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  1. This looks really great. Really excited to check it out.
  2. This solved the problem for me: Go to Start > Run and type in: regedit. Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam\. Create a new string value registry setting named CafeRate. Give the CafeRate regkey a value of 10000 and progressively decrease the value until the issue is resolved. A rate of 3000 should be considered the minimum value.
  3. FWIW, I've experienced the sound portion of this bug in stable.
  4. having this issue too - have you found a fix?
  5. k0rd

    [Official] Launcher Feedback

  6. k0rd

    freezing in dev build

    nevermind, sorry. I am having the same issue in stable that recently started up though.
  7. k0rd

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    I have a question - and this might just be my error. With this mod (and deps) installed, I can't place empty bluefor/nato armor (the vanilla assets) from the editor. Is this something correctable? I like to use the editor to make quick scenarios- would be nice to place empty armor.
  8. Its been unusable for a few stable iterations now. It is just strange that some channels work but side is hosed. I imagine there is already a ticket but I didn't check.
  9. k0rd

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    I think the point here is that blastcore wasn't "made from scratch". The author cannot change the terms of the license of constituent code.
  10. k0rd

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    *shrug* you are the one who came here ranting and raving about needing permission for code that is already licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL by somebody else (assuming that the github contributor above is correct in saying that CBA is GNU GPL) . It appears that any moderation that needs to be done has already been done. [edit] also, if something is released into the public domain without a specific license, what do you think the legal status of that something is? it has been brought to my attention that optical licensed this under a general "no you can't edit/distribute" statement. The only question now is: what are the terms of the constituent 3rd party scripts/configs/art that are contained within blastcore? [edit 2] I don't use this mod, I don't really care if it succeeds or if it fails. I have no connection to the person who is releasing the updated version - never once have I discussed anything with him directly or indirectly. As someone who writes mods for this and other games, I find it disconcerting that somebody can take an old, defunct mod.. repackage it with new classnames, distribute it, then try to deny others the exact same right they were afforded. It seems disingenuous (at best). The list of contributors (unthanked, by the way) that you can gather simply by looking at this mod is lengthy. This isn't one guy's work, but a community effort. I don't care that he is asking for donations, he deserves them if somebody feels he deserves them. What I do care about is this attitude that someone can basically take a bunch of people's work.. put it all together (granted, with some new work added), then claim to have some sort of exclusivity over the resulting codebase. It really goes against the community spirit - and likely the spirit of the original author's permission.
  11. k0rd

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    and what were the terms of this agreement? I find it hard to believe that a community-friendly contributor such as maddmatt would say : you can use my code, lock it down, and not let anyone access the derivative work/
  12. k0rd

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    since blastcore appears to be (at least in part) using old code from maddmatt's ArmAEffects mod, I think that all of this hatred for HJohnson is misplaced.
  13. k0rd

    Arma 3 Repsawn Issues

    If I were you, I'd just put a hint format["_oldunit = %1",_oldunit]; in there to see what the var looks like.
  14. hey guys - sounds like you both still are experiencing part of this bug. Could you (and anyone else still experiencing the problem) update the thread with what missions/mods you are seeing the error with, and any steps that can be taken to reproduce it? It seems like most of the error is fixed but there may still be some edge-cases left to clean up.
  15. it was fine for us on dev.. havent had a chance to try stable yer