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  1. since seems there's no way to make it work, i deleted the sector and created a marker that change colour with a script. the problem now is that on the upper-right corner it does not show up faction scores ! anyone know how make them always visible ? thanks
  2. hello guys, i have a trouble with sector owner. i have 3 factions (west, east, independent) that can conquer a sector, infantry has 1 but players have 60 ... so they have priority on con conquering. the problem is that the sector become "half-conquered" ... i mean its like bots are negating sector ownership, and in fact when they are present in the sector, the owner result the default one (civilian). the icon has a "side bar" of the conqueror, but still has the flag of the civilian faction! having a scoring system related to the sector ownership, its a quite big problem. link to image of the "half conquered" sector: https://ibb.co/xD6s1CK thanks for any help !
  3. dlegion

    since patch of today 05/09/2023 game crash

    confirmed, it works replacing the file. thanks
  4. hello. all was working fine, but after update of 5 september 2023 if i open the launcher, then select "join" on my favourite server, game instantly crashes, leaving an error report in a *.txt file (attached) if i just launch the game, it works...and from the internal browser i can select my favourite server and join, all works fine and i can play on it. text of the crash report file i found on my desktop: thanks for any help !
  5. dlegion

    score icon bug

    ok i found the problem... so, for future reference: in the editor i used a red soldier, "viper" type, and grouped to a blue soldier to make it blue. this seems to have caused the problem! using a blue soldier and editing his loadout to make it like a "viper" did not cause the problem ! bye !
  6. hello guys, i have a strange bug... the score icon for the NATO faction goes red, CSAT to be precise. i dont get why this happen, and how solve it. its very confusing... thanks for any help ! https://ibb.co/qB28cwf (image of the problem: 210 is the score of the BLUE faction!)
  7. hello guys, in my mission at HQ i had a little medical area with a trigger that was full-healing both for vanilla and ACE3 mod. with the medical update of ACE3 few days ago, it no longer works. anyone know what is the script to use to full heal ? thanks !
  8. hehe… at this point i think i will wait for a fix! thanks for the info guys !
  9. ahhh awesome !! was hoping for something like that ! thanks man ! gonna try this afternoon when i'm at home and report back! ** EDIT ** i think i need a little bit more help on this… how use copyToClipboard in this case ? thanks !
  10. Heh....i simply use full virtual arsenad at hq in my missions....but even if i just launch game and open virtual arsenal...i can t access my old loadouts that included task force radio. No idea how solve except make loadout again from start... Thanks
  11. hello, i noticed that others got this problem, but the topic was locked without a solution. to recap: virtual arsenal loadout are grayed out, and cant be loaded. in the past was possible to still load a grayed-out loadout, with the probelmatic items just missing, but now it does not laod at all. in my case, after some investigation, i'm quite sure that the radio of task force is breaking the loadout. i dont get why i cant load the loadout anyway, obviously with the missing item causing the problem. if anyone has a solution would be great. actually only way is to re-do the loadouts from 0....and thats obviously a huge work for many fine tuned loadouts with ACE3 and other mods. thanks
  12. works perfectly also in dedicated server ! great, thanks for the help man, problem solved !!
  13. ok i tried this: playSound3D [_soundTOplay,(_this select 0), false]; and it works on dedicated. so you are right...it mess somehow with getpos (or getposASL)...because without that i hear the sound also on dedicated . now..being me very noob…. how can i "skip" the optional getpos and still set the volume and range options ? playSound3D [_soundTOplay,(_this select 0), false,PART TO SKIP, 5, 1, 250]; // HOW DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS ? thanks !
  14. sadly...no changes. it works in MP editor…..but does not hear the sound in dedicated server.
  15. Ahh thanks for the info !! Ill try and report back !