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  1. @pognivet Selfish yes, but I had to. you are almost angry at me telling "wtf you doing, stop" but I seriously needed it. when posting here I had serious doubts in myself about situation. I created this post expecting "hate" from community. I had to face it somehow (like it was real) and that's whatt I tried to do. You see, @spectre guy emailed me with things like "everyone hates you. they love me for reuploading the mod. lol" and at the first time you read a sentence like this, with right head you ignore it easily, thinking it is coming from a 4 year old or something. and It is too late until you know you are dealing with a crazy person. So it affected me. I really thought deep down he was right. And I wanted to face it. and man, am I glad that I did. I love this community, everyone, love everyone of you who posted. Thank you everyone for being my North Star. I was expecting posts like "f off you piece of shit, you want to gain some bucks for your shitty mod, serves you right, fucking third world scum" or "fuck you, weakling, join isis and get off this cyberspace, haha you are too weak to tame some burka whore in new arabia" or "get lost" ..."dude"..."bla bla". yeah. True story.
  2. this is for DE coming back, real GURU
  3. dudeeeeeeeee!'!!!!!!!! how are you? glad to hear from you. Hope you doing good <3
  4. https://youtu.be/ImXNU8Kg4H0 @SpectreOfficial "He as hollow as I alone, A shell of my friend, Just flesh and bone There's no soul, He sees no love I shake my fists at skies above Mad At gods Mad"
  5. thank you for kind reply and spending time to read post. but honestly, I don't want for steam to remove anything nor I created this post to prove something to anybody. I am past that stage., in other words: only I can help myself. my mom was threatening me to hang herself when I was 3 man. I've been through some rough shit in my life. but it's all good. I love this community, that's why I shared this story with all of you but I don't want nothing from nobody. shit happens life goes on. I take and give back, keep things balanced as long as I intend to live so I am alive in this whole thing. but again, thanks for reading and giving your time. I want to update this thread with "UVO REVISITED" tag around September. The whole voice over library that I could dream of landed on my feet in these few weeks. I am obliged to create the mod again. and I hope I will come up with that instead of all the bullshit I posted before. This community,you all deserves better than this but, truth needed to be told my man. truth heals. doesn't matter. truth does heal. that dude is stuck with what he stole, and without imagination, he came to an end. doesn't matter if steam pull it down or not. I will do it soon, like I said, around September. I will upload the UVO mod that I dreamt of for arma3 with a sound library that I was dreaming of.
  6. this has been a massive waste of time. A MASSIVE waste of time dude- all of this. you might say "why you keep it doing it fool" well, I got couple of reasons but main is I just dont want to keep being silent about what happened. No. And I'm not buddha, man, or zen master or some god like that crazy fucko claims he is. I am not. I simply let go of it back then thinking "let go, man, I got enough on my plate" but seriously, this needed to be spoken. as a reply to another provocation attempt of his "can you proove any of it": Look just what I found. In youtube I used to upload; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq99xBn7c3o this was more than 3 years ago I think. Way before this individual "contributed" to mod. Do you see a difference with existing functionality since this guy hijacked UVO, I don't think so. In video Hamza, my Moroccan friend performing some AI action and I was recording with GCam. But just take a look, listen and tell me, what this spectre guy added to UVO other than making me give up my own mod with his insanity so he can claim it his own. What I mean by insanity: Any of you, wrote a piece of code in an open source project please answer: If someone comes at you every week or all days of fkin week, claiming he or she updated something with merge request without really adding ANYTHING, what would you do? especially this individual claims they are god themselves for rewriting a piece of code that already works, only changing variable names? this is what he did man, it was a fkin torture test, like i said EVERY WEEK or EACH DAY OF A FUCKING WEEK! coming out with a meaningless "update" I was like "yeah if this makes dude happy, whatever" but like I told you, this was his method to hijack the mod, way of sneaking in his name to author section of each function. So fkin twisted man, so twisted. I was trying to cope with this guy, tried to understand thinking he had some screws loose and I got some screws loose already as I expressed, after my dad passed. modding helped me to feel good so that was what I tried, I tried to share joy of modding. Then I got tired, from everything and I let go. I had no idea how fked up this guy was until he started sending me emails like "now everybody hates you and they like and thank me for reuploading mod lol" and blocked me at the same time so I cant express myself in mod feedback page to people. I tell you what, cory, If thats a real name I know you reading this you coward POS https://ibb.co/v1krh1X why don't you create something If you are so 'god', instead of steal and use what us pesky humans created? That mod's name is something I come up with years ago. That icon you use is crated by Hamza in PS, whole VO is done by Michael "mikee" and first eventhandler logic is written by CBA dev Ozan '654wak654' and youtube already has videos dating back in 2017/18 when I put everything together back then. If you are such god, who dont you create something instead of sitting on top of other peoples work? Very ironic for god, that is unable to create anything don't you think? oh you can hijack and steal tho, you pro at it. You simply can't do nothing other than pretending you are god in your own sick twisted head, and play your sick games with people. Another thing: you have no authority over my mod other than anybody who has arma installed. In fact, you are the last person on earth to claim any ownership on it. You have destroyed that easy to read code that mod had when I wrote into some cryptic shit so nobody can understand anything unless code runs. That mod had a source code like SQF teaching book, you contributed to nothing but destroyed everything I stood for while creating UVO back then. Final, It made me chuckle when I read this sentence on mod's current page, it writes "the original owner stopped developing so now I am doing it" excuse me? you doing wut? developing a mod that is complete years ago? reminds me a French saying, I think, something like "if you try and be too kind to a prostitute she might try to lecture you about honour and manners" god cory became a modder, teaching all of us about modding and continuing to develop my mod, teaching how to be modder. dayum. Tell me single thing you created or sorry "developed" (since you are a modder, now). let alone other concepts you have stolen and released under the name of "simplex team", whatever the fk that means. you are a joke, cory spectre or whatever you call yourself, you are a clown at best. not a god..maybe in your crazy head tho, only in your crazy head.
  7. you can't reason with someone who think he is god. this is simply what I tried to explain at long post above. that sort of individual, who believes he is god, for whatever reason he has to do this sort of thinking, is a fucking crazy individual. who thinks it is right for himself to believe this. and everything he does, is to proove that illusion to himself, that he is god. you can't have mature, healthy, honest and open communication with this sort of individual. at any attempt, you are a pesky human and a weakling from their perspective. like I said, I don't want to know what the fuck is going on inside the mind and thinking of that cory guy, but he was playing all these games with me and made me give up my own creation and I went "fuck it, cut all comms, this is some fucked up crazy person that I don't want to deal with anymore". Even that wasn't enough. You got unit vo's in your pc? you like it? you can upload it as well, it is not his mod. I gave it up, to community. He brought nothing to table. CBA developers own the functions he supposedly bring, since that is what he did, obscuring my original code and wrapping it with CBA. a random dude can upload that mod. I donated it, I gave it up to community and also got rid of a cancer person out of my life. That wasn't enough tho, he was emailing me afterwards "everyone now hates you and they thank me for reuploading the mod". He wrote to comments before I blocked "do you have any proof for anything" like he created unit vo mod and the rest by himself which is all stolen. obviously you are a younger brother, you will come against people like this in your life. and then you will know what I'm talking about and your sincere and honest advice (apologize each other and reason with each other) simply don't work with someone who needs to think they are god. this is a crazy individual, somehow made it to what ever age, thinking themselves as god and playing all these mind games 24/7 to by himself and you simply cannot reason with this kind of individual. that is all I tried to tell about in long post. these people exist. and no matter how many times you apologize, try to reason with, communicate with, you simply can't. these people have a warped and all fucked up thinking patterns in their head where you are "weak" and "needs to be punished" just because you are a human being.and I simply won't quit, being a pesky human my dude.
  8. I am who I am. I won't apologize you or anybody else for that.
  9. Unit Voiceovers mod was pretty much complete after adding projectile interactions (alert with grenade falling near of actor). At that time I was trying to find a way to (somehow) include external sound files so people can create their own libraries and have fun with it. This guy comes around that time, tells me he wants to contribute. I was like "sure", that was my attitude back then for everyone: I wanted to encourage everybody into arma scripting. It was fun, it helped me greatly back then. I wanted to see it spread like wildfire. So I accepted his friend request. Until that time, he was pointing out compatibility issues with other mods via dropping comments on mod feedback page and I included him as co-dev and tester even before he wrote single line of code. He adds me, and I am like feeding him non stop with knowledge, non stop. You see, the time I dive into SQF and arma modding, I was pretty depressed. It was a getaway drug for me after my dad passed from cancer. I was angry at doctors, blaming pharmacudical companies, policies, reading all about "big pharma" and also blaming myself for not being able to save him, I was drinking heavy to hide away my hurt. I was gathering articles about drug business, gathering whistleblower information, thinking maybe I should write a book and expose these MF's to feel better. Get some kind of revenge or got it out of my system somehow. It was a very consuming and toxic cycle. Learning about Arma sqf helped me to break this cycle and pick up my life. (Many thanks to Ozan '654wak654' and his suggestion 'the C programming language' a.k.a. K&R book and writing first eventhandler code) So, this felt, all this was godsend and back then I wanted everyone around me to know it, to create with it, to do whatever they like with it. Suddenly I was out of that consuming cycle of life, wanting to shout on top of my lungs "I AM FREE" I had so much passion for modding, It reminded me to smile and have fun after really long time and I was truly grateful for it. So I was doing what I can to help people with their journey, that was my attitude. I remember first time this fella "contributed" to mod. It was like this: he wrote his name on each and every function's "author" section and changed few lines, edited line spacing, etc. in scripts. Then I remember him writing something like "If this works, then I am a god" from chat, before he compiles and tries. For code that is already working. That was the first time I thought something is wrong with this guy. Honestly, why would you want to think you are god? over something that is already working, I mean what kind of thinking is that. I thought "maybe he is autistic or something" honest to god man, I am not a genius or completely healthy, opposite: I was a drunk back then and maybeI was a bit retarded too, so "that's bit strange, but OK" I thought. It wasn't okay. At that moment I should just cut communication with this guy. It's a mistake I own. Back then I thought "maybe it is how he expresses that he feels good about learning this modding thing?" but I was way off with my assumption and I couldn't see the truth as is. I don't try/need to be a "god" to feel better about myself. Do you? And I didn't know back then, but I know now, people don't need 'that'(being like god) to feel happy and good about themselves. Opposite. It signals major issue. But, Like I said, I thought maybe (no offense to retards or autistic people, I hate the labels but it is what it is) he is retarded or autistic or something, from how he expressed himself. Honestly. Here we are, online, we can't see the person on the other end of this screen and I really don't want to break someone's spirit for be it modding, or anything by writing something that will hurt them. And I really-seriously-actually thought this guy was retard or something after that "I must be god" comment and I said "ok dude have it your way" It should be September or November of 2018, I already implemented the grenade mechanics as I said and I added a little name to the update "Harvest". It was a small fun thing I did since I guerilla grow my own MJ, I wanted to add it to the update, reference to beautiful harvest I had, just a small thing I do and enjoy. Then in few days, this happens: He edits and adds each function's author section his name, edits line spacings and folder structure, filenames, etc. then comes up with merge request. Also changing "Harvest" detail to something else which I forgot. I postponed it, since it was pointless. But he was insisting day and night so I thought "if this makes this guy happy, fine by me" and I made the necessary changes then updated mod on steam. Another aim of modding to me and something I enjoyed was to teach, both to myself and other newbies who will read the code in future. Acceptance of knowing so little, being open to information. And general spirit of open-source code. That's what I really enjoyed. So I was very careful while writing each line to make it "readable". Doesn't matter how bad it looks for pro's, It was for newbies. By a newbie, to newbies. I wanted people to unpack or read the code and understand what it does, how it does, before running it so they can grasp the inner workings of A3 engine and sqf and get inspired. This was also the reason why I kept away from CBA. It was optional, but mod should work without CBA, it shouldn't be a requirement. The way I see it is this: CBA has a great function library, wiki,etc. BUT if you don't know about inner workings of RV engine and sqf, you will have many problems understanding when you read code using CBA. So native commands, native functions, written with easy to read explanations (almost like text) was all I wanted. Soon, this also to be changed. He was turning the whole thing into cryptic, impossible to understand for a newbie, obscuring what I aim in the first place. Then he comes up with a claim that he can make the mod better-faster with implementing CBA; another merge request. And this was simply impossible (making it faster) because mod didn't even had any loops in it, it was in the "fast as possible" state. There was a single loop in whole thing related to player only and that is one loop, running at single instance (player only) for a really little time and rare event. But I accepted that as well, didn't turn it down. from that point he also started to stuff practically useless junk into mod. Unnecassarry functions that don't do what it claims: "include sounds from external library". You know A3, you need to include everything as class in order to use them in runtime so this was impossible. But I accepted, instead of saying that "this is pointless". even encouraged him in this and updated the mod. CBA became requirement that time. Then things like this start to happen almost every week: For instance the function I wrote about proximity and detection of projectiles..That kind of thing takes lot of time and testing: You have to exclude the guy that is standing right on top of grenade but have no visual (lets say, he's at upstairs) and make sure the guy who actually sees the grenade to trigger...anyway. I wrote the function, tested, improved it, perfected it, for months. and guy have absolutely zero contribution to whole process, like the rest of whole thing. It was developed long before he added me. Then Few days pass from update. he comes with merge request: changing some numbers lets say dropping pulse radius to 3.5 to 3.4, changing some statement from 'Statement' to 'sttmnt', like I said, changes that doesn't mean anything. Adds nothing to logic. Changes that doesn't make sense to me back then... I was accepting all that like ok, whatever...now I see, he was making these changes and also adding his name to "author" part of scripts. Little I know, this was his own way of "hijacking" the mod bit by bit. Normally, author is who created it and if you edit, you simply put "edited by x" that is how you do justice. I wrote a suppression mechanic using AI's internal variables and player's interface (cursorobject), to have an actual supression trigger even if bullet passes above your head and lands 100m away from you. Or 2 kilometer. Next thing I know, he replaces whole thing with stolen code from another mod, famous 'suppress' mod from now I can't remember the author. Like I didn't know that code exists, like I didn't overcome fundamental issue in that code, plus wrote an original code, he replaces it without asking in the main branch (this is what I would call 'hijacking++'). And ofcourse, steals other dude's code, replaces with my code, to achieve what? In order to put his name on "author". You see instead of changing some variables, now he was stealing from other mods to overwrite my code. you see, he was improving his skill of I don't know what to call. I simply couldn't understand why he did what he did back then. My logic was simple after that god thing: he must be challenged in some way. I Wasn't even paying attention since one can't understand the reason behind this sort of individual/actions with a normal mind. But this whole process slowly turned something I truly enjoy, modding, to something I am forced into. I was adding something actually working to mod, something actually I am proud, something new and original, next thing I know he was coming with an "update": changing some variables that makes no sense, putting his name to "author" of scritps. And I was like "wtf"... It was feeling like going to work, doing chores around house, washing the dishes etc. My passion for modding dimmed little by little and I couldn't even put a finger on it, "why it happened?" back then. I slipped into heavy drinking again. I thought "maybe I should start another project"..and behold: I told the guy about my project. Strangest stuff started to happen. I was messing with vehicle mass, physics system. I thought "lets see how this effects the handling" and I was trying different values on lets say a humvee, trying to see if I can make it work, create some kind of dynamic weight simulation. Guy asks me on steam chat what are you up to, I tell (and explain) what I'm trying to do. Later on, he makes a mod about to "aircraft wrecks bouncing after explosion". I'm like "that's great man, you have created your first mod congrats" and I really don't feel like "bad" at all, why would I, I am proud that he can have something his own and I told him just that. Maybe he got inspired by what I told, so what, I feel great about it. Ofc, in the meantime he was dropping"I must be god" like comments while chatting. Such as "hey man what you up to" then I tell him something I am doing, probably sqf related, posting code etc. then he goes "I really didn't wrote that down" or "you really shouldn't mind if I steal that" and all sorts of awkward comments like this. I was like "ok dude, have it your way" since like I said earlier, I am thinking this guy must be challenged in some ways that I don't understand, I just don't mind what he tells me. But he was telling me who and what he is all the time. Next,is the real thing which woke me up. I love NWI, creators of Insurgency which Unit Voiceovers' sound library also coming from. UVO is almost like a tribute to Insurgency. Great game. Anyway.. They (NWI) also have a very underrated game called Day of Infamy (I used their VO for UVO 1944). I got 1000+ hours in it. It has a great mechanic with radioman and commander roles: You can call supplies, air strikes, smoke arty etc, on map which adds so much to regular FPS team deathmatch. Later on they used same mechanic in Unreal engine version of Insurgency. You probably know. When I was thinking, I thought this is what arma 3 is missing, I should make a scenario like KOTH with similar mechanics that NWI created. Arma have all these assets, unused, incredibly rich, this kind of mechanic will give it life and dynamism it is lacking and force player to utilize all that. Then, shared my idea with this guy. I told "will you help me with creating this kind of scenario? one thing tho, without CBA" I shared all the details, draft but it was through: different color smokes for different sub types of support, should be used for different supplies or airdrops, cooldown for airstrikes, radioman requirement, unlocking enhanced support etc. just like in Day of Infamy or UE4 Insurgency in fact, it wasnt anything new. But something arma sorely missing it was. That time around I was away from screen mostly. It was end of summer. Sometimes I was gone for a week not even checking my emails. And I was telling him about a project when I was home for few days. Then I was off again. One of those days he messaged from steam and told me something like "If I wanted to send you money how can I do it, do you have paypal" or something like that. Out of nowhere. out of the blue. Back then I had a 10 year old HD5850 gpu, 1 gb vram. everyone knows how economy here is. and I was unemployed. My gpu was barely working and it was making an aircraft noise in room if I try to play anything. Even while playing youtube video, temps were going 70c degrees. And he knew it from day one. It was always the case, it was the reason I added him as co-dev even before he wrote a single line of code, since I was unable to play arma and test the mod properly. For testing, for an hour maybe before uploading mod then I could bare with the noise. The times I play, I basıcally had to wait for winter time to come so I could play a game without making a hole on the motherboard no joke. He knew it from day one, it was always the case. Now all of a sudden he was telling me "maybe I can send you 50 bucks so you can replace gpu". I told him I don't want to and I don't need his money. Then he told sarcastically "lol I got some old gpu somewhere, maybe I should send it, do you think it will make it there" (from states to Turkey) I told no and I don't want it. The attitude really disturbed me. Whole thing. I checked his steam page which is only source of information I got, looking up, to find something, did he struck lottery? anything. I was trying to understand "why this guy offered me money all of a sudden?". Then I saw he made scenario project I told him about, into a mod. It was a shocking moment because everything I wrote to him on steam chat, I was seeing it on screen now mod features like "created to utilize what arma has". I looked to author it says "simplex team" which is something I see for first time. I told him "who is this simplex team, i don't know,You could at least mention me perhaps. this is the project I told you about, it is meant to be a scenario not a mod. Is this why you offering me money? To leave me out?" You know what happens after that. Flipping, flopping, trying to turn things around like only a true bag of shit does, trying to flip it like I did something wrong. That's when I decided to delete Unit Voiceovers. Right after that moment. I Simply decided to didn't wanna deal more BS from this individual anymore man. To break whatever remains and most importantly, it was what he intended from first second: to have my mod. And I gave it, gave it away, by deleting it. Like nuking a zombie infested town. I pushed that big button. As expected, like a rat he is, he was happy and excited and confused. I remember what he wrote in an email afterwards "you dissapoint me". What a fucking clown. What a fucking piece of work. Only thing he cared and expected me to answer in that email was one line "what if somebody else uploads it", like a rat he is, only motivation is fear. I simply wrote back "you be that, you do it". The joys of modding, creating and sharing something with people passionately in A3, it all died in me at that time back then It was a tough decision losing something that I spend so many hours to create and love but I gained much muuuuuuuch more than I lost. I kept digging into c++ and unreal engine, which is like an ocean, I had no idea how vast it was, I simply got lost in it. It felt good. Was what I needed. Fresh knowledge. If someone you met, makes you feel "something is off here", if u get that vibe from somebody, simply get away. Trust yourself. Cut comms. GTF away. Quickly as you can. My younger brothers and sisters. It might look a bit weird, like turning back and if you do, almost like, someone will call you a "coward". but in time you will understand that you actually gained with your decision. Some people don't know any about giving. They act like they do, they don't, like a do-good'er priest acting all caring and good in public but pedophile predator behind doors. Like a backyard baby pool that salesman telling u it is an an ocean. all this should be taken serious as you would a clown. These kind of people know only one thing: taking. Fueled by childish and underdeveloped, shallow emotions, like envy, fear, etc. If you have a business with this kind of individual, leave it. Just get out. You don't want to have any ties with this kind of individual. Life is too short for it. If this person is family? Change city. They make you feel like a hostage. These people take you for prisoner. You will realize how much you gained in no time: which is freedom that you forgot about. If you have business with that person, don2t matter how much money that business is making. Doesn't matter how much effort and time you put into that project. Whatever.. It was YOU who made it, you can do it again. Only better. Better off without blood sucking leech. That's the message, that's why I want to share this story with you. I know many good people are hanging around this forum, good people, who pours their minds out for anyone looking for answers. You helped me to learn it back then. Now I am trying to give back to you. My brothers and sisters, watchout yourselves. These people, they will simply dim all passion, creativity in you, slowly, like a leech sucking of your blood, they will suck the life force out of you make you feel terrible and then say "you disappoint me". A real friend tell you "lets talk buddy, whats going on" and also real friend will not steal something that belongs to you; be it a girl, business, open-source project, idea, item, etc. then offer you money afterwards. I know good people who helped me which names I can't remember now I know you are here. Why did I write all this now? in 2021: I wasn't boozing for almost a year long, only time I break it was new years I think, few sips, social thing. Then I decided to have some real deal few weeks ago, around my birthday. Body lost all resistence against it so I got really really drunk. Next morning, with hangover, I saw that I did some drunk posts to UVO1944 mod page. I really thought I didn't care about it anymore but seems I opposite and I do care.. So I decided to write this and put it up with sober head. idk. Just wanted to express myself and share my experience about modding, ethics, open-source, life etc.. This place, BIS forum seemed fitting, it is where it all started, where it all ends (A3 modding journey). Thanks for reading and for your time. BIS forum gave me wings, all you people, with big hearts. It is a failed attempt from to give back what I owe. Again, my young sisters and brothers, please take my advice, watchout when you have that feeling with person or a place, "something is off here". Feeling Im trying to tell happens when some predator or poisonous snake in the bush watches you while you walking in the woods, when you unaware. If you pick off that kind of feeling with someone, yeah something is WAY OFF and YOU are right, you should trust yourself better and get away quickly as you can. PS I have a brand new gpu now and a 2k 144hz screen PS2 good news my dudes and dudettes, good news
  10. apart from the in-game stuff, I have a question for c++ programmers. last week I was doing some tests on tbb memory allocator, compiling with different options, testing etc. while reading various docs on net about tbb and memory, I came across parallel STL: https://github.com/intel/parallelstl/releases/tag/20190321 via this article https://www.bfilipek.com/2018/11/pstl.html is there a way to implement this on game's main loop without changing much of the source code so it can benefit from these techniques and get boost from it?