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  1. Varhastra

    Mission Maker Framework help

    Thanks mate! I'll have a look
  2. Hey, so I'm working on a mission that's intended to be like a combination of Vindicta and Overthrow, I'm using the mission Maker Framework and I tried to look at the wiki and guide for it but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Could someone point me in a direction where I could learn to use the framework?
  3. I'm not saying I'll do it, but I will say I'm curious. What type of mission exactly do you hope to make? You've said what it'll be inspired by but how's yours going to be different? Also I couldn't get your discord name to work when I tried adding you.
  4. Varhastra

    Best antistasi mission?

    So, because Nvidia is kinda stupid and has security measures in place that disallow the use of ACE mod when playing on their GeForce Now program, I'm coming here for advice because my laptop can not run Arma3 so I have to use GeForce. I want to play mods like Overthrow and Vindicta because I really like the concept of Antistasi but there are a few features missing that I'd like to see. So does anyone happen to know of a better Antistasi than the one by Barbaloni that DOES NOT require ACE? The features I'd like to see are the ability to eventually buy/import/whatever actual military vehicles, it feels like in Barbaloni's Antistasi you are fighting with one hand tied behind your back and it's very annoying. I'd also like to be able to customize the loadout of my forces, as well as build bases or camps throughout the map The ability to capture towns by occupying them would be nice too
  5. Varhastra

    Need suggestions please

    So my laptop can't run ArmA 3 on its own so I use Nvidia's GeForce Now program to play it. Due to stupid restrictions on the program, I can't run the ACE mod, which means I can't play anything that has it as a dependency. I've been playing Antistasi for a while now and I like the concept but I want something more along the lines of Overthrow or Vindicta. Does anyone know of a mod like those two but it doesn't use ACE?
  6. Varhastra

    Antistasi US

    Heyo, now before you start whining I'm in the wrong thread, this is NOT promoting a mission that has already been made, instead I'm wondering if anyone here would be interested in teaming up with me to make an Antistasi US campaign mission. I'd make it myself but thanks to limitations imposed by Nvidia's GeForce Now program I'm limited in my modding capabilities, so what I offer instead is to make the map for it. I'm looking for someone who's not just going to port the Antistasi campaign to my map, but someone who's willing to add some features the original Antistasi didn't have. If you're up for it please let me know in the comments.
  7. Varhastra

    Esports in Arma?

    I want to start off by saying that, at the time of this posting, I don't have any plan to create an Esports community for Arma 3 nor do I have any knowledge if one exists. I simply am curious if anyone thinks such a thing would be possible and how you guys think it would play out if it was a thing Would it play out using High Command and be more of a tactics game? Or would it be more along the line of TDM (team deathmatch) games? I figured since Units appear to be such a big deal Esports might be a thing to naturally follow. Maybe not, who knows? Also if such a community already exists please share a link to it below
  8. Varhastra

    Spawning AI into High Command

    I tried this but either I can't find the right phrasing in the script or I'm using the wrong HC group but it's not quite working as it should. How would I set the spawning AI to join the player's group? I've tried "units spwn1(variable name I gave to the spawn module) joinSilent player" But this doesn't work.
  9. Thank you all so much for your help, now all I've got left is to figure out how to make spawned ai via this method commandable via High Command
  10. Seraph Clan is a group of mil-sim players who enjoy not just combat operations, but hearts and minds campaigns, and goodwill missions. It is our goal to create as authentic and experience as possible for our members. We are new and actively recruiting! Please send us your applications! WELCOME TO SERAPH CLAN, RECRUIT Welcome, recruit! Are you ready to make a difference in the Arma community? Well, you've come to the right place! We are a passionate community of developers and players alike. We are a mil-sim (military simulation) group and we do have a chain of command which is to be respected by all members. We do clan wide operations here and there when we can make time for it but our gameplay mainly consists of casual online multiplayer. When representing the clan in-game, the chain of command is still to be respected, even if the clan is not doing an Op. This means the highest-ranking member has command of clan members on the same team as him or her. That being said there is PLENTY of room to move up in our ranks! So come enlist today, recruit, and embrace a prosperous future! Requirements: Must have Discord Must be available for Unit wide events usually on Sundays or Tuesdays Must be active at least once a week in the team Discord Must be 16 years of age or older (The only exception being members who were grandfathered in by having joined before this rule was implemented) Must take our chain of command seriously and respect your commanding officers! (This rule is very important to us) Must have a valid copy of Arma 3. Applications belonging to persons who do not have Arma 3 or have a pirated copy will be immediately discarded. A working mic is preferred but not required. Our links Discord: https://discord.gg/EgAcdtzYcC
  11. Squad name: Seraphic Operators Timezone/location : CST/North America Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop, Pvp, Military Sandbox Contact email: None at time of posting (11/23/2020: 4:29 PM Central Standard Time) Website address: None at time of posting (11/23/2020: 4:29 PM Central Standard Time) Short description: We are an active but new clan to Arma 3. We are always actively recruiting and we'd love for you to join our ranks so feel free to send in an application! Language: English, Spanish
  12. Varhastra

    Quick question

    I can open the launcher but that's it
  13. Varhastra

    Quick question

    @krzychuzokecia I do have Arma 3 installed on my laptop the only issue is my laptop can't run it, otherwise I'd just do all my modding from my laptop. I was hoping that by installing Arma 3 on my laptop I'd be able to take advantage of the Steam Cloud and edit the files on my computer then do my in-editor work on GeForce now.
  14. Is there a way to make friendly AI spawned in via SpawnAI module part of the High Command? i noticed when I was testing this out all AI spawned via that module weren't commandable. Is there a way to fix this?
  15. Hey, so can SpawnAI modules be activated and deactivated depending on whether a trigger is active or not? If so what would the script for such a function look like? Would "triggerActivated trg1" work?