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  1. I think the old man will be James Gastovski, as it is shown in the video "memories of Malden". Well, that's what the video suggests to me, even if she is one year old
  2. Hello all I present today my first mission. Due to my knowledge limited in scripting, this mission was made in large majority with vanilla modules. Presentation: You are on the Malden Island, the 3 forces fight (indefinitely) for the control of the island and you have all the NATO's vehicles and virtual arsenal available. This mission is simply to make everything available in an atmosphere of capture of the island and especially to serve as a basis for real modders who wish to modify and improve it (And also to demonstrate that it is quite possible to do a lot with not much ) Features: -Staged at startup -Virtual Arsenal -BLUFOR Vehicle -Military Symbole -CAS Request -Transport Request -Ammo Request -Mobile Respawn -Artillery Request -Vanilla Revive System -Zeus (for Admin and Officer) -AI recruit (homemade script) -Air vehicles have a custom loadout Recently Added: -AI Recruit -USS Freedom and USS Liberty -Tanks's DLC (in base) NOTE: -There is no description file or initplayer/server, everything is included in the mission.sqm -The mission is updated regularly (AI adjustment, DLC vehicles, Air vehicles loadout…) -Description in the workshop not updated -I didn't translated the mission in english (marker) WORKSHOP LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1263824287 Thank you for giving your opinion and do not hesitate to give changes for those whose project interests, and make the mission more successful
  3. Hi all, some ideas : -Add function in virtual arsenal for use the default loadout from all units - Create a function for let the control of the player to AI temporarily, when he is AFK during mission/combat, or for AI Debug, i have this command on my server for emulate it : _noPlayer = createGroup sideLogic createUnit [ "C_VirtualCurator_F", [0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE" ]; selectPlayer _noPlayer ; switchcamera unit01 and, maybe in Tac-ops DLC, classic Warfare/CTI gamemode sorry for bad english
  4. Hello, I have the game with all its extensions, but I do not have the classic music in the game, would anyone have it a solution? thanks
  5. Hello all I have some questions and suggestions to developers (and players if you have the answer) 1) Is he expected in the future that the arsenal is equipped with predefined loadout (list of units like in the editor / Zeus, which should not be too difficult to include) rather than having to create a big list we almost never use 2) New official MPmissions / Gamemode planned ? Like classic Warfare/CTI (Already requested by the community it seems), coop, or new game mode (Zeus + players vs AI for example) And two stupid questions: 3) I think I know the answer but still raises the question : New vehicles of control mode ? (like the classic control of Arma:CWC, with the mouse to point the direction, particularly for aircraft) 4) During the game, it often happens that someone is AFK temporarily, there is a command for the AI take control of the character temporarily? (like Intro / Outro in editor) Thank you ;) P.S : Sorry if my english is bad =S
  6. Nobody has an idea? BIS never had the idea of implementing this function
  7. I look for the same thing. Simply give the control of the character to AI. And eventually be able to create her waypoints Even a simple command in the console would suit me
  8. Nixx57

    Controlled by AI

    Finally, it's a bit too hard for me. I am still a beginner who modifies existing script. You think that there is someone who would be interested in this project? There's there a heavy workload?
  9. Nixx57

    Controlled by AI

    Thank you very much, I'll try it
  10. Nixx57

    Controlled by AI

    Yes, being a beginner in scripting it would help me a lot thank you, I'm not even sure of success
  11. Hello, I search the command (if it exists), to give the control of the player to ia​. Especially when some player become AFK on the server. in short, I want a "Sleep Mode", a script that the player or admin can execute. The only scripts that I found are "selectplayer" "selectnoplayer" but that's not what I'm looking. If it does not exist, is it possible to create it? ​thank you P.S : sorry for bad english ​ ​
  12. Hi all, sorry, I cannot start a new topic, so i post here: I search the command (if it exists), to give the control of the player to ia​. Especially when some player become AFK on the server. in short, I want a "Sleep Mode", a script that the player or admin can execute. I searched in the list of commands in vain ​thank you in advance ​
  13. too, BIS will he go through it and give us hope? (sorry for my bad English)
  14. I would also like to know what game mode like others present on arma 2 He will return in a future update? EDIT : I especially expect the return of the ambiant combat module and SecOps