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Found 24 results

  1. Gruppe Adler Script Modules This is a list of modules that we built for various missions. All of them multiplayer and JIP proof. All of them easy to implement into your mission. Download and insert them manually, or use npm. More information on each module as well as installation, configuration and dependencies can be found on github. Most require CBA and ACE. grad-loadout - class based, reliable loadout system grad-leaveNotes - write notes on paper, pass them to other players, place them on the ground, compare handwriting grad-makeFire - build fires (if trees are near), add more wood to make it bigger, add leaves to make it smoke grad-listbuymenu - class based buy menu, very versatile, categories, pictures, descriptions, buy-permissions grad-moneymenu - money framework, can be used in conjunction with listbuymenu or standalone, give money to players, take money from (dead/captured) players, store money in containers, bank accounts grad-scoreboard - a dynamic scoreboard, displays what you give it, (does not save statistics for you) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Loadout GRAD Loadout is a class based loadout system that applies loadouts on missionstart based on unit type. Works on AI as well as players. Organizing loadouts in classes makes it very manageable and easy to read. Most importantly though, it means you can use inheritance. A medic can inherit his loadout from a rifleman and add a backpack full of medical equipment. Check out these loadouts for US Army soldiers with OCP camo as an example. class USOCP { class AllUnits { uniform = "rhs_uniform_cu_ocp"; vest = "rhsusf_iotv_ocp_Rifleman"; headgear = "rhsusf_ach_helmet_ocp"; primaryWeapon = "rhs_weap_m4a1_blockII_bk"; }; class Type { //Rifleman class Soldier_F { addItemsToUniform[] = { "ACE_MapTools", "ACE_EarPlugs" }; addItemsToVest[] = { LIST_2("HandGrenade"), LIST_8("30Rnd_556x45_Stanag") }; }; //Asst. Autorifleman class soldier_AAR_F: Soldier_F { backpack = "rhsusf_assault_eagleaiii_ocp"; addItemsToBackpack[] = { LIST_2("rhs_200rnd_556x45_M_SAW"), "rhsusf_100Rnd_556x45_M200_soft_pouch" }; }; }; }; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Leave Notes GRAD Leave Notes allows players to write messages on a notepad. Notes can then be placed on the ground, passed to other players or stored in (virtual) inventory. Notes that you found on the ground can be inspected for their handwriting. Every handwriting is represented by a font as well as a modifier+adjective combo. For example, on inspection a note's handwriting might show up as "very elegant". Now if you find another note with "very elegant" handwriting, you know that it was likely written by the same person. Number of notes that a players can write, or if a player can write note at all can be configured in mission config and with script commands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Make Fire GRAD Make Fire allows players to build fires if there are trees nearby. More wood can be added once, making the fire bigger. Leaves can be added twice making the fire smoke. Fires will burn out after a certain time (configurable). An extinguished or burned out fire can be inspected, giving you information about the time since it went out (e.g. "The embers are still slightly glimming."). We are using this module in a TvT mission in which a downed pilot is to be rescued/captured by two opposing teams. The pilot can build these fires as a way to signal his position. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD List Buymenu GRAD List Buymenu is a fully configurable buy menu supporting inventory items, weapons, vehicles, units or even your own script code. All of these can be given prices, categories, item stocks, descriptions and preview pictures. Multiple sets of buyables can be configured, giving you the possibility to buy different items at different locations. Inventory items will be either placed directly into the buyer's inventory, into the trader's cargo space or on the ground. Vehicles will be spawned at a suitable location nearby. Optionally you can set permissions on items, allowing you to control who can buy what. Here it is in action in an early version of an upcoming mission. Note that I have yet to configure the description of some of these items in the mission. GRAD List Buymenu also has the ability to track what users buy. Even across multiple missions. Admins can then use a chat command to view the statistics: An example of a config for this menu can be found here. class Items { displayName = "Items"; kindOf = "Items"; class ACE_fieldDressing { displayName = "Bandages (x10)"; description = "10 simple bandages in sterile packaging."; amount = 10; price = 100; stock = 40; }; }; class Vehicles { permissionLevel = 3; displayName = "Vehicles"; kindOf = "Vehicles"; spawnEmpty = 1; class rhsusf_m998_w_s_4dr_fulltop { condition = "uo_missionParam_ISWOODLAND"; displayName = "Commandvehicle"; description = "Functions as a backup respawn and buymenu access position."; price = 10000; stock = 1; code = "[_this select 2] call uo_fnc_setCommandVehicle;"; }; }; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Money Menu GRAD Money Menu can be used supplementary to GRAD List Buymenu, or as a standalone money system. It allows you to give money to players, take money from captive, surrendered, or dead players and store money in containers. Storage containers can have an owner or be accessible by everyone. Deposit and withdraw money at an ATM and do bank transfers to other players. Check your account at an ATM and see your latest receipts. Lots of pictures in the readme on github. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Scoreboard GRAD Scoreboard will take an array of statistics and display them for your in a nice and tidy dialog. It supports any number of columns and rows and will automatically adjust its size as well as the width of each column accordingly. It will try to find the local players name and highlight it. Below the actual scoreboard, you can optionally display a second dialog for additional statistics. Here it is with some fake statistics. Note that the winrates are unrounded. Rounding has to be done before feeding the array.
  2. Hey guys. I have a thought about fine tuning the difficulty of the AI against my group of players as the mission maker and zeus. What I want to translate is the difficulty of AI in SOG Prairie Fire into a non-SOG Prairie Fire setting. I have noticed that different dlcs and mods has different difficulties with different AI. In my experience, Global Mobilization has insanely high accuracy, while SOG Prairie Fire the enemy has very low accuracy. No doubt the dlc or mod makers tune this, in Prairie Fire case, to play on the idea of being outnumbered 1 to 100 in a bullet hell where shots fly all over the place. Makes sense. Really cool. Been trying for some time to translate that sort of difficulty and settings in the AI to other mods and settings, but not been able to. I have tried to adjust both the normal game settings, and the AI mod (VCOM) that I use. I have tried the very lowest of values, but still they are a lot more accurate than the AI in SOG Prairie Fire. Basically, I want that bullet hell with shots flying all over the place in other content, but I am not able to replicate what the AI is doing in SOG Prairie Fire difficulty so far. Anyone can help here it would be very appreciated!
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2520244300 SOG Prarie Fire cDLC mission, SP focused and also playable in COOP up to 8 players. Properly set up so all tasks and scripted radio chatter works for all players in coop. Rescue downed pilots, search villages for evidence of hostile intent, fight off Viet Cong. Prairie fire's revive system enabled even for SP. Approximately 1 hour playtime. "You are a Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) unit squad leader stationed at FSB Quan Loi. Your unit's overall mission in the Area of Operations is to stand by for any downed aircraft, stranded vehicle or missing soldier who needs their fat pulled out of the fire. You go out on no other missions, however the missions you get are both sudden and urgent. Every call is an emergency for the poor souls you are coming to the rescue of. You are their Guardian Angels."
  4. ampersand38

    Blind Fire

    Point and shoot around corners and over walls! Keybinds in Options > Controls > Blind Fire Default: Blind FIre (Toggle): Alt + B Aim Left: Alt + Q Aim Right: Alt + E Works with rifle, launcher, and pistol. Ammo count, nght vision, IR lasers, and flashlights preserved. Action menu will make you stop Blind Firing. Steam Workshop
  5. sebsterbl


    Wildfire! This mod adds scripted fire spreading from foliage to foliage, and optionally buildings. Fires do damage, and are affected by wind direction, speed and rain. Fires can be started via module or script, and all fires can be extinguished in an emergency. The performance FPS wise is better than you'd expect, but less than perfect. FEATURES: - Spreadable wildfire - Compatible with any modded map - Eden/Zeus modules - Takes rain, wind direction and wind strength into account - Damages AI and players - ACE Medical Compatible (no compats needed) - CBA Settings for behaviour and performance - Optionally burn buildings - Emergency extinguish module - Multiplayer compatible - Serverside calculations Get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2645823531 Please submit any contributions, bug reports, stringtable translations, or feature requests to this projects Github: https://github.com/Seb105/Arma-Wildfire
  6. Is it possible to set diesel storage tanks on fire after they are destroyed? The solution is probably pretty simple but I can't find an answer.
  7. Here's a couple fire related functions, you_createFire, *Updated you_fnc_houseFire (demo), Burn buildings to the ground! Spawn one central fire with smoke and a number of FX fires (performance) in the building. The building takes damage over time. Once the building is destroyed the performance fires are deleted and later the main fire. Fire will spread based on the distance supplied to the function ("_dist"). Use the parameter "_damage" (default true) to make persistent fire that does not damage the building over time or spread to other buildings.* Use parameter "_time" to determine how long each building will burn (default: 10, demo: 1). 1 second is equal to 20 seconds total burn (each iteration is %10 damage) and the main fire burns for the same amount of time again (1x10x2). The default value is 10 or 200 seconds (100 to collapse and 100 more to extinguish). 1) create a helper object on/near the building(s) ** 2) paste the function in init.sqf (or wherever) 3) see call methods in demo init.sqf * keep track of effects in the supplied array ** editor placed buildings may be "_caller" Have fun!
  8. Hey, The missile I have modelled isn't showing effects when in flight (i.e. burning rear, smoke trail). At the moment I'm using the effect from the Titan: effectsMissile = "missile2"; The effect works fine when the model is that of the titan, but when changed to my new model it does not appear. Hence I'm guessing the effect is generated from a memory point, which I do not have in my model. Trouble is...what's the memory point called? I can't find it in any references. Cheers, Law
  9. CheyenneAH56

    SCmod v1.42

    SCmod aerial firefighting simulator VERSION 1.42 Updated June 2018 mod for ARMA3 Links STEAM WORKSHOP YOUTUBE USER DOCUMENT WHOLE ISLAND OPERATION (mission) ARMAHOLIC > PAYPAL SCmod
  10. hi all! i've a problem with fire....seems i cant stop it form working ! i've a script that uses " test_EmptyObjectForFireBig " effect and smoke too with "test_EmptyObjectForSmokeBig ", the problem is that i wish it to end after 1 minute (or a selectable time around 1 to 5 minutes). any idea how do this ? there is another fire/smoke that auto-ends after some time? thanks guys !
  11. I want to have a Civilian fire at a BluFor force. But i don't want all of the civilians to be against the BluFor only one Civilian (HVT who wants to fight his way out of trouble) i am using the Civilian present module the same way that SayUnkl does in this video: I have tried with : in INIT: SetSide East; HVT1 setBehaviour "COMBAT"; Does Anyone know a way to make it work.
  12. HI. Maybe someone can find this usable. This script allow players to create one fire place at time in proper world places. The action is shown only if you put character ass on the ground. If you have one created already somebody need to remove it before you would be able to create another one. /* file: fireplace.sqf by DaVidoSS adds ability to create fireplace parameters none return VOID usage: //initPlayerLocal.sqf [] execVM "fireplace.sqf"; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", { deleteVehicle ((_this select 1) getVariable ['mycampfire',objNull]); [] execVM "fireplace.sqf"; }]; */ if !(hasInterface) exitWith {}; player addAction [ "<t>Set Up Fireplace</t><img size='1' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\Obsolete\ui_action_fire_in_flame_ca'/>", { params [["_target",objNull,[objNull]],["_unit",objNull,[objNull]]]; (AGLToASL (_unit modelToWorldVisual [0,1.5,0])) params ["_vx","_vy","_vz"]; if !(isNull (objectParent _unit)) exitWith {hint "Really? While driving?"}; if (surfaceIsWater (position _unit)) exitWith {hint "Oh come on, you cant be that stupid!"}; if !(isTouchingGround _unit) exitWith {hint "Ok, but hit the ground first!"}; if !(count (lineIntersectsObjs [(AGLToASL (_unit modelToWorldVisual [0,1.5,0])), [_vx,_vy,(_vz + 20)]]) == 0) exitWith {hint "Open your eyes, you wanna burn something?"}; _unit playMove "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medicUp3"; sleep 7; private _campFire = createVehicle ["FirePlace_burning_F", (_unit modelToWorldVisual [0,1.5,0]), [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unit setVariable ["mycampfire",_campFire,false]; 0 = [_campFire, [ "<t>Remove Fireplace</t><img size='1' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\Obsolete\ui_action_fire_put_down_ca'/>", { params [["_target",objNull,[objNull]],["_unit",objNull,[objNull]]]; _unit playMove "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medicUp3"; sleep 7; deleteVehicle _target; },nil,0,true,true,"","true",3,false,"","" ] ] remoteExec ["addAction", [0,-2] select isDedicated,_campFire]; },nil,0,false,true,"", "isNull (_this getVariable ['mycampfire',objNull]) && {((animationState _this) in ['amovpsitmstpsnonwpstdnon_ground','amovpsitmstpslowwrfldnon','amovpsitmstpsnonwnondnon_ground'])}", -1, false, "", ""]; and version where you can restrict it according to some 2 items and its count, in player inventory. /* file: fireplace.sqf by DaVidoSS adds ability to create fireplace parameters: 0 ARRAY return VOID usage: //initPlayerLocal.sqf 0 = [[["zk_wood",2],["zk_matches",1]]] execVM "fireplace.sqf"; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", { deleteVehicle ((_this select 1) getVariable ['mycampfire',objNull]); 0 = [[["zk_wood",2],["zk_matches",1]]] execVM "fireplace.sqf"; }]; version where you can restrict it according to some 2 items and its count, in player inventory. */ if !(hasInterface) exitWith {}; private _checkparam = params [["_required_items",[],[[]],2]]; if !(_checkparam) exitWith {diag_log "**************** script fireplace.sqf exited - wrong params given**********************"}; player addAction [ "<t>Set Up Fireplace</t><img size='1' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\Obsolete\ui_action_fire_in_flame_ca'/>", { params [["_target",objNull,[objNull]],["_unit",objNull,[objNull]],["_actionID",-1,[0]],["_required_items",[],[[]],2]]; (AGLToASL (_unit modelToWorldVisual [0,1.5,0])) params ["_vx","_vy","_vz"]; if !(isNull (objectParent _unit)) exitWith {hint "Really? While driving?"}; if (surfaceIsWater (position _unit)) exitWith {hint "Oh come on, you cant be that stupid!"}; if !(isTouchingGround _unit) exitWith {hint "Ok, but hit the ground first!"}; if !(count (lineIntersectsObjs [(AGLToASL (_unit modelToWorldVisual [0,1.5,0])), [_vx,_vy,(_vz + 20)]]) == 0) exitWith {hint "Open your eyes, you wanna burn something?"}; private _fnc_itemsCheck = { private _return = false; private _checkparam = _required_items params [["_woods_array",[],[[]],2],["_matches_array",[],[[]],2]]; if !(_checkparam) exitWith { hint "Script fireplace.sqf exited - wrong params given"; _unit removeAction _actionID; (_return) }; _woods_array params [["_woods","",[""]],["_woods_cnt",1,[0]]]; _matches_array params [["_matches","",[""]],["_matches_cnt",1,[0]]]; private _item1_count = {_x == _woods} count items _unit; private _item2_count = {_x == _matches} count items _unit; if (_item1_count >= _woods_cnt && {_item2_count >= _matches_cnt}) then { for "_i" from 1 to _woods_cnt do { _unit removeItem _woods; }; for "_i" from 1 to _matches_cnt do { _unit removeItem _matches; }; _return = true; } else { hint format [ "You need %1 %2 and %3 %4 to make fire", _woods_cnt,(getText (configfile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _woods >> "displayName")), _matches_cnt,(getText (configfile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _matches >> "displayName")) ]; }; (_return) }; if ([] call _fnc_itemsCheck) then { _unit playMove "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medicUp3"; sleep 7; private _campFire = createVehicle ["FirePlace_burning_F", (_unit modelToWorldVisual [0,1.5,0]), [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unit setVariable ["mycampfire",_campFire,false]; 0 = [_campFire, [ "<t>Remove Fireplace</t><img size='1' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\Obsolete\ui_action_fire_put_down_ca'/>", { params [["_target",objNull,[objNull]],["_unit",objNull,[objNull]]]; _unit playMove "AinvPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_medicUp3"; sleep 7; deleteVehicle _target; },nil,0,true,true,"","true",3,false,"","" ] ] remoteExec ["addAction", [0,-2] select isDedicated,_campFire]; }; },_required_items,0,false,true,"", "isNull (_this getVariable ['mycampfire',objNull]) && {((animationState _this) in ['amovpsitmstpsnonwpstdnon_ground','amovpsitmstpslowwrfldnon','amovpsitmstpsnonwnondnon_ground'])}", -1, false, "", ""];
  13. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Field_Manual_-_Commanding The “Engage” menu is missing from the Field Manual. I’m desperate to know exactly how these commands work. I don’t want to guess or find out through trial and error anymore. Can someone at BI please finish documenting this game. It’s been five years now! I’ve been patient enough.
  14. Hey guys, I am working on a winter misssion and was thinking if there is a way to simulate lower temperatures inducing pain unless the player is near some objects such as working vehicles, fires, inside buildings etc. As far as I'm aware, Arma does not handle lower temperatures (i.e. changing temperatures at all, to something like below zero) which would help us in sniping scenarios, where temperature does matter, but that's besides the point. If it's possible to create something like small amount of pain (ACE3 Medical) induced to the player whenever he's not around a certain type of object or potentially a specific-size-marker for a long time, that would only go away when the player is near a fireplace or in a building, that would be splendid! If someone knows a way to do it, I will be very grateful. Thanks! Adam
  15. Download: MIL_SBF_Pack - Dropbox * Demo scenario included (as seen in the below video). Description: MIL_SBF is a set of functions that allows a user to set AI up to provide support by fire WHERE, WHEN and HOW they need it. MIL_SBF currently only comes in one version, Basic, and supports infantry and static weapons/turrets (including autonomous turrets). An advanced version will be added to the pack at some point, which will allow far greater control over most aspects of the SBF function. I'll also do up a sniper specific version. This is something I started working on around 2 1/2 years ago and developed it for a little while in tandem with a SBF function I was working on in VBS3. Along the way it's changed and improved and I've added things and removed some, and now I've gotten around to building a releasable version of it in a simplified form. My old build required editing a number of lines in the actual scripts and wasn't user friendly at all. It's probably also worth noting, I've also used my old build for sniper point target engagement with 100% hit rate once set up properly, and have also used it for other various times when the AI needed to fire at specific times and with specific results. And it wasn't until about a year ago that I first used it for an ambush, so there may be more that it's capable of achieving that I haven't yet considered. Features: - Allows the AI to provide suppressing fire where and when you want. - Predefined roles for rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers and marksman rifles. - Predefined roles for medium and heavy machine guns, and grenade machine guns. - Medium and heavy machine guns are automatically designated as such (although vanilla ArmA 3 only has .50cal HMG, so no MMG without mods). - Machine guns and grenade machine guns will fire in a staggered pattern with each other. - Predefined rates of fire for sustained and rapid, and also includes an ambush option. - Length of fire mission can be controlled by a timer, or by setting a user-defined variable. - Options for staggered group fire or individual fire, unlimited ammo, setCaptive and allowDamage. To use: - Download and read the readMe.txt in each folder. - Sorry, but the instructions are slightly different between soldiers and turrets, and are a bit involved. However, I have included plenty of instructions and examples for both. This way, the OP won't be so cluttered. Credits: - Various help along the way on the forums. Media: Demo video of the different rates of fire, different unit types, and combining them (4:17): Demo video of an AI section using the newly implemented staggered firing option (1:27): - My YouTube channel playlist of all the videos I've put up to show the progress over the couple of years it's taken - Playlist - MIL_SupportByFire. - Other videos of mine where SBF has been used (either as immersion or directly impacting the player): - 4 x fire teams on the left flank of the assault providing SBF. - 2 x M2 firing on the left flank against incoming enemy HMG SBF. - 1 x enemy HMG firing SBF (round strike can be heard, this is the HMG the M2s were engaging, they also re-engage a short time later). - Enemy flees an assault, runs into USMC squad ambush. - Also a little bit of the SBF stuff I did on VBS3, for anyone curious enough - Playlist - VBS3 SBF (vehicle SBF was a lot easier to achieve in VBS3, at least back then it was). Known bugs: - The GMG has on occasion not fired in the correct spot. I was unable to reproduce it with any consistency, but it had not happened during the last dozen or so tests so HOPEFULLY(!!??!?!?) it's gone. Otherwise, I'll employ a work-around I'm using on the grenade launcher attachments/UGLs/EGLM/whatever's under there at the time. - Actual weapon rates of fire are dependent on FPS (and the scheduler). This is something that I read early on in the SBF development that is hard coded into the game. So, don't over-do the amount of SBF being used at once. If anyone happens across any bugs, or has any suggestions, please let me know. This has only been tested by myself, though old builds have been successfully used in private Coops with mates. Thank you. Change log:
  16. CheyenneAH56

    SCmod v1.41

    SCmod v1.41 aerial firefighting simulator > Trailer > Gameplay Now on STEAM Workshop
  17. It's pretty simple; i need the script to pause until all units from the group have mounted the vehicle. But for whatever reason the wait until command is firing too early; a good 5 seconds or more before units have boarded. Any able to tell me why or how to improve upon it? I should be able to work around it by just sleeping a certain amount of time, but it's frustrating. waitUntil { {((vehicle _x) == iran_mrap1)} forEach (units group_varza1); }; sleep 10; hint "MARK";
  18. CheyenneAH56

    SCmod v1.40

    SCmod v1.40 aerial firefighting simulation Put yourself in the shoes of a water bomber pilot. Read PDF user document for information. download / armaholic subscription / steam workshop PDF user document gameplay eden editor tutorial #1 eden editor tutorial #2 - Enjoy !
  19. Looking for some advice on what functions to use. Currently I have attached a "FIRED" event handler to each member of a recon team. Once the trigger fires, it assesses what the unit is shooting at, and if the target belongs to the WEST side, it has 'positively identified' NATO in the area. //player sideChat (format ["%1",_this]); _unit = (_this select 0); _group = group _unit; _leader = leader _group; _target = assignedTarget _unit; player sideChat (format ["Target: %1",_target]); //player sideChat (format ["Side: %1",(side _target)]); //player sideChat (format ["Qrf1: %1",qrf1Sent]); //player sideChat (format ["Qrf2: %1",qrf2Sent]); if ((side _target) == WEST) then { if (reconOnSite) then { if (!qrf1Sent) then {_aaq = execVM "law\dispatchQrf1.sqf";}; if (!qrf2Sent) then {_aar = execVM "law\dispatchQrf2.sqf";}; }; } else { if ((reconOnSite) && (!qrf1Sent)) then {_aad = execVM "law\dispatchQrf1.sqf";}; }; Hence; if the recon team is only firing upon local militia, a small QRF is needed. If the recon team is in contact with NATO forces, a large one. The problem is that assignedTarget appears to rely upon the group leader specifically directing one of the units to fire upon the target. If the unit simply sees an enemy and fires of it's own initiative, the target is returned as 'objectNull' and the script fails. In most cases, this isn't a problem. But the recon team is only small, and if the group leader is killed before this happens it might cause problems. Is there a better way of assessing what the unit is firing at without having a target assigned?
  20. An economic sector is in the reach of Bohemia Interactive. Indeed, firefighters of the whole world train on simulators, to fight against forest fires. the RV4 graphic engine, already used on ARMA3, and professionally on VBS3, would be a good tool to simulate operations against forest fires. I honestly think it would be a good opportunity for Bohemia Interactive to explore this economic market. The SCmod I developed is a very modest example of what might become of such a simulation. > https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/198215-scmod-v135/ Indeed, with more resources and more expertise than me, the Bohemia Interactive teams would be able to create a more complete project, for a specialized simulation. France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, USA, Canada and many other countries use these kind of simulators (eg Vulcain 3.0). The professional simulators developed by Bohemia Interactive are a good example of the quality of such a project.
  21. HI, hope that this is the right place to ask this question, anyway i'm working on a video and i use a lot of animations, now i have a question, watching the apex trailer i see this thing go to minute 0:37 the enemy is performing an animation and firing with his weapon at the same time, and i see that the weapon is animated so i think that no effects was used, anyone know how to make that thing? :/ i really need something like that, thanks in advance DireOne :D
  22. When you walk on top of a burning campfire, there are those red borders that appear around the screen. They stay on permanently after walking away, even if you get treated or call "player setDamage 0" http://i.imgur.com/5tZIiNG.png The associated PP effect is "BIS_HitCC"
  23. I make missions for my small group of friends. We have this one guy who really likes flying helos, so I made a mission where he can fly around and give us CAS, then refuel/restock ammo and stuff. The thing is.. Every single enemy on the whole map turn their gun upward and fire at the helo, making it impossible to stay in the air for more than a couple of minutes. And it also lags the shit out of the server. So I was thinking.. Is it possible to make the enemy AI stop firing at the helo but not take away all the realism? Like, they only fire at the helo if it is, say 50 meter away? Or worst case, just fire at the pilot if he exits the helo? Anyone care to help? Im no scripting expert, I mostly just use pretty basic scripting.
  24. Hi, i'm looking to configure correctly a trigger that doesn't fire if predefined player is present unit I_officer_F is the one that has to bypass the trigger, but all other team has to fire the trigger my trigger: Type : nothing Activation: nothing Condition Field : this && player in thisList && typeOf player != "I_officer_F" OnAct field : {_x Setdammage 1} Foreach thislist; what is the correct condition code pls ? cause the trigger doesn't work nothing happens to any player. i also tried to sync players whith to the trigger, they are the ones that has to fire it, but nothing happens. thanks in advance