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  1. I am still having the issue of Artillery not firing when playing the Malden mission. But I also wanted to state that this is one of the best MP missions in Arma 3 period. Up there with BI's own Old Man, Western Sahara CDLC's Extraction Mode, SOG's Mike Force and Vindicta/Antistasi. Thank you and your whole team for making such a masterpiece. Everything from the UI to the way missions are set as a campaign speaks to the wonderful work, attention to detail and just the talent of the makers.
  2. LSValmont

    HandleDamage Event Handler Explained

    This code is very elegant! As I understand it, only overall damage is deadly? Will this still allow for legs and arms to increase their current damages?
  3. That would explain a lot! 😅😄
  4. This map looks like what Arma 4 is supposed to look like! Just insane!
  5. This script is pretty awesome but I have a single issue with it. It does not delete the looted items from the dead bodies meaning that it is supplicating the items (this is playing vindicta with ACE 3). This means that if I add this awesome script to the ACE interaction my players can use it to cheat their way into plenty of stuff. PS: Would be also awesome if the script adds an addAction to delete the box (with remoteExec so any player can do it)
  6. LSValmont

    LAxemann's Environment Ducking

    Another awesome contribution from the legend! If the Ace 3 devs approach you to include some of you work officially into the mod would that be ok with you? I am asking because I suggested over their github to include some Reforger features that you ported over to Arma 3 (year before Reforger was even released)
  7. LSValmont


    Thank you for all your years of hard work! Ravage and most of your other contributions are a staple of Arma 3 by this point. And I am not going to lie here, when it was release and for many years Ravage was literally Revolutionary. Not only was it ahead of its time and technically impressive (you were basically doing what even the devs couldn't get right in DayZ at the time) but also you made it so that anyone could benefit from it by making it so modular and accessible. In a way, your work represents all that is good about the Arma community. An inspiration, an example and a tool that enabled countless hours of entertainment for so so many players. These memories and this experiences that were possible due to your contributions and specially the extra work you endured to make it a true platform will not be soon forgotten. It is sad to see you move on but it is also a relief because we will see each other again... in Arma 4! I drink to your health!
  8. LSValmont


    There are many mission being worked on for this terrain as we speak. Most on halt due to Reforger Don't worry, this package is so well made that it will get many cool missions I am sure of that.
  9. Lets hope that when the current devs free themselves from a few priority fixes they can resume work on porting the useful Argo assets to Arma 3 just like Malden.
  10. Original review Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977203759/recommended/1681170/ This CDLC is inspired and in fact made by the same guy who created the Hunter Six Campaign Mission. It was one of the most immersive missions/scenarios/campaigns you could get on the steam workshop even surpassing some if not most of the official missions/scenarios. But Hunter Six was 100% vanilla (just a mission file) so it did not introduce any new content besides some cool custom UI elements and it was all about immersive gameplay just by using the content already inside of Arma 3. (In fact one of the reasons why it was so popular was because it did not require 20+ Mods to be fun and immersive). That is where this CDLC comes into play as it is a more feature complete version of Hunter Six (It is called Extraction now). In terms of new content: 1) A single new map (Western Sahara): There is not much going for it in comparison to other workshop maps and it is below the quality of all the other CDLCs but it is good enough (for the asking price) and it fits the needs of the game mode (Extraction) perfectly. It just gets boring fast due to most locations looking kinda the same and even thou the map is huge it ends up feeling small because of that. 2) A few new weapons, barely any new attachments and/or equipment for them. Nothing you can't get from mods really. 3) Factions and their uniforms are quite basic but good enough to immerse you in the CDLC's theme. 4) Game Modes (Gameplay): This is were the CDLC was supposed to shine (Its main strong point). You see, EVERYONE loved Hunter Six and everyone wanted and would pay any amount money for... a MULTIPLAYER COOP version of it! And yes, this CDLC features what WE ALL wanted! We finally got our Hunter Six MP COOP Campaign after like 5+ years of waiting and we gladly paid the USD 6+ for it. Yet sadly the MP version of Extraction, as it stands now, comes with an unforgettable flaw! And that huge flaw is that in Extraction's SIX/EIGHT hours Campaign it is IMPOSSIBLE for the players playing in Multiplayer COOP to SAVE THEIR PROGRESS!!! Yes, you heard me right... that means that you need to somehow have all four of your friends (and this is how you will test their friendship!) to play uninterruptedly with you for SIX/EIGHT hours straight! Of course all of them unemployed and without families and/or duties living on their parent's basements!!! What is worst is that there are a number of Multiplayer saving scripts and mods out there that could've been used or at least inspired the devs of this CDLC or the remaining A3 Devs (Because BI gets half the earnings from this and all CDLCS) to make a decent Multiplayer compatible saving system. Was that so hard to do? Was that feature so impossible to do over the years that you had to release this CDLC with its MAIN SELLING POINT (The MP COOP Campaign), the whole reason for this CDLC to exist in the first place in a crippled half baked state due to players not even able to save their game mid campaign in Multiplayer? Other than that inexcusable omission that hopefully gets patched in the future I can still recommend this CLDC but as a single player experience and for those who never played HUNTER SIX to experience just how good it was. As a personal side note, this CDLC would have been much better released under the ART OF WAR DLC model, which was paying for a year or two of exclusive access and then be made available for everyone (who owns the base game) because this CDLCs content just fits the vanilla lore perfectly and the size of the content is pretty minuscule anyway. Just put the map and the extraction game mode behind a paywall but add everything else to vanilla Arma 3. (That would've been the best move for the players!)
  11. I believe this will only work in Single Player. For MP it would require another command.
  12. Nice! I wonder what would @Dedmen say about running nearestTerrainObjects every 0.5 seconds thou... (I believe he is currently optimizing that command!) 😏
  13. On an additional note, there was much talking on the discord A3 Server regarding a potential new script command that allows mission makers so customize the time the Ai units remain in combat mode. So for example in scenarios where you want the Ai to behave like the Ai in the Metal Gear series you set that to 60 seconds instead of the default 300 seconds. Don't know if the devs went though with it thou...
  14. LSValmont

    Western Sahara CDLC Unofficial Discussion

    I've had similar issues but with enemy vehicles that become translucid (invulnerable) to my rockets. In fact the rockets pass through the enemy APC when I fire at it! Most issues happen after loading a saved game. Those get easily corrupted and doesn't seem to work well with the dynamic simulation system that Western Sahara's Ai use for better performance. I wonder if this CDLC will continue to be supported regarding bugs and also regarding new content/features. It is an awesome CDLC, it just needs some final touches to get to the finish line!
  15. You, @diwako and @simkas are a godsend for this community! This is indeed extremely useful and I will use it in all my CUP Terrains missions 😉