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  1. jakeplissken

    Interesting fact

    Interesting fact. The game is still laggy trash. Developers are too lazy to make a good game.
  2. Just a poor-quality game, the latest release still has lag and bugs, how embarrassing. This is a joke. When are they going to fix this embarrassing mess?
  3. jakeplissken

    AI Causing Massive FPS Drops And Lag Spikes

    Players place too many tents and too many AI. Please remove all Ai spawning from the game and make it pure PVP. The developers are in over their heads and can not program a massively multiplayer game. There should be a limit of 3 living quarters per side per game. This is ludicrous. The game is unplayable with lang and disconnects. Please code a hotfix and fix this embarrassing mess before you humiliate yourselves too much.
  4. The devs can not even fix the lag and you want this fixed? Damn.
  5. jakeplissken

    AI Causing Massive FPS Drops And Lag Spikes

    Typical Bohemia. They need a better netcode, but we need to wait a few years for the engine rewrite. Just be patient. They will fix it it a few years. When they hire better programmers.
  6. jakeplissken


    Just get rid of the Xbox players and this game might be worth playing. Once the useless developers fix the networking in a few years.
  7. jakeplissken

    Massive lag makes official servers unplayable.

    You just need a garbage collection script to delete stuff after a while. Arma 3 has a good built-in one. If there is a configurable limit on objects, then a Game Master session would not be a slideshow after a while. We expect better in 2023-24. Arma 3 garbage collection can be very aggressive and keep the FPS up easily. You can even use a script to delete player bodies and items when they leave the server. Reforger just needs to clean up the map. If players place too many Living Quarters the FPS can go down dramatically. There must be a limit. You do not need 5 barracks in every point.
  8. jakeplissken

    Massive lag makes official servers unplayable.

    No mods, these are Official servers.
  9. Are the official servers being DDOSED? The lag even with 180 ping is unplayable. Please fix the netcode. The game is horrendous now. Why release a 1.0 release that has not even been tested? If the developers actually hired in-house testers they could cathc and fix this stuff, but they do not even care. They only care about DLC cash. Why is this so bad? Arma 3 is better with 200 ping than the unplayable Reforger game.
  10. jakeplissken

    A suggestion to spot cheaters

    So, After Action Replay. That would be great.
  11. jakeplissken

    My vision of perfect Arma 4

    New 1.0 servers are so laggy, why are the developers so useless? I am getting 8 fps on a server. Please learn how to program please. You just need to code multithreaded code and fix the networking. Thanks.
  12. jakeplissken

    No mention of progression in the Roadmap

    Progression? Waste of time. We just want quick matches on Xbox.
  13. jakeplissken

    No mention of progression in the Roadmap

    Just be patient, they have years to finish this game, just wait until 2024-2025 for any Arma 4 news. There are bugs to work out you know. And get rid of Xbox players. They are cancer, just like the game.
  14. jakeplissken

    Reforger causing network issues.

    Just poorly coded networking. Just wait 6 months and see if they fix it.
  15. jakeplissken

    My vision of perfect Arma 4

    The game is still locking up and crashing as well as constant disconnects. Maybe in 10 years when the useless developers fix this trash.