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  1. Ok final attempt: Replace these lines (Original Script): _rdmBiteDamage = selectRandom [0.5,0.6]; _closestHuman setHitPointDamage ["hitLegs", _rdmBiteDamage]; Or these new lines: _humanDmgCheck = damage _closestHuman; _biteDamage = _humanDmgCheck + 0.3; _closestHuman setDamage _biteDamage; With This: [_closestHuman, 0.6, "leg_r", "bullet"] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit;
  2. Try this then: Replace these lines: _rdmBiteDamage = selectRandom [0.5,0.6]; _closestHuman setHitPointDamage ["hitLegs", _rdmBiteDamage]; With these: _humanDmgCheck = damage _closestHuman; _biteDamage = _humanDmgCheck + 0.3; _closestHuman setDamage _biteDamage; Please let me know if it works now.
  3. I don't know how ACE3 damage works but the dogs currently only do LEG damage by using the following commands: _rdmBiteDamage = selectRandom [0.5,0.6]; _closestHuman setHitPointDamage ["hitLegs", _rdmBiteDamage]; That way the dog always cripples the target but never kills it. If that does not work with ACE3 you could try the most basic command so: Replace these lines: _rdmBiteDamage = selectRandom [0.5,0.6]; _closestHuman setHitPointDamage ["hitLegs", _rdmBiteDamage]; With these: _humanDmgCheck = damage _closestHuman; _biteDamage = _humanDmgCheck + 0.3; _closestHuman setDamage _biteDamage; Let me know if that works for you (and ACE3).
  4. LSValmont

    3den Enhanced

    Somehow the error stopped popping suddenly... I changed nothing it just stopped out of nowhere... so I guess Arma? Still a fix for it not happening in the future is super welcome! So thanks for all your work and fixes!
  5. Hello Phronk! About that feedback... here is mine: 1) The radio pop-up looks cool in mi opinion... and it is one of the most immersive features the script has for my players. If it is not too resource/bandwidth consuming then I vote on keeping it. In the worst case make it optional (as it already is I believe). But I am also not against a 2D radio that appears in its place if that means having better performance. (Something like the cellphones some Arma 3 Life servers have but in radio form could be cool!). 2) Not unless it is hurting performance in some way. 3) Having a 2D interface could be awesome in terms of immersion too, and I vote on its implementation but perhaps as a config/status tool that allows you to check you radio's current channel, change channels etc. About 3D interfaces vs SQF solutions: In my personal experience having integrated my own .HPP solution to my most recent mission... it is perhaps not the best alternative. My players are having the issue that the longer the mission server is on the longer it takes for the .HPP interface to load. It is like interfaces are delayed while the SQF scripts run incredibly fast. So I might be reverting my solution for something else. Unless you manage to avoid that interface slowing bug I would then recommend going for a SQF solution even if it doesn't look as good. (Players just wanna push a button and use the radio anyway, most don't care about complex interfaces but they do care about performance). About radio noise: Some radio noise is great for immersion but having it based on many factors could affect the script's performance in my opinion, so I vote on having a standard radio noise when using the radio keeping any kind of increasing radio noise to minimal etc. Just the regular noise you would have in police radios etc like what we hear in the movies but nothing too invasive... Communication is key in Arma and having it impaired makes players want to go to other (not impairing) solutions. Example: PS: Is see that you left the increasing radio noise based on overcast and that seem good enough as long as the noise increase is not too invasive. What would be better in my opinion is that the radio noise amount is based on the mission's dynamic simulation ranges, so if a player is outside the mission's dynamic simulation range the noise is the strongest and so you know that whoever is talking via the radio is very far away. That way the radio noise serves a purpose other than telling you that overcast is high etc... Doing something like that makes the noise have a purpose just like when you intended it represent range between players. Having a blast reading your changelog! Radio noise no longer uses attachTo! (This is very very good! It is a known fact that the attachTo command destroys multiplayer performance so delete that when possible as much as possible and keep it away from your scripts.) Removed: Radio range requirement (Until BI adds a local mute command): Great, whatever doesn't work as intended should be just removed. I know it is hard to undo your hard work but it is for the better, relying on BIS is not such a good idea these days. I also suggest that the script only modifies the radio Arma 3 channels behavior (like group comms etc) while leaving direct communication channel completely alone. By the way the amount of commands you've updated to their most recent and better counterparts is amazing! Anyway, that is my feedback so far, hope it helps 😃
  6. That sounds orgasmic Phonk! Clean new code is always the best way to go... It happens to me that when I want to update old code, since I have learned so much since then, it is far better just to start over using the newer commands and just having everything as optimized as possible. I was going to tell PortalGunner to just wait for this new version to come out as probably most of his issues won't exist there thus not requiring any fixing at all.
  7. LSValmont


    @haleks I also have a question. If I wanted to add this MP Hit Eventhandler to the zombies via the zombies module: _zombie addMPEventHandler ["MPHit", { params ["_zombie"]; _rand = random 100; if (damage _zombie > 0 && (_rand > 60) && !(lifeState _zombie == "INCAPACITATED")) then { [_zombie] spawn { params ["_zombie"]; _zombie setUnconscious true; sleep (5 + (random 10)); _zombie setUnconscious false;}; }; }]; I tried using the Zombies Module's HIT EH field but it did not work. Any idea how I could do that via module? (I don't want to run a script to constantly check if zombies have the EH).
  8. LSValmont


    Great to hear about your progress Vandeanson! You are doing something unique here! By the way, are you still using GRAD for server storage or you came up with another solution?
  9. Armaholic download link is up! http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=35026 Special thanks to the Armaholic staff for hosting it!
  10. vDog Patrol Script version 1.2 "WINTER IS HERE" RELEASED! Release highlights: - Removed the CBA Community Based addons dependency! (Still recommended thou just in case!) - Improved sounds volume/distance ratios. (Now uses remoteExec Say3d). - (Optimization) The script now stops if the Owner of the Dog does not have simulations enabled (enableSimulation false;). This makes the script much lighter when combined with good dynamic simulation values. - The dogs will now disengage targets if they get 120 mtrs away from them or their owners. (Previously the dogs would never stop chasing a target once it was selected and until it was dead.) - The script has a random delay so it does not get loaded while all the other mission scripts are being loaded. (Dogs take up to a minute to be fully loaded into your mission session to prevent potential stutters.) DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12vnoCKFjBndIdRrSYo4WSXb8H4WlAtJr
  11. Thank you so much phonk! You are a godsend!
  12. Thank you both George and Pier Quick question, what would be the best way to prevent duplicate scripts from running on the same unit?
  13. Guys, I need some help here. I am doing a pretty complex mission that has several custom GUI elements. Lastly I've been experiencing that after several minutes of game play the GUI interfaces begin to take longer and longer to load. AddActions, holdActions, cutText, Inventory EH, Custom Menus etc... all begins to lag and fall behind. Server and client FPSs are fine it is just the GUI elements that lag (Like a memory leak of some sort). Any idea how could I find out what script could be causing the issue or track down the cause somehow other than removing scripts one by one and then testing the mission for hours each time...
  14. LSValmont


    Sorry EO what I meant was a worrying face rather a confused one... I had your issue on an old Ravage version but with the holdAction for looting appearing like 50 mtrs away from the cursor object... it should appear like 2 mtrs away...
  15. Its great to hear from you Phronk... I just want to give you my opinion on what I think this script or perhaps a new one could address. You see, there is tremendous need in the community, specially those playing small COOP missions and such, for a simpler, script based task force radio (TFAR) replacement. I think that was exactly what you intended with AFAR. The only problem is that replicating all the task force features just by using scripts is rather difficult and perhaps... even unnecessary. You see, most mission makers want the Addon-Free ArmA Radio perhaps not as much because of its advanced features but rather the Immersion creating ones... features like: - The need to have a radio equipped to use communications other than the Direct Channel. - The Radio noises and effects. - The Radio that appears while talking. - Having like 5 or 6 channels so that groups can communicate "safely" without having other groups of players hearing their communications so easily. (But having frequencies is too complex, channels is enough). My point is... that perhaps the complex features you are mostly struggling with like: - Players having interference over distances or blocking the hearing of certain players over certain conditions etc. Are the least demanded and us mission makers could easily do without them for the sake of having a more immersive, fully working and lightweight radio script. In a perfect world I would have your Addon-Free ArmA Radio but a lite version of its current form. A version that is simplified to the core and giving us just the immersion features rather than the more technical/advanced ones. After all it is a game and not a radio operator simulator but in vanilla arma the radio item is like useless and there are no immersion creating features. Anyway, that is my honest opinion. And I am super looking forward to having a lite version of AFAR that I can use in all my missions to give my players the extra immersion without the complexities or encumbrance of super complex scripts or third party external software etc.