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  1. I've been experimenting a bit with optimization and I found out I could spawn this script for 65 markers (that means 65 times) without even loosing 1 FPSs. Here is the script: So waitUntils with simple conditions and Ai units with dynamic simulation seem to be very optimized currently. In fact in all my latest experiments it is the objects spawned by these scripts the reason behind the big negative FPS impacts. Even more so than even the most demanding scripts. For example Ravage, with all modules placed and running and its default settings it is using (taking away) barely 8 fps. And for all the things that Ravage does under the hood having just an 8 fps impact is quite low for the +300 in immersion that you get from it! Specially considering that switching from Altis to Malden hurts my FPSs far more (-20). So far I am inclined to say that it is up to BI to finally fix the way objects are rendered in Arma 3. You can clearly see that the issue is fixed in DayZ where I get 120 FPS while I get 80 on Altis and 60 on Malden. Another example. I just recently switched all my scripts into functions format, took me quite a long time and it netted me perhaps +2 FPSs at most. Then I reduced the objects being spawned by the functions and even on EDEN by 50% and I got 20+ FPSs back! So my final conclusion: I know that you spawn many objects and units with your scritps, and that is probably hurting performance A LOT more than any scripting/coding inefficiency you might have.
  2. Please replace your current script with this one and let me know if it works now:
  3. I am glad you are enjoying the vDogs scripts! Was your issue with the Patrol Dogs or the Feral Dogs? Because Patrol Dogs cannot kill players only hurt their legs. Are the enemies falling unconscious or not even that?
  4. Ok so I see I need: ace_main ace_common ace_modules I will try it like that and see if it works correctly and doesn't require too much config meddling from my players.
  5. Agreed! attachto is a great immersion creating command that should really be optimized by BI so we can get its full potential without any regrets in our missions. PS: I love have you've done with your civilian long boats script!
  6. LSValmont

    NIArms Release Thread

    Guy I love NIArms! (who doesn't?). But I wanted to ask something. I will talk about the G3 weapons pack in particular. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667375637 When the reload animation plays, when the old magazine is removed and a new one is about to be inserted there is like a part of the animation that is missing as if the clip goes from the hands into the gun out of thin air (teleports there). That doesn't happen on all guns but it does happen in many. Most other weapons mods even CUP and RHS also have this issue but it has been fixed on many instances in their latest versions. Also, the new G3 weapons found in the new DLC have the complete animation (you actually see the magazine in hand and then going all the way into the gun). So my question is... is that part of the animation so hard to do in Arma that most mods suffer from the lack of it? Or is it something else? Always wanted to know.
  7. attachto simply destroys in game performance, both in SP and in MP but it is particularly devastating in MP. The problem is that it updates the objects attached position every second and with just more than 2 attached objects it can cause serious delays to other scripts not to mention what it does to network performance. It is also know to mess with the object's physics if the object has complex physics. Adding the attached item to a "virtual inventory" is the way to go for me, even if it doesn't look as realistic (you don't see the object). At least until BI fixes/optimizes the the attachTo command to perhaps allow the object to loose all its physics and position calculations as an optional parameter. There shouldn't be a reason to double calculate the position of a attached item since its position is the same as the unit/object it is attached to minus the offset (Yet this is Arma and it does double/triple checks on things it doesn't need to). So, my suggestion is to stay away from attachto as much as possible 😃
  8. Thank you johnnyboy! Well, actually it is just because of the way the "virtual bullets' impacts positions" are currently calculated by the script rely on the assignedTarget command which does not work for players. Therefore we must find another way to calculate the distance between the target and the unit (which is used for the virtual bullet). So, to make it short, for players vs players the only way for the script to work that I know off is by tracking each bullet, an approach that can already be found on the suppression mods and that this script avoids for being too resource demanding. In fact in my tests when too many players are shooting the bullet tracking gets so delayed that it stops working altogether. There might be other solutions/commands for players vs. player to work instead of assignedTarget, commands like cursorObject and lineIntersectsWith would probably work just as well for players... I am actually adding a new radial blur effect developed by George Floros for the next update as well as a double check for side Arms (Handguns should not cause suppression). George is also looking into vehicles also causing suppression effect as a way to expand the script further. If you wanna add something please be my guess and we will include you as an author 😃 Would be an honor to have code from one of the best script writers out there.
  9. Hello Guys, I was wandering if there was a way we could use a particular ACE 3 Framework completely stand alone from the other components. For example the Interaction Menu Framework. https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/interactionMenu-framework.html Lets say that the Interaction Menu (Bare bones, all items added manually) is all I want/need for a particular mission as a mission maker. And then customize it to the mission's needs. Would that be somehow possible?
  10. It looks like LAxermann's mod, but vSuppress is in script form meaning that it requires a little bit more of editing/scripting knowledge and it is up to the mission makers how they implement it in their missions. Other differences with LAxermanns include: - Suppression visual effects in vSuppress do not last longer than 3 seconds so enemies need to continuously fire at you to keep you permanently suppressed and even then the script has measures to prevent an excess of suppression. - vSuppress is much lighter (in terms of performance it is about 5 times faster) and it has additional (optional) suppression sounds. - With the script you can control which Ai units can suppress. - The script version can be customized to the mission maker's desires and objectives rather than having the client/player set the parameters. This makes it easier for the mission maker to set up the mission "mood" and "feel" without requiring the players to do the tweaking/config/mod installing. Actually trying the DEMO MISSION is the best way to see the script's performance and effects and the file is super small so give it a go, you won't regret it if you want suppression effects in Arma 3.
  11. Version 1.1 of the vSuppress Script Audio-Visual Suppression effects for Arma 3 by Valmont and George Floros has been released! vSuppress Main Features: - Easily add Suppression effects to your missions. These audio visual effects will trigger on players when Ai Units' bullets land or pass near them simulating the "Fear Effect" of being shot, the anxiety caused by being pinned down or just general combat stress. - Fully Multiplayer Compatible! - Extremely lightweight. The script was conceived with performance in mind and on testings with 60+ Ai units shooting at a single player resulted in a meagerly 2 FPS negative impact. - The Suppression effects are purely cosmetic and will not cause any other effects on players such as decreased stamina, stats etc. - The sounds and the visual effects can be easily tweaked and disabled inside the script. - Players cannot suppress other players, only Ai Units who have the script/EH running will be able to suppress players. - The suppression effects are quite minimalist and fast in nature to keep Arma 3's gameplay unchanged while adding an additional layer of immersion to the game. vSuppress version 1.1 DEMO MISSION DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NLZx5lH_G5p6ubcK73xvwwgYVqCWpdvL For more info check the first page!
  12. LSValmont


    Remember that you can use my Boss Ai Script to make these new creations of yours quite resilient. Also, does this means we can mix Contact and Ravage content to create the ultimate mission maker suite! All we need now are custom apocalyptic textures for vehicles. EO is amazing for that. You know, something that makes default arma vehicles like these: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=933985898
  13. OMG it is finally here!!! Thank you so much phronk!!! Downloading now!
  14. Just why to add : case(_tgtDis < 20) : {_rdmExit = true;}; }; if (_rdmExit) exitWith {}; Well if you are too close to the enemy then you are no longer scared of being shot but of being knifed! 🤣😅 Actually the Ai's shots will be so accurate at < 20 distance that you will be perma suppressed and that is something that goes against gamplay. (That is the only reason). Make a new thread and release it! I like the GF_LSV release idea and in fact I toast on having lots more stuff released like this! Here is a demo mission WITH SOUNDS for you! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jCnQE-lAD4JTkqvQhUJNhSMV5y4UXGIo And the final version of the script: Just modify your effects in the init.sqf I just left the Chrom. Aberration in the DEMO since I did not want the effects to be too overwhelming for my players but you can add what you wish for the release. Cheers!
  15. You are going to fking love me George! I've done it! The EH now pseudo creates "virtual bullets" and we can get their hitPoint at almost free resources! So no need to actually check all the bullets. The key was this: _hitPos = (_start vectorAdd (_unit weaponDirection currentWeapon _unit vectorMultiply _multi)); But without further due, here is the script: aiSuppressEH = { params ["_unit", "_weapon", "_muzzle", "_mode", "_ammo", "_magazine", "_projectile", "_vehicle"]; _target = assignedTarget _unit; if !(isplayer _target) exitWith {}; //target not player if (isNull _target) exitWith {}; //no target if !(isNull objectParent _target) exitWith {}; //player in vehicle cannot be suppressed if ((currentWeapon _unit) isEqualTo (secondaryWeapon _unit)) exitWith {}; //sideArms cannot suppress. _tgtDis = _target distance _unit; if ((_target distance _unit) > 1000) exitWith {}; _rdmExit = 0; switch true do { case(_tgtDis > 600) : {_rdmExit = random 10 > 1;}; case((_tgtDis >= 400) && (_tgtDis < 600)) : {_rdmExit = random 10 > 3;}; case((_tgtDis >= 200) && (_tgtDis < 400)) : {_rdmExit = random 10 > 4;}; case((_tgtDis >= 100) && (_tgtDis < 200)) : {_rdmExit = random 10 > 6;}; case((_tgtDis >= 50) && (_tgtDis < 100)) : {_rdmExit = random 10 > 8;}; case((_tgtDis >= 20) && (_tgtDis < 50)) : {_rdmExit = random 2 > 1;}; case(_tgtDis < 20) : {_rdmExit = true;}; }; if (_rdmExit) exitWith {}; _start = ASLToAGL eyePos _unit; _pos0 = getPosASL _unit; _pos1 = getPosASL _target; _pos1b = [[[_pos1, 2]],[]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _multi = _pos0 distance _pos1b; _hitPos = (_start vectorAdd (_unit weaponDirection currentWeapon _unit vectorMultiply _multi)); if (suppressDebug) then {drawLine3D [_start, _hitPos, [1,0,0,1]];}; if(_hitPos distance _unit > 10)then{ _list = _hitPos nearEntities ["MAN",2]; { if (isPlayer _x) then { _null = [_x] remoteExecCall ["SppEffects",_x]; }; } forEach _list; }; }; PS: I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks! PS2: Of course you can release this under GF_Suppression!