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  1. Thanks for the compliment, I've spend a few weeks creating and perfecting it 🤗 but I have no idea about VR stufff.... Probably awesome but no idea! 😁
  2. Since Armaholic is no more, I updated the download links! Enjoy!
  3. 11 Years later... After the death of Armaholic I updated the download link. If you're still kicking Arma 2, make sure to check out this gem! 😊
  4. Sounds great, thanks for you work! Just uploaded them to our server, will try them next week and report back. :)
  5. You just made me rethink my atheism.... Holy fuck, this is amazing news! :D Missed you so much in Arma 3......
  6. Thanks nkey, that helped. This works now: _keybind = ["TFAR", "SW Transmit"] call cba_fnc_getKeybind; _array = (cba_keybinding_handlers select (_keybind)) select 2; _actualkey = _array select 0; :) Oh, and congrats on the win. :cheers:
  7. Hi there, I could use a little help. How do I find which key the user has set for SW transmit? I tried: _test = ["TFAR", "SW Transmit"] call cba_fnc_getKeybind; But this returns the wrong number. 37 (which is K for me), however I have set it to NUMPAD 9 (73). I'm confused. Any help would be much appreciated. :)
  8. sxp2high

    Addaction on Dedi

    addAction is a local command, it has to be executed on all clients. You can tell from the "EL" icon on top of the wiki page. First you give the unit a global variable and broadcast it, then you can use BIS_fnc_MP & BIS_fnc_spawn to add the action remotely. This should work: _grp = createGroup CIVILIAN; action_unit = _grp createUnit ["C_Orestes", getpos player, [], 0, "FORM"]; publicVariable "action_unit"; [{ action_unit addAction ["Please give me 2 Water barrels for our Village", "missions\waterckeck.sqf", "Land_WaterBarrel_F", 6, True, True, "", "(_target distance _this) < 3"]; }, "BIS_fnc_spawn", nil, true, true] call BIS_fnc_MP;
  9. sxp2high

    Why are my ArmA III gameplays so dark?

    Yea, Fraps is no good. Big FPS drain and very little options. Dxtory is decent, but I prefer Bandicam. Bandicam lets you record 2 audio lines and even separate .wav files if you wish. Never had any sync issues, and the image is crystal clear, uncompressed, high quality. Performance wise Dxtory and Bandicam are pretty equal. I tried Raptr/Gaming Evolved too but that sucks at the moment. It compresses on the fly, so the quality is not that good. No option to record uncompressed and no audio options at all. It's strange though because the colors were okay for me using Raptr. I'm not saying it's MP4 in general. It's bad compression, or bad render settings (in my experience). Some people manage to get nice image with mp4. I had the best results with WMV9, the files are pretty large though. I had this problem too, but only after rendering the video... The raw footage was alright with all programs. No idea what else the problem could be :(
  10. sxp2high

    Why are my ArmA III gameplays so dark?

    This is because of the codec/compression you use. MP4 tends to do that for example. Best to record uncompressed MPEG-1, and render in WMV. That worked best for me, I know exactly what you mean. What capture software? I recommend Bandicam.
  11. sxp2high

    Script to force uniform?

    player addEventHandler ["InventoryClosed", { if ((uniform player) == "") then { player forceAddUniform "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam"; }; }]; This would check each time the player closes his inventory, then add the uniform, if needed. If this is just for one mission, you add that line into your init.sqf or initPlayerLocal.sqf. If you want this for ALL missions you would have to make a serverside pbo, I can show you how, let me know.
  12. sxp2high

    Community challenge as advertising

    If you dislike achievements, you can use Steam Achievement Manager (At your own risk), I always unlock all achievements for my games to get rid of them... :) So you could say I cheated in this "challenge".
  13. sxp2high

    How To Repair Vehicles With Repair Truck?

    Still works exactly as in Arma 2, it should repair automatically when you're close to it. If the repair truck is empty, it should work regardless of side. If that doesn't work you have to use the action menu as driver of the damage vehicle. (Freelook is useful)
  14. sxp2high

    [Release] A3G Spectator Cam

    Very nice script, I like it. BI's spectator isn't bad either, but it's so restricted and a pain in the ass to work with, so yours is much appreciated. Very easy to implement and test around with in the editor. :) Thanks!
  15. sxp2high

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The wiki for CH-47F says: _this animate ["Ramp", 0]; _this animate ["Ramp", 1]; That doesn't work. It should be: _this animateDoor ["ramp_anim", 0]; _this animateDoor ["ramp_anim", 1]; Just FYI. :)