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  1. I can not recreate your issue with the Bombs with only Dynasound 2. that issue may come from a different mod that you are loading.
  2. L_ExShake is not supported because it got merged into Immerse
  3. the Echos and reverbs in vanilla are just Sound tails. ES calculates the real reflection points and plays there sounds. Basically Vanilla is static or "faked" and ES is Dynamic and more realistic calculated
  4. @zafjr No Dynasound Does not send any data it self over the network. Dynasound is totally Client side.
  5. I think I fixed it I only have the problem I can not reproduce it my self. when you would have a repro description. i can look deeper in to it
  6. DS and ES are total Client Side mods. what means the server only needs the serverKey for CBA and DS/ES and it should work fine
  7. jokoho482

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    after a little bit of testing, I noticed that the Sonic Boom is a little bit buggy. 1. you hear your own Sonic Boom in the Vehicle. what should not be possible? 2. and in 3rd Person camera is the sound sometimes a bit buggy when you move the camera around the plane. and sometimes you don't have any sound at all, here is a video where I show both issues here is a video where I show both issues
  8. jokoho482

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    i just noticed that the current version dont uses the new vaules for soundSets what makes the sounds work very wierd. this new config entrys for soundSets are occlusionFactor and obstructionFactor. default values are 0.5 and 0.3. that should fix the issues that the sounds are very hard faded when you have something between the shooter and you
  9. 1. that is a issue from Dynasound as far i would say and 2. that looks like a BI fault.
  10. @rekkless not the l_es.pbo is the old file. some updates ago we change the hole files name structure there are no 3 files. 1. ES_main 2. ES_sys 3. ES_sounds
  11. @snowingjimbob the issue should be fixed in the next update. i fix it in the dev version today
  12. i just fix this issue in our dev branch for all our mods. so in the next update this should be fixed
  13. for ES you dont need any userconfig. that was removed some updates ago. the reason why we removed it was that previously ES was very performance hungry but since the last updates i totaly rewrote ES and it now runs way smoother. so no need for a userconfig for ES