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  1. JM0N

    =BTC= Revive

    I don't use vehicle respawn either but code for vehicle respawn is within the BTC Revive script and that is what is popping up in the -showscripterrors dialog box. And i don't use ANY other modules besides BTC Revive so...... There are a LOT of people talking about seeing showscripterrors today after updating to 0.56 so if you're not seeing problems - I guess you're not updated to 0.56 . . . yet.
  2. JM0N

    Alpha update 0.56 problem

    I did find this post that talks of a solution to deactivate -showscriptErrors but it is a bit convoluted > http://1msobrealism.us/forums/index.php?topic=771.0 That guy is a using a program called SixUpdater to start ARMA 3 with various parameters to on or off. MY QUESTION = Can't -showscriptErrors be disabled in the properties menu (launch options) of ARMA 3 within Steam ? As shown here http://i.imgur.com/vlCoFId.jpg IF we can do that we just need to know the proper wording to disable it like -disablescriptErrors or -showscriptErrors 0 ?
  3. JM0N

    Alpha update 0.56 problem

    BTC Revive is also showing problems in the showScriptErrors command box after this latest update. I hope Giallustio can correct it - a lot of people use BTC Revive.
  4. JM0N

    =BTC= Revive

    I believe BTC Revive is still functioning despite the errors that come up while the mission is loading (errors detail something about Mobile or Vehicle respawn_west). I've been able to revive other teammates and have been revived myself so I know that part is working. & we're respawning at our correct respawn point with our custom gear each time too so I don't know why LIghtningUK is having that issue. Anyways, I hope Giallustio can edit the BTCRevive module A.S.A.P. as I'm sure this is affecting a lot of people.
  5. JM0N

    =BTC= Revive

    I'm going to try "onLoadName" i.e. author="Varanon"; OnLoadName = "Point Insertion"; OnLoadMission = "A group of NATO soldiers is tasked with sabotaging a coastal defense."; loadScreen = "images\loadScreen.paa"; I'm just hoping this replaces the empty BTC dialog box that comes up with "UNKNOWN MISSION" "UNKNOWN AUTHOR"
  6. JM0N

    =BTC= Revive

    I have a super newb question :blush: > How can I change the name of the mission that displays when mission is loading and it shows the map screen in background and the BTC dialog box comes up and it says "UNKNOWN MISSION" "UNKNOWN AUTHOR" I've seen other missions where people have used graphics in there along with new mission and author names. Would i change that in the description.ext by using these parameters: onLoadName = "Insert short mission name here"; onLoadMIssion = "Insert really short description here"; Author = "Insert your name here"; ?? Let me know guys ??
  7. When we played and beat my mission tonight all players saw the ending ! So success. I didn't change anything - we're all still Group leaders (all on OpFor). Maybe it was a bug when we played and the group leader reported seeing the ending and being taken back to my server lobby after he won the mission (by rescuing the hostages). Question: Do you have to be inside the trigger zone to see it activate end#1 if your in a separate group ? Tonight when we won and saw the end#1 sequence we were all in the end trigger zone together with the hostages. The time where the group leader beat it but I was left in the mission (while he was back in lobby) I was outside of the trigger zone when it happened. Hmmmmm .....
  8. I'll be more specific - How can the game end for all 4 players when the players are all team leaders themselves (Alpha 1-1, Alpha 1-2, Alpha 1-3, Alpha 2-1) ?
  9. So this mission has 4 BluFor - and for each of us to be able to control the hostages (having them follow and telling them to get in/out vehicles) with the "hostage / follow script" I'm using I had to make each person their own unit leader. Basically I just de-grouped all 4 BluFor players. Otherwise the only person that could truly control the hostages is the unit leader. However, I now realize that if one of the unit leaders rescues the hostages he will see the end mission screen but the other unit leaders remain in game. My question: how can I end the game for all players involved when any of the END #1, or END #2, or LOSE triggers are set off ?
  10. I'm going to try using BTC Revive http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148085-BTC-Revive
  11. BTC Revive ? That was not what you mentioned in your tutorials . . . Can you please explain what it does, where i get it, and how I implement it ? ---------- Post added at 17:29 ---------- Previous post was at 17:27 ---------- Ahh I got it here > http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148085-BTC-Revive
  12. Why is that ~ exactly ? What game should I make this mission on ? ---------- Post added at 14:15 ---------- Previous post was at 14:06 ---------- I am very - very close Zodd. Just need to get one more trigger on (and tested) and the mission is 100% what I originally set out to do. Could be done by tonight ! Only other thing I'd really like to do is have a slick opening that I'm hoping someone here in the forums can contribute on me with. I'm imagining using the real world headlines of when the Bohemia devs were taken prisoner but substituting their faces in the news articles with those of Civilian4 and Civilian5. And the cherry on top would be a slick visual fly in to the hilltop where the mission starts. I could continually edit this mission Ad infinitum but eventually i need to set it free. QUESTION: Where should I do that ? Is there a thread for missions to download here in the forums i could contribute to - or this there a special site I should upload it to ? ---------- Post added at 15:57 ---------- Previous post was at 14:15 ---------- Right now the problem I'm working on is trying to get the units custom gear I supplied in their init field to be persistent whenever they respawn back in after dying. Currently the units just respawn back in with the units default gear.
  13. Hi Spruten, - 2 problems - 1. The first line this execVM "whatever.sqf" does not work properly. Type script expected nothing is the error msg the editor pops up with. 2. I entered the second line you supplied thinking that i could test it out by killing the unit member once mission started and then they would respawn with the gear i put in my "loadout.sqf" - but it did not. Has anyone else tried this out ? MacScottie ? Anyone ? Getting my units to respawn with their custom gear is the last piece I need for my mission to GO LIVE :cool:
  14. I had to name my Civilian 4 and Civilian 5 for the the 1st trigger script F2K Sel suggested to work. I named them A1 and A2. And the working script looks like this: civilian present repeating condition A1 in thislist and A2 in thislist Thanks for this F2k Sel On the to the next two triggers > ---------- Post added at 23:07 ---------- Previous post was at 22:47 ---------- This trigger also worked as soon as I renamed my my civilians: !alive A1 and !alive A2 Again, props to you F2k Sel :jesus:
  15. I mentioned I tried that exact trigger at bottom of my post (p.s. section) and it didn't work. I'm wondering if "Not Present" means simply moved from area and it still counts them in area if the corpses are there. I'm going to try the triggers F2K mentioned here tonight after work - fingers crossed. I did want to also mention that I'm using this excellent HOSTAGE - FOLLOW ME SCRIPT I dig up from here http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/13368-hostage-rescuecapture-script/ and it works exceptionally well ! Thanks again for all help thus far fellow operators :cheers: