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  1. How can you download the map using SteamCMD? I've tried changing the appid to the Apex one but that doesn't seem to work. It just complains about an invalid install path. It is a Windows server so I can just download the Steam client but I'd rather not. That also won't work for people running a Linux VPS who might be having the same issue.
  2. valax

    EndGame Source Code

    This seems to work perfectly for me. The mission works just how it's supposed to.
  3. Who are we? We are an international, ArmA: III Halo themed MILSIM unit based on the ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers). Our Mission Our main goal is to recreate an authentic feeling Halo-MILSIM environment. We put less emphasis on training and put more emphasis on operations as we want to immerse all our players in a milsim environment by providing functional missions and detailed lore. Furthermore, we use zero vanilla content from ArmA: III. Mainly we want our members to have fun not qualify for pointless trainings which last hours and fill out endless paperwork, we want our members to enjoy the experience of a Halo themed unit. Roleplay: Members of the unit may be asked to roleplay as civilians or enemies to give missions more flavour and substance. Members can also request to be a permanent part of the roleplay team. Why join us? Perhaps you're looking for a breath of fresh air, something different from the average Seal Team: 6 or US Army Rangers unit; Or perhaps you're tired of 20GB modpacks which lead to endless torment; Or maybe you're a huge Halo Fan. We also try to have our operations run for reasonable times. We also guarantee an action packed operation, you won't have to sit in one spot for a couple of hours questioning your existence. Whatever your reason we will promise you a unique experience. Trainings Our Trainings are designed to be short and to the point, enjoyable and teach useful things, we come from a background of many MILSIM units and we have sat through countless trainings which has little to no purpose. Our BQT (Basic Trooper Qualification) takes only 25-30 minutes to complete, the rest of our trainings are completely optional an conducted in a similar time frame. Unit Structure Our unit is broken down into 2 Companies: A Company (ACOY) the most versatile team as it carries many specialists allowing this team can be moulded to preform various tasks. A Squardron (ASQN) controls the sky they mercilessly hunt down the enemy using various methods of air support. While being able to deploy the other teams. Members are able to choose their desired team upon finishing the entrance exam. Unit Doctrine The 19th Shock Troops Battalion primarily is a light infantry force and uses doctrine similar to the United States 75th Ranger Regiment. We use numerous methods of insertion such: Pelican drop ships, HEVS (Drop Pods) and even at times we use M12 "Warthog" Light Reconnaissance Vehicle. At our core we are highly mobile and strike fast and hard. Apply today!
  4. It seems like an awesome concept. I don't really play vanilla Arma 3 multiplayer but maybe if this is good that will change. Arma 3 really needs some good gamemodes. Also is the official server down? It doesn't show up for me when I remote connect to it.
  5. valax

    Which faction do you prefer to play as

    AAF all the way! I absolutely love their camo and - as a Brit - their vehicles.
  6. This was really hard to choose imo. For me it was between damage modelling and optimizations but I choose the former as the game runs well enough in it's current state.
  7. So you make those awesome sounds for my mate Kaelies and now this! :D You sir, are a legend!
  8. The issue with this is that BI haven't released content from the DLC packs so modders are unable to use them.
  9. Due to it being badass, (And KaeliesPropaganda HQ wanting me to) I created a small 'cinematic' video showcasing my favorite part of this mod - the hinds. Enjoy! ---------- Post added at 18:25 ---------- Previous post was at 18:16 ---------- +1 this idea. Being able to change your loadout during the mission would be a fantastic edition.
  10. There are no new voices in the mod. The PRSZ have the Greek voice set. I'm not sure about the CDF or Takis though - but I assume Takis speak Farsi.
  11. Hey Kaelies! I'm glad that you finally got around to releasing this. The units add some much needed variation to the current sandbox content. Although I still look forward to any of the vehicles that are coming to the mod. Looking forward to playing as PRSZ with the clan!
  12. valax


    This is brilliant: My squad will be using this for sure. Thanks!
  13. valax

    Arma 3 Facetrack Noir

    I'm using a PS3 eye camera. So far it is working brilliantly and really adds to the immersion. Anyone who is flying should check it out!