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  1. megagoth1702

    NightOps - Modding Project

    Amazing stuff. 🙂 FER's mission framework got me buzzing in A3 times, this will be great for Reforger Mission makers. Thanks for this!
  2. megagoth1702


    What can we do against players who are in the game since the beginning and are shooting down AI jets that are trying to land? Just quit a round where one player kept stupid dominance over air and all vehicles simply because he was camping our airfield and the jets dont spawn on the airfield. Either I don't know the counter-mechanism or the jets need to be allowDamage false; until the player enters them. But then again the campers will just camp the spawn and shoot down the planes before they can take off. What about a battlefield-type spawn, where you spawn IN the airplane as it's arriving? Could be an extra option on the request GUI.
  3. megagoth1702


    Hm, really enjoying the mode, its awesome! Tweaking is obviously needed. official BI server: I got people to vote me admin, so I can set up parameters (revive!!), but for some reason difficulty was set to "forced". Which was 1st person but with recruit visual aid. No way to change that. So dunno whats going on there. Great game mode! Also - in SP zone voting does not work, I set up a mission but the voting bar would not move at all. Is this known or does it need a ticket?
  4. megagoth1702


    Great mission! Really, really cool! :) I would love to see a "vehicle lock" function. After spawning it, I need to be able to unlock my vehicle from my action menu (without being close to the vehicle) before getting in/ordering AI to get in. Simply for "other players fuck it up for me" purposes.
  5. megagoth1702

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    I'll try to get the macros available to the public. The configs look like a mess and it's confusing as Fk without knowing the macro. Though honestly, I had a look at the macro a few months ago and didn't understand crap either. I'll try to get them, document & release them.
  6. megagoth1702

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    What the... ? I am totally confused. Please share the addon.
  7. megagoth1702

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    Show us your config. Is your file a 44.1/16bit file? The numbers are sample numbers. That's 100% correct.
  8. megagoth1702

    Tac-Ops Mission Pack DLC Feedback

    Just googled for "arma 3 tac ops feedback" and came here. Amazing DLC package, really shows off arma's unique skills and motivates to make own missions. :) Well done BI, amazing.
  9. megagoth1702

    Community Wiki Upgrade

    Thanks for the update! Looking lean now! :) FR: +1 for any kind of WYSIWYG editor... :-/
  10. No, I want positive numbers to mean RIGHT and UP.
  11. Wrote a wiki page on this. Thanks Laxe for the -90 means UP tip. Seems like a bug honestly. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Sound:_SoundShapes
  12. megagoth1702

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    Can not 100% confirm, but it's being talked about and seen as very important. If it will be possible for A3 will depend on free programmer ressources, which as we know, are very scarce. We all will have to wait and see.
  13. megagoth1702

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    Time for a little update. 1. SoundShaders & SoundSets for vehicles We can now use soundShaders & soundSets for vehicles. This is awesome, mostly because every soundSet can have it's own attenuation & filter settings. First you configure soundShaders, frequency & volume parameters are capable of handling simple expressions and soundControllers. Then you configure soundSets, important note here: realtime simple expression updates only work for soundShaders, if the soundShader is the ONLY ONE in the soundSet. This is an engine limitation we have to live with. Having more than one soundShader in soundSet will break it. Keep in mind that one soundSet = one voice and there is a limited number of voices that can be played at the same time. So if you have too many soundSets for your vehicle, you run into the chance of audio missing/skipping when too many assets are in the scene. 2. Interior/Exterior vehicle sound soundSets It was possible to do this for vehicle sounds (engines etc. not weapons) by using camPos soundcontroller as a check whether cam is inside or outside. Now, to save performance, we have different soundSets for int/ext. Depending on camera position, only one set of soundSets is evaluated. SoundShaders & sets are configured as usual, but in the vehicle sound configuration we do something a bit differently. Check this image for an example. 3. playTrigger A new parameter for soundSets. Once value goes over 0, soundSet will be triggered. Example: playTrigger = thrust - 0.1. As soon as the player presses any movement button, thrust is applied. Because the expression starts at -0.1, it will go over 0 as soon as the button is pressed. This allows for quick accelleration sounds, "fake" high RPM Engine Bursts at the beginning of movement. Check the KUMA MBT on devBranch for an example. 4. machCone New soundController for jets. Will be 1 if camera is within machCone of a jet. Will be 0 if camera is OUTSIDE of machCone. Use this on all soundShaders of jets so that sound is silent when listener is in front of the machCone. Supersonic jets are silent from the front, because of this soundController. 5. cfgSoundShapes Check wiki, we can now properly assign directionality to soundSets, which is very good for vehicles.
  14. megagoth1702

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Oh, it's simple. I get to ask specific people specific questions and explain them to you guys here in this forum. Going to be more of it incoming soon, since I now will have more time for this. :) Will forward this.