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  1. You crazy son of a... 😄 Amazing work, mate!
  2. @0Y0 the animations look great, dude! Do you record them with a DIY mocap setup or is everything animated by hand?
  3. We tried out the rewrite today and I really like it. It sure takes a while to set up, but it'll be worth it for sure. I guess the frustration of some guys mainly comes from the fact that it can be a bit tricky to tweak the functionality in a way that resembles more "arcade-ish" setups of the old system. Like, you gotta think a bit around the corner in order to get a classical "revive" system back. For those who want an aracde-ish revive system that's almost 1:1 like the old medic system: ace_medical_statemachine_fatalInjuriesPlayer = 2; (Players can never be killed off completely, they remain in cardiac arrest (revive state)) ace_medical_statemachine_cardiacArrestTime = 600; (Cardiac arrest time in seconds, basically becomes your former revive timer) ace_medical_spontaneousWakeUpEpinephrineBoost = 30; (Pretty much makes sure that using epi will bring someone with stable vitals up) The only thing we noticed is that there is no way of disabling an instant death due to bleeding out, not even with ace_medical_statemachine_fatalInjuriesPlayer set to 2. In order to work around this, one could slow down the bleeding coefficient for now.
  4. Oh, thanks for the reply, dude! Appreciate it.
  5. Bonjour everybody, pardon of this has been answered somewhere, but I've been digging and googling tor the last half of an hour and couldn't find anything. A buddy of mine linked me to this video, in which the guy's radio transmission is played back by loudspeaker objects within a city. How would you go about doing that? Thanks!
  6. laxemann

    Faces of War [WW2]

    I really like it, got a nice "fingerprint" - doesn't sound like any other shooter while still being authentic!
  7. laxemann

    Virolahti - Valtatie 7

    Dude - this is one of the best A3 terrains I've seen, on many levels. Anyone reading this, grab it! Great work, loved VT5 already. 🙂
  8. This is getting better and better, awesome, guys!
  9. laxemann

    Arma Zeus Cache

    Hey mate, this is amazing! I honestly have no clue how it works, so pardon the naive question: Any chance to see a version that works with BattlEye enabled?
  10. laxemann

    ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~

    Hey dude, you are using an old and depreciated way of configuring sounds. A3 uses a new audio system for quite a while now and it will always override the "old" one. You can find information and examples of the new system here. Be warned, it's not as straightforward as the old way, but a lot more powerful. That being said, megagoth wrote everything in the first post. 😉
  11. laxemann


    Oooohhh following this! 😄
  12. laxemann

    Brush Clearing

    This week's winner in "Simple and super effective". Love it, dude. Edit: Any chance of giving us an official version on the WorkShop?
  13. You know, I'm really looking forward to the next decent urban map for ArmA, but you deserve all props you can get for the attitude alone. Love it. All the best for the project, dude!
  14. Hey dude, happy you're happy, haha! What you want can be achieved with the "script hook" I implemented. In the "config.sqf" (in the L_ambiCivs folder), there is a line called L_ambiCivs_customInitFunction = ""; If you change the "" to the name of your function, e.g. L_ambiCivs_customInitFunction = MyLittleFunction; the function will be called on every spawned civilian, with the arguments [Spawned Civilian, Assigned House]. . . . . . . No clue how much you're into scripting in ArmA, so here's a quick and dirty setUp that should work. In your init.sqf, put the following: S6_fnc_testFunction = { params ["_civ"]; _civ adduniform selectRandom ["UK3CB_TKC_C_U_01","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_01_B","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_01_C","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_01_D","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_01_E","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_02", "UK3CB_TKC_C_U_02_B","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_02_C","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_02_D","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_02_E","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_03","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_03_B","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_03_C","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_03_D","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_03_E","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_06","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_06_B","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_06_C","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_06_D","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_06_E"]; _civ addheadgear selectRandom ["UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_01_1","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_01_1","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_01_2","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_01_3", "UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_01_4","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_01_5","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_02_1","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_02_2","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_02_3", "UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_02_4","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_02_5","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_03_1","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_03_2","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_03_3", "UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_03_4","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_03_5","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_04_1","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_04_2","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_04_3", "UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_04_4","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_04_5","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_05_1","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_05_2","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_05_3", "UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_05_4","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_05_5","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_06_1","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_06_2","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_06_3", "UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_06_4","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_06_5"]; _civ setFace selectRandom ["PersianHead_A3_01", "PersianHead_A3_02", "PersianHead_A3_03"]; _civ setSpeaker selectRandom ["Male01PER", "Male02PER", "Male03PER"]; removeGoggles _civ; }; Then, in the config.sqf of ambiCivs, change the custom initFunction to the function we just defined, like this: L_ambiCivs_customInitFunction = S6_fnc_testFunction;
  15. Correct and they absolutely can! 🙂 Make sure to get the latest version from gitHub. 🙂