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  1. LSValmont

    Forward Scan Sonar for ships

    This is awesome! Now all we need is a motion scanner like X-COM or the aliens movies for the ultimate fear missions! Well done Sparker, always putting that creative brain of yours to good use!
  2. You just gifted us another weekend of fun! Thank you! Looking forward to the port to other maps 😉 PS: Some of my friends said this was the most fun they have had in Arma 3. Some are pretty new and couldn't get into Arma 3 before as they found the Single Player to be too boring and MP to be too punishing or requiring too many mods until I showed Operation Shoe Lace to them and then Arma finally clicked for them. May I ask, do you have a discord channel or a channel were you hang the most?
  3. I am on the same boat, got to 90% of my dream Arma 3 project and then a new born child and RL hit and I haven't found the time to resume work yet. I am thankful that you managed to finish and share this with us.
  4. Ok so me and my LAN group of 7 players + me tested the mission last sunday for almost 5 hours! Results: - We did not play anything else! (And we usually do a couple new coop missions and other LAN games too). - This is the most fan we've ever had outside of Warlords. In fact it felt far less repetitive than Warlords even after multiple playthroughs. - Your team is always on their toes. We made the mistake on our first playthrough of not setting the "In Between missions rest time" high enough and had to rush some missions unprepared. The outcome is that the mission never felt long even after hours of playing. - The mission was played on a plethora of hardware configurations from crappy 5 years old notebooks to i7 9900 Desktops and all with optimal results (Compared to Warlords or other missions we had much higher performance and no stuttering). That was helped by the relatively small and barren map thou. No performance degradation after very long sessions too for both the server and the clients. - Some missions can be incredibly cinematic! That is almost unheard of for the PVP TVT scene, rivaling some of the best COOP and even SP scenarios. Suggestions: - Randomize everything, from the starting locations to the missions order. - Bring the mission to Malden/Altis. - Make the Insertions usage cost a little "Mission Points" to use? - Make sure that Insertion points are not too close to the objectives. (Basically that they are balanced and do not promote the "Enemy Spawned right in my face" scenario that no one likes because it reminds you that you are playing a video game and breaks the immersion). - Add some more missions variations in case you go for the random missions order. Conclusions - Mission maker really knows what he is doing. From the mission design, to the scripting and the flow, everything is top notch. - You don't see missions playing on Arma 3's strenghts while masking its weakness so well very often. For the first time in a long time I didn't mind dying to Arma 3's horrible default damage system. Dying felt punishing enough but not overly so, and I had fun spectating and cheering for my team to finish the current task while I was dead. - The respawning after the timer or the mission ends is brilliant and fits like a glove for Arma 3. - It saddens me that so many players miss gems like this because all they look for is the screenshots and the mods on the mission rather than how well the mission uses the resources at its disposal and how well coded the mission is. I hope that @engima continues to refine this gem until it is polished because its foundations are very very strong and well lay out. I feel that every new mission, tool and content that the dev releases keeps getting better and better and it is pleasure to watch and enjoy his growth.
  5. Yes I played with only 2 Ai bots on each side but with just one human player (me) but this weekend I will be playing on a 8 players LAN so I will have further feedback then. And I agree that it would beneficial to state at the mission description that the mission works as intended when there are at least one human player on each side commanding the Ai units. The truck was moving when I found it, at about 2 minutes (or 3 kilometers) from its starting point, perhaps the 2 Ai units that I added on the enemy side were driving it but I did notice that the truck did not go directly towards their "end point". I assumed that was because there was a heli firing at them. It was the only truck on the whole map. There was a Strider and several Quad Bikes from the IND side moving around but no other truck and specially no other opfor truck. Also no civilian vehicles in sight. That is good to know, it makes the mission even more fun as both sides are always engaged to each other which is far more immersive and changes every time you play. That also explains why the attack never came when I was defending the Air Base. The missions are random or are always in the same order? That would be awesome, since at 30 min for each mission for 7 missions ends up being a 3.5 hours session. We often do 2 hours sessions and being able to choose less than 7 missions would be godsend. One more suggestion: At one of the mission we had to clear a town and the insertion point what inside some of the buildings of said town. When we Inserted one of the Ai units in our group got stuck under the building. So I suggest doing Insertion points on said mission on the outskirts of town instead so it is a bit safer.
  6. Just tested the script version again and had only a -2 fps impact in performance overall at a much greater immersion. Totally worth it! Thank you dear @tinter!
  7. Ok I was doing the "Capture the Airbase" mission and when we won the script failed to teleport my two ai team mates back to the base with me. It was the second mission and when we finished the first one they were teleported just fine. (Fixed super easily with the insertion option that put the whole squad together again) On the next mission "Cannonball Run" it destroyed the EAST Truck with the heli yet it did not end the mission. All the other vehicles on the map where AAF and the mission description said I shouldn't destroy those. So I waited at the truck destination point but it never arrived there so I lost that mission after the timeout. Not biggie and the mission was very cool still! So far loving the structure of the mission! It is quick but not super quick and everything is clear. I also love how each mission gives players map hints but the task themselves do not show the exact position on the map so you really need to explore and be aware of the map rather than just following a gamey 3D marker like most Arma missions. Perhaps both teams competing for the points could get some shared objectives so there could be some forced encounters between the two player factions at some point, specially if the scores are tied... (Or maybe all objectives are shared among factions but since I was playing vs Ai only if couldn't tell). Also, when you die and you have alive Ai team mates perhaps it is better to teamswitch to them rather than just spectate them maybe? Is there a way to set the campaign length? Like XX amount of missions and it is over?
  8. Thank you! I will be using the script version this weekend so I will have lots of feedback by then 😉
  9. @tinter Can I include your script version on my script suite with proper credits of course? 😉
  10. Yeah me too! In fact I think we should join forces for a super mission in the future, I have some cool ideas but I am sure all of you have too 😉 But basically I favor the style of Engima's work: - Super optimized missions. - Most missions are not too short but also not so long that you will require some sort of saving mechanic). - Low to none reliance on mods. - Multiplayer but does not require too many players to be fun. (Basically the MP scenario where arma 3 behaves acceptably). - Option to include bots (which are represented quite realistically too so they don't break the immersion of the mission). - Missions seem dynamic and realistic: Example: We took an Airfield, the next mission was to destroy a downed Heli, and next we had to defend the Airfield we previously had taken. Additionally time passes between missions. I don't know what would have happened had we not taken the airfield (perhaps another missions?). All in all I am super impressed. This could be the next Recon Ops with some more tweaking 😉 @engima do you have a discord channel?
  11. Looking good! But is the Apex DLC really required to be able to use the physical money?
  12. It is amazing that you keep this tool up to date with the new patches being released by BI, really makes a difference when choosing the most "up to date" store solution for our missions. Besides all the goodies that came with OLD MAN the "almost here" patch 2.0 will bring some very cool commands. I can pick 3 of them that might be very useful for your tool: https://community.bohemia.net/wiki/lockInventory https://community.bohemia.net/wiki/lockedInventory And https://community.bohemia.net/wiki/localNamespace
  13. Well, all I can say is that "good sales" is subjective and that you and some additional posters here consider that GM sales are good enough and if the IRON COURTAIN CDCL reaches those numbers then it could also be considered a success. Others such as myself consider that the CDLCs adoption rates could've been higher and can still be made higher in the future with a few tweaks from BI's. You guys made your point and we also made our point by showing some numbers and statistics but in the end no amount of math will change your perspective. On the other hand I am willing to accept that the current model is the only model that BI should use if I get some hard proof of that other than your perception. I am pretty sure both parties, BI and the CDLCs devs are quite happy by the results otherwise any future CDLC would've been canceled. On the other hand content creators from the community do wish that the CDLCs had a bigger audience so doing missions and content in those theaters is worth it. Whatever the case both sides present valid arguments and we should ultimately leave this to BI's gurus to figure out their best strategy going forward regarding CDLCs
  14. This post is just a huge WHAT? Barely answerable to be honest. 1) You quoted a single word "everything" from Pufu and came up with the conclusion that people here are "just complaining"? In reality most of us posting here are pointing out things that we think could be done by BI to improve user adoption of DLCs and CDLCs mainly. Those are called suggestions. 😉 2) Using the active players analogy is incorrect since we are also looking at WHOLE DLC sales and not just active players DLCs purchases. In all analysis you need to compare apples to apples and not oranges to apples. Just a bunch of posters came up with the active players thing (and not us doing the % analysis) and most of those posters are just clearly trying to derail the thread into a nonsense mess so that their point of view is not questioned/refuted easily but it is a cheap strategy that is more common among politicians rather than a gaming community really. 3) I never talked about any OLD/NEW system... so you are basically perhaps trying to put the words of other posters into my mouth which is never a correct way of defending your points. In any case I suggest you use the quotation system to back up anything you say other people "said" otherwise you end up looking like you just want to damage the image of the person you are referring to without any evidential substance to your arguments.