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  1. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    Good news - I made a big push on Aurora this weekend and I'm into testing now. Maybe a week or so and it will be out!
  2. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    Sorry for the delay, I've been studying and rock climbing during spare time. But will get to it soon.
  3. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    I plan to release Aurora shortly - working on it now - maybe 2 or 3 weeks away. I think you'll like it.
  4. lightspeed_aust

    Original Ghost Recon Campaign - Released!!

    just making some updates to some of the missions so the friendly AI work better, and also tweaking some AI difficulty. missions getting a makeover including Ivory Horn and Gold Mountain - because the AI move terribly through those areas. Gold Mountain is ready and will let you know when Ivory Horn and others are refreshed.
  5. lightspeed_aust

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Chongo, Angola

    Not playing A3 much lately, but I saw this terrain and had to have a look. I reckon this could be the best yet! It's more subtle, but more realistic than all the others I think. If I make a few more missions, it will be on this map. Great work Ice!
  6. lightspeed_aust

    ANZINS Terrain

    Beautiful work mate, I remember bad Benson trying to address this issue years ago.
  7. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    Thanks mate, really appreciate those words. 🙂
  8. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    Well only 43 downloads of latest mission, so I've decided the mission I'm working on now, Aurora, will be the last one in Arma 3, unless I do something in OPTRE at some point.
  9. Are there many do/mp missions available for this mod?
  10. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    Mission 3 - Cold Steam is released! - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1683976899 And don't forget to respond to my Trebuchet question. Enjoy!
  11. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    I'm not at all familiar with Halo but I could figure out I think lol.
  12. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    Interested in people's thoughts on a campaign using Operation Trebuchet: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pcgamer.com/amp/operation-trebuchet-a-halo-mod-for-arma-3-has-an-impressive-new-trailer/ But done in the style of the missions I make of course.
  13. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    Ok, back on track. I tested mission 3 last night and just a few tweaks and I'll release it.
  14. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Island Thunder 2 Campaign

    Great to hear some new players finding my work and enjoying it! I tried to keep it true to the originals with an Arma upgrade.
  15. lightspeed_aust

    [SP/CO6) Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

    Sorry. I just bought Hunter: Call of the Wild and I'm hooked, not sure when next mission will be out.