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  1. CaptainAzimuth

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I wonder... Will we be able to enter the Space Ship and take it for a spin? Walk along all the interiors and explore other planets in the solar system in real time? (i'm... i'm kidding)
  2. I'll give a good example. When planet ArcCorp first dropped for Star Citizen, the theme song for that planet when you begin your decent into the atmosphere, combined with the environment made for a breathless, almost shocking, surreal experience. The Music added so much to the experience, it's hard to explain but like nothing else. In gaming, depending on the game, the music can be just as impactful as the literal gameplay.
  3. It's that time again. Star Citizen reaches another mile stone with it's Procedural City tech with a major update due the end of this month... I'm, a little tired because of IRL things so, instead of a major in-depth review, i'll just provide some of the highlights. The major features of this update are as listed. DNA Customization (Character Creation) >Allows the blending of two real scanned faces into one unique face to create your character. You can choose the level of detail you cant taken from each face, and customize an intricate unique face as your own. Playable Female Characters >This doesn't need an introduction. Just another sex of Human Specimens. Planet ArcCorp (w/ 2 Moons Wala and Lyria) New Flight Model in Space and in Atmosphere (Lift and Drag added) And 20+ other Gameplay related additions and optimizations. Planet ArcCorp has a main Hero Landing Zone, Area-18... I'll just leave these here.
  4. Music plays a major role in video games, setting mood has a real effect on the experience, and thus how someone plays.
  5. CaptainAzimuth

    Warlords Game Mode: First Impressions

    Oh no, it's Multiplayer for sure. I assume you could theoretically create a Single-Player version quite easily though considering the fact they do have a Co-op mode for Players Vs. NPC's rather than Player Vs. Player. Though in defense of Multiplayer my experience was as smooth as a singe-player experience with the added challenge of Player encounters. =P
  6. After a few years of forgetting about Arma, i've returned, and it's been pleasantly Nostalgic. Upon hearing the news of the "Warlords" Game Mode going Live, i had to check it out for myself. I was pleasantly surprised at both how smooth it runs and how easy it was to get deep into the action even after years away from the Popular Niche title that is Arma 3. I was immediately greeted by a team with only 3 active bases, and on the verge of being pushed into the Ocean off the South West coast of Altis, just South of Kavala the Old Capital. Knowing what i know best, i did the only thing i was best at, Special Operations behind enemy lines. I learned how to use the Points System quickly, and get myself an AI, and a medium ATV (Prowler). I raced towards Neochori only to be stopped in my tracks by superior enemy Air Power. They had Gunships, Tanks, Jets, and MRAP's all advancing towards our only remaining bases so i had to think quick. Continuing on foot I fast tracked myself to a position in the fields and with a trusty AI squad, gave orders to attack and capture the nearest towns. In a quick response the enemy returned to counter attack, buying allied forces time to re-group and collect themselves. Didn't seem to be enough because the enemy quickly recaptured most of the points. It then became a Guerrilla War between just me and my Squad separate from the rest of my allies, and Battalions of enemy Tanks, and Brigades of Gunships. I had to Adapt. After capturing a town i requested reinforcements, so Anti-Aircraft, and some Grenadiers. Grenadiers were deployed to further inland towns, while Anti-Aircraft units were spread out creating an Aerial Denial Network. This worked splendidly. In fact, so well i was able to Lock Down the enemy Advance and push them all the way back to the Major Airport. Everything was going well, except for one small thing. I was a lone wolf, a Phantom Operative WAY deep behind enemy lines and i did not have Anti-Tank units. So naturally to my not-so-surprise, i found myself quickly encircled by Heavy Armor, but not beat... At least not yet. To close, finally, after giving the enemy a serious hard time for about 1-2 hours, they finally found me and cleaned up my forces. They then finished the match by rushing our last Base. Great stuff, and a lot of fun. I'm extremely pleased that finally an Official Game Mode has become very enjoyable from the get go, especially for the Tactical kind of player. I am certain it would have been much more fun if i had my crew to assist in the counter-attack, and even confident i could very well have changed the tides of that battle! Conclusion? 9/10 Experience. I suppose the only thing that would make this better is fortifications building. Thank You, Bohemia Interactive.
  7. CaptainAzimuth

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Correction, Libya is just an example of bad implementation of a bad idea. When i look at Libya, i see the fruits of US/European Foreign Policy. I see stable Sovereign state minding it's own business being crushed and turned into an every man for himself wasteland with millions fleeing, the majority of them drowning while seeking safety, with those that survive creating a migrant crisis in Europe and causing the rise of Political extremism. Unfortunately there were too many foreign interests keen on destroying Libya for various reasons, the strongest of which being France's desire to strengthen it's Military Projection over sea's at the expense of a relatively satisfied Libyan population. It didn't turn into a Civil war until the invasion, thus it's not truly a Civil War, as much as it is a War started by NATO, and continued via. the new age Proxy/Hybrid doctrine of the century, the "No boots on the ground" despite their being Military Advisers which just translate into Special Operations which as far as the civilian population of their respective nations are concerned, do not exist. This is why I think Russia is an interesting topic when related to Syria, without Russia, Syria would be another Libya, and then Iran would be next... Turns out Russia is a massive obstacle, it's no wonder we have seen the return of McCarthyism 10x fold. It's a bit like cooking up the perfect plan with all your friends, and having it stopped dead in it's tracks. Someone's going to be very, VERY pissed off. None the less, I think it's interesting if Russia is to succeed because I am dying to see what Russia's foreign intervention policy looks like in contrast with decades of American intervention. It will speak volumes, and wake a lot of people up as to what their tax payer money has been used for dating back to before the Vietnam War. I assume this is one of the reasons why Western countries are refusing to let many of the Syrian Refugee's return home to Syria despite the Syrian Government a few months back stating that their people can now return. This actually says quite a few things. -The first is that if people return to their country, it means the illusion put up by the West will be broken, with Russia being in the spotlight for saving a country from the most powerful Military Bloc in history. Less Syrian Refugees means less credibility behind the lie of "Democratic Liberation". -The Syrian Government can and will begin full reconstruction of not only civilian infrastructure, but also it's defense industry with possible collaboration with friendly states, while the civil sector gets a major boost with the return of people who would need the jobs of rebuilding their country. -It would be the beginning of the end for the Era of Western "War and Invasion to bring Freedom and Democracy" which is just a slogan aimed at Western Public consumption to hide the true Geo-Political implications and Decades of Policy of treason that's undermined the Constitution's of their States, and impoverished the Citizens of both Victim and Perpetrator States while Enriching only those who are in the Business of War.
  8. CaptainAzimuth

    Arma 3 + SpacialOS = ???

    Sigh... Thanks for the reply guys.
  9. CaptainAzimuth

    Arma 3 + SpacialOS = ???

    Is it possible? I heard of SpacialOS, and how it's open source and allows the capability of being used with any game engine. It allows seamless exponential increase of player count, for example the ability to go up from 100 players to 2000 players in a single match without a hit on performance network wise. I'm bringing this up because i thought it would be interesting for a discussion, and i thought it would be cool if it were possible to make use of that especially for maps like Altis as a sort of Mod even? Not sure. More detailed breakdown here - https://improbable.io/games
  10. CaptainAzimuth

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Easy to say, not easy to solve. Americans have in the past stood up for the right things against monumental odds. From the likes of those who did great good like MLK, or JFK, or the citizens who died when protesting the Vietnam War because THEY knew it is no different than the conflicts the US is now involved in, purely Geo-Political drama. The idea that Trump is bad, is actually quite misunderstood. Trump happens to actually be the best thing for America. Not because he's "the other" candidate, or because he's been gifted with a gold spoon in his mouth since childhood, but because of something not many people can easily understand. Trump is no different than any other politician, in fact he's much of the same. The only difference is that he's SO BAD at hiding and concealing the true intent of his actions, that's it's actually bringing to light some of the things that many people would never have questioned if someone like say, Hillary, or Bernie Sanders, or any other Left/Right politician were to have done it. -He elects the enemies of the Constitution to stand along side him. -He commits war crimes without the cunning and smooth criminal moves to conceal it. -He openly admits that Genocide in Yemen is fine because our Ally we help to commit it is a fantastic Business Partner. -He's a loud mouth with no chill, no filter, and doesn't hide it. He's everything this country needs because in America everyone is so Hypnotized by lies, the truth sounds mad, and so the mental reaction is to return to the lie because it's what the people are comfortable with. Trump is making the lie uncomfortable, so now people are beginning to act on transitioning to the Truth. Slowly but surely, the movement has started and people are beginning to realize we only have one chance at this kind of thing. But it's difficult because we have to go against the Military Industrial Complex, a sector full of criminals. That, and we can have no allies in this movement. We must do it as Americans, and for the Constitution we must. But there's hope. That's not the only movement. Even if America fails in ending the Global War On Of Terror against the world, there's been a grand shift that's pushing the people of the world towards peace and co-existence. But you need to understand one simple thing. The "Leaders" of Nations do NOT represent the people. They are Figure Heads, and Pawns. The People hold the true power, and without people, there is NO power. People are realizing this, and it's when the people of the world unite, and decide that one man, or group of men sending millions to die in their favor for Greed, Lust and Personal Gain, is when War ends, and Peace begins.
  11. CaptainAzimuth

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    We as human beings is probably the idea behind the "We". But out of curiosity, i would like to know why you refer to anyone who supports the official Syrian stance as "Fanboys", rather than just regular people with their own thoughts and opinions. Perhaps it has nothing to do with bias? We can easily look at the situations where the West has aimed to support an oppressed people, only to do the complete opposite. History proves this and i can easily provide you a list of over 20 countries, with almost all of them remaining in either famine, economic poverty, or on a hit list by the West for daring to hold it's own ground and decide it's own future as a sovereign state. Then we look at Russia, while, not having the best international record, it's international initiatives aren't as far reaching, though, one could argue that perhaps it's due to Russia not having a Global Military and Intelligence reach to match that of the West. But to the topic of Syria, and to defend the genuine aims of the Syrian people, you have to break through the Propaganda of both East and West to understand the core actions of Syria and it's strategic allies. In such a case it boils down ultimately beneficial to the Western world to support the official Syrian position despite their Eastern alliance. They've only been forced into that alliance by the actions of the much more powerful West, but the underlying aims of Syrians remain the same. A Secular, Sovereign state without the over reaching influence of foreign entities. The majority of people in the West support this Multi-Polar world where nation states retain their sovereignty AND Peaceful Co-existence. The Majority of people understand that the reason Syria is still unsecured is because of Western Interventionist policies, in being that for example the US's biggest reason for being in Syria was first to remove Assad who they marked as they usually do to anyone they don't favor, as a "Brutal, Ruthless Dictator" in need of replacement to Liberate the people. Of course upon such a failure to remove him, resulted in a shift from Removal to Proxy assistance and prolonging the war as long as possible. Later upon this strategy backfiring in multiple ways, it's resulted in the return of a shift of foreign policy posture aimed at countering "Destabilizing Iranian Influence", despite the fact Iran's history is very inclusive. Of course people are still aware that this is only Political stupidity still related to just more "Pro-War" and Neo-Con strategy despite the world understanding the US's multiple failed attempted attacks on Iran. The first being in the 1950's with the Overthrow of Iran, who's people were able to oust those put in power and democratically elect their own leaders, followed by the Iraq-Iran war which saw Iraq supported with chemical weapons support against Iran despite International Law regarding such weapons, and fast forward to today it's apparent that ONLY the minority of people support another war against Iran, because this Minority is the one funding and would likely be the only group to benefit from such a war, which also coincidences with the conflict in Syria. I Digress... The War in Syria happened to be the turning point to wake up the Majority in the West to begin taking actions that will replace the Minority class who favors a Pro-War/Interventionist Policy based on fabricated conditions to mis-inform people into supporting what would otherwise be seen as crimes against humanity for decades. We've seen War after War without a single benefit to the people who we've claimed to go and support, with leaders only now becoming bold enough to express their sole purpose of initiating these Wars, as just good business. It's not different today in places like Yemen, which ultimately break down to just another Geo-Political struggle perpetuated by Military Corporations who benefit the most from such conflicts, and their profit directly transfers over to the Death of human beings, whether armed or in many cases, Un-Armed and innocent. We, as in respectively here in the US, it's becoming apparent that the empire needs a deep cleaning to remove those in positions that were never meant to have such powers, so as to relentlessly conduct global military initiatives, much less go to war without the complete approval of Congress, much less the people whom they represent. The consensus is getting stronger, in that War for Profit, and Politics for Profit is not sustainable, especially for a nation that was originally founded based on the complete opposite of un-just actions of tyrannical regimes, and that we today have now become the greatest tyrannical regime of them all, which must reversed yesteryear.
  12. We're entering an era in gaming where levels become maps, maps become continents, and in this era, continents become entire planets and even universes. So i thought of an idea. The Plot One planet in the Armaverse, a continued SAGA based on the CSAT confrontation. After the events of East Wind, it created a situation where Diplomats were forced to scrape up what ever dialogue they could to maintain Peace. Even though behind sugar coated words, both CSAT and NATO had decided to not only toss their boxing gloves aside, but burn them too. Both the East and West along with their respective allies kicked their Military Industrial Complexes into overdrive in the hopes of beating out the other side in Military Equipment of varying type and lethality. Amidst a massive spiraling arms race for any sort of advantage over the other, it was impossible to escape the inevitable. Another Flash point boiled over except this time, it was a direct confrontation with no effort to hide the brawl, except, for one "minor" disaster. No one knows who did it, but it doesn't matter. 90% of Satellites were knocked out of orbit or operation. The world has gone almost entirely blind. Communication between nations has been entirely crippled. All that remains... is Misunderstanding, Conflict, Chaos. Game Design Following the massive scale of true Next Gen games, this takes place on an entire planet in some kind of Game Engine that is capable of rendering such a world. There's a variety of Super Power factions, Allied Factions which resemble smaller nation states, and Proxy factions which resemble small rebel or independent guerrilla units. The idea is the create a World at Conflict in the not so distant future following the East Wind Crisis, except there would be a world filled with Cities, Continents, and strategic points of interest that all of these above factions would be fighting to gain control over. Communication would be key, and it's made all that much more difficult due to the Satellite's being crippled. The idea of this would be something like Battleground Europe (World War II: Online) on a planetary scale, keeping the authentic Arma-esc FPS aspect but vastly expanding on the rest of Combined Arms Warfare to a level that can only be described as "Star Citizen" level Combined Arms. So you would have the NATO and CSAT states, their allies and then Neutral locations which could also possibly be captured. It doesn't have to be real life locations either, we got fictional islands to work with anyhow. But the most powerful assets would be provided from the main Super Power factions. To get these assets else where they must legitimately be moved to other regions, which can be captured, and then made into Bases. The resources in the region contribute to the base, and can become a specific kind of R&D asset for specific equipment, vehicles, weapons, etc. They can also be contested and taken over by either Independent or opposing Super Power/Allied Factions. This creates an Chaotic, ongoing Global Conflict for influence, control, hegemony, projection, and intelligence that all effect the larger picture of the battle. The battle is persistent, and saves until either someone wins the conflict, loses too much manpower, or a master administrator resets the server entirely. Players would be able to log off and back in at the closest Bases Via, Barracks, City, or friendly captured Region. The scale of the map would require a networking solution similar to SpatialOS that can simulate 50,000 Players all at once without any critical effects on gameplay. Systems like Object Container Streaming can also be used to make combat more smooth by not rendering absolutely everything that's going on around the entire planet, and instead only what players would need to know based on what they're doing.
  13. Some more news followed by sensual content below. Star Citizen has launched it's 3.3 build to live with it's other remaining content which was moved to a 3.3.5 for fine tuning hitting internal testing and then quickly adding futher waves of testers which include a wider audience into a closed PTU (Player Test Universe) build. The current news is like waiting for the worst, but recieving the best. Testing has gone so well they're considering skipping the furhter 4 waves of testing and taking it straight for closed test Wave 1 to a Live build due to how well it's performing. There are however a few more bugs with the Spaceport Air Control Tower and AI locomotion, as well as a minor Shopping Kiosk bug that needs to be fixed before it can be considered stable in it's full glory. The Verdict? They're looking at a release late this week or early next week. Sensual Landscape of Hurston
  14. Wow, no posts in awhile? Wtf? Ahhhhh, snap bois, it's time for a Montage. Lets start off with the most recent developments. This is Stanton I, official name is Planet Hurston, currently the biggest play area of any game ever. 2370Km in Diameter. I don't do math, so don't make me calculate circumference or the mass of the entire planetary body. This is the view approaching from Atmosphere. See it? No? See what? The main tower of Loreville City owned and run by Hurston Dynamics, a weapons manufacturer It is not just a backdrop. Like the entire planet Hurston, ALL of it is exploitable. So what about it? It's a huge planet with a huge Capital City, both owned and governed by the Weapons Manufacturer Hurston Dynamics. It's the very first Planet and Super-City detailed in full that will come with 3.3.5 slated for Mid-November, just next month. It's scale is not the only thing to marvel over. 3.3 which is currently in Player Test Universe phase to all who have bought the $45 game package (Or $30 dollar discounted package during the Anniversary, which is also coming up quite soon once again). The other excitement regarding this patch, is that it brings key features that have been long awaited by the community at large. Ship Purchase and Rent. Finally, in Loreville, you can purchase ships with your hard earned in game currency, UEC (United Earth Credits) with the rental feature coming later on in testing, it allows the aspiring Freighter Pilot the ability to save up for that massive Cargo Hauler they always wanted. Or perhaps a fighter pilot wishes to get an updated ship, or if someone wants to try out mining, or perhaps even take on the hottest Racing Circuit for a chance at a Galatic Cup. Finally, Ship buying opens up gameplay for EVERYONE. Train/Metro. As seen in the GIF above, how else to get to the New Deal ship shop without walking over 20 Miles? Of course, the Metro. You might also meet new people along the way, especially if you live or work along the outer walls of the City, as the wait time for a train is 5 Minutes if you miss it. OCS (Object Container Streaming) This probably should have been first on the list, but for those who aren't familiar, Object Container Streaming is a Magical Code the developers used to bring FPS from 15-20 FPS up to 60 and even 113 being the highest framerate currently observed by some streamers. Yeah... Insane. You can look up the term, i know i cut this quite short calling it Magic, but i'm not a coding expert and opted not to attempt to garner in full detail the implications of the tech that everyone in the community was waiting for and it's arrival has ushered in a literal new era for this game. But there's even more. So, what's been missed? Taking it from the top, if you want to explore the glory of the most recent event you can Check out the source of those gorgeous photos here in the Keynote presentation during this years Citizencon 2948 (a year in the Universe that CIG Studio has been building out meticulously with the most innovative tech in the industry) Now, this isn't the only heart stopper of the show. There were actually much more detailed panels at the event than last year that really dig into crazy technological breakthroughs to make this game look and feel the way they really want it to. They're trying to build a Universe after all more than a game, but, i can't really convey how much work goes into that so it's better off you check out the Panels for yourself. Make sure you watch the Keynote first though, trust me, it's worth it. Welcome to Loreville Breathing Life Into Content With Physics What A Bunch Of Characters By Design Crafting Space The Principles Of Flight And finally the most anticipated of all the panels from the commander in Chief Himself Road To Release
  15. CaptainAzimuth

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    The White Helmets have been proven to be on the side of extremest proxies in the region. As detailed by Eva Bartlett of Canada, and Tusli Gabbard of the United States who have both gone to Syria. One is a US congresswoman, and a Veteran with detailed knowledge of the conflict. It boils down to Geo-Politics. There's no Humanitarian nature to the Syrian conflict what so ever as it's often portrayed in "News". The White helmets were created by a former UK Military Contractor. Most White Helmet work is published with English audiences in mind despite working in an Arab republic along side proxy forces. Their main goal is Propaganda, not saving lives. Russia brought a child, father, and a number of other witnesses to the UN. who were "victims of the chemical attack" that happened earlier this year, and Western representatives walked out in protest, as well as there having been a News Blackout surrounding the event so as to keep the truth behind a fog of confusion. The Western Bloc had instead opted to strike Syria without OPCW confirmation, evidence, or an investigation. Then comes the bizarre events that followed, including News "Journalists" sniffing a supposed backpack that was in the chemical attack zone, as well as the Western strike itself not making sense. You wouldn't blow up chemical stores in a country using hundreds of Cruise Missiles. Why? That would be the same as detonating Chemical weapons in huge amounts in the country and causing it to disperse into the air. The idea that striking these facilities that were not proven to house such weapons would do any good rather than harm, only proves the foresight that these locations indeed did NOT house chemical weapons, and were instead just an alternative option for the current administration to conduct a show of force. This information can easily be found on various independent outlets such as -Jimmy Dore Show -The Liberty Report (w/ Ron Paul) -South Front -Global Research -Tulsi Gabbard -Rand Paul -Eva Bartlett -Jim Mattis (he stated there was no evidence early on during the events, but later changed his view due to political pressure, as all Politicians do for the interests of their donors)