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  1. couldn't find another name at the moment :] this is a project I've been experimenting on since I started A3 scripting. Old Bad company2 had a great player HUD, one of my favorite FPS. This will build up to (hopefully) that category for A3. will be open-source add on A global "feed" so to say, which will pop-up on every client. CBA is not implemented yet. but I'm planning to have wide variety of options such as colorblind mode, being able to select feed with pictures or weapon name, fully custom positioning from LAYOUT options so individual can drag-drop and decide which position this feeder will be. A second 'feed' will be popping in only for the instigator: It will be center of screen and going to have small hints about the shot such as headshot and score. another thing will be for instigator-less kills such as falling from heights or blowing yourself up with your own grenade. I remember from quake3 when I was a kid, there were many fun console msgs like "playerX cratered" for falling from heights and dying. it will have randomized strings for each stupid suicide event just for the kicks. will be updating here as soon as I setup github so you can see-contribute development. stay tuned.
  2. Looks perfect and to be honest it is a breath of fresh air from run&gun FPS' of today.
  3. alright dev branch got an update, anybody knows anything about this new "PathCalculated" command and eventhandler please share. thanks
  4. UPDATE - *NEW*: CBA options implementation - Added: More error checking to deal with random situations - Tweak: Muzzle event handler for 'rifle' and 'pistol' class (less overhead) CBA Options: Some magazines don't have proper P3D models defined, or they have weird models rather than a magazine model. Causing bad rotation on ground, etc. Now you can disable default P3D getter method of simulate mag mod when things don't go as expected. BW-Mod for instance doesn't have proper p3d models for its magazines and this causes weird placement / rotation of spawned magazines. You can add / find "author" name located in magazine's config; then add this using CBA option, this will force mod to use generic magazine p3d model for those authors' magazines. (xcuse for grammar). Also MP scenarios throughly tested on DS and on Listen server, I can say there were no errors, glitches, duplication of stuff, etc. Globals and locals are throughly tested.
  5. hello can we have distinctive models with all 6.5mm mag variants, right now the black caseless 6.5 shows regular mx model, like seen here: https://youtu.be/tGUHkpmh52c
  6. Wooooooooooooooo killzone kid the legend wadap m8
  7. goko--

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    That is so cool. Reload EH will bring many possibilities for content creators, exciting!
  8. goko--

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I think I understood the problem. RHS uses "Fired" muzzle EH to do what it does. The class you mention is F_Rifle_Base, just looked up RHS weapon muzzle configs. What I forgot to add at my old post, I was using (trying to use) "Reload" muzzle eh, which was broken until last DEV branch update, now game has pure reload detecting EH for first time. Now coming to issue; when I use this new/working muzzle "reload" EH with cfgWeapons on DEV branch, its all good and working. But when RHS USAF or AFRF Loaded, reload eh debug not working. Pistols do work, rifles don't. I am using this class CfgWeapons { class RifleCore; class Rifle: RifleCore { class EventHandlers { reload = "systemchat format['reload EH output: %1 [time: %2]',_this, time]"; }; }; };
  9. kind of a hotfix - Fixed: Mod not working on RHS class soldiers now fixed - Fixed: Magazines spawning random bug is gone for good - Tweak: Model getter method: All CUP and RHS weapons now fully working. - Added: Now using CBA ClassEventhandler method: improved compatibility - Added: Boolean for shooting from vehicle (mag simulation won't happen while shooting from offroad etc)
  10. goko--

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for reply but I have one more Q: Is it normal for regular/vanilla arma MX not reporting muzzle EH with RHS is loaded? It somehow stops working when loaded with RHS USAF or AFRF. Same cfgWeapons muzzle eventhandler config/initialization reports fine with no USAF/AFRF.
  11. update! V1.23alpha - 04-04-2019 changelog: - *NEW*: Persistent decals throughout mission time - *NEW*: Using BIS' super simple object method to simulate dropped magazines - *NEW*: Rewritten code and functionality for better simulation and efficiency - *NEW*: particleSource detection and protection method (no more flying mags) - Added: CBA WaitUntilAndExecute to improve mod performance - Fixed: Red Hammer Studios' mods working again - Fixed: models now stand on correct alignment on surfaces - Fixed: Multiple particle source's being stacked on model - Fixed: Soldier randomly spawning magazines is fixed for good - Tweak: sound emission max hearing range decreased to 30m - Tweak: Particle3D simulation weight and air friction adjusted - Tweak: attachTo model memory points
  12. goko--

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    EDIT:Took some time to figure out what was the bug. Muzzle Eventhandlers ( Muzzle EH ) not working properly while running arma with RHS mods. Tested on latest arma3 DEV branch EXE rev. 145470 (game) Pistol / pistolcore muzzle EH's work Rifle / riflecore muzzle EH's don't work at all, no errors on RPT file.
  13. Yes, sorry for late reply first... I try to explain: Mod reads config values from individual helmet's armor protection level inside config, dynamically. If I can recall correctly, vanilla Arma 3's level II helmet's protection (armor) value is 6, and level V (highest) helmet has protection value of 12. And on the other side, we got bullet calibers, lets say 9mm is the weakest and for high lets take something like .408 or .50 Cal. Mod uses linear conversion to match these and compare them together dynamically and apply destruction according to protection level vs caliber. So lets say, add-on of helmets have truly unrealistic values, totally out of scope of armaverse (vanilla game config values), mod will not work since even .50 cal would fall short to match the protection value of it and vice-versa, if a weapon modification has unrealistic ballistic values in config, you can pop all helmets even with a pistol, or cannot, according to value.
  14. Thank you for feedback @redarmy I've been ditching arma related development for some time, back at it again now. That is the reason of late reply. Glad to see you and other people enjoying and dropping comments to this mod. My first idea about unit-voiceovers mod was to create a framework for people to add their own, individual taste of voice-overs. The reactive energy: sound samples, played on certain actions adds so much and we all like that dynamic feedback. This was the main focus I had: putting the sound-sets I dreamt of into arma models and make the game more alive with these reactions. @SceptreOfficial (Cory) tried to come up with a framework to improve this mod after our discussions. We had many discussions about how to make this better. He wrote every single line of this mod again and implemented CBA functions: Mod supports all kinds of modification within itself thanks to him. It even has a wiki about how can you create custom "factions" and sound sets. But, again, that is not about just drag-dropping some sound files, it is almost complicated as creating a mod, you have to edit mission files, create declarations etc... Sure it is somewhat easier but, not in the same time. If you read through this paragraph and wondering what my actual goal was: My dream was, behold, I was dreaming of hiring voice actors for latter parts, while creating this mod. Latter parts: I dreamt of creating a community mod for arma, paid by community: Real voice actors, real innovation and spirit. I live under islamic dictatorship. My country and people have been succumbed to this for so long. Even paypal is banned now. Reason I am telling you this is different. I tried to come up with paypal account and posted it to mod page of steam at first few months, thinking that people will drop few bucks so I could hire voice artists. A friend, @gebbet, living in Greece, helped me setting up that paypal since It was banned on my country. Long story short: After 3 months, 0 individuals paid a dime or dollar or cents. I removed that paypal link from mod page. PS: I purchased insurgency sandstorm on beta. just to support NWI. Then refunded it, since my 10 years old GPU could only draw 10 frames per second. I will purchase it back when I replace / purchase a gpu.
  15. I've rewritten the whole thing. learning C++ and getting back to SQF made me realize so many possibilities, and I rewrite the mod. functionality remains pretty much the same but, details are different now, if anybody cares, dropping a message so people would know. for example: you don't get 'enemy killed' sample for someone you thrown grenade into the house since you are not able to see it. details details... https://github.com/the0utsider/unit-voiceovers/tree/develop