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  1. Hi I have a script which I copied from this forum ages ago to create crew in a chopper in multiplayer. _vehicle = _this select 0; _caller = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; _helotype = _this select 3; //_class passed in addAction arguments player sidechat format["%1", _helotype]; _vehicle removeAction _id; //remove the action once it is activated _spawnpoint = getMarkerPos "pilotspawn"; _grp = createGroup west; /* */ if (_helotype == "RHS_UH1Y") then { _pilot2 = "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_helipilot" createUnit [_spawnpoint, _grp, "this assignasgunner _vehicle; this moveinturret [_vehicle,[0]];"]; _crew1 = "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_helicrew" createUnit [_spawnpoint, _grp, "this assignasgunner _vehicle; this moveinturret [_vehicle,[1]];"]; _crew2 = "rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_helicrew" createUnit [_spawnpoint, _grp, "this assignasgunner _vehicle; this moveinturret [_vehicle,[2]];"]; hint parseText "<t color='#33cc33'>Tripulació a l'aparell</t>"; }; The problem is that sometimes we have both a human pilot and a copilot, so the _pilot2 position does not need to be created. Is there any way to make the _pilot2 check if the seat is empty and if it is not, skip the creation of unit and move onto _crew1 and _crew2. ? I have seen the function fullcrew but I am totally lost on how to apply it and run a check of the turret 0 of the vehicle. Help with the right syntax would be highly appreciated.
  2. In Arma3 BI asset page https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createVehicle/vehicles The building Land_MobileRadar_01_radar_F has a note: Radar_Rotation => user. Does it mean that there is a way to animate the radar and make it rotate?? anyone knows what line code would be needed in the object's init to make it happen?
  3. cc_kronus

    Immersion Cigs

    Any way to prevent the lollypop, cigarrette pack and lighter to load automatically on a player's equipment? It is messing my loadouts.
  4. Hi II am calling a script from the init.sqf but it on start up there is the black window with an error. (unfortunately, the window don't show the kind of error it is). I have tried many things but I am totally unable to figure what is wrong. this is the code. { if (side _x == civilian && _x isKindOf "Helicopter") then { _x addEventHandler ["GetIn", "if ((_this select 2) == driver (_this select 0)) then {nul = [(_this select 0),(_this select 2)] execVM 'helocrew\crewIn.sqf'}"]; }; } forEach vehicles; Can someone, please, take a look at it and let me know what may be wrong? Thanks
  5. PREI KMAOCH LUONG - Straw Houses are highly resistant: Bullets hardly penetrate. They resist direct rpg hits. They should go in flames when hit with enough tracer ammo and/or hit by RPG . Rifle ammo should go through the straw walls like hot knives through butter spaghetti! - Bridges cannot be destroyed. Vehicles do not recognize bridges as part of the road. - AI infantry is unable to cross even low depth water crossings. - Some of the houses have sound effects of civilian life ..... speaking in greek! better keep them silent at all if you can't find cambodian sound effects. - sounds of seagulls. You should use Tanoa's jungle sound suite instead. - Drug trafficker's runway has nowhere to park planes... you could at least leave a flat area at same level and next to the runway so trees can be removed by user if they want to use the area as parking/platform for small propeller planes
  6. cc_kronus


    Hi Sk3y, I can't understand this. Can you be more specific on how to use the above data for the AI character to show a camo face? What specific line should I type in the unit's init? Thanks!
  7. cc_kronus

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    and don't forget the this animateSource ["outerTent_Hide",1,true]; to have all the complete set! :)
  8. yep very wrong thread. I was actually addressed to this post
  9. cc_kronus

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Thanks Night 515!!!
  10. cc_kronus

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Do you know if there is also a command to remove the walls and leave them as open tents? Thanks
  11. cc_kronus

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Is there a template to edit the chalkboard " Land_wallsign_01_chalkboard_F" ? I tried with settextureglobal but it only changes the frame of the chalkboard.
  12. Hi When our RTO mark a point on the map and demand a virtual CAS support plane, the plane overflies the target point and then starts to circle it arround and arround and arround. It seems that if the AI pilot can't see the target, (which is most of the time in Dakrong map), they don't drop ordnance. Does anyone know of a way to force the airplane to drop the full Napalm load on the marker point placed in the map by the RTO? (regardless of what is below the jungle canopy, either VC or a lot of innocent bushes.!)
  13. Are those factions good for Echo version just released?