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    32nd MEU Recruiting

    Hey there everyone the 32nd MEU Is recruiting. We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic people to come and join our group. We are primarily an MEU but we do have a JSOC element but there is limited positions to that group. All member for JSOC have are hand picked from general infantry Duties. We currently need people to fill these positions: Riflemen, Squad leader, Naval Corpmen, RTO, PIlots (2x). We have no age requirements all we ask is that you are mature and respectful to everyone on the Teamspeak and in the unit. Teamspeak: Thankyou for your time. Regards Capt I.Wakouski.
  2. 2ndLt. I. Wakouski

    arma 2 101st Recruiting

    Hello guys I am here to say that the 101st Airborne is recruiting and we would love to have you come and play with us. Requirments: TS3, Mic, I44 (If you dont have it we can help you get it installed) TS3:
  3. The 101st Ariborne is recruiting and we would love you all to come and become a member of the 101st. Requirements: TS3, Working MIC,and I44 mod (but if you dont have the I44 mod we can help you get set up with it.