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  1. jakeplissken

    Ambient Sounds Script

    This is a better version, it seems to work very well. private _cpbSoundList = [ "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_explosions1.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_explosions2.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_explosions3.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_explosions4.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_explosions5.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_firefight1.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_firefight2.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_firefight3.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_firefight4.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_heli1.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_heli2.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_heli3.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_jet1.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_jet2.wss", "A3\Sounds_F\environment\ambient\battlefield\battlefield_jet3.wss" ]; private _cpbTarget = player; private _cpbSoundObject = player; private _cpbMinDistance = 400; private _cpbMaxDistance = 900; private _cpbMedDistance = 600; while {true} do { _dir = round random 360; _dis = round random [_cpbMinDistance,_cpbMedDistance,_cpbMaxDistance]; private _cpbSoundPosition = _cpbTarget getRelPos [_dis, _dir]; playSound3D [_cpbSoundList call BIS_fnc_selectRandom, _cpbSoundObject, false, _cpbSoundPosition, 5, 1, 0]; sleep (random [30, 40, 60]); };
  2. Do it like this. { _x hideObjectGlobal TRUE; } foreach (nearestTerrainObjects [[14620.6,16776.1,0],[],500] select {getModelInfo _x #0 in ["t_phoenixc1s_f.p3d","t_oleae1s_f.p3d","wreck_car_f.p3d","wreck_offroad2_f.p3d","junkpile_f.p3d","b_ficusc1s_f.p3d","garbagepallet_f.p3d","t_phoenixc3s_f.p3d","garbagebags_f.p3d","garbagewashingmachine_f.p3d","t_ficusb1s_f.p3d","t_ficusb2s_f.p3d"]}); This hides via the model name. This can hide anything and runs best in a preinit function. Run it like this. Setup the fn_replace function in CfgFunctions as shown below. class replace{ file = "functions\fn_replace.sqf"; preInit = 1; }; Then it will run in mission preinit and hide trees or junk, anything you wish to be hidden.
  3. jakeplissken

    DCS in Arma 3

    My game crashes when I try to use the South Asia terrain. It is too big, 400 sq KM is the max in Arma 3. Just play DCS if you want a Flight Sim. The RV 4 engine cannot really handle such huge maps.
  4. No. Just play a proper VR game. This looks promising. Phantom: Covert Ops. Or just wait for Arma 4.
  5. jakeplissken

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    I have found a few old Arma files on an old HDD. I am uploading it to a Mega folder, I will then link it to see if there is anything useful there. I found things like the old Baghdad mod and Podagorsk. I even have the 0.42 version of the ADF Uncut mod. As well as the RDS Static weapons pack. Here is the link. I have uploaded quite a few old files. Might be a few gems in here. https://mega.nz/folder/IhJRmQzD#FpLgaqrldueA6bPM0ioWMg
  6. jakeplissken

    3DEN editor missing assets

    You can spawn missing assets like this if you know the classname. create3DENEntity ["Object", "Land_Communication_anchor_F", screenToWorld [0.5,0.5]]; This works very well indeed. Then you can move it around and set properties like normal.
  7. jakeplissken

    Zeus Enhanced

    Thank you.
  8. jakeplissken

    Zeus Enhanced

    How do I place an empty vehicle with this mod? I have to place a veh with enemies in it, and press g to get them out and delete them. Thanks.
  9. jakeplissken

    Livonia FPS

    I think Tanoa took a very long time to make. Making a new terrain in a few months may not even be possible. Especially a large one.
  10. jakeplissken

    Vanilla Counter-battery Operations

    AN/TPQ-48 Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar. RHS has a model of this, but it is non-functional.
  11. jakeplissken

    Cartridges models?

    Here is one cool thing you can spawn. An unused anti-ship cruise missile. private _posnewmis = [14620.2,16775.7,0.887077]; _sol28 = createSimpleObject ["a3\weapons_f_sams\Ammo\Bomb_06_F.p3d", _posnewmis]; _sol28 setPos [_posnewmis select 0, _posnewmis select 1, 1.8]; _sol28 setDir 224; This is a glide bomb that has wings that can fold out. This is an unused model from the Jets DLC. This is what it looks like. Use the code above to spawn it on top of a table.
  12. jakeplissken

    New rented server with creator DLC

    You might have to manually upload the GM folder from your machine to the server as a mod and then reference it using this in the server command line. -mod=gm Then it should work. There is a list of all missions here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/1648791520854383938/
  13. jakeplissken

    create many simple Objects

    Use this in the init of all the objects. I have had no problems with this despite what the BIKI says. [this,true] call BIS_fnc_replaceWithSimpleObject; This will set the object as a super-simple object regardless of what it is.
  14. This script will protect your base from trolls. All projectiles fired within the base, and fired into it from outside will be deleted. This will help greatly with reducing trolling and griefing on public servers. player addEventHandler ["FiredMan", { params ["_unit", "_weapon", "_muzzle", "_mode", "_ammo", "_magazine", "_projectile", "_vehicle"]; firingman = _unit; weapongun = _weapon; _p = _this select 6; if( _p distance [4290.06,18054.5,0] < 300) then { [WEST,"HQ"] sideChat format ["Damn, %1 is firing a %2 at base. He should stop right now.", name _unit, str((configfile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _weapon >> "displayName") call BIS_fnc_GetCfgData)]; deleteVehicle _p; } else { _p spawn { waitUntil { if( _this distance [4290.06,18054.5,0] < 300 )then { [WEST,"HQ"] sideChat format ["Damn, %1 is firing a %2 into base from outside. He should stop right now.", name firingman, str((configfile >> "CfgWeapons" >> weapongun >> "displayName") call BIS_fnc_GetCfgData)]; deleteVehicle _this; }; if ( isNull _this ) exitWith { true }; false }; }; }; }]; This is the position of the center of your base.: [4290.06,18054.5,0]. Just place an object and right-click, then log position to clipboard. Then edit the parts of the script that define the position to protect. But this really does work very well. It stops bombs, bullets and rockets fired at the base from outside and within. Put this in the initPlayerLocal.sqf and this will stop annoying public server teamkillers at base at least.
  15. Bar gate at this location: ["regero",[7020.85,1048.76,2.88755],243.013,0.75,[-20.0409,0],0,0,864.527,0.245615,0,1,0,1] Needs to be rotated by 90 degrees. It is blocking the road.