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  1. This is exactly how battlefield's frostbite engine manages to achieve such high fps and have impressive graphics in tandem with 50 vs 50 player battles. Well done!
  2. Also, I need to do some brainstorming with the creative minds here. How could we make the xenos able to scale walls? I was thinking some sort of urban rappelling inversed. Detecting a wall in front of the alien with linesInterctWith and then do a sort of urban rappelling that starts from the ground instead of the ceiling of a wall/building and makes the alien go up. If anyone has any idea I am all ears 😉
  3. Alright I was not lazy and figured the animations myself (Making @johnnyboy and @GEORGE FLOROS GR proud!) Beta version 1 of Xeno Agents is up: DEMO MISSION LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_x1j5HSJBHNOLMiwJPioKNkl_uVcAN5-/view?usp=sharing REQUIREMENT of the MAX_ALIENS mod of course: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1450865805 You will notice that these agent aliens behave more like in the movies: - They are faster and deadlier but die from a few shots. (Just like in the movies so no more slow and bullet sponge aliens!) - They attack in packs and circle around their preys avoiding being easy targets. - They can only attack if they can see their preys (scent tracking for future versions) - Their movement patterns are more erratic (again making them harder targets) - They can outrun anything and will predict the future location of targets that are in the move so they intercept better! - They can make Ai units run away in fear when they see the aliens charging. - They can make ai units drop their weapons/equipment when attacked. - They won't attack vehicles but that can be easily added in the future if Max likes the implementation. - The agent aliens don't need a virtual target attached so they use even less resources than my vDogs. (You can now have 60 agent aliens and they will consume what 20 regular unit aliens consume in terms of system resources) - The agent aliens don't use group slots like regular aliens do so that frees up group slots for the mission maker to have more regular units. - They are missing sounds since I had to use the "player aliens" because the default Ai Aliens in the mod have a FSM/Script preventing them from working correctly as agents. - Probably @maxjoiner can add a version of the aliens without that FSM/Script so that they can work as agents and have sounds. - I do also plan on adding a small health regen to the xenos after they eat a fresh dead corpse! PS: This first version features "Feral Xenomorphs", basically territorial xenos who will guard a location fearlessly. I plan on doing some Hunter xenos next, who will basically track down players first by scent (delayed) but once they get visual contact they charge! Note: This is by no means a fully fledged script and more a sort of proof of concept for @maxjoiner so that optimized and deadly agent aliens can replace the resource consuming regular unit aliens in future versions of his mod. Anyways, enjoy the first beta!
  4. That looks so much like the "Real Thing"!!! Well done, such talent!
  5. Yeah but I am lazy 😃
  6. LSValmont


    Wow!!! Well done EO! Can't wait to see your content in-game!
  7. I am working on turning @maxjoiner xenomorphs into agents so they can be faster, deadlier and also use up to 3 times less system resources! Later Max will be able to use this Agent Ai for his other mods such as the crocodile, the predator etc. @maxjoiner What I need to know is the name of the alien animations for: - Walking - Jogging - Running - Attacking - Any other relevant animation state.
  8. I am glad you liked it @RCA3! One key aspect is that I also disable most Ai features on Ai drivers so they are also consuming less scheduler time. The script updates for new drivers/vehicles/pedestrians/BarGates every 300 seconds (5 minutes), It could be set to less and still won't affect performance. Agents are amazing for these kind of scenarios. I am turning @maxjoiner's aliens into agents now and they will be deadly! (While also performing 3 times faster).
  9. LSValmont

    Unit Spawning Loop

    Well a mix of both then! Because freezes are far worst than delays... Or perhaps both are bad!
  10. LSValmont

    Unit Spawning Loop

    That my friend should be pinned here on the EDITING forums! 😉 How does remoteExec comes to play inside the scheduler? It works exactly like an ExecVM? So if I change all my scripts to non scheduled and just use CBA's waitAndExecute as a sleep do you think overall performance will improve or that would not necessarily mean a better experience?
  11. LSValmont

    Unit Spawning Loop

    Well I can no longer argue with that! Your insider status serves you well! Thank you for taking your time in clearing that up!
  12. LSValmont

    Unit Spawning Loop

    Yeah but it is a good practice never the less, so if you have something like this: waitUntil { sleep (2 + (random 6)); _seenBy = allUnits select {_x distance P1 < 500 || {(_x distance _pos < 1000 && {([_x,"VIEW"] checkVisibility [eyePos _x, getPosASL P1]) > 0.5})}}; (_seenBy isEqualTo []) }; I bet if you spawn more than 10 of these at the same time without that random 6 your server will certainly feel it. So it all depends on what your are checking, but as you said on most instances it is not necessary thou. 😉
  13. LSValmont


    Hey EO, please consider donating this compositions so @haleks can include them on the next ravage version. Also... you are the immersion master! PS: Have you ever considered doing post apocalyptic vehicle textures? The Default arma 3 vehicle textures are simply too clean and perfect to fit any post apocalyptic scenario.
  14. LSValmont

    Unit Spawning Loop

    Yeah, it tries to check every frame 😃 The random part is so that it dos not hit the server at almost the same time if you run the spawn on many objects/units simultaneously. (a spawn inside a call for example). In this case for example if you have 20 waitUntils executed at the same time all with a sleep of 1 is the same as having them with no sleep at all since it is checking all at basically the same time anyway, making it easier to overload the scheduler. So I believe that random does help reduce that chance of overloading. (In some very specific cases)