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  1. Or perhaps it takes resources to work on a new engine, and to continue development. BI isn't exactly rolling in resources. Give them a little bit of slack.
  2. Honestly, all they need to do is bring back the interia from Arma 3 and we're good. They did an excellent job with gunplay, especially after the Marksman DLC, but Arma 3 gunplay always felt the most satisfying.
  3. CaptainAzimuth


    Woah, already i guess i'll be giving it a download here soon.
  4. CaptainAzimuth


    Any news on when this patch is supposed to drop? They said Q4 and i've been keeping an eye out, perhaps before Christmas?
  5. I'm ok with the idea of the uniform being a little scuffed to allow for an observant eye to understand that potentially that person isn't actually on the same team. However, such things are common in war even today we hear of such stories. For the sake of gameplay, subtle differences for stolen uniforms so that it becomes a thing of skill to realize who is an imposter among friendly forces. However, I am heavily against coming up with a way to prevent the use of enemy radios, like somehow if you picked up an enemy radio, it suddenly encrypts itself. Perhaps before a soldier dies, a button to allow them to disable their radio, and if done right, the enemy soldier who gets their hand on that radio can no longer use it. However, if a soldier dies and does NOT disable their radio, then they can still listen into enemy radio transmissions to gain an intelligence advantage. This would add an element of skill and organization so that it doesn't remove the current utility, but it adds the ability to make it harder to forces to gain a radio and listen into enemy transmissions, but it all depends on how the players react on the battlefield, and this is more interesting and more dynamic.
  6. It's also a matter of game design. The current Capture the Island mode is like this, but, it all depends on how the enemy fights. I've had rounds last multiple hours, perhaps it's the case that people continuously get kicked and have to re-join to continue, but i've also had matches that didn't last 40 minutes even because they just rushed all the objectives simultaneously. But the way Interpret "a war of several days", I can only really imagine Planetside's large scale, multi-faction battlefield with a game design that is based around a long conflict with multiple objectives with varying complexity... It does get me thinking though, that Bohemia would be the perfect company suited to replicate something like that as an official multiplayer game mode on top of the Arma series. Combined arms, large scale, is the hallmark of Arma, but you never really get to experience it to the fullest, it's either faked in some way, or you have to join a guild who simulates the experience using scripts and AI. The only issue is, Bohemia is a small indie company, the engine is limited to a degree, and even more so the network infrastructure to allow such a game mode to work would need to be created from scratch to allow persistence of a battle despite the player population. None the less, it's something i'd love to see them attempt to tackle. Capture the island always felt fun in Arma, but it's even better in Reforger because the performance is good. A complete product with an integrated multiplayer experience would be even better.
  7. CaptainAzimuth

    does this game even work yet?

    Definitely buyers remorse, still doesn't excuse the fact people had to accept terms before purchase, and yet here we are. I think the biggest issue is BI's network infrastructure, it's never been the best, and some innovation is definitely needed in that respect. Other than that Reforger is neat, good amount of mods coming and more to come, I think it's definitely worth leaning more on discussions related to how BI can solve the issues for Arma 4, after all that was he point of this game.
  8. Way back when WW3 the game was announced, I was falsely told that it would be Planetside 2 scale, but with modern warfare setting. Same theory was brought up when DICE revealed BF2042 development and something about "largest scale multiplayer" they ever had. If a planetside scale map could be made with an objective system of similar respect, it'd definitely catch on.
  9. I've never seen it done in RV, ever. I've seen it attempted with crude scripts, but that's the extent of it... however, those DayZ videos you posted are serious news to me, that looks actually feasible as a genuine feature if only the desync wasn't so noticeable. But that could actually be really amazing if BI make that standard for larger vehicles, we could see actual naval vessels, larger heli's and larger ground vehicles with the capacity to have people move within and on top of the interior spaces. How much work and how complex of a rabbit hole this could be though, is another story, and do the benefits outweigh the costs. Also how do you allow NPC's to also make use of these spaces without extensive advanced coding?
  10. Not many games can provide this kind of detail, and when they do it's because the feature set itself is fundamental to the focus of the game itself. Such a feature would mean the Arma series could definitely provide more immersion and also it could actually implement naval assets well, but, it'd have to be a focus. Only game i know that pulls this off is Star Citizen, where they've developed a "Physics Grid" system, where you can store physics grids inside other physics grids seamlessly, meaning you could walk around inside of an IFV that is driving around the cargo bay of a larger vessel. I don't see Arma ever possessing the capability unfortunately, and the amount of time to develop some a feature? They could make a few more Arma titles in the same timeframe probably.
  11. It's in my honest belief that helicopters should use the Advanced Flight Model without the brutal punishment of vortex ring state and other phenomena, just to keep things simple and fun without taking away the simulation element.
  12. CaptainAzimuth

    New informations or announcement soon?

    I'll take Reforger over Arma III any day, so far the experience has been extraordinary (when the servers permit). Arma III has never run this well under any circumstance, it's about time Arma's engine allows for consistent 60+ FPS. Also, there's a whole host of small details that really add a lot to the overall experience. Now we wait... Patiently. After years, Refoger has given me a reason to return.
  13. CaptainAzimuth

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I wonder... Will we be able to enter the Space Ship and take it for a spin? Walk along all the interiors and explore other planets in the solar system in real time? (i'm... i'm kidding)
  14. I'll give a good example. When planet ArcCorp first dropped for Star Citizen, the theme song for that planet when you begin your decent into the atmosphere, combined with the environment made for a breathless, almost shocking, surreal experience. The Music added so much to the experience, it's hard to explain but like nothing else. In gaming, depending on the game, the music can be just as impactful as the literal gameplay.
  15. It's that time again. Star Citizen reaches another mile stone with it's Procedural City tech with a major update due the end of this month... I'm, a little tired because of IRL things so, instead of a major in-depth review, i'll just provide some of the highlights. The major features of this update are as listed. DNA Customization (Character Creation) >Allows the blending of two real scanned faces into one unique face to create your character. You can choose the level of detail you cant taken from each face, and customize an intricate unique face as your own. Playable Female Characters >This doesn't need an introduction. Just another sex of Human Specimens. Planet ArcCorp (w/ 2 Moons Wala and Lyria) New Flight Model in Space and in Atmosphere (Lift and Drag added) And 20+ other Gameplay related additions and optimizations. Planet ArcCorp has a main Hero Landing Zone, Area-18... I'll just leave these here.