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  1. Sweedn

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Probably this one
  2. Is there a possibility to use the "PATROL_URBAN" task without spawning in the vicinity of the marker ? I'm trying to get some reinforcements spawning 1km away from the patrol zone. Even with the last parameter, (SPAWN_POS) I cant't get it work. wave_04 = [ [ [ [_QRF_ARRAY], "mkr_patrol_zone", WEST, false ], [ "PATROL_URBAN"] [ false, false, false ], "mkr_spawn_away" ] ];
  3. Sweedn

    [REQUEST] ORBAT Tutorial

    It's a line to add in class insignia = __EVAL((__FILE__ select [0, count __FILE__ - 15]) + "pictures\seal_insignia.paa");
  4. Sweedn

    [REQUEST] ORBAT Tutorial

    Hello, I tried to get a custom icon texture in orbat viewer : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ORBAT_Viewer The thing is the picture is loading with good colors somewhere else like in the insignia part, but not the icon which became green. I'm not a SF fanboy, it's just a concept-proof. edit 17/06/2017 15h13 :from arma 3 official discord edit 17/06/2017 22h53 : Found a solution, I added this block of code, seems to works now ! texture = __EVAL((__FILE__ select [0, count __FILE__ - 15]) + "seal_team_v_insignia.paa"); color[] = {255,255,255,1}; edit 18/06/2017 17h20 : WIth some time and patience you can do stuff like this https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/861725582633693292/38569B04B8CFDC448322B76864F506AC81D95AF1/
  5. Sweedn

    Wrong color with .paa files

    Hello ! Long time since last post but I can't make picture without the green/blue tint either. Are you sure about the 2:1 ratio ?
  6. Hi there ! Does anybody figured it out how the showcase deals with AI then ? I'm sure there is a way more subtle.
  7. Well, that's quite impressive. Foliage and dirt roads are looking great. Great job ! What about performance thought ? edit: I should have checked your answer up, nevermind.
  8. Sweedn

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    I really like your work. Here are some pictures taken on Cherbonyl Zone map. Thank you Adacas !
  9. Sweedn

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I believe in you klamacz, you can do it !
  10. Sweedn

    Zee Identity Pack

    Well Zee, I didn't know that you had given your models to Bohemia... ;)
  11. Sweedn

    Mod issues with 1.60

    Okay so we maybe figured out something. We moved our mods folders on different place, and it seems to work... It's easy but weird. We just moved modsfolders. edit: You should avoid having multiples folder for your mods in root. Before I had arma3folder\ONEFOLDER\ANOTHERFOLDER\@CUP_units You should try arma3folder\ONEFOLDER\@CUP_units Or even move it on desktop, another drive... Just move it.
  12. Sweedn

    Mod issues with 1.60

    Thanks for your answer. Sadly we, in our clan, uses the same mods. Some have no problems, others do... If everyone had the same issues we could be certain
  13. Sweedn

    Mod issues with 1.60

    Already done 4 times. Yes maybe it's an modmaker thing...
  14. Sweedn

    Mod issues with 1.60

    Sure, here is the rpt : http://pastebin.com/VrDZx2Z2 Here an other, from a user in my clan. He have the same issues. http://pastebin.com/h4GYx5h0 Game was launched with 4 mods in first RPT : - CUP_Weapons (1.6) - CUP_Units (1.3.1) - CUP_Vehicles (1.3) - CBA (2.3.1) ps: new version of RHS mods seems to have no issues, but previous versions are "content-less" as well. Modmakers did some changes with 1.60 RC maybe ?
  15. Hello, since the 1.60 update, my clan and I have some trouble starting our clients/servers mods. Let me explain: - First, some of us can use their mods (weapons, vehicles showing up in Virtual arsenal etc...) while some other can't see mods content. Game just shows vanilla items. We tried to change load orders, no results. - Second, all the icons of mods in the main menu doesn't show up, only puzzle icons. - Third and last, I read the earlier post about new Steam workshop files and folder structures seems to had changes. We need to check every single mod which was on arma 3 folder root ? Thank you for answers. edit: mods from workshop seems to work indeed. but local mods don't (lauched via original launcher or Arma3sync, still no changes). possible solution ?