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  1. Yes, it is. But be careful, Arma 3 in not COD or Battlefield. You will spend many tens of hours before you step into multiplayer.
  2. Yes, my tanks are now often drowning themselfs too, if are they near sea, or at the beach.
  3. The new CSAT helmet and AAF crew suit should by new crew standard. For example old CSAT crew helmet is the same like NATO one and it's free addition anyway.
  4. I am wondering if the new CSAT launcher is firing guided or unguided missiles?
  5. Yeah, I was about 900 meters away, thanks for the explanation. Edit: Played with Terrain set to High. I also noticed a Cheetah attacking the first defensive line which was really funny :D But please, don't remove A-164 Wipeouts! They are greatly demonstrating NATO's aerial superiority. I also like those cutscenes, especially that last one bound to perfect ending - it seems something like "farewell" to me. Anyway, it's a shame we didn't get more AAF missions or story in the past.
  6. Just finished Altis requiem and I must say that you had done an excellent work! All missions are very immersive, but they could be a little more longer. Even a number of details is fascinating - for example a pool of water at the OP of quad bikers in first mission. But there is a few things: * FIA offroad near Ifestiona is spawned at the rocks, so hangs in the air (1st mission) * Commander of the checkpoint has a radio voice (1st mission) * Support vehicles maybe sould be indestructible and they should move into town once is secured (2nd mission) * Offroads and Rhino at the beachhead are no match for my tank - they even didn't noticed me (2nd mission) * Two Slammers on the east are not moving (3rd mission)
  7. Anyway, I have much enjoyed the new showcase :)
  8. Apex protocol campaign port to single player.
  9. When are tanks in group and near the shore or beach, they will sometimes drive into the ocean and drown themselfs. This way I lost the tank for the last time in Tanks showcase and mission failed due to hight casualties :D
  10. Can't lock onto targets

    Comfirmed. You should create a ticket with bug.
  11. Can't lock onto targets

    Have your targets hot engines?
  12. AI can't heal AI

    Yeah, "healthy" AI walking around the battlefield with wounded leg is very annoying, especially in case of squar commander. And he never admits that he is wounded...
  13. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Thanks, it works! :)
  14. It would be nice if all armored vehicles will have a chance to be "radomly customized" after spawn or at the beginning of the mission.
  15. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Inside of interior, we should have an opportunity to switch main monitor to NV or IR for better realistic feel.