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  1. kaelies

    Belravninan Army (BVS)

    Version 1.2 of the addon is now out, featuring the Belravninans acquiring more optics and experimenting with rangefinders and integrated compasses. The monoculars might look a bit odd given that your character holds them like a binocular, but they ought to increase combat effectiveness over the naked eye. I also happened to add a few randomized loadouts to the YZDS addon to facilitate use in missions, and brought some helmets to recreate the South Zagorian army feeling :) Thanks! I updated the links on the first post. You're pretty much spot-on with that perception, and I hope I can meet your expectations with the vehicles. There's probably still going to be Soviet/Russian influence, but many of the ground vehicles won't be recognizable. Alas the artistic issues I am aware of, and I will see what improvements I can make in future versions. Glad to hear the camos are good, I've gone through a lot of iterations before settling on this one.
  2. kaelies

    Belravninan Army (BVS)

    Thank you! I have added the armaholic link to the main post. --- Version 1.1 is now out! In addition to the aforementioned BSO units with their rifle variants, I have included some "Opfor" training units on Blufor side, for the BVS units to train against. I've also made quite a few tweaks to the rest of the addon. The full changelog is in the following spoiler: Unfortunately, I found that I had some inconsistencies with the classnames and designations in the original addon, with some items using a name such as "Kae_BVS_hat" and others using "Kae_1BSH_2", or sniper rifles being given the same designation as assault rifles. As far as I am aware, these should have all been fixed now (SV-2 -> VS-1, SV-3 -> LP-1), but this has meant that there may be some issues with backwards compatibility. Version 1.0 should be available in the first post. --- I've added a small add-on to the original mod, the YZDS (South Zagorian Secession Movement); this is a small uniform and gear collection for Chernarussian-themed/BVS-supported insurgents. The idea is to add a fictional insurgent force without the background of extreme human-rights offenses that others suffer from (ChDKZ), as Belravnina uses its influence to keep the YZDS in line with its own morals and ideals. Visually, they are very close to the Arma 2 ChDKZ units and might be confused for such; however, they represent my own interpretation on the concept. The units are compatible with the armor vests from the BVS as well, so they could be used to represent my old South Zagorian units as well. Given that it depends entirely on the BVS addon and is so small, it seems to make the most sense to leave the download link here as well.
  3. kaelies

    Belravninan Army (BVS)

    Excellent, thank you! I added the download URL to the main post. --- It might be some time until I can make more screenshots of the main BVS guys, but the steam workshop page has a few more that I haven't put on here. In the meanwhile, here's a pair of screenshots I had fun making of the BSO troops I'm currently working on; this is still WIP, so there's a few errors (grip, magazine). I'm sure any resemblance to a certain group of insurgents is purely coincidental. :rolleyes: In any case it is purely cosmetic.
  4. Introduction This mod adds the Belravninan Army (or Armed Forces) [bVS] and Belravninan Defense Forces [bSO] to your game, along with their equipment. In short, the Belravninans are an isolationist splinter nation from the northern flatlands of Chernarus, whose buildup was secretly planned years in advance. This has resulted in them largely having conventional military capabilities, though the doctrine has been developed independently from other armies. You can expect a fictional faction using domestically-produced, fictional weapons and equipment. Naming of this gear is in accordance with the Belravninan version of the GRAU index, with the 1B and 2B prefix denoting domestically-produced equipment. The faction is intended to be on the level of other conventional militaries that produce their own equipment. Doctrine is focused on mechanized infantry with little air support, so most aircraft currently in possession of the BVS has been traded away or hidden in storage. Furthermore, Belravnina does not posses a navy of any sort. Unlike my previous South Zagoria units, Belravnina is a well-planned secessionist movement with heavy involvement from the local government and local CDF bases, and the country claims compliance with international laws as far as military behaviour goes. The current release only contains infantry and their equipment, as well as a bicycle. A "Belravninan" language protocol, based on Arma 2 Russian, is included, along with a few Arma 2 faces (female). The YZDS (South Zagorian Secession Movement) mini-addon adds some Belravninan-backed insurgents, which operate in the South Zagoria region. They can act as a much more moderate group than the ChDKZ since their allies keep them up to good morals, and the two groups help to keep the CDF busy from each other. Downloads (Current Version: 1.2) Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31489 ArmA3.de: http://arma3.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=4623 Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=746692950 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByqnO-lDHGncN0FEQlFnamVPMzg ----- YZDS Add-on (Version 1.1) Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31575 Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=759010906 Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByqnO-lDHGnccUdaREFGR0R2akE Background In 2009, the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, or ChDKZ, attempted a military coup against the Chernarussian government in the South Zagorian region. While the final status of the region is currently debated, the event has polarized much of the rest of Chernarus along global political lines. The increasing globalization of mainland Chernarus has led to alienation from the secluded northern flatlands, who wish to retain full sovereignty and worry about potential exploitation of their resources. Since this time, the Belravninan isolation party has been formed to democratically serve the wishes of its people; its members have taken most local offices in north Chernarus, but have not seen their ideas implemented in the national policy. Locally, the party has made many changes to the infrastructure. Many schools of various levels have been built, and the government has attempted to use its funds to allow everyone in Belravnina to attain college-level education. Research facilities have been built to keep the country from falling behind. The economy has been improved with new tools giving farmers the free time to plan out their lands, improved mining technologies to increase yields, and new factories to attain self-sufficiency. Unknown to most outside Belravnina, the party has maintained a secret contingency plan for secession since its origin. Schools in the Belravninan region have made military training part of their program, the new research facilities have made unreported advances in military technology, and the factories have made secret arms hidden away in well-hidden basements and caves. Care has been taken to find out which CDF commanders would support the movement, and removing those who would not. Just recently, Belravnina has declared independence at the same time as equipping its populace, and the loyal armies, with new equipment. The CDF are unlikely to allow part of the nation to split away, but the BVS is ready for war. Belravnina Belravnina comes from the northern border region of Chernarus; natural resources include food, timber, and common metals. International trade is carefully limited by the government to ensure a positive net flow of money, and Belravnina has its eyes set on the bordering region of Takistan for access to oil without requiring trade. The international outlook is very distrustful, and while Belravninans might often agree with their northern neighbours, they avoid official alliances with anyone. The new government controls most of the industry, but avoids taxing its populace. Finally, education is stressed with the average Belravninan civilian being expected to learn faster and stay in school longer than under Chernarussian rule; many adult schools have been opened to ensure everyone is up-to-date with the most current knowledge, and research facilities are quickly becoming the main source of income for the new nation. Other global income sources for Belrvaninan include food exports and the use of its army as a sort of mercenary force; however, Belravnina does not allow exports of its weapons. Description The military forces of Belravnina are split into the army (BVS) and defense forces (BSO); members of both are career soldiers and share training and equipment. The BSO is largely concerned with defense of civilian areas from both external and internal forces, and therefore also acts as a local SWAT force in conjunction with local police (but does not replace the police). The green-and-blue uniform is therefore intended to fit in better with urban clothing while retaining a unique appearance. Currently, the BSO is not entirely fleshed out and thus, while the uniforms are available, units have not been fully defined. The BVS generally handles national defense, as well as offensive operations; in peacetime, units may be sent out as mercenaries to foreign conflicts to keep them in shape. The typical BVS platoon consists of two regular infantry squads, a skirmish squad, a support squad, and a recon squad. The regular infantry squad is intended for medium-range engagements and general-purpose usage, and is reasonably mobile with good firepower. The skirmish squad is an extremely mobile unit meant to harass the enemy and handle CQB situations. The support squad is a less mobile unit which would set up behind the front line and provide heavy fire support. Finally, the recon squad typically spreads out and allows the rest of the platoon to know what is going on ahead of time. The Shturm elite forces are highly trained shock troops who focus on attacking new positions, and focus on highly mobile tactics combined with high firepower and range to eliminate opposition before they can react. They allow themselves to stand out through the use of uncamouflaged beige vests and black masks. Released Equipment The "1B" prefix is removed for brevity. "1B" prefixed equipment typically corresponds to BVS supplies, while the "2B" prefix typically corresponds to BSO supplies. Infantry Weapons: Infantry Equipment: Infantry Ammunition: All BVS ammunition is classified as "tracer" rounds; however, the tracer mix does not ignite until impact, where it causes a brief but bright flash. Infantry Camouflages: Vehicles: Planned Equipment Infantry Weapons: Vehicles: Known Bugs Changelog BVS: YZDS: Future Plans Credits
  5. Hi Janus, I'm very sorry, but it would be very difficult for me to do such a split; I would need to make a new .pbo solely for switching out the default weapons out for my own, in a second folder on my end, where it would be necessary for me to mirror any changes in classes, any additions in the future, across all the relevant files, which is especially difficult considering I'm already trying to restructure how things work. If you really need to have just the units, you have my permission to edit my config to use default arma 3 weapons, and to remove the dependency in the cfgpatches, but I would need you to do that yourself. Also, I'd be interested in knowing why another weapons addon might be preferable to the ones I use here, just because it might be the sort of info I could use to make my own weapons better in the future! Please, let me know of any suggestions you might have towards that end.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm very sorry about my long break from the mod, or from making any posts about it; I've been focusing more on my clan and other games recently, so I haven't had as much time or will to work on things. I have made some additions to the mod which I think are rather nice, but they aren't really in a stable enough state for me to make a public release of them quite yet; I'm working on bugfixes for them, but it's not a very fast process. I should also note that there is a strong focus on the infantry and infantry weapons, so there won't be much, if anything, new in terms of aircraft or vehicles for the next update. I can't say for sure when the next update will happen; while I want to say within the month, there is too much that could happen for me to be sure; there's some restructuring of the mod which could slow things down, and I'm probably not going to be working on it as much as I used to. ----- In terms of VAS, the only options I'm aware of are to use a classname-based whitelist over all weapons, or to use a blacklist to remove all extra weapon clutter. There's a classlist on the first post of this thread, but I think it may be a bit outdated; you can use the ingame config viewer to look up classnames for anything that might be missing. Thanks for the bug reports, it will help. In terms of the sound errors on AA or vehicle weapons, I might be able to fix it in the next update; In terms of locking, I guess something changed, but it should be fixed in the next release. I noticed in testing that the AA rocket doesn't seem as effective as it used to, so I'll have to look into it, but perhaps when I start working on Air units. I've been unable to ever find out what causes the FN SCAR crash, it doesn't happen on my end. All I can hope for is that some other fix makes that bug go away too. While I haven't had the FFAR issue for the hinds, they do indeed have issues with lights and such. Unfortunately, I don't plan to work on them for this next update, but I'll try to fix it in the future. The same is going to have to go for the UAZ. Finally, I think there is a workaround to the gunner view issue, as it seems to happen when you spawn in the hind; getting out and in again, or not starting within it, seems to prevent it from happening, at least in my experience. The -24vp version is something I made from the A2 sample models, so unfortunately there isn't one for ArmA 2 itself. If you're still interested, that would be fine. Feel free to use the UN textures I have in the addon already for a starting point. I must have messed something up with the sound hotfix I made a while ago, if you are experiencing this after using it. I think everything should be in a better state with the next update, though. ----- One thing I should finally mention, about a week or two ago I mentioned to a friend that I would be updating by the end of this week, but it seems that I can't finish by that time; I didn't end up working as much as I thought I would on bugfixes, and I've also had some issues with the tools which have led me into a roadblock. On that note though, I should confirm that I had planned a big surprise for this update, and that that surprise is the addition of arma-2 style civilians into the addon, complete with some female civilians too. They're all based off the standard soldier and are all capable of doing anything a soldier could do, including shoot a gun, drive a tank, or even operate advanced technology. Furthermore, the female heads are selectable by the player or can be set via scripting commands, so female soldiers are possible too.
  7. Hello, While there are a few things which still do not have sounds (AA launchers, missiles on helicopters and vehicles), this hotfix should fix up the majority of sounds for the new bootcamp update: Download via Google Drive Download via Mediafire Thanks to LAxemann for sending me the fixed configs :D It also includes a new optional config to equip soldiers with medical supplies for CSM, though that is somewhat WIP. Installation for the sound fix: No JSRS: Copy "kae_sz_air_snds_new.pbo", "kae_sz_weapons_snds.pbo", and associated .bisigns into the "addons" folder of your @kae_SZ installation. JSRS: Copy "kae_sz_air_snds_new_JSRS.pbo", "kae_sz_weapons_snds_JSRS.pbo", and associated .bisigns into the "addons" folder of your @kae_SZ installation. --- In regards to an actual update, I still have some half-finished things and I haven't been working much on it recently, unfortunately. It'll probably be a while longer before I can do an update.
  8. Alright, I found out how to make it work, thanks. I even made it possible to reload while moving now, doesn't make sense to me to prohibit moving the legs while reloading. As far as I'm aware it isn't possible to change the hand animation based upon the position, though there are some things I'd love to do if it is indeed possible. For now though, sorry, it's not something I can do. @der_eismann: Thanks for the detailed report, that helped me get through the issues I had implementing that properly. It should be fixed for the next update. In the meantime, it may be possible to fix the issue by playing around with the load order for my addon and BWMod, until I can get an update out.
  9. I gave it a try and it doesn't seem to work for me, could that animation be added by another addon (AiA as my guess)? Would have been awesome if it did work though, but I'm not aware of any launcher reload anims in the game aside from the current one.
  10. Hello! I found a fix to the issues with the whitenoise, here's a quick hotfix download. Just grab the "Kae_SZ_weapon_snds" and put it into the mod folder, or grab the _jsrs version instead if you are using jsrs! Also happened to fix a rather silly mistake which would make any AI firing a gun sound like it was firing an AK-74, so now you can actually tell what they're shooting by sound. http://www.mediafire.com/download/3izbseee10twrpd/sound_variants.7z @ColonelHartigan Thanks! Unfortunately, I couldn't replicate any issue with either the IR laser or flashlight, tested as both a NATO and CDF rifleman, with two Russian and two SZ units standing nearby. I also wasn't able to test the issue of holstering a pistol, as I don't know of any that exists in just vanilla arma.
  11. Awesome! Say, I've narrowed down the weird noise bug to happening after firing something using the AK-74 sound, or the SCAR in particular. Any chance you might know what's going on? @Tinter: No problem, and that shouldn't be a problem to fix --- By the way, I was messing around with LEA and made a quick little set for this addon, it isn't finished and is still very buggy, but it'll do until I actually work on it: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4siu3a6f86d85cg/SouthZagorianArmy_0.4.1_1.lea.addon To install it you'd open up the "add new addons" thing and then import this file.
  12. Hey, Sorry for the rather long, unannounced hiatus. I've been getting distracted with RL and other things lately so I haven't worked on the mod much, hopefully after vacation starts in about a week I should be getting back to this. Thanks for the reminder about the RPG-7 sight, I ended up forgetting about it; I'll try to work on something. Do you mean that you just want it to look better, or should I have it sized down to about the size that the sight would normally look? About flashlights, I'll do something about it, don't think I can get the vanilla one working well, but I will try to make one that attaches to the barrel or something; maybe I'll be able to make some variants as well, would be nice to have some of the more modern LED flashlights available as a choice too. About LEA, sounds like a great idea! I'll add that to my to-do list. Finally, in regards to the white noise, I've been getting that too since the last A3 update, good to know I'm not going crazy! I'll be sure to fix that asap.
  13. Hey, I do not have any plans to change this in the near future, and probably not unless there was a system to have the uniform, vest, vest supplies, and backpack all as separate items instead of just one "vest" slot. The other really big issue is that the BIS models usually have the vest and uniform merged together, so it is either difficult or impossible to remove the vest without having to do some major reconstruction on the underneath model, and it just isn't worth it to me, at least for the foreseeable future. I dunno, personally I much prefer the sounds we have right now. Though, from what I gather from looking at all the different sound mods, it seems to be a strong matter of taste, so to each their own I guess. Both of those should be possible. Not sure how well the gloves will end up looking together with the rolled-up sleeves, but I'll maybe post some screenshots later. Its true, most of the weapons have higher damage outputs than the vanilla ones. I try to have it set up at least somewhat realistically, but its sorta difficult with having both the actual damage done by a bullet and the amount it goes through body armour both set in the same value. In any case, I might make another optional config someday that sets damages more equal to those used by default A3. As a final note, you could try to use the weakest round of each caliber to try and get it closer to default A3 values: 7n6, m855, m43 (this one is generally weaker than A3), type L, or M80. ------ I won't be able to do an update this weekend, sorry :( Been too much other stuff to work on recently.
  14. Indeed! Though I usually update on weekends, in particular Sundays, I'm afraid there will be nothing this weekend. Maybe the next one :)
  15. Sounds like fun, though unfortunately I have to keep you waiting since NAPA is still a small ways off. If you ever choose to make your mission available to the public, let me know and maybe I can feature a link to it on the front post or something. I already have some modified Vodniks (mostly adding cargo to the BPPU one) I did back in ArmA 2 which I wanted to use as the basis for my ArmA 3 ones, so it would be easier for me to convert those than take already-converted ones and modify them again. Thanks for your offer though :) If scrim helmets are the helmets with grass on top and whatnot, then yes, I hope to make them part of the ghillie update, along with other partial-ghillies or stuffings of grass onto uniforms or guns. I might end up working on camos a bit more then as well, so there would be a lot of considerations to do.