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Found 13 results

  1. DESCRIPTION: 'Simple IED Script' will spawn IEDs on / alongside random road segments within predetermined IED area markers setup by the mission designer. The position, direction, appearance, and blast magnitude of the IEDs are all random. The script also spawns random trash along the roads. The script is tiny, optimized, and works in SP, MP, Dedi. Does not require any addons and is compatible with any map that has roads. VIDEO: FEATURES: Tiny filesize! 2KB Fast performance Compatible with SP, MP, and Dedicated Works on any map with roads Doesn't require any mods or additional scripts Easy to implement! Randomized Results: -IED type spawned -IED blast magnitude is random (damage / radius) -IED position & direction -Chance for trash to spawn with IED -Trash appearance variety IEDs are proximity based: -IED will detonate if player is within 10 meters of it and is moving too quickly IEDs can be disarmed: -Explosive Specialist with a ToolKit can slowly crawl up to an IED to safely disarm it -IEDs can be detected with a Mine Detector TO DO LIST: Add blacklist marker support Add option for script to auto-detect areas to spawn IEDs in KNOWN BUGS: Completely bug free! INSTALLATION: Move the "ied.sqf" from the downloaded file, to your mission folder. Copy & Paste below line into your mission's "init.sqf": execVM"ied.sqf"; Create rectangular area markers in your mission and name them. 3a. Make sure the A and B values of that marker is the same! Example: 500x500 In the "ied.sqf", add the names of your IED area markers to the array in line 1. For example: iedMkr=["myMkr0","myMkr1","myMkr2"]; In the "ied.sqf", you can change the number of IEDs to spawn per marker, on line 5. For example: iedNum=8; //Will spawn 8 IEDs per IED marker Optional Debug Toggle: If you want to see the IED markers in-game, set Dbug to true. For example: Dbug=true; Done! DOWNLOAD LINK (Google Drive) DOWNLOAD LINK (Armaholic) v0.1 (Jul 1, 2017) Change-Log:
  2. Hello everyone, Hope this script helps you in your missions. Feel free to improve my code but, please, don't re-post it on Workshop. Use this thread to share your advice and, if possible, already with your code ideas for fixing/improvement (will be very much appreciated). New features? Why not? Cheers. What to expect from this script AI: With just one unit, it's automatically able to... ...act through a VBIED with its specific behaviors; ...act as a deadman trigger with its specific behaviors; ...act as a suicide bomber with its specific behaviors. Demo: suicidalDoctrine.sqf: Features rules of VBIED method: A suicide operator steers the vehicle bomb (VBIED) to a target and, at the right moment, a remote detonation trigger is pressed by the suicide. All method behaviors are described on the Github readme file. Features rules of Deadman Trigger method: A suicide operator wears a suicidal belt/vest and detonates themselves by releasing a reverse-pressure trigger. All method behaviors are described on the Github readme file. Features rules of Classic Suicide Bomber method: A suicide operator wears a suicidal belt/vest and detonates themselves by releasing a reverse-pressure trigger. All method behaviors are described on the Github readme file. Dependencies: CBA mod; ACE mod; Download: From Github: https://github.com/aldolammel/Arma-3-Suicidal-Doctrine-Script From Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2739692983 Changelog: 2022-Feb-17, v1.3: news, fixes and notes. Known issues: In Deadman trigger method, when the suicidal is their belt/vest deactivated and, by long distances, they got a non-lethal shot, the suicidal should turn the vest detonation system on, but it's not happening. Although the functionality to lock the steering wheel if the suicide isn't allowed to drive is working, the suicide still insists on being seated in the driver's position. Expected behavior: change to passager seat.
  3. Hello, there are many ways to create an IED script but many things involve public or external variables, triggers and many stuff that makes it complex. This is a simple script that you also can use as function for multiple objects and triggers the IED automatically with just one script line inside the object you'd like to blow up. Does this work in multiplayer? Yes, it works in MultiPlayer and SinglePlayer How does this script work? As soon as AI or a player walks near it, it just explodes, leaving scripted debriefs and craters based on explosion intensity. Parameters It accept 3 parameters: - currentObject → it is the object in the editor that you trigger to explode; - iedIntensity → It used 3 level of intensity (how big is the blast), obviously you can put 1, 2 or 3. - isCar → boolean value (true, false) if is a car, if true keeps wreck of the vehicle. How do I call the script? Just open the object you'd like to have an IED and put the following line: [this, 1, true] execVM "iedBlast.sqf"; iedBlast.sqf //Uncomment following if used as function //params["_currentObject","_iedIntensity","_isCar"]; //Uncomment following if used as script _currentObject = _this select 0; _iedIntensity = _this select 1; _isCar = _this select 2; _positionCrater = getPosATL(_currentObject); _debriesCount = 0; _exploded = false; while { !_exploded } do { //Check if players are around { if((_x distance _currentObject) < 5) then { _exploded = true; }; } forEach allUnits; if(_exploded) then { switch(_iedIntensity) do { case 1: { _bombType = "M_Titan_AT" createVehicle (getPos _currentObject); soilCrater = "Land_ShellCrater_01_F" createVehicle ([0,0,0]); _debriesCount = 3; }; case 2: { _bombType = "Bo_Mk82" createVehicle (getPos _currentObject); soilCrater = "Land_ShellCrater_02_small_F" createVehicle ([0,0,0]); _debriesCount = 10; }; case 3: { _bombType = "IEDLandBig_Remote_Ammo" createVehicle (getPos _currentObject); soilCrater = "Land_ShellCrater_02_large_F" createVehicle ([0,0,0]); _debriesCount = 15; }; }; soilCrater setPos _positionCrater; //---Keep Car Wreck--- if(!_isCar) then { deletevehicle _currentObject; } else { _currentObject setDammage 1; }; //---Spawning debries--- //Land_ShellCrater_02_debris_F for "_i" from 1 to _debriesCount do { _distance = [2, _debriesCount] call BIS_fnc_randomInt; _direction = [0,359] call BIS_fnc_randomInt; _randomPos = [_positionCrater, _distance, _direction] call BIS_fnc_relPos; "Land_ShellCrater_02_debris_F" createVehicle _randomPos; }; }; };
  4. I'm stuck trying to spawn IEDs into pre-designated locations. I can get them to spawn just fine using createVehicle, but they aren't armed and can't be armed (even with a defusal kit and by an engineer). I'd like to be able to do both ACE IEDs and vanilla IEDs. Here's what I'm trying: "IEDurbanSmall_f" createVehicle IED1pos; //IED1pos is a position, not an object "ACE_IEDUrbanSmall_Range" createVehicle IED2pos; //IED2pos is a position, not an object The spawning works, but the objects spawned are ID'd as things like ied_land_small.p3d, and they don't set off a mine detector. Any suggestions how I can create both of these types?
  5. Hello, I'd like to ask you for small help with script. There are some scripts including IED placement avaible yet but usually they have some things that I don't want in my mission, for example random explosion power... I'd like to ask you for very easy script where is possible to set how many IEDs should spawn on roads in given marker on map and which explosives (IEDs) should spawn. Also if possible, make some random junk spawn on roads. I'd like to make it work with ACE explosives (IEDs). Any ideas please?
  6. Hi! I'm having issues spawning in ACE3 IED's with pressure plate activation on. Currently there's 50 IED's that spawn in, they're simulated objects and should (?) work with pressure plate, yet they don't. Here's the faulty script: if (!isserver) exitwith {}; //Theres a marker called center in the middle of the map _centerMrk = "center"; _dist = 25000; _center = getmarkerpos _centerMrk; _counter = 0; _rDist = 5.75; // Objects used as IEDs _iedList = [ "ACE_IEDLandBig_Range", "ACE_IEDLandSmall_Range", "ACE_IEDUrbanBig_Range", "ACE_IEDUrbanSmall_Range" ]; while {_counter < 50} do { //Create position on map for IED _list = _center nearRoads _dist; _iedType = _iedList select (floor random (count _iedList)); _road = _list select (round random (count _list)); _roadDir = getDir _road; _newDir = _roadDir; _dir = _newDir; _pos = getpos _road; _posx = _pos select 0; _posy = _pos select 1; _tx = (_posx + (_rDist * sin(_dir))); _ty = (_posy + (_rDist * cos(_dir))); _iedPos = [_tx,_ty,0]; //Create IED _trgMan = createVehicle ["I_C_Pilot_F", _center, [], 0, ""]; _ied = createVehicle [_iedType, _iedPos, [], 0, ""]; _ied setDir (random 360); _ied setPos getPos _ied; //So far so good, this is where I have to add some type of way to trigger them because they dont work by themselves like if you place them with zeus [_trgMan, _ied, "PressurePlate"] call ace_explosives_fnc_connectExplosive; deleteVehicle _trgMan; //Add IED to list _counter = _counter + 1; }; If anyone with knowledge about ACE3 could help me out that'd be highly appreciated. //Green
  7. The road to Lolosalam is heavily mined. In order to restore access for our forces and build rapport with the local populace we have initiated a clearing operation. As an EOD specialist you will be attached to the lead element. Your job is to clear mines when requested to do so in order to facilitate mission fulfillment. Following this mission you will spend the night in the hills surrounding Lolosalam. In the morning you will RTB. Your callsign will be 'Keymaster'. You will be attached to a small fireteam codenamed 'Seeker'. Following you will be two rifle squads codenamed 'Reaper' and 'Slayer' respectively. Headquarters callsign is 'Crossroads'. This is a very basic mission with very little scripting, but it feels really good and almost like you're really on a deployment. You (and up to 3 of your friends) are EOD specialists in the United States Army and are attached to a fireteam which will lead and assist you. You need to move in a convoy of 3 MRAPs to the city of Lolosalam, securing the path along the way for more troops to follow in your wake. You ride in the front MRAP while the two MRAPs following behind you contain regular U.S. Army rifle squads to support the ultimate Lolosalam objective. You start at the base by an arsenal box. Get whatever gear you need out of there and then go to the front of the base and get in the lead MRAP. Don't worry about the fireteam leader bitching at you over the radio, they will never leave without you because they need you. All you have to do is concentrate on your job. The AI will (should) do their job without you having to babysit them. They will order you from time to time to defuse or destroy an IED blocking the path of the vehicles. After you're satisfied that the area is safe get back in the MRAP and the convoy will start moving again. If you ever come under fire or are attacked simply retreat to the MRAP and re-assess the situation. If you have to clear a path of IEDs while under fire it is easiest to simply detonate them with an explosive charge. The front MRAP has a decent supply of these explosive charges for dealing with the IEDs. Be careful because some IEDs are dual-charges and are designed to kill EOD. This usually takes the form of an anti-personnel landmine placed on top of or near the main IED. Use your eyeballs and be cautious. This mission starts out very slow and boring because not much happens at first. There are long periods of driving through the mountains looking at the sights and listening to music, but the Taliban are always watching you. If you look closely in the hills you may see them planning your future demise. As you get closer to Lolosalam, that dreaded city, more and more activity will start popping up. Your troops should deal with the enemy most of the time (as long as they can find/see them) and will even call in air support to help level the playing field. This all plays out over sidechat radio. To actually win the mission and end the game you just have to clear the way and let the two rifle squads do their patrol around Lolosalam. They will inform you of further developments. No Taliban can be in or near Lolosalam. You can make the Taliban retreat without having to hunt down and kill every last one. If they feel like they're getting fucked up they'll run into the hills to regroup, just like real life. This mission can be completed without taking a single U.S. casualty, but one wrong move can also instantly take the lives of about 40 people. Possible glitches/bugs you may encounter: - Vehicles falling off mountains - A-10's crashing during CAS runs - No lag during most of the mission but a lot of lag inside of Lolosalam Top two are caused because of the nature of the map Clafghan and its extremely steep slopes. I did everything I could to kind of code around it though, so it should be okay most of the time. The last one is simply in regards to your CPU and possibly RAM. I've had two people play this same exact mission and one had 120 FPS the whole game, the other had 120 FPS and then about 15 FPS once they entered Lolosalam. A dedicated server and headless clients will mitigate this issue. Let me know if you run into any problems. Note: Default view distance is 4500 for gameplay purposes. This seems to be okay for most people. If you need to turn it down the host or any logged in admin should be able to access the debug menu in-game in multiplayer. Simply type "setviewdistance NUMBER;setobjectviewdistance NUMBER" and hit global exec or something and it should change it for everyone. I'll add in an option later that lets you select the view distance at the beginning of the mission. Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1265397099
  8. Hey guys, I am working on a training site for my group which will feature, among other things, an explosive specialist/mine defusal training. In order to do so I would like to create a kind of a course which has to be finished without the mines exploding. The help that I'm looking for concerns a script, obviously. I would like to have the option to spawn random(?) mines and explosives in random(?) areas within the designated course. Let's say it will be a fenced-out passage through a few buildings + a bit of grassy terrain. I would like to have the option to spawn, respawn randomly or at the very least restart the placed explosives within that course with probably a simple addAction command that would be attached to some object at the beginning of the course. I can handle the addAction button but I am almost completely unaware how to write the script which would respawn the explosives if the participant died and wanted to retry the course. That respawn option would also be used by the next person in the queue who would want to complete the course. I appreciate your help a lot. Cheers! Adam
  9. hey all , can anyone please check my IED script please?.. Its not working, the bomb doesnt go off . mission file here https://www.dropbox.com/s/t9hk1384gk7yuru/mission.sqm?dl=0
  10. hi there! i'm trying to get IEDs exploding (its theyr job afterall), but seems there's no way for me! i tried passing on them with tanks, APC, cars, even on foot. tried passing near them, tried shooting them...and finally they exploded. what i'm doing wrong ? they should explode if a vehicle is near or ...? thansk for any info on that !
  11. Hi, long time reader, first time poster. I've been getting into scripting a lot lately, I was always in and around it but recently trying to step it up a bit. I'm trying to write an IED script myself (i know there's a million out there) that searches for roads and places IEDs, IF there's x distance between this point and the last IED placed. This script has taken several forms as I try get it working properly, but this is my latest: Currently it will place IEDs (VR blocks) at very odd distanced from each other, some as little as 20m away. I also made up a script that will place IEDs on markers chosen at random and randomly choose the IED type - ultimately I want to merge these 2 together, but for now it's getting the spacing constraints to work that's my issue. Random marker + IED type script for anyone interested: Thanks for any input on this, I've been staring at it so long its becoming a blur of words :P
  12. So i'm doing this mission where a convoy gets hit my an IED and I want their task (which is move to a town) to cancel when they get hit.
  13. Hello I like the mines and IED's but one of the problems is that they basically cause an instant kill in reality they would severely injury the infantry i.e leg and foot amputation. Question ? Is there a way to edit their damage rate of the mines/ ied's to something more realistic ? Thanks