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  1. With this script you can easily test if the arma 3 debug system works. Just paste the code in your mission folder. /////ERROR TEST////// Black box = on Error report = 1 ////END CODE////////
  2. Hi all. I made a little script to maintain team command after switch to another team-unit with keyboard key. So when i press keyboard key script will execute to switch to next unit and that unit will atomically become team leader. That works but i have one question if someone can help me. I would like to make unit to preserve a stance after team-unit switch. (using my script with keyboard key) For example...i control unit 1 and i press the crouch key, unit 1 will change stance to crouch. But when i switch to unit 2, unit 1 will no longer stay in crouch position...(or prone or stand...whatever i was on before switching). Of course i can order that specific unit to crouch but it takes time and it can get clumsy during battles. So does anyone know any script so that unit will preserve a stance after team-unit switch. I would like to add that to my script..the one when i press the keyboard key to switch to next unit. Thanks.
  3. Ok. I understand. It's still a very good script, i will be using it a lot, thanks. Cheers!
  4. This script is getting better and better. 😀 These are some of my suggestions, maybe if you have some free time to implement them... Spawn specific units, for example spawn "unit name, unit name, unit name" (true/false) Spawn units only from specific mod. (true/false) Spawn boats when player is on water. (true/false) Spawn air units when player is in the air. (true/false) Spawn infantry units when player is on ground. (true/false) Spawn vehicles when player is on ground. (true/false) Spawn empty vehicles (true/false). Spawn empty boats (true/false). Spawn empty air units (true/false). Change size of groups independently for infantry (true/false) Change size of groups independently for vehicles (true/false) Change size of groups independently for airplanes (true/false) Change size of groups independently for boats (true/false) Random size of groups, example 1-10. Random amount of groups, example 1-10. Spawn static units such as mortars and turrets. (true/false) Spawn specific units without patrol path. (true/false) Spawn infantry units that will automatically occupy nearby buildings. (true/false) Random amount of units that will occupy nearby buildings, example 1-10. When enemy units are killed they don't spawn anymore (true/false) Random amount of chance that the enemy will call artillery towards the player location, example 0%-100%. (true/false) Random time amount which will maybe activate (by chance amount) hunt for a player. Means...all units will have paths directed towards player. Keep up the good work!
  5. It's a very good script, keep it up! How can i change size of groups? for example...i would like to spawn 2-4 units in 6 groups.
  6. Thanks guys, i did some testing...but nothing works. Can you explain where to put this code: YOU_fnc_killCount= { params [["_caller]]; private _count = _caller getVariable ["you_killCount", 0]; if (_count> 10) then {_caller setVariable ["you_killCount", 0]; savegame;}; _caller setVariable ["you_killCount", _count +1]; }; And where to put this code: this addEventHandler ["Killed", { params ["_unit", "_killer", "_instigator", "_useEffects"]; _killer call you_fnc_killCount; }]; Im playing a mission where units are spawned randomly after mission start, so i can't put any code into individual units in editor.
  7. Hi all. Does anyone have any idea how to make a script to save the game after specific number of enemy kills? For example.. after 10 enemies killed automatically save the game. Or maybe this...after some random time that has passed, save the game. For example...between 1 and 10 minutes randomly save the game. Thanks.
  8. Hi, thanks for Grid Caching System, it's really good. The only problem i'm having with it is this...when i make a mission and put some units to patrol walking to some waypoints, they do that...but when i use GCS they will all start running, i have tried force walking and other things, nothing works...can you fix that? edit: everything is working fine, it was one of the mods that was interfering with units. Cheers!
  9. Thanks a lot man, it works perfectly, now i can get more deeper into some stealth missions. Cheers!
  10. Hi all. I have created small script in init.sqf to execute another script when i press keyboard button, that works but i do have a question or two about what code should i put in that script when i press keyboard button. I would like to disableAI "AUTOTARGET" for my entire team, also i would like to disableAI "AUTOTARGET" for individual soldier in my team by selecting that soldier first and then hit the keyboard button (to execute script). So basically i would like to have two keyboard buttons one for disableAI "AUTOTARGET" for entire team and another keyboard button to disableAI "AUTOTARGET" for individual soldier in my team by selecting that soldier first. So what code should i put in the script to execute when i press keyboard buttons? Thanks.