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  1. Welcome to the 5th Ranger Battalion! The 5th was created in December 2023 with many goals in mind both short and long term. Our short term goal was to establish a small but fortified command team including officers and NCOs in Aviation and Infantry including our Reconnaissance team. In just a month we have completed this goal and have completed multiple successful small team operations. Our long term and continuous goal is to build the 5th into a action packed and well structured milsim community. This being said we are highly focused on creating the best experience with a thorough application process to ensure everyone finds their place and reaches their goals within the Battalion. One of our most asked questions is how serious is the milsim? I can set a few expectations when joining operations. Expect to respect and follow the chain of command when in play and understand the we place NCOs and Officers in positions to provide the best experience possible. No, you will not have to Salute officers in a video game. No, you will not be expected to do virtual push-ups or run laps around the airfield because you grabbed the wrong pair of gloves from the box. Just understand that we have a standard and want a great and immersive experience for everyone. We will always try our best to provide quick and detailed mission briefings on the Ops with I's dotted and T's crossed by 15 min after start time so you can focus on enjoying your time. We hope you have a great time and experience with the unit and make some amazing friends along the way! https://discord.gg/9zTrvGyRza Current MOS List 11B - Infantryman 68W - Combat Medic Specialist 13F - Joint Fire Support Specialist SOAR - Special Operations Aviation Regiment 15A - Aviation Officer 15T - Crew Chief
  2. The ARUKS are a a group of veteran Arma3 players that have migrated over to Reforger. Whilst we do operate a loose milsim environment, we do not take ourselves too seriously! There will be no one barking orders at you and there will be no members with power trips... In stead, we have fun whilst getting the job done! Our Discord is structured in a way that groups the different squads together for local chat and we operate the platoon radio for squad to squad communication. Section Command >> Squad Leaders >> Squad Members Pilots (Transport & Resource Runs) Logistic Teams (Transport, Resource Runs & FOB Construction) We all work together for the greater good 🙂 The ARUKS have structured roles from riflemen to pilots, and everything in-between. * Squad Leaders * Medics * AT Riflemen * Designated Marksman * Machine Gunner * Pilots * Drivers * Assistants * Navigators Although mainly UK based, we welcome players from all countries; (English Language Required) And welcome both PC & Xbox players regardless of experience. If you'd like to join a group that are a barrel of laughs but can get the job done then we look forward to having you onboard! DISCORD: https://discord.gg/hHTDJ55Fdy (Discord is brand new and we are currently getting everyone over)
  3. Group: 4th Volnostian Airborne Force Assault Group. Branch: chill milsim, with a hint of professionalism. (how weird that may sound.) Main Language: English (not enforced) Time zone: western eastern and central Europe. Operation Times: N/A (all over the place) Operation Type: Zeus, OPS, Training the lot. Required Mods: RHS, all of drongos Mods, 3cb factions, some custom local mod, and smaller miscellaneous mods Additional Info: imagine in 1992 a small Nation in a civil war, between Ukraine and Russia. Chernarus but in beta stage but without the zombies. right extremist rebel groups are targeting civilians and the country's fragile stability. the government is having a hard time controlling the country and you're on of the 4th VADF that has to get rid of the chaos. that's you in this group. a cog in the machine. Discord: https://discord.gg/49RaXC6DHg
  4. I'm part of a UKSF unit leading Induction and Recruitment while also helping with training. We're strictly 18+ so very mature group of people from all over the world. Our average age would currently be 24+ At present we have 30+ members, and that number is growing, so we all get to know each other very well. As a unit we have been operating for 4 years now and we are not stopping any time soon, so all very seasoned Arma 3 veterans. At present we are exclusive to Arma 3, no plans to move to Reforger. We are ambitious though, so we plan on transitioning to Arma 4 when that becomes available. We focus on mil-sim realism and team play with a huge emphasis on the team play and coordination. We have training at 1900hrs BST every Wednesday, with optional workshops throughout the week. And operations at 1900hrs BST every Sunday During the downtime we have a lot of other events for other games going on throughout the week. such as DayZ, HOI4 and much more. Current mods include the best that comes to Arma 3 such as: RHS, CUP, ACE, KAT Medical, 3CB and much more, with all mods being optimized for our equipment available to us at any given operation and training session. If this is something you may be interested in, you can find more details on our website, plus a join link for our discord if you wish to join us. Our Website!
  5. 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines The 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines MilSim is a community-based in Arma Reforger that strives to have a tactical and realistic experience while still having fun. Founded in June of 2022 and through many hardships, we set out on our mission to establish a disciplined, organized, and respected community. Our unit is built on the backing of a strong and competent staff, with a combined 10 years of MilSim experience inside of our staff team. Beneath the surface of our structured in-game atmosphere, we tend to keep an extremely healthy, and happy community. We believe that having a sole focus on the in-game aspects only gets you so far, whereas a strong community creates so much more than just a "clan". As a result, on the off hours of our operations, you can experience a lively community with whom you can game, socialize, and just be yourself. In-game, you can expect a wide variety of missions in a multitude of settings. Our extremely talented Operations team works tirelessly throughout the weeks to ensure all of our Ops are of the highest quality for you to enjoy. In these missions, we strive to make every firefight feel immersive and every mission feel alive. General requirements: A - You must be around 16 years of age (show maturity) B - You must possess a legal copy of Arma Reforger C - You must be able to fluently speak and understand English If you make the decision to join our ranks, you will be provided a lot of opportunities to advance through our ranks and as a player. offer a wide variety of MOS' to choose from but do take into consideration that you may be placed in a role that your squad needs and not what you applied for. A couple of examples are: 0351 Infantry Assault Marine 0331 Machine Gunner 0365 Infantry Squad Leader 1800 Basic Tank and AAV Marine 3500 Basic Motor Transport marine 7597 Marine Corps Basic Rotary Wing Pilot 1371 Combat Engineer Game Master (ODIN) Operation times: 7:00 PM EST throughout the week. Applications for JNCO/NCO are available. Additionally, there are various events and training sessions hosted throughout the week at 7:00 PM EST. If you are interested, please join the discord for more information! https://discord.gg/RGR5p9usRp
  6. # Naval Special Warfare Group 1 ## REQUIREMENTS To enlist in this unit, you must be applicable in the following requirements: * Be 16 years of age * Own a legal copy of ArmA 3 * Be a person of high moral character * Own a working, clear microphone * Use a stable internet connection # SEAL Team 1, Charlie Platoon ## DESCRIPTION SEAL Team 1 is our primary mission unit, with capable operators who have undergone long and intensive training, the platoon can operate anywhere in the world, in Sea, Air, or Land. The platoon is tasked with Direct Action, Special Reconnaissance, Unconventional Warfare, Counter-Terrorism Operations, Counter-Drug Operations, Personnel Recovery, and Foreign/Domestic Security. ## TRAINING In order to be accepted into the team, the aspiring candidate will either enlist or commission into the US Navy, from there they will go to their respective schools (OCS, etc.). Following this, a candidate will be placed into a Special Warfare Operator Pipeline Class, Here they will complete a intensive pipeline that will teach them everything that is needed to operate in a SEAL Team. The candidates will undergo the following phases: * NSW Indoctrination * Basic Underwater Demolitions - 1st Phase * Basic Underwater Demolitions - 2nd Phase * Basic Underwater Demolitions - 3rd Phase * Parachute Jump School * SEAL Qualification Training * SERE School After this, the candidates will earn their tridents and be recruited into the platoon into their respective positions and will begin conducting Advanced Training before their first deployment cycle. # Other Opportunities More information about these positions may be found on our discord # Links and Media Discord:https://discord.gg/uE4s5yeGe5
  7. Who are we? The 75th Ranger Regiment is a US/UK based on the real unit 75th Ranger Regiment with their HQ in Fort Benning, GA and subordinate units in various other places. With specialized skills that enable us to perform air assault and direct action raids seizing key terrain such as airfields, destroying strategic facilities, and capturing or killing enemies of the Nation. Rangers are capable of conducting squad through regimental size operations using a variety of infiltration techniques including airborne, air assault and ground platforms. What positions are needed? 75th RR - 11B Infantryman - 12B Combat Engineer - 68W Combat Medic 17th Special Tactics Squadron - Combat Controller 160th SOAR - 153A Rotary Wing Aviator - MH-47G (Chinook) - MH-60 L/M (Blackhawk) - AH/MH-6 (Littlebird) We have specialized roles available after showing reasonable attendance and activity. Unit Schedule (Central Standard Time [CST]) Liberation Ops are ran Monday - Sunday or whenever people are on. Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Main Operations 7:30 CST Saturday - Sunday - How to join? If you are interested in joining the 75th Ranger Regiment, please join our discord using the link here: https://discord.gg/48Mm7tKDeZ When you join in, find the “create-a-ticket” channel, create a ticket, and let us know about your interest of joining the unit along with the position you are interested in.
  8. Group: Task Force Orion Branch: Milsim Main Language: English Timezone: EST Operation Times: 7pm EST Operation Type: All Required Mods: ACE, CUP, Task Force Arrowhead, Project OPFOR, Zeus Enhanced Other essential info: Founded in 2020, Task Force Orion strives in bringing a realistic yet fun milsim experience to its members. We provide training to each member so they can improve and move up in their field. Orion runs a multitude of different operations and training's, ranging from VIP Escorts and intelligence operations, to complex raids, and assisting local foreign governments. Discord/Website/Teamspeak: https://discord.gg/qs6V2umMcP Unit Requirements Must have legal copy of Arma 3 Must have Teamspeak 3 Must have microphone and speak proficient English Must be 15 years or older (waivers available based on maturity)
  9. dan ling-yang

    21st NC Recruitment

    21st Nova Corps Bacara's finest! The 21st Nova Corps Galactic Marines are a brand new unit looking to open its doors to the stars community. We are a semi-serious unit with a more laid back atmosphere but maintain the seriousness needed to get the job done. Our main priority is to make sure you, the player, are having fun with the homies scrapping clankers. Short legion background and unit info! The 21st Nova Corps are an elite clone legion lead by CC-1138 “Bacara” who specialized in fighting in hazardous conditions and were renown for being relentless in battle. While we will strive to follow lore as best we can we’re willing to deviate from lore to some extent to keep things fresh for the player base and allow our members to do the things they want to do. We also will be adding in tiny elements from the modern US Marine Corps (squad structure, SOF style, etc). Since hazardous environments aren't really a thing in Arma we will be primarily taking on a shock trooper role as the galactic marines are legendary for their relentlessness in battle. What are we looking for? Players who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere but are still willing to be serious when needed. If you're someone looking to have a good time with the boys, we want you in our community. Why join the 21st Nova Corps? -No required BCT -Dual uniting allowed! (Some limitations, inquire within) -Plentiful room for advancement (planned detachments, server staff, etc) -Command staff that will put you having fun as their top priority -A chill, welcoming community Requirements -Own a legal copy of Arma 3 -Be willing to use TeamSpeak and our mod list -Be 18 years of age (somewhat flexible, inquire in our discord to see if we’re the right unit for you) If interested, join our discord below to get your enlistment process started! ~CSS-1138 “Trapper” https://discord.gg/S245HwekPv
  10. Seraph Clan is a group of mil-sim players who enjoy not just combat operations, but hearts and minds campaigns, and goodwill missions. It is our goal to create as authentic and experience as possible for our members. We are new and actively recruiting! Please send us your applications! WELCOME TO SERAPH CLAN, RECRUIT Welcome, recruit! Are you ready to make a difference in the Arma community? Well, you've come to the right place! We are a passionate community of developers and players alike. We are a mil-sim (military simulation) group and we do have a chain of command which is to be respected by all members. We do clan wide operations here and there when we can make time for it but our gameplay mainly consists of casual online multiplayer. When representing the clan in-game, the chain of command is still to be respected, even if the clan is not doing an Op. This means the highest-ranking member has command of clan members on the same team as him or her. That being said there is PLENTY of room to move up in our ranks! So come enlist today, recruit, and embrace a prosperous future! Requirements: Must have Discord Must be available for Unit wide events usually on Sundays or Tuesdays Must be active at least once a week in the team Discord Must be 16 years of age or older (The only exception being members who were grandfathered in by having joined before this rule was implemented) Must take our chain of command seriously and respect your commanding officers! (This rule is very important to us) Must have a valid copy of Arma 3. Applications belonging to persons who do not have Arma 3 or have a pirated copy will be immediately discarded. A working mic is preferred but not required. Our links Discord: https://discord.gg/EgAcdtzYcC
  11. Kampfgruppe Schweiger "Bereit für das Vaterland zu kämpfen" Kampfgruppe Schweiger WW2 Realism Community Who are We? Kampfgruppe Schweiger is a World War 2 Semi-realism unit that represents the frontline soldiers of the German Heer. We are a unit made up of veteran Arma players and new ones alike. Currently we have campaigns planned for all major theatres the Germans fought in from Poland to North Africa and Russia to France. We consider ourselves a Virtual Reenactment Group, since we try to portray the frontline life and the drill that as common at the time. The Panzergrenadier Kompanie are the backbone of our Organization, formed from of 3 standard platoons of 3 squads each and 1 heavy platoon with mortars and heavy mgs. With the panzergrenadiers come the panzers. Without them we wouldn't be able to engage our heavier Armoured British and Russian counterparts on the field. Lastly are the Luftwaffe providing air supremacy and Close Air Support for the Panzergrenadiers and Panzers. Available Starting Roles Gewehrschutze (Rifleman) Funker (Radio Telephone Operator) MG-Schutze (Machine Gunner) Panzerjager (Anti-Tank Rifleman [Until 1943]) Sanitater (Medic) Kraftwagenfahrer (Vehicle Driver) Kraftwagen-schutze (Vehicle Gunner - Halftrack) Currently we are in demand of riflemen and Panzerjagers as well as halftrack crew Schedule All events are at 1930 Eastern Standard Time Thursday: General Training Day 1930 EST - 2130 EST Sunday: Main Operation Day 1930 EST - 2130 EST How to join If you have any questions or wish to join the Kampfgruppe do the following instructions Join the discord at: Discord Link Fill out the Application in #recruitment_processing Wait for a DM from a recruiter or @ a recruiter
  12. 7thTrans SSGT Mendez

    [Recruiting] - Task Force 10

    Welcome to Task Force 10 Here we are trying to create a unique gaming experience for the individual people of our community. We offer a realistic milsim experience for both Arma 3 and DCS. Mission Statement: The Task Force 10 mission is to be on standby for rapid deployment around the globe in a moments notice. We operate in the CST Timezone, with serious intent for military missions, and require players to attend 1 operation every month for activity. REQUIREMENTS Age: 16+ Primary language: English Also must have a working microphone. Games: DCS open beta, Arma 3 (one or the other or both) DCS: Air frame: A-10c or A-10c II, and or Av-8b. (Future air frames): F/A-18, and or OH-58D Maps: TBD Communications: Team Speak, SRS. Talk To A Recruiter Today
  13. The 59th Shock Trooper Battalion is a unit looking to get our players on the ground fighting the URF and insurgent forces that threaten the UEG and the UNSC. We aim to give a fun and semi-realistic experience within our operations. We strive to ensure you can be yourself and have fun while with us, whether you are a Marine infantryman, a pilot in the skies, or an armored vehicle operator. We are a new unit looking for active members to take part in our operations and missions alongside our wonderful members Available MOS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= We offer almost any kind of basic MOS, from Riflemen, Navy Corpsman, Fireteam and Squad Leaders, Snipers and Missile Specialists, Armored Vehicle Operators, or even piloting a multitude of aircraft, ranging from transport and logistics, to armed CAS and CAP. We are looking for anyone willing to put themselves forward, learning and adapting to difficult scenarios so that they can thrive on the battlefield alongside their squadmates. Whether you’re new to Arma, mil-sim, or a certain specialty or role, we offer a wide selection of training both scheduled, and done as requested. We even offer opportunities to become a mission maker or Zeus for the unit. What We Offer =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Our Zeuses, mission makers, and Officers guarantee a mindset of quality over quantity in terms of operations, as well as a fun and enjoyable experience for anyone who joins, whether you are a hardened Arma veteran, or if you have never played Arma before, and are looking for a welcoming unit to join. A fair warning, though, in the fact that this is a fairly new unit, and so a lot of things are still being worked on, including docs and training procedures for various specialties. Our C-Staff is hard at work making sure we can offer up the best experience possible for all our members Schedule =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Saturday: Weekly BCT/Qual Training @1600 EST Sunday: Weekly Operations @1600 EST Weekdays: Impromptu Ops and Trainings Requirements =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Maturity Ability to access team speak Functioning Mic Legal copy of Arma 3 Ability to attend scheduled unit activities at least once a week Be 17+ (Exceptions will be made, based on maturity) How to Join =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= To join, you really just need to join our Discord. From there, a Recruiter will help you get squared away, and answer any questions you may have https://discord.gg/Ws5A6nm
  14. Welcome to the 45 Commando recruitment post. We are a group of members with real life British Army experience. We are a unit leaning on the more serious side in game and during exercise but outside of game a community for everyone. Our milsim provides unique courses and roles for everyone creating a realistic atmosphere like no other. As we are new, we're currently ranging from 20-30 members as of now. Requirements Must have a Legal Copy of Arma 3 Must have a Microphone Must be able to speak English Must be aged 15 or over. How to Join All you must do to join our milsim is simply join our teamspeak or discord linked below and talk to one of our recruiter staff. From there, they will talk to you about what we are looking for and find out your perfect role. Training Each member that joins must go through a basic training called Phase 1. In this, the recruits learn everything they need to know from basic fieldcraft to medical knowledge for the battlefield. Members do not need to have any experience when joining as we can provide for you. Contacts Teamspeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/zep4Hx y
  15. I've been working on a little lightweight recruitment and dismissing script for editor placed AI units. So far it works well in single player games, as you can recruit and dismiss AI units repeatedly and at will. In my noobiness, I decided to achieve this via 4 small .sqf files inside a folder called wRecruit: recruiting.sqf - file content below: /* Usage: put this in INIT of the unit to be recruited; nul=[this] execVM "wRecruit\recruiting.sqf"; */ _guyNotRecruited = true; _fng = _this select 0; _fng setcaptive true; _recruitGuy = _fng addAction ["Recruit","wRecruit\newguyinit.sqf"]; while {_guyNotRecruited} do { if (not(captive _fng)) then {_guyNotRecruited = false}; if (not alive _fng) exitwith {_fng removeAction _recruitGuy}; sleep 1; }; _fng removeAction _recruitGuy; [_fng] join (group player); _fng enableAI "MOVE"; sleep 1; nul = [[["New Team Member recruited.","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t>"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; sleep 5; nul=[_fng] execVM "wRecruit\dismissing.sqf"; __________________________________________________________ newguyinit.sqf - file content below: // set unit not captive _unit=_this select 0; _unit setCaptive false; __________________________________________________________ dismissing.sqf - file content below: _guyRecruited = true; _fng = _this select 0; _dropGuy = _fng addAction ["Dismiss","wRecruit\dropguyinit.sqf"]; while {_guyRecruited} do { if (captive _fng) then {_guyRecruited = false}; if (not alive _fng) exitwith {_fng removeAction _dropGuy}; sleep 1; }; _fng removeAction _dropGuy; [_fng] join grpNull; _fng setCaptive true; sleep 1; if (not alive _fng) then { hint "Team member deceased"; } else { nul = [[["Team Member dismissed.","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t><br/>"],["","<t align='center' shadow='2' size='0.7'>%1</t>"]]] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; nul=[_fng] execVM "wRecruit\recruiting.sqf"; }; sleep 5; ____________________________________________________ dropguyinit.sqf - file content below: // set unit captive _unit=_this select 0; _unit setCaptive true; _____________________________________________________ This works well in single player but I would love to know how to make this multiplayer-compatible without making the script too big or cumbersome. ?? Also, how would I be able to implement this on units spawned in-game by other scripts? I used setCaptive as the condition needed to achieve the effect I wanted but I'm sure there are different ways or conditions that could be used similarly?
  16. Task Force Fighter is an American special operations unit in Arma 3 comprised of Green Berrt divisions each excelling in marksmanship, stealth operations, and neutralization of threats around the world. Upon joining, new recruits must under go a series of training phases and must attend a certain amount of operations before being eligible for amalgamation into Recon teams and SOFD-D. If you wish to join Task Force Fighter, join our discord. Timezones: All North American timezones work, we even have an EU member who is also active. Country: United States Play Style: MilSim with occasionally laid back moments Attendance: Not mandatory for being part of server but mandatory for rank ups. [ https://discord.gg/vv8384F ] I'll catch you on the flipside.
  17. ========================================= Squad name: 1st Force Recon Delta Company Timezone/location : Europe (Timezone CEST) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP, PVE, PVP, FUNOPS Contact email: None Website address: https://discord.gg/U9BdcRN Short description: The 1st Force Recon Delta Company is a semi/serious milsim made up of Arma 3 veterans/newbies. If you are interested in joining check out our Discord for more info, and add one of the Admins/Mods. Language: EN =========================================
  18. Jester Ops Quick Info: Region: Oceania/Australian Server Style: Semi-Realistic Size: 16-20 regulars Discord: discord.gg/ERje2HD Arma 3 Unit: units.arma3.com/unit/jester Mission dates: Fridays/Sundays alternating every fortnight. We are a medium sized group with an active player base of around 16-20 members, but many more within our discord who join us once in a while. The style of the group can be best described as semi-realistic. We are currently on a recruitment drive to expand our size to a full platoon of regular players, both to widen our experience within missions as well as making use of more refined and detailed tactics. Our focus is on enjoying the game in an immersive manner, without bogging it down with procedure. During missions we like to make use of squad tactics, formations, radio procedure and pre-assigned roles. We play our campaign missions every fortnight, alternating between fridays and sundays, beginning at 1930 AEST. We also have off-night missions semi-regularly, depending on whether one of the mission makers is interested in running as zeus. Beyond that, we have our own game mode titled Conquest, which will soon be up and running again. Think Liberation and Antistasi rolled into one. Our recruitment process is quite simple: Once you have played a mission with us, the members within your squad will tell the admins whether you gelled well with the group or not. What are we looking for? Mature players who are 16 years of age or older. Mostly active participants, however real life comes first. Willingness to listen to squad leaders during a mission.
  19. Lest We Forget - Arma 3 World War II Milsim "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few" Good day to everyone! Who Are We? We are the Lest We forget community! Our main mission is the bring units together to accomplish a common goal. What is that goal you may ask? That is a great question; our goal is to provide a good time for veteran/ seasoned WW2 milsimers and a environment for new players to learn and get use to community based operations and trainings. How to contact us? There are a few easy ways to get in touch with us including but not limited to: contacting us via discord or steam! Discord link: https://discord.gg/DdwKKuG Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/lestweforgetww2 Community Leader: https://steamcommunity.com/id/lecannuck/ Who is within the community? Well, currently we have 2 units within the community: Dog Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 32nd Armored Regiment What do we offer? We offer a place for you and your friends to play in a community setting, and learn about history. We also offer a multi national community. Whether you want to be a Soldier of Her majesties army, to being a conscript for the Motherland, even being a grenadier for the Fatherland, no matter the country we will try to fit you in as best we can. Requirements to Join 17 or older Must speak and understand English Must have a legal copy of Arma 3 Must have a willingness to download mods Pictures Jump training
  20. Branch: Realistic Mil-Sim Main Language: English Time: 21:00 (BST) / 9pm (Weekdays/Weekends) Operation Type : 24/7 Online Dedicated Server Discord: https://discord.gg/AtHvE6V Feel free to jump in the Discord group and let us know who you are and you can get to know the players. Black Wolves founding members are mostly of military background and bring that knowledge and expertise to the game so that we can run realistic operations. We don’t expect you to jump in and know exactly what you are doing, we will offer guidance, training and a good laugh! When running operations, we expect everyone to understand what they are doing and not going all RAMBO on everything. We are looking for those willing to learn the ropes. If you have questions just speak up and don’t sit quietly if you didn’t understand something. Available Roles: Strike Force Operators Requirements: Legal copy of Arma 3 16+
  21. WHO WE ARE Fate Gaming is a casual gaming community open to all who have a laid back attitude and who are here to have fun. There are no guild applications, minimum playtime requirements, prerequisites or officer hierarchy. We're run by the players, for the players. We play a variety of games and now have our sights focused on creating a new division for Arma 3. SERVERS We are currently running an Exile server but want input from our members on what other modes would be preferred. || Fate.Exile PVP 100k|Full Military|SELL CRATE|Revive|Claim| WHO ARE WE LOOKING TO RECRUIT Our community is currently looking for laid back, mature individuals who are 20 years of age or older. We are a mainly comprised of players from the US who all speak English and tend to to play in the afternoon/evenings following work. We accept players from all parts of the globe. We are not looking for players who desire hardcore game play, who are angered easily when they die, or who are looking to boss others around. Instead we value positive, upbeat, team orientated individuals. We are all adults here looking to unwind after a long day of work. If you are looking for a hardcore group of players who are all on 24/7, have attendance requirements and are focused on being as close to a military simulation as possible then this is not the organization for you. HOW TO JOIN US Does Fate Gaming sound like a community you are interested in joining? Are you laid back and are just looking for a group of guys & gals to game with on a number of titles? If so check our our website at FateGaming.com and hop into our Discord server!
  22. :: Introduction :: Bad Frag is a Casual Milsim Community created back during 2014 all the way back in ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead, back then we were called 'Hyperion - Private Military Company' since then we have been going strong and we opted for a name change due to the original name not really suiting the way that we play. First and foremost we are a casual milsim community and that is that. To get it out the way the quickly and easily, we require nobody to always attend our sessions and we require nobody to attend training sessions or by any means flaunt a rank or anything like that. Our community maintains itself by an Administration which ensures that everything goes smoothly. However, we do have a ranking structure which is always rewarded and structured on people who have more knowledge of the game itself and the amount of over-all participation in events and general community based events we running. But of course, this doesn't mean they're better than anybody, everyone is on the same footing. Of course, if anybody joining the community is rather new to the game we are always willing to help teach the basics and the standards of Milsim. As a community we are always willing to help each other and get everything figured out. Nobody here is just another number or just another body, we appreciate everyone who shows that they'd like to be here. Of course, I'd like to say that the community isn't overly serious we like to laugh and joke around during the missions we do and outside of our missions. However, we always expect people to behave and not break the general rules of the community during said missions and respect professionalism. :: Events / Event Times :: Here are our event times that we play. As a quick note we do not expect everyone to attend every session during the week. Attend what you want to attend, just be sure to let us know if you can / cannot attend a mission as it helps gives us information for the eventual turn-out. - Cooperative [PVE] - [Large Scale] - Friday - Pre-Operation | 18:00 [GMT+0] - Friday - Mission Start | 18:30 [GMT+0] - Cooperative [PVE] - [Large Scale] - Saturday - Pre-Operation | 18:00 [GMT+0] - Saturday - Mission Start | 18:30 [GMT+0] - Skirmish [PVP] - [Biweekly] - Cooperative [PVE] - [Small Scale] - Event type changes weekly. - Sunday - Pre-Operation | 17:00 [GMT+0] - Sunday - Mission Start | 17:30 [GMT+0] :: Community Prerequisites :: - You must of the age of 16 or above, no exceptions will be made. - You must be willing to follow the rules of the community. - You must have Teamspeak 3 installed, or willing to install it. - You must have a microphone. - You must be able to understand and speak English. - You must active and / or willing to join our sessions. Also, to clear up a potential misconception about the group I would like to say that you are NOT required to own any of the official DLCs or the Creator DLCs for ArmA 3. If this content is being used it will be mentioned in the the sign-up posts we create. Whilst you do not require it I would suggest getting them if you can afford it so you don't have to miss out on roles or missions. :: How do I join? :: It's quite easy! All you must do really is simply contact one of us through Discord, Steam or even our own Teamspeak. You can contact a senior member in the community or a moderator which you can find which are easily recognizable. Of course, depending on the time it might be a few minutes before somebody responds but somebody will get to you in the end. Once that happens they'll happily give you the extra details and point you to the resources you need to join in on our sessions. Of course you can find our Teamspeak, Steam and Discord through these links. - Teamspeak - Our Discord Our Steam Group If you have anything to ask me specifically you are completely free to add me [Archer] through Steam and I will give you any information you need or point you in the right direction. I hope that this post has given everyone enough information about community and I'm looking forward to seeing new faces, thank you. - Archer / Bad Frag Administration.
  23. SBS Fenrir Company is a European based unit which aims to have realistic intentions and having fun. Here we aim to have fun roleplaying as the British Royal Navy’s special forces called the “Special Boat Service”. Our missions are based around a lot around stealth, sabotage, intelligence gathering, high value target terminations and much much more. Our main code in this group is as follows: 1. Respect All players, staff and guests are to be treated with respect at all times. 2. Communication In this group we do not talk about each other, we talk with each other. 3. Fun We are a basically a group of people just wanting to have some fun together. Don’t be that guy that changes because of a rank or that is being a meme all the time We have Campaign Operations every weekend (Usually on a Saturday, just whenever the host is free) and Training every week to constantly improve on being a good, consistent Arma player whilst enjoying our time. If this has grabbed your interest just hop in the discord and we can recruit you into our ranks: https://discord.gg/67ZYkpC I hope to see you amongst our other brothers! Best regards, Sergeant "Dagger"
  24. 1st Battalion, 4th Marines "Whatever it takes" We are an experienced group of Milsim players that have been running Milsim games for about 4 years now. We have an amazing Zeus that will provide you with an epic experience and will provide you with a realistic environment. We are a modern U.S. Marine unit that operates in multiple different kinds of environments using modern day tactics that we introduce into Arma 3! All levels of experience welcome and we are more than willing to teach you anything you need to know to be an important asset and teammate in our Milsim! Positions Available [*]Rifleman [*]Grenadier [*]Engineer [*]Auto Rifleman [*]Machine Gunner [*]JTAC [*]Corpsman [*]Ammo Bearer [*]Sniper [*]Spotter [*]Fixed Wing Pilot [*]Rotary Wing Pilot [*]Helicopter Crew Member [/list] Rules: Must be 13+ Must have a working mic. Must have Teamspeak Installed. Must be willing to show up to weekend operations and training. Follow all rules and orders given in game. Be respectful to everyone. Operation Times and Info: Operations are always at 7:30 PM EST. Operation days are Saturday. Some Sundays are trainings. Content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe6evss9YCA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHJEnHkkXRo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh8JJyky3d4&t= Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1535084174 [DON’T LOAD DEPENDENCIES] Application Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zgHA9Xf4x5hC9JxCP9gIbnWXXHg-GW5HM4DSoHWg8hI/edit?ts=5c675f88 Teamspeak IP: (POKE US)
  25. Re-Activated December 28 2018 to counter the growing threat of CSAT and insurgents forces. All new recruits are to report to their nearest recruiting office for assignment. Recruiting Station https://discord.gg/NHzqFws Who Are We? -We are a Arma 3 tactical realism community for those who seek tactical team play, and others who want to relive that awesome military life with out the garrison customs and courtesy drama like cult thingy. Our community fosters new players and understands most have been playing fortnite, battlefield and Call of Duty their entire lives. We are here to help you transition from run n gun Rambo lone wolf solid snake American sniper tactics into awesome well oiled CSAT killing tactical machines. We also understand that sometimes a lot of what we teach doesn’t make sense to those accustomed to player revives with a dirty reused needle. So here we offer open membership to all our causal players to come and join us on our Dedicated Server and teamspeak channel to help us take some of these towns on the chaotic KP liberation mission. If you find out that you kinda like the team and some of the Official unit members then ask to officially join the unit. What do I have to do to join the Unit? -Good question! Most of that information can be found in that discord channel I posted in the beginning. But to give you a barnie style breakdown, you first need to attend the units basic training which is broken down into 3 30-60 minute sections Red, white and blue phase. The basic training will go over unit standards, tactics and all roles available for you to fill. After that there is specialized courses for various roles. You can specialize in one or be a jack of all trades, it’s up to you! When do you guys play? - the peak hours among the unit is around 1800 Gmt and we normally hold training on Tuesdays and Fridays, with unit operations on Saturdays. Any other days of the week are normally casual days so jump on and have fun. Can I be pilot? -Sure.....in casual gameplay, going to go ahead and assume you just downloaded the game. So if you want to be a unit pilot I’d prefer you practice, and learn to hurry up and wait. Because having planes blaze down an entire village before the troops get there is kinda a immersion killer. Can I fly Transport? -only if you can land Why do you only have slots for certain roles? -let’s put it this way, if your playing on a football team your likely not running the football if your a lineman and probably not catching the football if your the quarterback. Every position has a role and specific task and if one person is not sticking to their role the whole team fails. So in the 32nd ID we build our squads in a way where just about all tasks can be completed with the least amount of players. A Squad typically consists of about 9-12 players —ALPHA TEAM— Team leader Rifleman. (AT) Grenadier Automatic Rifleman --BRAVO TEAM— Team Leader Rifleman (SDM) Grenadier Automatic Rifleman —Command Elment— Squad leader Medic RTO/FO/JTAC Machine Gunner Other roles are planned for the future as the unit expands but for now we ask that players become familiar with the available roles. And fill them when needed. How to I get into the server or teamSpeak? - super easy, first join the discord and look in the appropriate channels or direct connect here: https://units.arma3.com/unit/32ndinfantry Hopefully you fill all warm and fuzzy inside about what we offer here, and muster up the courage to join. If you have any questions please feel free to ask either here, the discord or in game and will try are best to answers all reasonable questions. See you soon........