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  1. sebsterbl

    Bucket - Zeus Terrain Editing

    No and no, both the server and client need this mod as the rate limiting requires some communication between the two
  2. Bucket adds terrain deformation tools to Zeus, a lot, like Deformer but multiplayer. - Multiplayer compatible - Rate limited (so you can't crash the server) - Raise, lower, flatten or restore terrain https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2967119946
  3. This is my set of templates for almost every vanilla piece of equipment in the game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dqfc5nlzrhe16ji/arma3_vanilla_templates.rar?dl=0
  4. sebsterbl

    Ample Camo Pack

    Past few updates have changed the look of the mod significantly. Redone textures so they are less bright and saturated, should blend much better now, plus completely redone application method. Added GA Carrier vests Added many more camos Almost at 4000 items now.
  5. Ample Camo Pack Contains 73 items retextured 60 times, for a total of 4380 new pieces of equipment Each camo set has its own PBO, so you can pick and choose the camos you want to use. Just keep acp_main Create a copy of the "@Ample Camo Pack" folder, then delete each addon PBO. Each camo set is only 50-60mb. Camos: For the following items Headgear: Uniforms: Vests: Backpacks: Facewear: Get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2793899850
  6. sebsterbl


    Wildfire! This mod adds scripted fire spreading from foliage to foliage, and optionally buildings. Fires do damage, and are affected by wind direction, speed and rain. Fires can be started via module or script, and all fires can be extinguished in an emergency. The performance FPS wise is better than you'd expect, but less than perfect. FEATURES: - Spreadable wildfire - Compatible with any modded map - Eden/Zeus modules - Takes rain, wind direction and wind strength into account - Damages AI and players - ACE Medical Compatible (no compats needed) - CBA Settings for behaviour and performance - Optionally burn buildings - Emergency extinguish module - Multiplayer compatible - Serverside calculations Get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2645823531 Please submit any contributions, bug reports, stringtable translations, or feature requests to this projects Github: https://github.com/Seb105/Arma-Wildfire
  7. sebsterbl

    Commander Turret Override

    Yeah. I was planning on allowing the gunner to lock their turret sort of like Helicopter controls. I should disable CTO for turned out commanders at the same time.
  8. Also known as Commander Designate, modern tanks and APCs allow the commander to take control of the turret to quickly snap to a target, rather than having to describe where the gunner needs to look. Arma doesn't allow for this by default This mods allows a commander to temporarily override their gunner to snap to a target. This feature is enabled for all vehicles by default, see the documentation section for how to disable it for certain vehicles. FEATURES: - Allows a commander to force the turret of their vehicle to look a certain way - Works for AI, Players or Empty vehicles - Fully signed - Works for modded vehicles - Config-based disable - CBA Keybind (Default ALT+T) Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=2569680970
  9. I've been working on improving this a lot and it's now a mod, if anyone wants it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2422853226
  10. Script I made to instantly represent a marker area on the map on a table, terrain and terrain objects included. For all your tacticool planning needs. Check it out: And try it yourself: https://gist.github.com/Seb105/c66d0ffb814f48e4d4a6709a18d0ab6e#file-fn_modelvillage-sqf
  11. The reason for using CBA is the waitAndExecute and perFrameHandlers, which remove the need for a while loop with sleeps. A while loop is at the mercy of the scheduler, and would result in inconsistent perfomance for the script, which is constantly running whilst the player is flying. Plus, the event handlers added using CBA persist across saves and can accept parameters.
  12. Hi all, I really like the basic ArmA helicopter flight model however I never liked how it was so predictable, there is no turbulence or bounciness to the air which I thought was dissapointing. So, I have created a script which uses PhysX forces to randomly jossle aircraft around. It uses boundingBoxReal to calculate the an approximation of the surface area of the aricraft, and uses that alongside the wind and overcast a paramters to generate roughly realistic forces. The cool thing about PhysX is aircraft already have a mass assigned, and due to inertia larger aircraft are therefore less impacted. This is designed and tested using helicopters, but might work on planes. Give it a go. Features: Works with modded aircraft Scales based on weather (overcast and windspeed both generate turbulence) Larger, heavier aircraft are less impacted due to inertia, however as they have a larger surface area the forces are greater. This means each aircraft handles turbulence slightly different as the surface area/mass ratio is different. Generates no network traffic Kinda computationally expensive, but shouldn't lag your game to hell. Only calculates if player is the pilot. Doesn't affect AI pilots (they need the help) Require CBA. To test it out, just use it as an execVM in an object init. "this execVM turbulence.sqf". It won't work if you spawn into the aircraft, you have to get into the aircraft after mission start. Why did I do this? IDK lol. Any feedback would be appreciated, and if you want to turn this into a mod that applies itself to all PM me. https://github.com/Seb105/Random-Arma-Scripts/blob/master/aircraft turbulence/turbulence.sqf