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Found 213 results

  1. So, in my current mission file, I have a limited zeus. However, this limited Zeus has no access to the modules section, the yellow one, in his spawn menu. Is there a way to add this back to a Zeus? If so, is there a way to specifically add only certain modules back to that spawn section. Thanks!
  2. sebsterbl


    Wildfire! This mod adds scripted fire spreading from foliage to foliage, and optionally buildings. Fires do damage, and are affected by wind direction, speed and rain. Fires can be started via module or script, and all fires can be extinguished in an emergency. The performance FPS wise is better than you'd expect, but less than perfect. FEATURES: - Spreadable wildfire - Compatible with any modded map - Eden/Zeus modules - Takes rain, wind direction and wind strength into account - Damages AI and players - ACE Medical Compatible (no compats needed) - CBA Settings for behaviour and performance - Optionally burn buildings - Emergency extinguish module - Multiplayer compatible - Serverside calculations Get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2645823531 Please submit any contributions, bug reports, stringtable translations, or feature requests to this projects Github: https://github.com/Seb105/Arma-Wildfire
  3. FRITH FACTIONS Adds 3 Infantry factions using assets from Frith's Ruin and Ravage. Frith Blue: 10 units. 4 groups (Fire team, Zone Fire Team, Sniper team, Sentry) Frith Red: 10 units. 4 groups (Fire team, Zone Fire Team, Sniper team, Sentry) Frith Looters: 8 units. 3 groups (Looter Gang, Hunters, Criminals) All factions Zeus compatible. Credits: Lordfrith for the work of art that is Frith's Ruin. Haleks for the mighty Ravage. STEAM WORKSHOP.
  4. Screenshots of what is happening: https://imgur.com/gallery/Cu1YUHX I cannot figure out how to get regular units to appear in the Respawn > Loadouts tab of the Zeus menu, on community maps. They appear just fine on Bohemia's default Zeus missions, but on any Zeus mission made by myself or the community the loadout screen stays blank. This is very annoying when wanting to play scenarios in Total Conversion mods, where I'd like my players to be able to respawn as various units from the mod's available roster. (Space Marines in There Is Only War, Stormtroopers in SW: Opposition, etc). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Just a little snippet that you can put in the init-field of a unit in oder to spawn a dog in its place. The dog is actually attached to the unit and the unit is made invisible. Therefor you can simply play, command or remotecontrol the unit in order to move the dog. Action menu (or the button to hold your breath) allows you to bark. If you go prone without moving, the dog will sit. if (isServer) then { 0 = [this,"Fin_random_F"] spawn { params ["_guy","_class","_act"]; private ["_dog"]; _dog = createAgent [_class, getPos _guy, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _dog setVariable ["BIS_fnc_animalBehaviour_disable", true]; _dog attachTo [_guy,[0,0,0]]; _guy hideObjectGlobal true; [_guy,["Bark", { params["_me","_you","_id","_d"]; _d playMoveNow "Dog_Idle_Bark"; _me setVariable["bark",true,true]; sleep 1.5; playSound3D [format["A3\Sounds_F\ambient\animals\dog%1.wss", ceil random 3], _me, false, getPosASL _me, 40, 1, 10]; sleep 2; _me setVariable["bark",false,true]; }, _dog, 0, false, true, "holdBreath", "_target isEqualTo _this", 0, false, ""]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0]; while {alive _guy && alive _dog} do { if (speed _guy > 10) then { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Sprint"; } else { if (speed _guy > 6) then { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Run"; } else { if ((speed _guy > 2) || (speed _guy < -2)) then { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Walk"; } else { if !(_guy getVariable ["bark",false]) then { if ((stance _guy) == "STAND") then { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Stop"; } else { if ((stance _guy) == "PRONE") then { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Sit"; } else { _dog playMoveNow "Dog_Idle_Stop"; }; }; }; }; }; }; sleep 0.05; }; deleteVehicle _guy; }; }; Note that this is not meant to feel like playing as a dog, it is just a tool for gamemasters to have some easily controllable dogs that they can use.
  6. I'd liked to restrict my arsenal in multiplay so people only can look and wear the certain uniform at uniform tab. how can i restrict them? and if those clothes are too many (like 100) how can i easly manage and restric them. I.e. i want them look and wear only RHS and VSM mod uniform in arsenal.
  7. Greetings guys! I have a little problem with my addons when playing Zeus. I use mostly CUP, for example the Britihs Armed Forces groups not showing up in Zeus, only air, armor and MTP sniper teams. Is there any way to add all groups with a command line in Eeden Editor, or must have edit my CfgPatches? Thank you for all replying my question.
  8. Trigger Debugger This mod is a little extension to the zeus who with a button on the top right can toogle this tool that allow it to see all triggers on the map, and with right click on it being able to activate it, delete it or just see information about it. Core features See all triggers on the zeus map. See all modules sync to the trigger. See all things sync to the modules. Compatible with Zeus enhanced / Achilles. LOCAL MOD so no need to be installed on the server. How to use: On top right corner you will see this button: After that all triggers will appear on the map, with all syncornized things to the trigger, and modules syncronized to it With right click on the area of the trigger this menu will appear: Known issues Triggers with no area cant be interacted Plan to the future Make Triggers visible on zeus interface Edit Triggers Links Workshop GitHub
  9. Hello! I'm building a Zeus vs Zeus type of mission and I wanted to know if it's possible (and if so how) to restrict the Zeus from editing a unit's attributes like health and skill. If that's not directly possible, is there a workaround?
  10. Hey, when I`m placing custom compositions in zeus there often is a gap between them and the ground. Trying to move them on ground level by selecting the composition and pressing alt, the whole construction crashes(items aren`t on the table anymore etc.). Is there a script to fix that?
  11. CX-FL-1776 Knightfall

    Mass Zeus Editing

    I'm trying to see if there's a way to edit multiple units at once. I have the toggle simulation module thanks to ACE3, but I'm trying to figure out how to use this module on more than one unit at a time. I'm trying to put together an effect where all AI units stop in place as though their frozen in time, but this is the only roadblock for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. In my Zeus vs Guerilla Zeus game, there are three BLUFOR Curators vs one Independent Curator. The Independent Curator wins when all of the BLUFOR Curators have died. However, the games can last quite a long time, and it can be quite boring for the dead BLUFOR Curators to sit out for the rest of the game. What I have decided is that once a BLUFOR Curator is killed, he respawns and is forced to play just in Curator mode. He is now unable to spawn more units and is only able to command BLUFOR units already on the map or control said units. I have written a short "onPlayerRespawn.sqf" script to do this (however, it is untested because I am currently at work). Wondering if anyone has any advice on a better way of doing this! Also, I have a problem now with ending the game due to the BLUFOR Curators respawning. Before, I had it so that the game ended and Independent won when all BLUFOR players were dead, which obviously won't work now! Edit: Ok, so I just got back from work and tested my script. It does work, provided that in my "description.ext" I have specified "respawnOnStart = -1;". What I am wondering is how I would then make Independent win when all BLUFOR Curators have died (now that they can respawn). Before, I had a trigger: Obviously, this will no longer work ^^
  13. Hi all, I have created a short piece of code that makes the Curator Editing Area follow the Curator player around the map. I have four potential Curator players (BLUFOR_Player001 to BLUFOR_Player004) who all have the exact same code linked to them except for their names and Curator Editing Area code. Each of the four BLUFOR Curator players are not created on map initialisation. Instead, I wanted the player unit to be created when a player decides to play that role. I initially had my script in the init.sqf, however, when testing, I would get errors saying that the other BLUFOR Curators did not exist (because I was only playing as BLUFOR_Player001). What I am wondering is how/where do I place my script so that it is added to every new BLUFOR player when they join the game (It must be unique to them, see below).
  14. In its simplest form, is to add/remove the ability for different curators to interact with man/unmanned vehicles. Let us say that the FIA player (BLUFOR) has placed a turret in the trees for an ambush on the AAF player (Independent). While the turret is controlled by the FIA player, the AAF player is unable to interact with it in curator mode. As soon as the FIA unit manning the turret dies (or is told to leave it), the turret can now be accessed by all curators on the map while they are in curator mode (e.g. moved, deleted…). If the AAF player decides that he wants to man the turret, while controlled by the AAF player, no other curator can interact with it while they are in curator mode. In simplest terms, an unmanned vehicle is shown to all curators with the yellow circle in-game. Once the vehicle’s ownership has changed, it no longer shows up to all curators until it is empty again. I have put together the start of the script, but my knowledge of scripting is limited (still learning really). Was wondering if anyone could give me a hand/advice?
  15. This script adds every unit placed, by one of the four BLUFOR Curators, to every BLUFOR Curator on the map. I was wondering how I would make it so that this script would add Curator-placed units to all allied Curators on the map. For example, if I had three teams, who are all enemies, (BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent) and each team has three players (ZeusBLUFOR001_Curator for BLUFOR, ZeusOPFOR001_Curator for OPFOR and so on). How would I add these players to a "group" which can then be used in the above script to add each placed unit by one of the players to all their allies? Do I need to create three arrays and add the Curators (so if I plan to create or remove Curators, I can adjust appropriately), and if so, how? Something like: Array 1 - Curator_west Array 2 - Curator_east Array 3 - Curator_independent Then I was hoping I could write: Then addCuratorEditableObjects to the Curators which are in their associated array (group).
  16. What I am trying to do is create a flag capturing system using the BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd. So I am currently testing to see if, while playing as an FIA BLUFOR unit, I can take an AAF flag down from a flagpole and swap it with an FIA flag. I am hoping I can get the animation of the flag coming down the pole, then once it has reached the bottom, swap with an FIA flag, then rise back up the pole, all while using the hold action button. If the unit lets go of the action button, the flag goes back to the top as if nothing has changed. If the flag is already an FIA flag, then the hold action button should not appear. This should be the same if I am playing an AFF Independent unit, except it is only FIA flags that can be captured. I currently have the hold action working, I am just not sure about how to use the BIS_fnc_animateFlag to move the flag down, swap it, then move it back up to the top.
  17. brotherreaper

    Reserved Slots;

    I followed the guide provided in one of the threads on how to set up reserved slots. I just need ONE reserved slot for ZEUS for admins only. But I don't want it to be #adminlogged or an npc. I trying to set up a virtual entity as Zeus (interface only). My problem lies on who can access the slot. I set up the allowedIDs.txt and put my steam ID in there but it still continuously kicks me out of the slot. the server has -filePatching enabled to 1. Where am i messing up at???
  18. Hi, people! I've made a mod (just some static buildings, objects, etc.), but i cant see it in the Zeus when im in it at my server... Though it is present in EDEN editor... I've even placed my objects from this mod to my mission, so my mod would become required... but still it didnt show up in the Zeus(( (zeus module is configured properly! some another 3d-party mods are visible there...) In the mod's objects confs: scope = 2; Any ideas, pls? Maybe there is something like "scopeZeus"???
  19. I'm trying to find a scripting command that prohibits a curator from editing an object, similarly to how a player is not moveable, killable (END), deletable etc. by the curator. I did some looking and all I found was a command that checks weather or not an object is editable by the curator, none that explicitly restrict curator editing. While I was typing this I thought of a potential solution, I'll give it a shot later and report back code in spoiler, however if someone already has a solution or more info on this leme know! This should go in the objects init (I guess).
  20. Hello, it's over a week i'm searching through the internet to find a solution for my problem with no luck at all. I'm trying to make a Seize mission using the seize module, which is the favourite gamemode we play with friends, but even if i sync GM units to zeus addon module, the infantry units aren't working at all, when i access the Zeus interface as a debug i can only place vehicles but not infantry. Please help, attached to the post the editor version for the mission. Download sample mission
  21. 21st Nova Corps About us:The 21st Nova Corps, also known as the Galactic Marines, was a prominent military unit of clone troopers noted for their unique armor and relentlessness in combat. The corps served in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic as part of the 4th Sector Army under the leadership of Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi and Marshal Commander CC-1138 "Bacara." Prior to the conclusion of the Clone Wars, the marines fought Separatist Alliance droid forces in the Mygeeto Campaign where they received Order 66, causing Mundi's men to betray and kill him on the battlefield. We are currently looking for officers and lower. We have specializations in EOD Tech, Ghost Company, Field medic, Pilots and more to come. Requirements/Rules: Must read and agree to all Unit rules Age Requirement: 16+ Years old. Valid Arma 3 copy TeamSpeak Discord Must have mic Be a team player no lone wolf status No lying No screaming No blue on blue Follow all rules Schedule: Monday 20:00cst Tuesday 20:00cst Wednesday 20:00cst Thursday 20:00cst Friday 20:00cst Saturday 20:00cst Sunday 20:00cst XO contact email: tentastashgaming@gmail.com Unit Overview: As a corps of the Grand Army of the Republic, the 21st Nova Corps consisted of 36,864 troopers divided into sixteen regiments.The Galactic Marines were under the command of Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi and Marshal Commander CC-1138 "Bacara" and were attached to the 4th Sector Army. Mundi personally led a squad of Galactic Marines during the assault on Mygeeto. Equipment and vehiclesClone troopers assigned to the 21st Nova Corps were considered to be of exceptional conditioning and discipline, and were trained to operate in hostile environments, such as fungal clouds to pure vacuum environments.In the field, the corps would use the DC-15A blaster rifle and the DC-15A blaster. Along with their infantry forces, the unit also utilized UT-ATs in combat. https://discord.gg/gmbtH6HA58 Unit Link:https://units.arma3.com/unit/21stnovacorp
  22. After being remoted controlled by Zeus and then left to the AI they still fire their guns, walk/run but won't aim at the enemy any more it's like their arms stopped working, this happens only with infantry, at first i tried to remove some mods but then even fully vanilla game with no mods or optional dlc would still contain this bug dev version too i also verified the integrity of game files, uninstalled both arma 3 and steam,deleted appdata leftovers but nothing worked can somebody help with this? If more details are needed i will help with that .
  23. BRA-Samurai

    Paradrop vehicles

    Hello, i'm struggling doing this and maybe i'm doing something wrong For the mission i'm setting an Heli squad with players that will have to take a CH, slingload a Lightvehicle with players already on it reach a destination and paradrop the vehicle from safe altitude. Actually when CH unhooks the vehicle this will not open the parachute and this fall on the ground destroying the vehicle and killing everyone inside is there a way i can create vehicles via Zeus with parachute already on it or give an already existing vehicle a parachute?
  24. Here is a video I made on operations fools gold, a PVP zombie mission: Operation Fools Gold The world has been hit by a deadly "Zombie" like plague. Many nations have either collapsed or shut their doors to the outside world in the hopes of fending off the legions of dead now roaming the earth. Whispers of a vaccine being developed in the epicentre of the plague have enticed many mercenaries to try and recover such a valuable item as it would fetch a pretty penny. Your mission will be to recover said vaccine and escape the hell hole that is chernarus. Your search will start at the Green mountain Comms post where a prominent scientist along with what was left of the local military units had been broadcasting from. Good luck.
  25. Hello all! Now I have a tiny bit of a problem, after playing a primarily Zeus run mission with a friend, using about 16 mods, RHS, Project OPFOR, CUP, MCC and CBA_A3 to name some of them. After playing for a long while we decided to take a break, so I press escape, Save and Exit, and we quit the game, upon returning to the said game, I simply clicked on the mission, pressed Resume, loaded in the lobby, people pick their roles, and we load the game. After loading in I access Zeus to find out I can use ONLY the units that I've used in the previous session. For example, I could only use RHS Russian Cars, Soldiers, and APCs because that's all we used, but not tanks, helicopters, planes, they completely disappeared from the Zeus "Create" menu altogether! After a while I tested it out in a singleplayer scenario, if I resume a mission only the vanilla units and the units I used in the last mission are accessible to me, if I use AKs all units with AKs can be used if they are in the same tab under OPFOR for example, but that's it, everything else just disappears! Can somebody please help me this has to be the most annoying problem I've run into so far. There doesn't seem to be an obvious fix for it!