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  1. LSValmont


    Civilian units run away when fired near... do you know if that still happens if you set them to groups of other factions like you suggest?
  2. LSValmont

    Zargabad Life Framework

    I am porting this to EMITA to recreate some old school Arma 2 scenarios for my own LAN party. May I ask, 1) INIDBI2 is only required on the server right? 2) The framework is only currently compatible with Dedicated servers or will also function on hosted servers? Thank you for this tool 😃
  3. LSValmont


    Good to hear that you are working on your own MP save system. Perhaps with M3mory you've inadvertently made using BI saves for MP sessions viable now!? Also this might come handy in your future endeavors with M3mory: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isSaving
  4. LSValmont


    Pretty cool! Many will rejoice due to the increased stability alone! M3mory MP when? 😃
  5. LSValmont

    JBOY Boat Waypoints script

    Download Link works perfectly 😉
  6. That sounds awesome! Thank you so much for this release, I haven't played anything else other than SOG since it was released so I am extremely happy about the revamped support 😉
  7. I some BF games you can and in others you can't...
  8. Point 8 It is actually happening a lot sooner than expected: 😅
  9. LSValmont


    Jarvis/Vision is that you!? Congrats on the release @haleks! These look amazing.
  10. LSValmont

    [GUI] Layout Manager

    That is great to know! Out of all the possible uses of this tool that one is the best by far, no need to export to something that is quite unwieldy. I have a working GUI in config format and want to do the same but on your GUI solution. I was wondering if you could help me on that regard and I can contact you on discord if you can.
  11. LSValmont

    Unlocked Uniforms

    Actually this topic was a hot debate just a couple days ago on the Arma 3 Discord Server so this discussion is not necro at all. Besides, players shouldn't be forced to download a whole mod just because devs refuse to do a minor config change to completely fix the issue.
  12. LSValmont

    Unlocked Uniforms

    I can't believe the BI devs haven't implemented something like this officially even after all these years. Locking uniforms only causes issues for players, modders and mission makers alike, and there could be scripted ways to enforce locked uniforms rather than the mandatory and arbitrary system in use today. Not having unlocked uniforms by default certainly undermines the SANDBOX nature of Arma 3. This feature has been asked literarily countless times but to no avail for some weird and unexplained reason.
  13. LSValmont

    [GUI] Layout Manager

    I am pretty sure I was not the first but perhaps I tested it more than anyone else 😉 I was wandering a few minor things: A-) This tool was meant as a fully scripted (.sqf) way to implement GUIs (a replacement to the current Arma 3 system) or B-) This is rather a tool (complement to the current Arma 3 system) to make it easier for the mission makers to get their GUI template like they want and then export it to regular GUI format (.hpp). I am asking because I have modified your example .sqf and test.sqf exactly like I wanted but don't know how to export it or how to customize each button etc. Once I have the template the way I want it how I am supposed to continue the customization?
  14. Aren't you removing the Ai's main weapon too? I mean yes, the Ai looks like it holstered its weapon but in reality when the ai unholsters it does so with its sidearm instead of his primary weapon (Which was deleted).
  15. LSValmont

    [GUI] Layout Manager

    I've been experimenting with this and God I wish we could've gotten this years ago but then again better late than never so thank you @Sparker! Additionally I would like to report that I've been getting this one error when running both example.sqf and test.sqf with [] execVM "tests\test.sqf"; from the console. Image: https://ibb.co/r6Yhf2s