to improve it.
  13. Use my BossAi script: Cheers
  14. LSValmont

    Ravage Mod

    @haleks It is great to hear that! Sorting players by their proximity to each other and then choosing one of them as a candidate for spawning instead of using individual players makes sure there is an even distribution of zombies spawns. Otherwise 5 players together have 5 times the chance of getting zombies near them than lone players creating the situation many servers are experiencing. My set of functions fixes this unintended and unrealistic behavior. @Vandeanson I was having the same issue with my custom civilians script and it turned out to be some of BI uniforms not working correctly. I used this with the in game debug console: { if (side _x isEqualTo civilian && (_x distance player < 8)) then { hint format ["Unform: %1", uniform _x]; }; } forEach (allUnits - allPlayers); Just get close to any unit without uniform and it turns out they DO have unirforms but they still look naked. Now check my new uniforms array, "U_C_PriestBody" and "U_C_WorkerOveralls" gave me naked civilians. Perhaps something similar is happening to Ravage!
  15. LSValmont

    Ravage Mod

    In the functions I suggested the script selects a random player inside an array of random groups of players to spawn zombies near them and not only the leader of a group. This set of functions were made specifically for equitative distribution of ambient zombies, animals etc. The functions are very simple right now but can be easily expanded to fit most of Ravage's needs. I've used these 3 functions to spawn ambien animals and they works like a charm! Each group of players get randomly placed animals around them periodically and large group of players not necessarily get more ambien spawns than lone players.