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  1. vDog Patrol and vDog Feral Scripts by Valmont and Johnnyboy are long time requested scripts that allow mission makers to easily add MULTIPLAYER COMPATIBLE patrol and feral Dogs to their missions in Arma 3. vDog Scripts Main Features: - Easily add patrolling ai Dogs to allied, enemy or even playable Arma 3 units. - Easily add ai Feral Dogs who will roam a trigger area and viciously attack any unit who enters their territory. - Lightweight Scripts. (Your FPSs will thank you!). - Multiplayer Compatible! - Fully featured script also comes with sound effects. (Dog barks, growls, cries etc). - Since version 1.3 the scripts also support the ACE 3 damage model! - Even thou the scripts were made with Multiplayer and Performance in mind they work in SINGLE PLAYER just as well. - Since version 1.5 the Dogs will no longer target enemies though walls or objects! (This is a game changer!) - Since version 1.6 Patrol Dogs can be controlled by the player by assigning the dog to different TEAM COLORS! Dogs on TEAM RED will attack enemies at will. Dogs on TEAM GREEN will stay on their position. Dogs on any other TEAM COLOR will follow their owner without engaging enemies. - Since version 1.7: - The Dogs can now be targeted and shot by REGULAR Ai UNITS (This is a first for Arma 3 in the Multiplayer Department!). It can be enabled or disabled when the scripts are EXEC. (Enabled by default) - You can now command the Dogs to "ATTACK" or "STAY" via the Arma 3 RADIO MENU (0-0). - The Dogs now feature new sounds and wounded textures courtesy of @johnnyboy! - You can now heal your wounded Patrol Dogs! (Only one dog per player, but you can add more than one to Ai units in your squad for example) - Charging dogs can now cause nearby Enemy Ai units to flee in terror! - Extensive rewrite of the whole script package, now with AGENT DOGS, to accommodate the massive new features introduced in version 1.8 while performing even better than before. Requirements: - CBA Community Based addons. (Dependency removed in the latest version but CBA is still suggested just in case). - Basic Mission Editing knowledge. (For adding the commands to the unit's init and/or the triggers). DOWNLOAD: Demo Mission version 1.9 DOWNLOAD Link (Google drive): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UbL4IuPZx8eMkg3QvzBteqZYaouLgLnj Updates/Changelogs: vDog Patrol Details: vDog Feral Details: Special Thanks and Credits: Known Limitations: Please don't hesitate to post any questions, suggestions, bugs and testing reports. Enjoy.
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    Civilian units run away when fired near... do you know if that still happens if you set them to groups of other factions like you suggest?
  3. LSValmont

    Zargabad Life Framework

    I am porting this to EMITA to recreate some old school Arma 2 scenarios for my own LAN party. May I ask, 1) INIDBI2 is only required on the server right? 2) The framework is only currently compatible with Dedicated servers or will also function on hosted servers? Thank you for this tool 😃
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    Good to hear that you are working on your own MP save system. Perhaps with M3mory you've inadvertently made using BI saves for MP sessions viable now!? Also this might come handy in your future endeavors with M3mory: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isSaving
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    Pretty cool! Many will rejoice due to the increased stability alone! M3mory MP when? 😃
  6. LSValmont

    JBOY Boat Waypoints script

    Download Link works perfectly 😉
  7. That sounds awesome! Thank you so much for this release, I haven't played anything else other than SOG since it was released so I am extremely happy about the revamped support 😉
  8. For some reason the amount of talk, theories and comments about future versions of Arma and the Enfusion engine has skyrocketed lately. Everyone is speculating and getting crazy about a potential announcement in the coming days regarding Arma 4. But what no one is talking about are the benefits of Enfusion taking longer to be released outside of the obvious "increased polish". Hopefully this post will show the anxious players out there that getting your Arma later than expected could be a good thing. I will be listing those benefits here and then keep updating the list with other users' contributions on the subject: 1) DirectX 12 Ultimate: With its Improved support for Raytracing 1.1 and Variable Rate Shading Technology means that when Arma 4 releases the engine will be able to make use of these amazing improvements. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/announcing-directx-12-ultimate/ 2) Vulkan 1.2's Parallel Tasking Technology: Vulkan is a new-generation graphics and compute open standard API that provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs that is currently used by most consoles other than the XBOX series. Vulkan 1.3 will provide additional improvements to its already impressive Parallel Tasking Technology which will bring lower CPU usage while also allowing developers to better distribute work among multiple CPU cores. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulkan_(API) 3) Windows 11: With Windows 11 announcement just around the corner (June 24th 2021) it has been leaked that the OS will feature many optimizations for gaming in preparations to its revamped Xbox experience that is now integrated into Windows 11, offering quick access to Xbox Game Pass games, the social parts of Xbox network, and the Xbox store. https://www.theverge.com/2021/6/15/22535123/microsoft-windows-11-leak-screenshots-start-menu 4) Microsoft's DirectStorage: PC game load times are about to get a whole lot faster thanks to Microsoft's DirectStorage tech, The tech behind the super fast load times on the Xbox Series X is coming to PCs in the form of DirectStorage, Microsoft have announced. The DirectX API aims to dramatically reduce loading times and enable developers to create bigger, more detailed worlds than ever before thanks to its "best in class IO tech" (that's input / output, in case you're unfamiliar with the term) - if you've got the right kind of SSD, that is. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/pc-game-load-times-are-about-to-get-a-whole-lot-faster-thanks-to-microsofts-directstorage-tech 5) Nvidia RTX IO: "When used with Microsoft’s new DirectStorage for Windows API, RTX IO offloads dozens of CPU cores’ worth of work to your GeForce RTX GPU, improving frame rates, enabling near-instantaneous game loading, and opening the door to a new era of large, incredibly detailed open world games," according to Nvidia. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/pc-game-load-times-are-about-to-get-a-whole-lot-faster-thanks-to-microsofts-directstorage-tech 6) NVIDIA DLSS: (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is groundbreaking AI rendering technology that increases graphics performance using dedicated Tensor Core AI processors on GeForce RTX™ GPUs. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/technologies/dlss/ 7) AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution: The technology boosts frame rates and resolution of gameplay without requiring people to upgrade their hardware. FSR is an image upscaling technology. Depending on the game, it can provide more than three times the performance of native resolution that's set to Performance. https://www.windowscentral.com/amd-unveils-fidelityfx-super-resolution-its-answer-nvidias-dlss 8.) True competition is around the corner: For the longest time the Arma franchise has benefited from being "the only kid on the block" regarding some of its more unique features: Huge Maps, Combined Arms, Advanced Ai, Accurate and "closer to reality" simulation of some of its systems and above all, the user's freedom to modify and create new experiences via modding, scripting, mission making via EDEN Editor etc. That "Only Child" situation that benefited Bohemia Interactive's creations for so long could soon no longer be the case thou, as many games and/or game companies that spawned from Arma's mods such as POG and the Battle Royale Genre, the Survival Genre etc have "opened their eyes" to the "revenue potential" that exists and now other big industry names and companies have developed a thirst for Arma like "business models and features". Icarus Survival being the latest example of this previous claim: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/icarus-survival-game-preview Of course it has taken years for the competition to get even close to what the RV and "Soon TM" the Enfusion engine will offer. Yet we are perhaps one generation away from getting the UNREAL ENGINE just as good and easy to use as the EDEN EDITOR, and other companies' game engines being able to deliver the same features with the same realism and detail as Arma does currently. Enfusion will surely be the tool, main weapon but also the testing grounds that will be facing that next gen competition and its ability stay relevant will dictate the future of BI in years to come so it better be good and it better be polished on release.
  9. I some BF games you can and in others you can't...
  10. Point 8 It is actually happening a lot sooner than expected: 😅
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    Jarvis/Vision is that you!? Congrats on the release @haleks! These look amazing.
  12. LSValmont

    [GUI] Layout Manager

    That is great to know! Out of all the possible uses of this tool that one is the best by far, no need to export to something that is quite unwieldy. I have a working GUI in config format and want to do the same but on your GUI solution. I was wondering if you could help me on that regard and I can contact you on discord if you can.
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    Unlocked Uniforms

    Actually this topic was a hot debate just a couple days ago on the Arma 3 Discord Server so this discussion is not necro at all. Besides, players shouldn't be forced to download a whole mod just because devs refuse to do a minor config change to completely fix the issue.
  14. LSValmont

    Unlocked Uniforms

    I can't believe the BI devs haven't implemented something like this officially even after all these years. Locking uniforms only causes issues for players, modders and mission makers alike, and there could be scripted ways to enforce locked uniforms rather than the mandatory and arbitrary system in use today. Not having unlocked uniforms by default certainly undermines the SANDBOX nature of Arma 3. This feature has been asked literarily countless times but to no avail for some weird and unexplained reason.
  15. LSValmont

    [GUI] Layout Manager

    I am pretty sure I was not the first but perhaps I tested it more than anyone else 😉 I was wandering a few minor things: A-) This tool was meant as a fully scripted (.sqf) way to implement GUIs (a replacement to the current Arma 3 system) or B-) This is rather a tool (complement to the current Arma 3 system) to make it easier for the mission makers to get their GUI template like they want and then export it to regular GUI format (.hpp). I am asking because I have modified your example .sqf and test.sqf exactly like I wanted but don't know how to export it or how to customize each button etc. Once I have the template the way I want it how I am supposed to continue the customization?
  16. Aren't you removing the Ai's main weapon too? I mean yes, the Ai looks like it holstered its weapon but in reality when the ai unholsters it does so with its sidearm instead of his primary weapon (Which was deleted).
  17. LSValmont

    [GUI] Layout Manager

    I've been experimenting with this and God I wish we could've gotten this years ago but then again better late than never so thank you @Sparker! Additionally I would like to report that I've been getting this one error when running both example.sqf and test.sqf with [] execVM "tests\test.sqf"; from the console. Image: https://ibb.co/r6Yhf2s
  18. LSValmont

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    If this is not going to be maintained then it better be removed completely from the game. Otherwise It will cause many issues down the line for when Arma 3 reaches End of Life.
  19. UPDATE: AAN later sold DOGG-0, which was acquired by DICE, repainted, armed and then featured in the first Battlefield 2042 trailer.
  20. Hey @goko--! Just wanted to say that I am a fan of your work and I admire your talent. I think your approach to scripting, modding and coding is quite creative and certainly cleaner than most. Your contributions to the Arma community are very immersive and always bring something unique (Not previously done before). And believe me when I say that most of us here on the forums and around the Arma community have dealt with all kinds of scumbags, weirdos and simply undeserving people over the years too but.... If you come to think of it, those unwanted individuals are quite few in number if you compare to just how many people of the "Nice and good" kind are out there. My advice is: a bad person can come and try to steal your inner peace and hell even your work but... they will never steal your talent nor your good heart. And they will only harm you if you allow them to do so by thinking about them or interacting with them. Just remove all the negative people from your surroundings. Take all this as a lesson learned and from now on try to surround yourself with good people. It is not easy to judge a person until it is perhaps too late (the have already done some harm) but you will learn to identify and avoid such persons with practice and in time. Now heal your wounds, think about all the people who admire you and all those thankful for your contributions (Myself included). And forgive the poor soul that did you wrong because that poor lad is going to have a very hard time in life until he realizes that his current behavior will just keep pushing people away from him.
  21. Fixed for the next version! Thank you for the report! if (_nearTargets isNotEqualTo []) then { { if ( alive _x && !(isObjectHidden _x) && ((side group _DogOwner) getFriend (side group _x) < 0.6) && !(vehicle _x isKindOf "Animal") && isNull objectParent _x && !(lifeState _x isEqualTo "INCAPACITATED") && (isNil {_x getVariable "vIsVirtual"}) && ([_x, "VIEW"] checkVisibility [eyePos _dog, eyePos _x]) > 0 ) then { if (_x distance _dog < vDogSmellRange || ([_dogRunner, _x, -3] call BIS_fnc_isInFrontOf) || (_x isFlashlightOn (currentWeapon _x)) || (isLightOn _x)) then { 0 = _selectedTargets pushBack _x; _DogOwner knowsabout _x; }; }; } forEach _nearTargets; }; Additionally dogs now see enemies with their flashlights on better.
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    Actually that was a rushed work only meant for Haleks to give him some ideas for his upcoming improved ravage zombies. Since then I've updated the zombies and the dogs for a future full release with all the bells and whistles (plus lots of clean ups). Stay tuned!
  23. I just want to mention guys that I've completely rewritten the vDogs script in a much more optimized way. Additionally the vDogs now: - Can now hear gunshots and move to investigate if the sound came from inside their territory. - Can smell nearby enemies so even if they loose sight of their prey they can continue to pursue by following their smell. - Dogs attack damage is now physical rather than script based. That means that they can miss attacks and that their attacks can be diminished by vest protection etc. It also means that players can avoid the dogs damage by hiding behind cover while previously they couldn't. - Dogs can now follow and attack vehicles but will not do much damage to them. - Dogs now react to getting hit and will become aware of the attacker, reacting accordingly. - Patrol Dogs whose owner dies become Feral now instead of going passive. @sarogahtyp Regarding turning all the vDogs fncs into Bis Fncs their is not much benefit from it because those fncs are used perhaps once and turning them into BIS fncs will add an additional step for mission makers (editing their Description.ext) which may cause some additional confusion. So the less steps required to run the Script the better. The new version of vDogs will no longer be released as a stand alone but part of my upcoming vScripts Suite that will have many other features in place.
  24. Leopard is still hard at work in favor of the Arma community but now a lot closer to the actual Arma 3 devs and so he has been able to contribute tremendously helping with bug fixing and the addition of many new features and tools that will not only favor his work but the work of all modders and mission makers while the players benefit from a more stable and less buggy game. I am sure he still has many cool ideas regarding this and other projects of his but I can assure you he is now contributing like very few other community members have. The other semi dev doing such amazing work being R3VO. I really hope those kind souls get rewarded by BI with at least a free Arma 4 for all their incredible contributions over the years.
  25. LSValmont

    Cold War Rearmed III

    I started with Arma 2 and played the campaign in COOP. It was incredibly buggy but very immersive and lots of fun. Probably the best campaign I've ever played on any game period.