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  1. I hope BIS connect the "Old Man" campaign with Malden specialy with the large military complex eastern of the Malden Airport/-base. Here another Thread of mine to Malden: From https://arma3.com/news/argo-and-arma-3-malden-dlc-now-available#.W5yD-PaYSUl
  2. Is the military complex eastern of the Malden Airport/-base the home of CSATs Seismic Weapon (Eastwind Device) ? From https://armedassault.wikia.com/wiki/Eastwind_device From https://arma3.com/news/argo-and-arma-3-malden-dlc-now-available#.W5x4o_aYSUk Or exist the complex since the crisis in 1985 ?
  3. This mod is no longer updated/available (that was fun but very time consuming, thanks everyone for your support) Ground Zero Scenario Series Dead or not, they are a threat Gameplay 1-40 solo/coop/PVP survival game (host the game in multi even for solo else it will be broken). Survive in a hostile environment among civilians, militaries, thugs and optionally, zombies.Every game is different! Feedbacks welcome. Main features Permanent skirmish between the 3 factions (and Zombies if Ravage or Zombies & Demons is activated) Up to 40 players/AI in coop/PVP with dynamic respawn systems Huge randomized content 3 game modes 30 different type of missions each coming with variable elements 10 random events, dynamic weather , day & night cycle impacting the game, etc. Ambient systems for increased immersion: civilians, animals etc. Classic survival pillars: food, water, temperature, loot, vehicles, advanced health system etc. Open world: explore the region, follow the available missions, encounter random events... Dedicated server support Headless client support Custom save games for mission progress Automatic multi-mods support framework Mods Collection All Ground Zero different maps/scenarios Required mods Check the "Required items" widget on the right column of Steam workshop CBA_A3 Heros Survive Optional mods supported for even more immersion vCom AI Ravage Zombies and Demons BWS Zombies Any mod bringing content in the form of men, vehicles or equipement/gear will automatically be activated and stacked Update log http://arma-3-ground-zero.wikia.com/wiki/Update_log Wiki Work in progress wiki Downloads Ground Zero Altis Ground Zero Beketov Ground Zero Chernarus Ground Zero Chernarus 2035 Ground Zero Chernarus Redux Ground Zero Isla Duala Ground Zero Kunduz Ground Zero Malden Ground Zero Ruha Ground Zero Sahrani Ground Zero Stratis Ground Zero Takistan Ground Zero Tanoa Ground Zero Trava Ground Zero Vidda Ground Zero Wake Island Credits Click here
  4. Nogovan Armed Forces - NAF: This is my first addon release for Arma3, this addon is based around re-textured AAF units. As much as i would like to have custom infantry models, that is not my strength, config and scripting is my main area of expertise. These units are a continuation of my addon releases on the Nogovan theme which started with OFP/Arma/Arma2. Any feedback would be appreciated. BACKGROUND: Following the wars that ravaged the islands in the 1980’s, it was decided that the old militia system of weekend warriors with a minimum of training was insufficient to ensure the defence of the Nogovan Republic. Permanent armed forces based on universal conscription were therefore established, built around a core of former FIA guerilla’s and returned expatriate officers. The modest resources of the islands of Nogova, Everon and Malden preclude massive investment into modern armaments, leading to an emphasis on acquiring smart soldiers rather than smart weaponry. Rigorous and extensive training programs have been developed to ensure that raw recruits are brought to a high professional standard with a variety of military skills. In joint exercises with Western militariesNogovan draftees have outperformed the foreign regular counterparts on multiple occasions. All soldiers must pass an extended basic training for a period of six months before entering advanced military training. Part of the soldiers are then enrolled in the combat arms, part in the supporting services. Due to the relatively long ininital training all forces have a firm background in basic infantry skills regardless of their subsequent specialisation. The main part of recruits enter the light infantry which provides soldiers with training for operations in both alpine and desert conditions. Nogovan light infantry doctrine places a high value on dispersed and independent operations by platoon sized units against numerically superior or more heavily armed forces, mimicking the resistance tactics developed in the wars against the Soviets. Part of the troops are assigned to the armoured corps, which specialises in combined operations with tanks and armoured personnel carriers. The Nogovan Light Horse endorses fast aggressive tactics to quickly disrupt airborne or amphibuous invasions before initial assault forces are able to establish a firm bridgehead. Its reliance on brute force contrasts with the more fluid tactics of the rest of the army. After basic military training and the light infantry course the best and brightest of the recruits can volunteer for service with the airborne company, undergoing extensive advanced training imparting airborne and amphibuous infiltration techniques, demolitions skills and use of foreign weaponry and equipment. Endurance and initiative are highly stimulated in airborne candidates, a high number of which eventually enter non commissioned and subaltern officer training courses at the ViktorTroska Military Institute. DOWNLOAD: NAF Release 1.1 - http://naf.8bit-online.co.uk/download/2190/ REQUIREMENTS: NAF requires the latest version of Community Base Addons: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?178224-CBA-Community-Base-Addons-ARMA-3 NAF requires the latest version of NiaArms Weapons Core and NAF requires the latest version of NiaArms G3 Pack: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/190455-niarms-release-thread/
  5. Gates of ARMAgeddon Part 1: Shadow Fall Version 1.5 Special Edition released on 10/22/2017. Version 1.2 released on 2016.12.11 Download: (a bit over 200mb, includes ASCZ_Heads and EWK_Cigs addons) Shadow Fall at AZCoder.com Shadow Fall on Steam Shadow Fall PDF Guide Some called him a loner. Some called him a friend. Others called him a hero. And some would call him .... a madman. Shadow Fall is a single-player campaign where you can influence the reputation of the main character by making key decisions in the early missions. Your actions are tracked as reputation points that will alter some NPC dialog, and determine the final campaign objectives, and the all new epilogue end-scene. If you played Gambit Royale in Arma 2 (and coming soon for Arma 3), there was a bad guy with a hat and a nuclear bomb. This campaign explores the origins of the bad guy "Denmark". Your choices determine if he is just a misunderstood patriot to his people in northern Chernarus, or a dangerous man feared by all. Features of Shadow Fall include: Over 60 Radiation hot spots simulated in the two Pripyat missions Feral dogs (with JBOY dogs script) that can attack you and team members Reputation tracking that alters some dialog later in the campaign and final objectives Police that will respond to murders in first mission Custom-scripted ambient vehicles and civilians Fully voice acted Detailed cut scenes Battle in partly destroyed Chernogorsk Russian translated ASCZ Heads for more detail variation in faces Reputation tracking that determines if NPCs fear you or disregard you missions in Chernarus, Porto, Chernobyl Zone, and Malden 2035 a few animations ported from Arma 2 now includes EWK Cigs pbo by Mr Ewok per his license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/) AZC Function Library https://github.com/AZCoder/AZC-LIB Required Addons CBA 3 Steam or CBA 3 Armaholic CUP Terrains CWA Steam and CUP Terrains Core Steam and CUP Terrain Maps Steam OR all in one Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete Armaholic OR All CUP downloads alternative Project OPFOR Steam or Project OPFOR Armaholic Chernobyl Zone Armaholic or Chernobyl Zone official site RHS: GREF Steam or RHS: GREF Armaholic RHS: USAF Steam or RHS: USAF Armaholic RHS: AFRF Steam or RHS: AFRF Armaholic RDS Civilians Steam or RDS A2 Civilian Pack Armaholic Chernobyl Zone was removed from Steam by the author, so I removed the dead link above. As of now it's still on Armaholic and ArmanIII's web site. The Chernobyl Zone also offers alternative themes. I highly recommend Autumn because it matches the time frame of the missions. CHZ themes: https://a3chz.blogspot.com/p/downloads.html Major Changes with Special Edition (please see changelog below for full detailed list) added Project OPFOR to give proper detailed uniforms for pirates, Ukrainians, etc Pyotr now has his iconic cowboy hat (from Project OPFOR) inclusion of ASCZ heads with permission from Taurus4K, and face updates for some characters bugs fixed caused by Arma 3 updates and RHS updates Russian translations added mission on Malden 2035 previously created on Sahrani for the original release but dropped due to addons removed rewrote the AI spawning module major changes to flow of the first mission, and to the Chernobyl missions tons of more changes, see changelogs below Known Issues beyond my control RHS popup errors related to ammo crates, caused by the last RHS update, will be fixed in next RHS update ammo crate in first mission is sometimes really difficult to access, game engine bug? I think it's because you have no weapon yet. Just walk around until the option finally appears. in 3rd mission the pirates sometimes go swimming, it's NOT scripted! I can't stop them. there are some "fall-through" areas at the Pripyat stadium (both far ends of the bleachers), please save game a couple times around there just in case you fall through and get stuck Changelogs
  6. NIGHTWING Part 1 Made by - Kwire Your objective is to find a Pilot of a A-10 that crashed about 30 minutes after you passed out. You've been passed out for about 1 hour after a group of FIA and CSAT ambushed the NATO convoy you were in. You're the only that survived in the ambush. Once you woke up you find yourself in the small town of Goisse. You find your self a weapon in front of you. FIA and CSAT invaded almost the whole island of Malden. Try to find Intel on Nightwing once you do, Go and find if he is dead or alive. Mission takes about 15-25 minutes to complete. Note: This is my first mission I've made. So bare with me Adds - Custom Sounds, Custom Music Special thanks to ALIAS for his scripts! Make sure to increase music volume so you can get the full effect of the atmospheric music! Youtube Trailer link Steam link MP Version link Download size ~56mb
  7. Hey, I'm the owner of a small malden life community and was wondering if an experienced/reputable dev would be willing to do some work on the mission file. Here is what needs doing: - Green zone weapons drop automatically when shot, needs to be not dropped when shot as it is used for duping - View distance only 800m even when settings are increased - make cops spawn with rtu uniform - cops on revive loose their uniform texture, needs fixing so they dont - after players died, they respawn with same ammo, needs fixing so all ammo is lost - lsd and uranium cant gather even with perk and needs fixing. Only 2 runs which require perk - add AMS and ARCO to rebel shop and donator shop - Make insurance on all vehicles free - make vehicles non-exploding - tempest device not auto-gathering, needs to be fixed - Decrease number of cops needed to rob gas station to 3 - Fix the auto restart maverick script to work - Remove speed cameras maverick script - make car tuning maverick script not avalable for cops to use - In-game market menu is not working in phone as civ: https://gyazo.com/360afb9e403b8c01f137459114d3ecdd - Cars spawn with a toolkit inside - add nightvision to rebel and donator shop - car menu dispaying fuel and speed broken: https://gyazo.com/a64526d8fef703b24e0be6eeeadbb328 - Unflip timer of a couple seconds rather than instant - make cso and pcso only access rangemaster belt as vests. - PC has access to all below + tactical vest - Chief Detective has access to all below + carrier lite - Superintendent has access to all below + V_PlateCarrierSpec_rgr (special carrier rig) - COM has access to H_PilotHelmetFighter_B (helmet) - Add compass to cop shop - need names of the .png/jpg used for medic hummingbird and orca Some things are easy and will take no time, some are difficult If you could, please post how much you could do the work for, what you can do (if you cant do all of it) and any reputation/experience you have Thanks
  8. I recently decided to start making bases for my singleplayer survival modes. I finished one, and saved it, but the button to publish it was grey'd out. I don't know if it's because I used mods to make it, or what, but I don't even know if it's a thing that's been implemented yet. If anyone's curious, I'll add a link to download and poast screenshots. Armaholic is down and I don't want to upload a scenario to the Workshop so the forums sounded like the best place to me. Requires CUP Terrains Malden 2035 (official addon, for the resources) Helicopters DLC (helipad lights) RHS US Armed Forces (turrets) Screens Download File contents Installation
  9. Server has scripted custom skilled AI and tons of map additions. Start Gear is Custom also. Mods: -Exile (obviously), -Zombies & Demons, -CBA_A3, -Cup Weapons, -Units, -Vehicles -Maps Core Scripts: -Deploy Bike -Base Payment Notifications -Sell Crates at Traders (R3F) -Igiload -Virtual Garage -Adjustable View Distance -Custom Status Bar -Ejecting Bodies from Vehicles when dead -Towing,Lifting with balanced Classes, Advanced Slingloading Addons: -VEMF Mission System,Custom AI -DMS Mission System,Custom AI (with selfmade Missions) -ExileZ 2 Map is full of stuff me and my wonderful fiancée added,feel free to enjoy the dark atmosphere the server was made for. Last but not least theres something very very special on the server only some people will manage to find out.check the biggest dms mission on the server to get a clue well thats it
  10. Hello, is there a digital map of Malden available or are there plans to do so? In the usual place ( ..\Arma 3\Bonus\Maps ) I still find only the maps of Stratis and Tanoa. Regards M.
  11. Hello and Welcome Arma Community to the Malden Defence Forces Mod. Malden Defense Forces Malden Defence Forces is a Faction modification for Arma 3. This project will attempt to add a realistic armed force to protect the island of Malden realised in the free DLC; Malden 2035. Alex and I plan for this to be our first co-production to allow us both to improve our skill set. Malden Defence Force, AKA MDF, will be a strong military force able to defend itself and the islands within its maritime borders. The MDF will have a Maritime Guard, an Army and an Air Force. With our first release slated to come out just before or a short time after the release of Malden 2035 DLC it will only include simple stand in representations and a custom camouflage and branch. Follow on updates will include the fleshing out of each branch of the military and special operations units for each branch. This will include new weapons made by Zeealex and possibility of new vehicles as well. After the conflict on Malden between the Soviet separatists and the American Forces subsided 1985 leaving Malden in an impoverished and diminished state. The elected officials deemed it necessary for the country to have a standing Defense Force to avoid the events of the flash-point conflict of 1985 repeating themselves. As the nation expanded its economic power through its resources like fish and creation of luxury goods such as wine. The military grew with it to allow for proper protection of its newly exploited assets. This led to several arms companies to get involved including Robertsen Waffenfabarik GmbH Limited which actively pushed forward weapons development projects for the Malden Defence forces, which included it first mass produced weapon system, the CWS68, entering into mass production in 2022 and issued to troops of the Malden Army in the following year. Development Note: The staged release is subject to change as the project progresses Stage 1. -Initial Proof of Concept [COMPLETE!!!] - Creation of Faction with light role Infantry and Reconnaissance units. [Complete] - Creation of a unique woodland camouflage suited for Malden's climate using images from Malden's terrain. [Complete] - Creating suitable stand in equipment for the units mentioned above to be replaced later with unique equipment. [Complete] Stage 2. -Fleshing Out - Development of the CWS68 primary service rifle based off of the MR-C Prototyped by Crye Associates will begin immediately following stage 1 release [In Process] - Creating suitable stand in vehicles for units mentioned above to be replaced later with unique vehicles. [In Process] - Configuring Squads and Branches within the MDF and making it Zeus-compatible. [In Process] - Creation of a Malden National Flag as well as an MDF flag to replace stand in. [Complete] Stage 3. - Further expansion of equipment and weaponry - Hopeful completion of CWS68 and implementation into the current MDF units. [In Process] - Development of unique body armour, helmets and other unique equipment for staged release upon completion for Units mentioned above. [In Process] - Development of secondary and tertiary camo patterns for the MDF including a Marine or maritime Camo and a Deployment Camo with matching equipment for each. [In Process] Media for your viewing pleasure...
  12. Good day, Great forum and hoping someone can help, I sometime play the Escape game mode for Tanoa / Malden with friends and we use the standard game mode that comes up when I host a session. Is there any way to alter the stock MP Game in Eden?. I am aware I will need to unpack the PDO , But where would I find it and where would it have to be saved to be able to access it with EDEN. Hope someone can assist. Would appreciate a response in as simple terms as possible as I am a but of a dummy. Thanks Sandstorm
  13. [SP] Bounty Hunter (Malden)

    [SP] Bounty Hunter (Malden) An endless sandbox mission, featuring a custom shop system, upgradeable base, customizable missions parameters, dynamic enemy groups and random missions. You start with some basic gear and a couple of resources, the rest is up to you. You can earn money from killing roaming enemy groups, eliminating roadblocks, selling enemy vehicles and explosives to the Black Market and completing missions. The idea of this mission is to be a fun, "grindy" sandbox, inspired by games like Just Cause 2. I did my best to allow player to have a variety of different tools in his/her disposal, without making everything too easy or predictable. It was also not my intention to dive too deep on realism, so... keep that in mind. =) Mission link (Steam Workshop) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1126213389 This mission is still under heavy development, so bugs and errors are to be expected. Any feedback and bug reports are much appreciated! Known issues: -The screen in base occasionally refuses to work correctly. Also, if you don't have PiP on from the settings, it doesn't do anything anyway. Since this feature is pretty much a luxury and doesn't do anything else than add some visuals to the base, it's not a priority. -Sometimes groups will, despite many different workarounds, spawn inside rocks in Malden. I'm looking for better solutions for this. The issue persists with certain locations regarding the Area Clear mission type, unfortunately. -You will sometimes see duplicated notifications about group kills. These are annoying, but they don't actually add any extra money. I'm pretty sure that they are caused by some kind of bug inside Bohemia's own notification system, as none of my functions calls them when they appear second time. This mission is for SP only. However, 4 player CO-OP is currently under heavy consideration, but I make no promises. This mission DOESN'T REQUIRE ANY MODS. However, the following mods are strongly recommended: -CBA A3 :: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=450814997 -JSRS SOUNDMOD :: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=861133494 -JSRS SOUNDMOD - Additional Weapon Handling and Reloading Sounds :: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=863393819 -Blastcore Edited :: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767380317 -Enhanced Movement :: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333310405 -Revo's Simple Quicksave :: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29306
  14. I am building a scenario using the default Malden island. I have run into many different little glitches like fish swimming across the concrete dock and street, snake inside the warehouse by the dock, way points with fire teams spacing out more than the normal (what I call normal) distance between them, cannot set up way points on dock and cycle them (the keep wanting to go in the water instead of following the dock like I want them to and other little issues... I took a long time is setting these up (well not really). Anyway I wanted to see if this is fixable. https://youtu.be/hQqXtPurSqM Thanks, Eric
  15. Good day, Great forum and hoping someone can help, I sometime play the Escape game mode for Tanoa / Malden with friends and we use the standard game mode that comes up when I host a session. Is there any way to alter the stock MP Game in Eden?. I am aware I will need to unpack the PDO , But where would I find it and where would it have to be saved to be able to access it with EDEN. Hope someone can assist. Would appreciate a response in as simple terms as possible as I am a but of a dummy. Thanks Sandstorm
  16. Malden Life mission file

    Hi all, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to "developing" a life server and need some help or even just a full converted altis life mission file over to malden. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. See the image in the link. I made a map, had some AI planes flying waypoints... Now I have these permanent images of aircraft in the sky. Tried reloading the map, same. Tried starting a new Malden 2035 map from scratch in Eden. Same. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1093340498
  18. hideObjectGlobal in Malden

    How come cointainers and big hesco walls can't be hidden in Malden DLC? Is there any new way to do it?
  19. Hello. I am looking for someone with experience to help set up our server I have past experience but am having a problem with setting up our server hosted by GTXgameservers with getting the main map to stay on a rotation of Tanoa and Malden escape. and Tanoa & Malden combat patrols. i have tried a cpl times to edit the missions text but and try to find the correct paths. but as far as i have gotten is to fix the Malden hang up after a failed mission and can not get any of the missions for Tanoa combat patrol and escape. if someone could help or point me in the correct direction it would be greatly appreciated as I am seriously stuck.
  20. "Stop the convoy heading to the airport, and clear out the enemy desert base." This is a faithful recreation of Desert Ambush, the highly popular cooperative mission that featured in the original Operation Flashpoint (ArmA: Cold War Assault). Every element has been carefully recreated: the same number of soldiers, vehicles and similar-ish weapons. A lot has changed between Operation Flashpoint of 2001 and the latest version of ArmA 3, therefore there is the option of a virtual ammo drop and the option to enable revives (mission parameters). The default setup is very hardcore, just like the original. AI difficulty is dependent upon the host's settings. This mission requires RHS (AFRF, USAF, GREF and SAF). Mission download link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=966054556&searchtext=
  21. Malden Missing?

    Steam just did a 6.5 GB updated on the MAIN BRANCH and ARMA 3 Malden shows up as installed DLC on my PC. However, when I load up ARMA 3 to view the map in the editor, it is not listed! Any ideas?
  22. [DLC] Malden in Real Life!

    Well, I think that this was the closest location that looks like Malden. Mainly the left lower corner and the right lower corner of the main island with the peninsula on the right. Tell me what you think and if this is accurate! This island that Malden seems to be based off is Lefkada, Greece which it is connected by a bridge.
  23. Malden Zeus?

    When the Malden update comes around, does BI have any plans to add a zeus mode to it as well for use in the Official servers and our own private servers?
  24. Hi, i am a developer of a small arma life server. We have decided to switch to Malden when it comes up and we have started building the server in dev branch to prepare for launch. But we have encountered a problem in that alot of objects on Malden are Apex. Which means in our attempt to build simmilar structures already exist on Malden we have to put out apex object from the Eden editor which will make people who do not own Apex not able to join the server. Espcially annoying is it that most common wall on malden is apex locked which means we cant extend it or even repair broken bits of it with the editor. So my question is, when Malden is released will you be able to play on it even if you dont own apex and we place apex objects and if not are you planning the change that any time soon? Sorry for my broken English.
  25. Malden 2035 Heist

    For anyone on the Dev Branch who is looking for content to play on the new Malden map, I just published a quick "Heist" style mission. Should be some quick fun with friends. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934005651&searchtext=