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    Contact Expansion Feedback

    At the moment I only have approximately 23 FPS ingame, which is much worse than at the time of DLC release. 😅
  2. Just watch guard's hands, he will tell you when you should stop. I have never problem with it.
  3. Another things: 1. Fast traveling does not consuming needed time. 2 Silos destruction mission is broken. Another try. A few more. Then I was pissed, so I tried to reload my second autosave, which was saved before my arriving to Cerebu, but! Instead of this game loads some autosave from the first checkpoint from the beginning of the mission, so, hours of gameplay came to nothing 😡
  4. Well, I am afraid that Old man needs a bit better optimalisation.
  5. Maybe. About two weeks I find out if your thought was right.
  6. Do you hear it too? https://feedback.bistudio.com/T145514
  7. Anything new about "Old man" scenario that was mentioned at the end of last year?
  8. After two days. Addon error is gone. Czech subtitles are there now. FPS performance returned almost to the normal by third mission. First two have still bad performance. Missions are immersive, conversations between characters are funny, a little joke about little green men is here too. So yes, so far i love Contact 🙂 Edit: No, FPS performance in the third mission is still poor.
  9. Play the main branch, it should be fine. It's a dev branch problem. Edit: It seems to be fixed.
  10. 1. Addon Error on start up - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T142660 2. Missing czech subtitles in game - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T142659 3. Poor performance, about 50% of normal FPS. 4. No achievements. I was looking forward to spend last few days of my vacation playing Contact, but now I understand that I will play Contact in my next vacation in six months, when it wil be in playable state 😄
  11. NATO forest Team Leader can't throw the throwing stuff - at least I can't throw if I am playing as a TL - the HUD looks as if it has no grenades, etc in the inventory.
  12. Bobrus

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Last year I did not play ArmA much, but now I have noticed few strange things about AI. 1. Sometimes AI stops moving for a few tens of seconds (not in combat situation) - applies mainly to moments when there are multiple objects around, e.g. in some farm or factory. 2. Now it seems that AI is moving noticeably slower in combat situations. Is it normal behavior? It reminds me a bit times of ArmA 2. 3. And finally, AI gave up recognition moving speeds of the waypoints - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T141498 - I suppouse that this is not correct behavior.
  13. Have somebody else noticed this inconspicuous bug? https://feedback.bistudio.com/T141498 I posted it about a month ago at Feedback Tracker, but... It seems that nobody noticed.
  14. Bobcat is a bit under the surface too.
  15. Which causes mission failure. When I always approaching point Yukon, Papa Beas says that Zulu didnt make it and we have to retreat, but then Zulu informs about attack near Sofia. Mission still fails. According to the on screen message, this may be a scripting error. https://imgur.com/a/bcLLBmK
  16. Tank and Infantry showcases has "BIS_fnc_establishingShot" error message too. Its probably bigger problem.
  17. Did you hear new engine/wheel sound for Rhino? Its tearing my ears appart! 😄 Really... you can try it for yourself. Funny thing is that if you are inside, sound is ok.
  18. I found out that my APRES mine dispenser is throwing mines only ONE meter away in any throw I tried. It should be 7 or 20 meters. Is there anybody with same problem?
  19. So no conversion... something inside me had died.
  20. Bobrus

    Tank DLC - 3rd Mission Questions

    It's a "Last stand" mission type.
  21. Agreed. It's been more than a year since first announcement of SP port of theApex campaign and there have been no new messages ever since.
  22. I noticed that AI armor has problem with maintaining formation. Vehicles are often much slower than commander, lagging behind and sometimes AI just drive away! :D
  23. Yes, it is. But be careful, Arma 3 in not COD or Battlefield. You will spend many tens of hours before you step into multiplayer.
  24. Yes, my tanks are now often drowning themselfs too, if are they near sea, or at the beach.