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Found 8 results

  1. Group: United Task Force (UNITAF) Branch: Flexible Schedule / Attendance - MILSIM just without the Yes Sir no Sir. Availability: Join on operations as often or as little as you like, including reserve roles if you want to join but aren't sure you'll make it. Language: English Time Zone: Central Europe (but we have plenty of people from the Americas and Pacific and wouldn't say no to more) Our Arma-integrated Website: United task force Discord: discord Operation Times: CEST/GMT/UTC - Flexible schedule (attend by choice from 1 to 20 ops a month) using our dynamic ORBAT deployment application. Operation Type: COOP (from 5-man Special Operations missions to 40-men+ beach assault we have it all) Mods: ACE / TFAR / RHS (Full list: mods) Roles available for:- Marksmen- Snipers- Leadership- Fixed Wing pilot- Rotary pilot and gunner- Tank crew- Autorifleman- Anti-tank/anti-air- Everything, seriously, any role is a potential option. Other Information: United Task Force is a one-of-a-kind session based cooperative MILSIM experience for the Arma series. A unique blend of realism, solid teamwork, just without the yes-sir-no-sir. Our Website: United task force FAQs and more information about UNITAF on the website. - 24/7 Public Server - Just search for UNITAF in the public server list. - Private session based MILSIM operations. - Numerous training sessions so you can become an expert in whatever roles you choose. - Our one-of-a-kind game integrated MILSIM website application. - Full of cool and friendly people from across the world. - Powerful and well maintained servers to reduce frame-drops and keep the game as immersive as possible. Email adress: hq@unitedtaskforce.net Website features: /- Order of Battle: Deploying on our missions looks something like this which makes it super easy to keep track of what team you're in and what your radio frequency is etc ORBAT Snapshot /- Operations Order [OPORD] are written in full for all official operations. To add immersion and let you know exactly what you should be doing on operation. OPORD Snapshot
  2. Welcome to the 45 Commando recruitment post. We are a group of members with real life British Army experience. We are a unit leaning on the more serious side in game and during exercise but outside of game a community for everyone. Our milsim provides unique courses and roles for everyone creating a realistic atmosphere like no other. As we are new, we're currently ranging from 20-30 members as of now. Requirements Must have a Legal Copy of Arma 3 Must have a Microphone Must be able to speak English Must be aged 15 or over. How to Join All you must do to join our milsim is simply join our teamspeak or discord linked below and talk to one of our recruiter staff. From there, they will talk to you about what we are looking for and find out your perfect role. Training Each member that joins must go through a basic training called Phase 1. In this, the recruits learn everything they need to know from basic fieldcraft to medical knowledge for the battlefield. Members do not need to have any experience when joining as we can provide for you. Contacts Teamspeak: Discord: https://discord.gg/zep4Hx y
  3. Hi guys, thanks for reading 🙂 (Main details bullet pointed at the bottom) TFD is a rebrand of a group that has been going for many years now, aiming to take our "Relaxed Milsim" mindset and give it a fresh lick of paint and a new focus in terms of setting. Since the start we have been focused on making milsim enjoyable, using all the kit and structure you'd expect in such a group but surrounding it with a community of friends rather than simulated military personnel. We put fun first, with a switched-on attitude when required. The aim of re-branding was to bring back a focus, as well as to give the group a direction. To achieve this, we've established dedicated structure, with leaders and admins who know our group and the mods and kit we use. We also shifted the group back to its roots: British Armed Forces. To do this we created Task Force Dagger, a combined effort of Parachute Regiment, Royal Marine and sometimes UKSF elements. This gives us a wide sandbox of scenarios to play whilst making our kit and appearance less random from mission to mission, again cementing a group identity. Our mission style is varied, often spanning planned campaigns with a narrative element including twists and turns which lead to unexpected and interesting in-game scenarios. One week we'll be scouting a position and the next we'll assault it, only to uncover some vital info which takes us on an unexpected mission elsewhere. In terms of joining, there is a small and short element of training, mainly aimed at ensuring you nail down the basics of arma, our various modded systems like ACE and TFAR, and some basic fighting techniques. Once this is done there is also the opportunity to take a specialty or even try for SF training, allowing you access to the riskiest missions and roles. All this is designed to help with nailing down skills, not pounding you with info, and will result in the ability to wield our more powerful weaponry. So, Key points: -Relaxed but switched on when needed. -A community of friends, not collagues (We play tons of other games too). -Fresh focus with a move to BAF and UKSF, using the TF:D setting. -Varied and interesting missions. -Campaigns with stories and twists. -Short training. Opportunity to take specialty roles e.g Medic, Marksman etc. -Currently around 12-15 active members so plenty of room to grow and plenty of time to get the role you want as we grow! OP TIMES: 7:30pm BST, Sunday (Main) and Tuesday. If any of this interests you, feel free to join our discord server here: https://discord.gg/2URUVq It's quiet as we use Steam Group Chat mainly, giving you a perfect chance to ask questions and chat to members, just @ an admin or recruiter with queries. See you on the field!
  4. Who are we? The Combat Applications Group (CAG) is an ArmA 3 realism unit based on tier one American special operations forces. CAG specializes in operations such as unconventional warfare, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, direct action, hostage rescue, VIP protection, and special reconnaissance. Operators deploy in nine-man teams, each person with a specific role. We also operate with a rotary-wing aviation element. What do we offer? As a member of CAG, you can expect a strong community based in North America, as well as a skilled team of staff members who have applicable experience in other units and outside of ARMA, including the military. Expect members who are seasoned, knowledgeable, and mature. CAG strives to create a realistic environment in-game. The unit runs operations once a week on saturday evenings, unit wide trainings twice a week, and plenty of off-hours public and private gaming throughout the week. We have a dedicated arma server, a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server for voice communications, as well as a Discord server for announcements and community use. Who are we looking for? While in the unit, we expect you to be a mature, serious, and responsible player willing to work with others as a team to make the experience enjoyable for everybody. We also expect you to be an active community member. We understand that people have responsibilities, and of course that always takes precedence. Lastly, we expect you to be willing to learn new tactics/techniques, and to be open to new things. If you’d like to sign up simply hop on to our discord or teamspeak and introduce yourself! https://discord.gg/MjYCKTv 1stsfod.teamspeak.wtf Basic Requirements: At least 18 years old. A legal and working copy of ArmA 3. A legal and working copy of the ArmA 3 Apex DLC. A working microphone, TeamSpeak 3, and Discord. Ability to speak English. Ability to attend most of the trainings and operations there may be.
  5. 2ndLt N. Volkiav 67thMEU

    67thMEU Recruiting Now!

    67th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Milsim Unit) Looking for dedicated players!! 67th Marine Expeditionary Unit is currently in the midst of recruiting for a realistic and serious approach to Arma 3. We will be a serious unit for the most part but still maintaining the fact that it's a game. We are in search of anyone 15+ of age (Will take younger ages into consideration) with a mature, and dedicated mindset. We currently have two servers, a TeamSpeak, and a website. We will be a heavily active unit on weekends and active throughout weekdays whenever it fits members schedules best. If this sounds like it could interest you then don't hesitate to head on over to our website and check it out or hop on our TeamSpeak with questions and you'll be answered promptly. Look forward to hearing from you!! TeamSpeak: Website: http://67thmarineexpeditionaryunit.mistforums.com/
  6. 3rd Marine Division Fox Company, 2nd Battalion Marine Raider Team 8316 1st Marine Aircraft Wing 724th Special Tactics Group Hello, and before you read this post I wanted to thank you personally for taking the time to check us out. It will be a bit long, but it will include all the information required to both understand what the unit is about and also how to enlist or get in contact should you be interested. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the resources we provide at the bottom of the post to get into contact. What is the 3rd Marine Division? The 3rd Marine Division, or 3rd MD, is a military simulation unit looking to redefine the standard of military simulation, by providing a drama free, mature, and professional environment where you are a person, not a number, and can have as equal a chance as any to succeed. This group was founded on those principles, and has taken them to heart. Under those principles, we intend to allow our unit to thrive inside the milsim community, and constantly take consideration to the opinions of our player base to further improve the experience we provide. Outside of how we operate, the 3rd Marine Division is the culmination of numerous different assets within the United States Military. We consist of a regular infantry element (2nd Bat, 3rd MD), a MARSOC element (MRT 8316), an aviation element (1st MAW), and a Para-rescue element (724th STG). All these elements operate either together or separately to complete a wide variety of different objectives within our operations, with care being taken to try and diversify the scope of the missions our unit partakes in. What We Do As stated prior, the 3rd MD strives to maintain a mature, professional, and more importantly realistic environment. Considering this, training and operations are held to a high standard, and are done on a fairly regular basis. While we don't have daily operations, we do have a public liberation server which we will play on during the week for the purpose of practice but also enjoyment. Furthermore, we have our private training and operations server, operations being Saturdays at 1800 Eastern Standard Time. Training schedules depend entirely on the unit in which you enlist. These trainings and operations are all of course not only to provide enjoyment, but are also intended to breed the skills required by our members for success. Furthermore, in keeping with our standard, we partake in missions that the real US Military would partake in, these operations include activities such as… Counter Terrorism Large Scale Conventional Warfare Helicopter Based Assaults Defensive Operations Direct Action Hostage Rescue and many more activities that are not needing to be listed Training and Requirements We will begin with requirements, as the rest is not applicable to you if you do not meet these. Must be 15+ (17+ for the MARSOC element) Must be mature and have a professional attitude Must be willing to follow the chain of command Must own a legal copy of ArmA 3 Must be willing to dedicate time towards the unit, as it shall to you Must be able to make at least one unit event a week unless excused Must complete the training process in the required time frame Must maintain respect for yourself and others at all times If you meet these requirements, then read the following. It describes our training process... Training depends entirely on the unit in which you are assigned. Therefore, the length can vary. It will generally be no longer than a month unless you choose to enlist in our MARSOC element. The MARSOC element strives to create a lengthy process, generally lasting a month and a half, to ensure all members are dedicated to the unit. How Do I Join? Joining is a very simple process; it can be done by finding a recruiter, who can be found on our teamspeak at tfv.teamspeak3.com If that IP doesn't work, try or come to our website and make an account at https://2ndbattalion3rdmarines.wordpress.com/ Thank you for reading this post.
  7. Squad Name : 41 Commando, Royal Marines TimeZone/Location : UK/EU, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Gamemode Preference : Co-Operative Contact Email : contact@41commando.net Website Address : http://www.41commando.net Short Description : We are an Arma 3 Milsim unit based around the United Kingdom armed forces. specifically, the historical and now decommissioned 41 Commando, Royal Marines we focus on highly realistic missions/campaigns and a rewarding chain of command to ensure the highest quality game play to our enlisted members. ​ The Royal Marines are the amphibious troops of the Royal Navy, acknowledged as one of the world's elite commando forces. Held at a very high readiness they can respond quickly to events anywhere around the globe. This is a reality we endeavor to simulate in all factors of our unit. Language : English
  8. 2ndLt. I. Wakouski

    32nd MEU Recruiting

    Hey there everyone the 32nd MEU Is recruiting. We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic people to come and join our group. We are primarily an MEU but we do have a JSOC element but there is limited positions to that group. All member for JSOC have are hand picked from general infantry Duties. We currently need people to fill these positions: Riflemen, Squad leader, Naval Corpmen, RTO, PIlots (2x). We have no age requirements all we ask is that you are mature and respectful to everyone on the Teamspeak and in the unit. Teamspeak: Thankyou for your time. Regards Capt I.Wakouski.