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  1. hello guys...i'm sorry to ask an apparently ridicolous question (because it is), but ARMA3 make every effort to make obvious things...impossible! to cut it short, i just wish to place a sniper and make him able to see and hit targets at ranges up to 1500m (with a 0.50 lynx rifle). it wasn't working, so i documented myself, and finally i made this script to try solve the problem: ...and it actually works....when its 12:00 in a sunny DAY ! at night or in rain it simply dont shoot! i'm getting mad about this thing that should already work in default ARMA3 without scripts! hope you can help me, thanks!
  2. hello guys, i got a problem with spectator camera. i just need to have the simple spectator camera after death (and ONLY when dead). seems to work only with certain respawn modes, and i need the "Custom respawn - select respawn location" system, with that sadly it does not work (in fact it open the spectator camera, but not let it move, so you are forced to just look the ground where you died, tragic) ! ...anyway... i menaged to make it work using : ["Initialize", [player, [], true]] call BIS_fnc_EGSpectator; (onPlayerKilled.sqf) ["Terminate"] call BIS_fnc_EGSpectator; (onPlayerRespaen.sqf) ...but...i still have a big problem....the evil "spectate" and "back to map" buttons. i tried, but i cannot disable spectate in mission attributes>multiplayer or even the scripted camera will not work. ...and if someone clicks on them, they lose spectator camera until they respawn. i really need an hand on this....cannot figure what to do for a soo simple thing like get spectar camera working for the dead! thanks for any help !
  3. dlegion

    flaps are still useful?

    hello, after TANK DLC update i noticed a change in flight model, or at least in making flaps almost useless. any info on that ? didnt see anything about it in changelog! thanks!
  4. hello guys, in my mission at HQ i had a little medical area with a trigger that was full-healing both for vanilla and ACE3 mod. with the medical update of ACE3 few days ago, it no longer works. anyone know what is the script to use to full heal ? thanks !
  5. hello, i noticed that others got this problem, but the topic was locked without a solution. to recap: virtual arsenal loadout are grayed out, and cant be loaded. in the past was possible to still load a grayed-out loadout, with the probelmatic items just missing, but now it does not laod at all. in my case, after some investigation, i'm quite sure that the radio of task force is breaking the loadout. i dont get why i cant load the loadout anyway, obviously with the missing item causing the problem. if anyone has a solution would be great. actually only way is to re-do the loadouts from 0....and thats obviously a huge work for many fine tuned loadouts with ACE3 and other mods. thanks
  6. hehe… at this point i think i will wait for a fix! thanks for the info guys !
  7. ahhh awesome !! was hoping for something like that ! thanks man ! gonna try this afternoon when i'm at home and report back! ** EDIT ** i think i need a little bit more help on this… how use copyToClipboard in this case ? thanks !
  8. Heh....i simply use full virtual arsenad at hq in my missions....but even if i just launch game and open virtual arsenal...i can t access my old loadouts that included task force radio. No idea how solve except make loadout again from start... Thanks
  9. works perfectly also in dedicated server ! great, thanks for the help man, problem solved !!
  10. hello guys. i have a script , untouched in the last year, that was producing sound on dedicated MP. i noticed today that is no longer the case. if i run the mission in editor MP , i hear the sound, but in a dedicated MP it no longer works. i'm sure months ago it was working correclty on dedicated MP. here the code i use: playMusic ["02",15]; //stop music _root = parsingNamespace getVariable "MISSION_ROOT"; _soundToPlay = _root + "music\MYSOUND.ogg"; playSound3D [_soundTOplay,(_this select 0), false,(getpos (_this select 0)), 20, 1, 250]; any idea of whats wrong ? thanks!
  11. ok i tried this: playSound3D [_soundTOplay,(_this select 0), false]; and it works on dedicated. so you are right...it mess somehow with getpos (or getposASL)...because without that i hear the sound also on dedicated . now..being me very noob…. how can i "skip" the optional getpos and still set the volume and range options ? playSound3D [_soundTOplay,(_this select 0), false,PART TO SKIP, 5, 1, 250]; // HOW DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS ? thanks !
  12. sadly...no changes. it works in MP editor…..but does not hear the sound in dedicated server.
  13. Ahh thanks for the info !! Ill try and report back !
  14. Ah, thanks for the help man ! Im still noob, and have no idea of what you mean with put variable in parsing namespace first I just tested now with volume 5, and same result. The weird part is that it was working in the past ....
  15. hello guys, i searched a bit but found nothing about adding more spare parts on vehicles with ACE3 mod, right now it adds only 1 wheel or spare track for every vehicle, i wish to add some more to each vehicle, and i cant do manually because they are randomly spawned. in ACE3 addon menu, under logistic, i just found the checkbox for "add spare parts", but no way to set a number or customize it somehow. thanks for any tips!
  16. dlegion

    thermal vision stealth viper suit bugs

    added subscription of that , i'm still 100% sure noone will move a finger to solve it.
  17. hello guys...i'm not sure if its the right place for this, but being mainly an MP problem (because AI cant recognize heat signatures) i think it can fit here. playing DWAR tactical TDM in MP ( a game mode that is not just bang bang, ...is very fast but still requires spotting, camouflage, attack and defend planning ecc..) few days ago, i noticed , despite being in full ghillie suit and having cold gun (ambient temperature) and proper thermal-stealth equipment like armor and backpack (not showed on ghillie, lol) and especially a stealth balaclava+stealth googles...that enemy still spotted me so easily, especially with drones. so i investigated a bit..and discovered that on certain distance...the facewear (stealth balaclava+googles in this case) simply disappear...leaving the face a bright white point. i knew ghillie had a problem of exposed neck ... but this is waaaay worse. it can be spotted easily from 1 km away by a decent UAV operator, and in ranges down to few hundred meters (where the facewear reappear, hiding the thermal signature). this ridicolous bug in fact makes full ghillie users invisible to thermal from 0-100m and clearly visible from 100-1500m (after that distance the bright face dot became too small even with high power zooms)! i was very disappointed....so i tried viper suits with its helmet and CTRG stealth with stealth helmet....and on certain distance its not bugging...while on bigger distances...they all start to have the same problem (sort of Z-fighting) !! http:// now... a screenshot does not give the idea how much a Z-fighting between a full bright head visible on 360' and a thermal-stealth helmet attracts soo many attention of a decent UAV operator! its just like a typical alarm light flashing in and out ! so... i know BI will not move a finger (they dont fix things way more important...) but any of you know a fix (script, mod or anything else) for this problem ? right now its so frustrating try to conceal, seems the only viable gameplay is gun&run....not so tactical... thanks, bye !
  18. dlegion

    thermal vision stealth viper suit bugs

    ah...another weird bug ! well ...yes..probably some kind of problem like this....
  19. dlegion

    kicked by battleeye / session lost

    heh... i cant be 100% sure it wasn't an internet problem...but i was on discord with the 2 other friends...and had no problem there. i'm doing tests in this days to see if i can get an idea about this...
  20. thinked this damn problem was beaten years ago...but its still there making arma3 unplayable! DAMN IT! was playing on my dedicated server with other 2 friends. after about 2 hours of play, i got kicked by battleye (client not responding). rejoined, got kicked again in less than 2 minutes, same error. rejoined, got session lost in less than 2 minutes (no other errors). rejoined, session lost again in 1 minute. rebooted my PC, rejoined, session lost again! my friends were playing all the time, with no errors. i didnt changed anything on the server or my client in at least 3 month (execept arma3 updates on both client and server). i played for 2 hours with no problem, then suddenly this....any idea ? hope devs fix this shit once for all...
  21. hello guys ! i just discovered a terrible thing....the UAVs have a little "radar" that automatically spot EVERY living thing (humans, not rabbits) in the red cone in front of him! its especially nosense since its spots also people in full anti-termal suit ! becomes simply impossible to not get ultra-easily spotted...and people its obviously abusing it in MP TvT match! anyone knows a way to disable this cheat feature in multiplayer? thanks for any help!
  22. thanks for the replys guys ! i really appreciate your help 🙂 i use it on dedicated server, mission running non-stop 24/7, so anyone at any moment can join and create an UAV... thats why i suppose that probably i have to repeat the command to apply to new created UAVs ! well.. @Dedmen and @sarogahtyp eh i tried...making only on server didnt worked...seems its a sort of client related feature. making only on client seems that somehow the server switch the state back also for clients... so need to do it both on server and client !
  23. ahhh you're great! always with a good answer! awesome ! for self reference and for others not very expert, to make it work in MP i did this: create a function (on how use function i will not explain here, there are many good tutorials): DFN_UAVradarOFF = { {_x enableVehicleSensor ["manSensorComponent",false];} forEach allUnitsUAV; }; then made a loop that calls the function so every new UAV spawned will have its cheat-like man radar disabled: if (isServer) then { while {TRUE} do { uiSleep 9; [] remoteExec ["DFN_UAVradarOFF",0,true]; }; }; so every 9 seconds the server broadcast a call of the function to disable all UAVs radar ! probably there are more efficient ways....but that seems to work and on my mission had no visible impact ! thanks again!
  24. dlegion


    hello there ! since latest update, i get this error (attached image): https://ibb.co/SvMTxMV <a href="https://ibb.co/SvMTxMV"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/XJKB4KF/20190430215906-1.jpg" alt="20190430215906-1" border="0"></a><br /><a target='_blank' href='https://it.imgbb.com/'>hostare foto</a><br /> i didnt had problems a weeks ago...so probably update screwed something hostare foto
  25. hello guys, i tried everything, but really cant get how swithc side for turrets ! i need to make praetorian 1c AAA turret OPFOR, shooting to BLU and GREEN factions! thanks for any help !