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  1. Snake.Pliskin

    0X2000 ban or no ban

    I can verify this "cant login 0x2000" issue, I am also having this issue.
  2. I can verify his account for what was happening in the game and I also have already reported what I saw. Who was the one responsible for it, I dont know. But I do have a screenshot when this was happening and it shows "Player -AV- Sr.Ice connected" .
  3. Snake.Pliskin

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    Honestly, at first I did think you had to be using a aimbot, no one can be that good of a shot. Then after playing vs you a few times, I must say, you have my deepest respect. Do you know why there is no Argo league or tournament in eSports or ESL? They already know, you would be the #1 ranked player. lol As for the verbal abuse... Something to keep in mind, players that suck, tend to be "haters". Personally I do not think there is much the devs will do about it, I doubt Bohemia is going to pay some ones salary to be a "babysitter" monitoring the games all day long, that costs Bohemia money. The most cost effective way would be to have the players report those "haters" and then deal with them. If there is someone being a jerk, you can use the Report Player page. In the behavior question, it does have "harassment" and "grief" as options.
  4. Snake.Pliskin

    0x2000 Temporarily banned??

    This is the worst auto-ban policy I have ever seen. First off, there is no notice to the user that I have been banned. I did not know I was banned until the loadout screen of the next map. I then realized I did not have my loadouts. Ok, I need to relogin, and I get this message: User is temporarily banned. [0x2000] WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!?! WHY AM I BANNED AND FOR HOW LONG?!?!? It makes no sense to me, I didn't go and intentionally kill teammates, I said I was sorry after each teamkill. I was not being a jerk. Did someone report me? So I had to do a little investigating for the answer. Now from what I have seen on the forums its for 5 team kills in 24 hours. Seriously Bohemia, you need to give more details when you ban people AND WTF we cant make mistakes? And how long is this ban for?
  5. Snake.Pliskin

    Loadouts in patrol

    Why is it sometimes I can use my own weapon loadouts in patrol but most of the time, it will not list it, and I am forced to use what the game has picked for me? And even if I do get my own loadout, 50% of the time, if I respawn, my loadout options are removed and Im forced to the 1 weapon the game picked for me. Is this a bug or by design? The following I do think is a bug: At the map respawn screen, there has been a few times that I can pick from my own loadout, but it is not shown in the list. I can select a invisible item (in the location where it would be listed at), click details and there is nothing displayed (no weapons, no attachments, etc) but then when I spawn, I will have one of my own loadouts.
  6. Snake.Pliskin

    Change characters face?

    Is it possible to change the players face in Argo? Not the sun glasses but the characters face skin.
  7. Snake.Pliskin

    Why low FPS?

    This helped me. By default Argo runs at max 60FPS, but if you have a 144MHz monitor try this: 1) Open the windows "Run" box by pressing Windows Key+R and type in notepad.exe %HOMEPATH%\Documents\Argo\Argo.cfg 2) Look for the line that says "refresh=60" change it to refresh=144; 3) File->Save