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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all I just wrote a "Generic" ambient combat script. This is my first script, and is open to the contribution. (maybe I'll create a git repository for it if it's necessary) I can also post a demo mission if you wish so. Why "Generic" ? : Because it generates vanilla units but also those of your installed mods. And it works on any mission (in theory). Introduction : This script can randomly generate any groups of any type (armoured, air, naval, infantry etc...) in an area around the players (like AmbientCombat module in A2) and create waypoints in an area of 500 meters around the players. For performance reasons, it is possible to limit the maximum number of groups easily. In short, this script is ideal for sandbox missions or test vehicles/weapons/mods elsewhere than in the virtual garage And, it work in SP and MP missions. How it work ? : - The script chosen randomly (without distinction) in the CfgGroups which group to generate. - If a "naval" type vehicle (submarine or boat) is in a group, the group spawn in the water. Others Random Features : Groups and units have : - Random skill (from 0 to 1, for each units in a group); - Random behaviour ("SAFE", "AWARE", "COMBAT", "STEALTH"); - Random formation - Yes, i love random 😁 Configurable settings: - Maximum group spawning distance - Maximum radius of waypoints around players - Maximum number of groups - Which sides would you like to spawn (BLUFOR, OPFOR, INDEPENDENT) - Interval between spawning - Show the number of active groups (in a "hint") - Disable groups that contain vehicles - Limit the size of groups - Use only specific groups (Only these groups will spawn) This is my first script, please bear with me 😅 Known Issues : - If the players are too far away from each other, some units may disappear. Possible solutions: 1) Create an instance of the script for each players, but may affect performance (lots of units). 2) Check to see if a player is within the radius of a group, but can prevent the spawning of a group near a distant player. Screenshot of spawn repartition (with default values) Credits : Thanks to "DayZ Medic" for base code in his video : EDIT 1: Add _DisableVehicles; EDIT 2: Add Limit Group Size; EDIT 3: Allow to use specific groups and waypoints area can be changed Code : Insert in init.sqf execVM "NixxGenericAC.sqf"; call bis_fnc_music; //if you want to listen cool musics :D (optional of course) NixxGenericAC.sqf : ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // CONFIG // ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// _SpawnAreaAroundPlayers = 2000; //Maximum group spawning distance (default: 2000) _WaypointsArea = 500; //Maximum radius of waypoints around players (default: 500) _GroupsLimit = 12; //Maximum number of groups (default: 12) _SpawnBLUFOR = true; _SpawnOPFOR = true; //Which sides would you like to spawn (default: all true) _SpawnINDEPENDENT = true; _Interval = 30; //Interval between spawning (default: 30) _ShowActiveGroups = true; //Show the number of active groups (default: true) _DisableVehicles = false; //Delete groups that contain vehicles (default: false) _GroupSizeLimited = false; //Limit the size of groups (default: false) _GroupSizeMax = 4; //Maximum size of groups (require _GroupSizeLimited = true) _UseSpecificGroupBLUFOR = false; _UseSpecificGroupOPFOR = false; //Use only specific groups (Only these groups will spawn) _UseSpecificGroupINDEPENDENT = false; _SpecificGroupsBLUFOR = []; _SpecificGroupsOPFOR = []; //Only these groups (put CfgGroups) can spawn (require _UseSpecificXXXXXX = true) _SpecificGroupsINDEPENDENT = []; /* Specific Group Example: _SpecificGroupsBLUFOR = [ (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "BLU_F" >> "Infantry" >> "BUS_InfSquad"), (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "BLU_F" >> "Mechanized" >> "BUS_MechInfSquad"), (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "BLU_F" >> "Armored" >> "BUS_TankPlatoon") ]; */ ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // END CONFIG // ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// private _atSpawnedFnc = { _this setVariable ["isSpawned",true]; _this setBehaviour (selectRandom _Behaviour); _this setSpeedMode "NORMAL"; _this setCombatMode "RED"; _this setFormation (selectRandom _Formations); _this deleteGroupWhenEmpty true; { _randomNum = [0,1] call BIS_fnc_randomNum; _x setSkill _randomNum; } forEach units _this; }; private _RemoveVehicles = { _IndexArray = []; { _Group = _x; _Index = _ForEachIndex; { _unit = _x; _vehicle = (_unit >> "vehicle") call BIS_fnc_getCfgData; _vehicleType = (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _vehicle >> "vehicleClass") call BIS_fnc_getCfgData; if (_vehicleType != "Men") then { _IndexArray pushBack _Index; diag_log format ["Group removed : %1", _this # _Index]; }; } forEach ("true" configClasses _x); } forEach _this; _IndexArrayIntersect = _IndexArray arrayIntersect _IndexArray; { _this set [_x, configNull]; } forEach _IndexArrayIntersect; _this = _this - [configNull]; diag_log _this; }; private _LimitGroupSize = { _IndexArray = []; { _Group = _x; _GroupCount = 0; { _GroupCount = _GroupCount + 1; } forEach ("true" configClasses _Group); diag_log format ["Count : %1 Group : %2",str count _Group, _Group]; _Index = _ForEachIndex; if(_GroupCount > _GroupSizeMax) then { _IndexArray pushBack _Index; diag_log format ["Group removed : %1", _this # _Index]; }; } forEach _this; { _this set [_x, configNull]; } forEach _IndexArray; _this = _this - [configNull]; diag_log _this; }; _groupsE = []; if(!_UseSpecificGroupOPFOR) then { { _faction = _x; { _type = _x; { _groupsE pushBack _x; } forEach ("true" configClasses _type); } forEach ("true" configClasses _faction); } forEach ("true" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East")); } else { _groupsE = _SpecificGroupsOPFOR; }; _groupsW = []; if(!_UseSpecificGroupBLUFOR) then { { _faction = _x; { _type = _x; { _groupsW pushBack _x; } forEach ("true" configClasses _type); } forEach ("true" configClasses _faction); } forEach ("true" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West")); } else { _groupsW = _SpecificGroupsBLUFOR; }; _groupsI = []; if(!_UseSpecificGroupINDEPENDENT) then { { _faction = _x; { _type = _x; { _groupsI pushBack _x; } forEach ("true" configClasses _type); } forEach ("true" configClasses _faction); } forEach ("true" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "Indep")); } else { _groupsI = _SpecificGroupsINDEPENDENT; }; _Behaviour = [ "SAFE", "AWARE", "COMBAT", "STEALTH" ]; _Formations = [ "COLUMN", "STAG COLUMN", "WEDGE", "ECH LEFT", "ECH RIGHT", "VEE", "LINE", "FILE", "DIAMOND" ]; _Sides = []; if(_SpawnBLUFOR) then {_Sides pushBack BLUFOR}; if(_SpawnOPFOR) then {_Sides pushBack OPFOR}; if(_SpawnINDEPENDENT) then {_Sides pushBack INDEPENDENT}; if(_DisableVehicles) then {_GroupsW call _RemoveVehicles; _GroupsE call _RemoveVehicles; _GroupsI call _RemoveVehicles;}; if(_GroupSizeLimited) then {_GroupsW call _LimitGroupSize; _GroupsE call _LimitGroupSize; _GroupsI call _LimitGroupSize;}; _SpawnedGroups = 0; while {true} do { if (_SpawnedGroups < _GroupsLimit) then { _SelectedSide = selectRandom _Sides; _selectedPlayer = selectRandom allPlayers; _SpawnPos = [[[position _selectedPlayer, _SpawnAreaAroundPlayers]],["water"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _SelectedGroup = nil; switch(_SelectedSide) do { case BLUFOR: { _SelectedGroup = _groupsW select (floor (random (count _groupsW))); }; case OPFOR: { _SelectedGroup = _groupsE select (floor (random (count _groupsE))); }; case INDEPENDENT: { _SelectedGroup = _groupsI select (floor (random (count _groupsI))); }; default {hint "Error : no side selected"}; }; if(!_DisableVehicles) then { { _vehicle = (_x >> "vehicle") call BIS_fnc_getCfgData; _vehicleType = (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _vehicle >> "vehicleClass") call BIS_fnc_getCfgData; if (_vehicleType == "Ship" || _vehicleType == "Submarine") then { _SpawnPos = [[[position _selectedPlayer, _SpawnAreaAroundPlayers]],["ground"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; }; } forEach ("true" configClasses _SelectedGroup); }; _NewGroup = [_SpawnPos, _SelectedSide, _SelectedGroup] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _NewGroup call _atSpawnedFnc; }; _SpawnedGroups = 0; { for "_i" from count waypoints _x - 1 to 0 step -1 do { deleteWaypoint [_x, _i]; }; _selectedPlayer = selectRandom allPlayers; _randomPos = [[[position _selectedPlayer, _WaypointsArea]],[]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _NewGroupWayPoint = _x addWaypoint [_randomPos, 0]; _NewGroupWayPoint setWaypointType "MOVE"; { if (_selectedPlayer distance _x > _SpawnAreaAroundPlayers) then { if(vehicle _x != _x) then { deleteVehicle objectParent _x; }; deleteVehicle _x; }; } forEach units _x; _SpawnedGroups = _SpawnedGroups + 1; } forEach (allGroups select {_x getVariable "isSpawned" && { alive _x } count units _x > 0}); if(_ShowActiveGroups) then {hint format ["Active groups = %1", _SpawnedGroups]}; sleep _Interval; };
  2. Hey! Today I want to announce our latest project, the "Advanced Combat Animations" mod, by "our" I mean Mihal, Maximili and me. This project has been a Team effort from the beginning on and this team has brought this mod that far, that we can finally share this with you guys. So what is this mod even about? This mod adds many new Animations to be used in PvP or even PvE Combat. Many of these Animations are from an Arma 2 mod, called "SMK" by Smookie, he did an awesome job on these animations, but sadly he's not active in the Community anymore. So we decided to bring his mod back alive in Arma 3, but this mod won't be a straight port of his mod, we are adding new animations and features, building up upon his mod from Arma 2. What's the current Status and ETA of a release? Well, we've been working on this for several weeks now and we only got a few issues to fix. Once these Issues are solved we will release this mod on the official Forums, Armaholic and Steam Workshop. We are aiming for a release before the end of march. If you are interested in the development of this mod, make sure to join our Discord Server here! Here are some screenshots: LICENSE CLARIFICATION
  3. PLEASE READ TO THE END!! THANKS!! Where do I start. As a LONG time supporter of Arma and DayZ on PC, which in my opinion, is better than ever now(I play alot), comes Vigor which IMO is a disgrace to your name...Hear me out.... I play Escape From Tarkov and my console buddies were excited that a game with the same premise was coming to console and they asked me to hop on with them. I played an hour of this game a long time ago and uninstalled because it was unplayable. To my surprise, the game is in a better state mechanically but still has the WORSE combat in ANY shooter I have ever played in my entire life on PC or console...Add on an extremely UNFAIR micro transaction system that depends on the combat and you guys are up for a PR nightmare. I noticed immediately that I could earn the in-game currency which is awesome, but after playing all weekend I realized how long it would take to even get anywhere enough to sustain myself.....yea...not worth even trying. The crate system needs to be addressed immediately! I can purchase crowns, which I then can use pre-round to up my chance of a better crate, which I may or may not EVER receive! I have to win a fight for it....So basically, you take my money and MAKE me chance losing the gear I have, to then lose a crate I gave you money for....So how do you guys not see an issue with this? This is worse than pay to win or EA or Activision!!. At least if I give them money, I get something in return..I mean in COD they lock good guns in crates! You guys NOT see the outrage from that????..So you guys do the same, IF NOT WORSE???? Thats a basic PAY-TO-WIN mechanic, and this game goes a step further and not even give the players the crate after they pay!!...With all the loot box issues on our PLANET right now, you'd think Bohemia got a memo, or watched the news or something. WOW this is BAD! This is a disaster that can be avoided, Id suggest you guys fix this! Immediately!! The next issue is with the crates..AGAIN! Which is disaster number 2!! The crates have different items from player to player!!!!! My common crate had common stuff in it! Which I thought was the way it was supposed to be. Until my buddy read off what he had gotten in his! ALL GOOD RARE GEAR!?!!...I mean common=common, rare=rare right? Not in this game...The in-game crate menus showed me that I had LESS rare gear in my crates as a whole vs. my buddies, as we compared it....So whats up with that? The games combat system is completely broken and needs a COMPLETE overhaul! Getting a crate depends on that, so asking people for money for crates that the game itself ensures most people WONT get anyway, is borderline against the LAW! Early access/game preview=game devs that want you're money before they earn it! (Dont be like this! Plz)This game is no different. It insures players will HAVE to pay in its current state to keep their gear, as you will quickly have NO crowns, and it will take WEEKS to get enough to sustain for a few days and then its back to waiting or PAYING. So so much for insuring your gear. Maybe make insuring your gear cost way less, and you only get your guns back, not what you have in you inventory, which is what Tarkov does..Or maybe add a gamma equivalent like Tarkov has, where I could throw a few rare gun parts in or whatever I dont want to lose...so even If I die I still keep whats in it without insurance. Id also suggest adding crowns to the raids too....maybe 5 here 3 here from looting things etc. As its the ONLY currency in the game right now! On a better note, this game could be GREAT! The combat/BAD netcode/hit-reg/crashing can be fixed. So can the crate and $$ systems...I suggest REMOVING the pre-round crate system, PERIOD. If it stays, change it to resources or something not crowns. ..In its current state, the games a failure if not a scar on your name! I love Arma!!! I play the SH#T out of DayZ on PC....I know you guys can do ALOT better than this! I have faith! I would like to see this game succeed! Heres an interesting concept...If you make a GOOD game, people will THROW money at you!!
  4. I'm thinking about picking up Arma 3 (I know, I've waited a long time), but I have some questions about underwater combat, particularly shooting underwater. For starters, it's impossible to shoot normal bullets underwater. They don't go more than 2 meters. The bigger the gun, the shorter the distance because the bullets get ripped apart by the force. The only way to shoot underwater is with special flechette-like rounds, and even those don't go very far. Does Arma 3 respect this reality, or did the devs just say "screw it" and create a completely unrealistic gameplay element that has no basis in reality? All the gameplay videos I see just show people shooting rifles underwater just like they were above water. I'm just not a fan of engines that defy physics.
  5. Re-Activated December 28 2018 to counter the growing threat of CSAT and insurgents forces. All new recruits are to report to their nearest recruiting office for assignment. Recruiting Station https://discord.gg/NHzqFws Who Are We? -We are a Arma 3 tactical realism community for those who seek tactical team play, and others who want to relive that awesome military life with out the garrison customs and courtesy drama like cult thingy. Our community fosters new players and understands most have been playing fortnite, battlefield and Call of Duty their entire lives. We are here to help you transition from run n gun Rambo lone wolf solid snake American sniper tactics into awesome well oiled CSAT killing tactical machines. We also understand that sometimes a lot of what we teach doesn’t make sense to those accustomed to player revives with a dirty reused needle. So here we offer open membership to all our causal players to come and join us on our Dedicated Server and teamspeak channel to help us take some of these towns on the chaotic KP liberation mission. If you find out that you kinda like the team and some of the Official unit members then ask to officially join the unit. What do I have to do to join the Unit? -Good question! Most of that information can be found in that discord channel I posted in the beginning. But to give you a barnie style breakdown, you first need to attend the units basic training which is broken down into 3 30-60 minute sections Red, white and blue phase. The basic training will go over unit standards, tactics and all roles available for you to fill. After that there is specialized courses for various roles. You can specialize in one or be a jack of all trades, it’s up to you! When do you guys play? - the peak hours among the unit is around 1800 Gmt and we normally hold training on Tuesdays and Fridays, with unit operations on Saturdays. Any other days of the week are normally casual days so jump on and have fun. Can I be pilot? -Sure.....in casual gameplay, going to go ahead and assume you just downloaded the game. So if you want to be a unit pilot I’d prefer you practice, and learn to hurry up and wait. Because having planes blaze down an entire village before the troops get there is kinda a immersion killer. Can I fly Transport? -only if you can land Why do you only have slots for certain roles? -let’s put it this way, if your playing on a football team your likely not running the football if your a lineman and probably not catching the football if your the quarterback. Every position has a role and specific task and if one person is not sticking to their role the whole team fails. So in the 32nd ID we build our squads in a way where just about all tasks can be completed with the least amount of players. A Squad typically consists of about 9-12 players —ALPHA TEAM— Team leader Rifleman. (AT) Grenadier Automatic Rifleman --BRAVO TEAM— Team Leader Rifleman (SDM) Grenadier Automatic Rifleman —Command Elment— Squad leader Medic RTO/FO/JTAC Machine Gunner Other roles are planned for the future as the unit expands but for now we ask that players become familiar with the available roles. And fill them when needed. How to I get into the server or teamSpeak? - super easy, first join the discord and look in the appropriate channels or direct connect here: https://units.arma3.com/unit/32ndinfantry Hopefully you fill all warm and fuzzy inside about what we offer here, and muster up the courage to join. If you have any questions please feel free to ask either here, the discord or in game and will try are best to answers all reasonable questions. See you soon........
  6. ADAPT SILENCERS TO COMBAT/STEALTH SITUATION Hi all, Did you remark that AIs don't adapt their muzzle sound suppressor (silencer) with the ordered situation (STEALTH / COMBAT)?. Here is a little code for adding/removing existing silencer on current weapon. Notes: - by "existing", I means the silencer must be on weapon or inside unit's gear. Furthermore, as you can start with an already equipped silencer and no more room in gear, this script will record that in a variable and will be able to re-fit the silencer on weapon instead of losing him due to the lack of room. (a kind of extra pocket). - MP compatible but I intentionally worked at idle for better performance. If your unit's localization (PC owning it) is supposed to change, You'll need to make the variable broadcast (adding true as 3rd parameter). And, that's for the specific case your unit need the "extra pocket". - players are not concerned, but it's easy, for automatic adapted muzzle, to remove the isPlayer condition. - for performance, this script is not "on each framed". It could be. I chose to fire the code using the "animChanged" EH. In some cases, the unit can start to fire without changing its animation. So, try to order the new behavior in advance (Anims often change anyway). - some silencer can be non-removable, hard-coded with model, or simply don't exist! There is nothing to do with that. It's up to you to choose the right weapon. Tested on Vanilla and CUP. For other mods, have your own test. This will depend on how silencer classes are named. version Nov. 20th 2018 parameters: NONE { _x addEventHandler ["AnimChanged", { params ["_unit","","_silencer"]; if (!isplayer _unit) then { if (isnil {_unit getVariable "MGI_silencer"}) then { _unit setVariable ["MGI_silencer",[]] }; _silencers = (items _unit select {["_snds",_x] call bis_fnc_instring}) + (weapons _unit apply {_unit weaponAccessories _x param [0, ""]} select {_x != ""}) + (_unit getVariable "MGI_silencer"); call { if (behaviour _unit == "COMBAT" && {isNull objectParent _unit} && {_unit weaponAccessories currentMuzzle _unit param [0, ""] != ""}) exitWith { _silencer = _unit weaponAccessories currentMuzzle _unit param [0, ""]; call { if (currentWeapon _unit isEqualTo primaryWeapon _unit) exitWith { _unit removePrimaryWeaponItem _silencer; }; if (currentWeapon _unit isEqualTo handGunWeapon _unit) exitWith { _unit removeHandGunItem _silencer; }; }; call { if (_unit canAddItemToBackpack _silencer) exitWith { _unit addItemToBackpack _silencer; }; if (_unit canAddItemToVest _silencer) exitWith { _unit addItemToVest _silencer; }; if (_unit canAddItemToUniform _silencer) exitWith { _unit addItemToUniform _silencer; }; (_unit getVariable "MGI_silencer") pushBackUnique _silencer; }; }; if (behaviour _unit == "stealth" && {isNull objectParent _unit} && {_unit weaponAccessories currentMuzzle _unit param [0, ""] == ""}) exitWith { {_unit addWeaponItem [currentWeapon _unit,_x]} count _silencers; _silencer = _unit weaponAccessories currentMuzzle _unit param [0, ""]; if (_silencer in (_unit getVariable ["MGI_silencer",[]])) then { _unit setVariable ["MGI_silencer", (_unit getVariable "MGI_silencer") - [_silencer]]; } else { if (_silencer in items _unit) then {_unit removeitem _silencer}; }; }; }; }; }] } forEach (playableUnits + switchableUnits);
  7. 171st Combat Brigade 9th Armoured Combat Detachment Who we are Built upon serving armoured veterans and current serving personnel, we are a platoon/troop level organisation dedicated to providing the 171st Combat Brigade with personnel who specialize in armoured warfare. Our mission is to close with and destroy the enemy using fire, maneuver and shock action to enable the 171st to achieve mission success. Much like the rest of the 171st, we are committed to achieving a challenging and realistic mil-sim experience to provide a teaching and experience-building platform for both in-game and real life military skills in an enjoyable way. Similarly we aim to create and provide a community for which to casually interact with each other outside of the game environment as well. Our unit seeks to take our community to other games to expand upon our interests and palate but predominantly: we aim to provide the high standard and format of game play that our unit/community members expect and enjoy. Who we require To fill operational needs, we require 18 personnel to join our ranks and become armoured crewman capable of manning both M1 Abrams series of Main Battle Tanks and a plethora of MRAP mobility vehicles. The person joining us must not only be committed to learning the armoured trade but have a peculiar dedication to the unit to provide mission capability: there is one compulsory operation day on Saturdays 1900R (Romeo) (EST-Eastern Standard). What you can expect Unlike conventional infantry or special forces, armoured brethren have a unique bond that is noticeably casual and close between the rank structure filled with interesting and humourous banter. The nature of our job requires the crew to be in-sync with each other as much as possible to ensure that steel meets target. An excellent crew is unmatched on the battlefield, mastery of this profession ascends you to a level that cannot be unsurpassed by any land (or even air!) platform. Our missions are dynamic, complex and challenging: our servers are built using systems such as ALIVE, Spyder and other in-house tweaks and scripts in order to bring to life the 171st Combat Brigade concept of the original MSO style game play in past Arma titles. Furthermore, as a community we regularly play other games with each other purely to let of steam as well as ensuring that we prevent ourselves from burning out from doing the same thing repetitively. Would you like to know more? https://units.arma3.com/unit/171st-combat-brigade https://steamcommunity.com/groups/171CB If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact the 171st expressing interest in the 9th Armoured Combat Detachment or myself directly through the Bohemia forums. I will en devour to respond to you as soon as possible.
  8. I found out that my APRES mine dispenser is throwing mines only ONE meter away in any throw I tried. It should be 7 or 20 meters. Is there anybody with same problem?
  9. ilauchlan


    I can't figure out how the bayonets work? When you attach it you still whip out a knife how is it any different than a normal knife ?
  10. Hello. I am working on a mission on Lythium and I am wondering about the functions used in Combat Patrol for garrisoning buildings and spawning random objectives. It would be nice if there was a way to use these in any mission by referencing code functions. Is there a way to do this? It would be a cool way to spawn a side mission using the Combat Patrol functions. And as they are BI built-in functions, they would be fast and reliable. Is this possible? Thanks.
  11. solzenicyn

    Combat Patrol

    Hello there! Today we have released a new mission on development branch. It is a prototype of something that we are working on for a while and we would really like to hear your opinions about it. It is a Combat Patrol mission that currently takes place on Altis. Mission provides several different locations with a given objective to secure. It aims to deliver a team play experience of striking within the enemy territory and pulling out afterwards. Later in development we wish to add more objective types along with several other options. At this point you can choose the adversary, daytime & weather, basic or reinforced garrison and reinforcements, all within the mission parameters. We are also preparing devblog about this mission for you and we hope we will be able to release it next week. We would like to invite you to give this mission a try and provide us with your valuable feedback in here. It will help us to shape up and polish the mission further during the development. Thank you very much!
  12. Trailer: Welcome to BIRDY WARS - WHERE Little Birds SOAR.... LOL.. yeah.. always wanted to do something like that.. anyway, This is a mission I made based of "Heliborne" with focus on only ground support. Wanted the game with an Arma 3 flight model, so this is what I came out with. A project made out of fun, but I thought it would be fun so I decided to put in the workshop. I wanted to play Heliborne but I was looking for something closer to Arma 3's flight model and also wanted an actual reason to transport units and land them, rather than the usual heli-taxi mission you see made in the community. (Not because that's what the waypoint says, but because you have to insert the troops there to maybe flank or capture the sector faster.) So Birdy Wars is what came out of that desire. (I ended up focusing on this so much more than actually learning how to fly the helicopter though... T-T ) Wonder if I can make a trailer out of it :P Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1174045120 Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rclahashddpbnxh/BirdyWarsV153b.Altis.pbo?dl=0 Quick SP and MP Description: SP (player in MP actually) - Be able to practise transporting troops to LZ or doing combat runs on AI running around to secure sectors - Just fly.... Don't bother about anything else MP - Go against each other to support your ground AI units to capture the sectors. - Play in Either Ground support Only or Pilot vs Pilot Actual Feature Description: - 6v6 Ground Support Only or Pilot vs Pilot modes (Set in Parameters; WIP) - 3v3 Ground-based Support (1 armed and 2 unarmed vehicles.) - AI-based Sector Control (You support the AI to capture the Sector) - Pawnee for combat roles and Humming Bird for support roles(Spotting, Reinforcements) - Vehicles available same way with armed and unarmed(only reinforcing.) - Spotting:- Apply enemy side in range with smoke/flares depending on day/night. (range set in parameters) - Reinforcements:- Pick up small units from base and inserting them close to sectors to make them assist the attack on the ground. - Simple Repair and Rearm function back in base after landed and engine turned off. - "Advanced" AI to move/attack sectors according to sectors controlled. - AI Patrols on sectors taken by their sides accordingly - Map Tracker to help keeping friendly units' position in check - RHS compatible; Specifically RHS USAF and AFRF. (Set in parameters too.). Default in Vanilla mode. RHS MELB and Humvee used for RHS Enabled games. - Added Parameter to allow armed players and also Virtual Arsenal ammobox near Spawn area. (Off by Default) Some Screens. Roadmap(Might sound a bit too massive though, lol) - Better Clean-up system - AI polishing. (Not like FFIS or bcombat, but just how the AI's waypoints is being decided.) - Limitations of different features to prevent overuse/server crash. Nonetheless, I do hope you had fun! Also, please do comment in regards to possible bugs so I can try to solve it as there is a limit to how much I can search and find with a single brain. PS: Please don't expect quick response and also quick solution to issues as I am doing this in my free time from work. Hope you can understand. Thanks.
  13. Is it possible to trigger music to play after a certain amount of time has passed without any combat? Would it be possible to make the music stop as soon as combat begins again? I have never heard of something like this being done, but I think it would significantly contribute to the atmosphere of my missions. It would reduce the bored of long walks and build tension. I also think that music during combat is distracting. Any feedback would be very appreciated.
  14. I am back to Arma after a long break and would like to know how to change the default enemy side with the combat patrol module. Thanks.
  15. In our community we use Alive to provide combat supports (transport, CAS, artillery, etc... ) and for anyone to use the support, he needs to carry a TFAR long range radio "tf_rt1523g_big_rhs". Unfortunately, Making a supply drop forces mision editors on habilitating the full Alive combat logistic suite, which adds quite a lot of complexity. Instead, we use the vanilla supply drop. Easy to set up and flawless. The negative side is that a) vanilla supply drop is linked to an individual, if the individual dies it is the end of the supply drop. b) the link to combat logistics is no longer operating after respawn. c) the link cannot be moved to another individual. What we want is that the supply drop moves to whoever carries the indicated TFAR radio. Consequently Since I am a noob in coding, I have had a friend help me to make some code to put in the init.sqf to check who is carrying the LR radio and stablish the sincronizations to enable access to supply drop to that individual. If the radio changes hands (because the original operator was killed), the supply drop should be accessible to the new radio carrier. But we can't make it work and I would appreciate any help. _X would be each player, Req1 is combat support requester prov1 is virtual supply drop provider. if (hasInterface) then { // Only executed at client side checkbackpack = [ ] spawn { if (!isNull (unitBackpack _x)) then { if ((""tf_rt1523g_big_rhs"" == typeof _backpack)) then [_X, req1, prov1] call BIS_fnc_addSupportLink; } else { [req1, prov1] call BIS_fnc_removeSupportLink;// removes any existing support link. } sleep 1; // wait for a second to repeat }; };
  16. Why is only one of the AI shooting at me. The AI in the tower should shoot at me too. Instead he just stands around doing nothing.
  17. CaptainAzimuth

    Ace Combat 7

    It's coming. Yes, i am an Ace combat fan. It all started with their third game, and then the 5'th game, which in my opinion had the best story line of any game i've played (aside from the Metal Gear series. Hats of to you Japan. XD) Anyhow, so firstly, Ace Combat 7 is announced to take place in Strangereal. Strangereal is another word for the Ace Combat series world (dubbed by most fans), and not the real life world. Their previous series took place in Strangereal, but the recent games have taken place in real life locations across the world in including Dubai, Washington DC, Moscow, Miami Florida, and Tokyo. However, in Strangereal, you have a large number of different nations, all with a very interesting, lengthy, and dark history of conflicts. As per mentioned earlier, Ace Combat 5 and Zero, were the best installments of the series in my opinion. Ace Combat 5 being my all time favorite, which brings us to who is developing it. Sunao Katabuch, who developed the scenario for Ace Combat 4 and 5 will be working on Ace Combat 7. This is quite epic, because given how great of a story line the Unsung War was, Ace Combat 7 has potential to be another edge of the seat experience. Not just with the story line either. Now, as seen in the trailer, apart from previous versions of the Ace Combat series. The game has three axes. The first is the depiction of the sky, such as three-dimensional clouds. Clouds are rendered as objects floating in 3D space, not as background scenery, and if you aim for a specific cloud, you can fly through it. The second axis is the enjoyment of airplane simulation. You’ll won’t be performing special moves with the push of a button, but rather maneuvers by strategic piloting. The third axis is improving how you clear missions. The graphics as seen in the trailer seem to be a whole new ball game than anything i've ever seen in previous Ace Combat's. Hah, and i thought Ace Combat 6 looked good. This is going to be a whole new amazing experience for the game. Makes me wonder if this installment of the series will have multiplayer. Lets hope it does given Ace Combat Infinity did implement the most interesting Multiplayer functionality of any Ace Combat game, which was a PS3 exclusive Free to play game, entirely based on your skill. After many years, the Original Ace Combat world has returned, and judging by the distinctive Piano tune in the beginning to the trailer, a continuation of the Unsung war, could well be here in the next few months to come.