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  1. Dear Devs, I like all of ACE 3 - my group like almost all of ACE 3 - somewhere in the middle we meet and play this 8 year old game every week and enjoy the hell out of it. Thanks for all your hard work.
  2. ACE Fatigue and Stamina System Remover Our group developed a simple enough addon that simply removes the ACE fatigue system while in play and resets weapon sway and recoil rates to something closer to ArmA 2 values. I am assuming that there are numerous other options that do do the same but for the sake of ease, i have pasted a link here for you download and use; Battleboys Stamina Remover at MediaFire The end result of using this addon is that you don' t have to alter your build for ACE. Theopolus
  3. theopolus

    Arma3 Videos

    Battleboys ArmA 3 – Interceptors Mission #4 in JESTER's N'ziwasogo campaign begins right at the end of the previous mission and capture video - "Couriers". The Team is tasked with assembling their new toys from the Submarine and making good use of it to destroy a pair of CSAT helicopters en route to supply the enemy air base. Enjoy our Content? Don't forget to Subscribe!
  4. theopolus

    Arma3 Videos

    Battleboys ArmA 3 – Couriers Mission #3 of JESTER's N'ziwasogo campaign. In this mission WRENCH is tasked with picking up critical supplies from the Proteus under cover of night amid enemy patrol boats. Once secured they are to deliver those supplies to one of the central N'ziwasogo islands. Enjoy our Content? Don't forget to Subscribe!
  5. theopolus

    Arma3 Videos

    Battleboys ArmA 3 – Aggravators In mission #2 of JESTER's N'ziwasogo Campaign, Fireteam WRENCH is tasked with locating and destroying a downed, friendly UAV. Following that, they are tasked with assaulting a command HQ and eliminating the regional commander. Enjoy our Content? Don't forget to Subscribe!
  6. theopolus

    Arma3 Videos

    Battleboys ArmA 3 – Stage Hand Fireteam ECHO are deployed deep into enemy territory to disrupt enemy communications and destroy AA assets. Enjoy our Content? Don't forget to Subscribe!
  7. Hope it works for you and glad to do it. Post back with your progress just so folks know what it might have been or just that it works reliably. Good luck.
  8. Heya, i have today off so tinkering is fun. Example mission is below; Example | VLS via Trigger Mission is vanilla, on stratis and is left unbinarized so you can tear it apart and use what you like. Btw, while I was testing it out i had the same initial error that you reported - Bool error. Then i realised that i had forgot to name the targets (ie. i hadn't gone in and named them "t1" and "t2" in the variable name field). Not sure if that was your issue but this example mission works flawlessly. Note: you will want your view distance up as the ships are about 2.5 km out.
  9. my own test mission has this working. The condition on the trigger is set to Radio Alpha - in my activation field i have; west reportRemoteTarget [t1, 3000]; t1 confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; g1 fireAtTarget [t1, "weapon_vls_01"]; i have an opfor unit (the target) named "t1" and i have a blufor MK41 VLS cruise missile turret manned with a blufor rifleman to act as gunner - the Mk41 is named "g1". when i select Radio Alpha, a missile launches, flies to target and destroys it. i don't know if any of that will help you but it at least confirms that it is working on my end. side matters - ie. if your target is opfor (east) then the above setup and code would work. if your target is blufor (west) you can put an opfor unit in the Mk41 turrent and you would have the change the side in the trigger code to be east - ie. east reportRemoteTarget [t1,3000]; t1 confirmSensorTarget [east,true]; g1 fireAtTarget [t1,"weapon_vls_01"]; that will allow the Mk41 to launch a cruise missile at a blufor target. Hope some of this helps to troubleshoot.
  10. holy crip! that's both weird and fantastic! thanks for the help. When i copy straight from the forum as you mentioned the image below is what showed up in the "code" field when i pasted it in; https://ibb.co/jvRhYK0 Removed all the red dots, copied that and pasted it into my mission and all is good! Thanks
  11. ok, i'm risking the wrath of raising dead-ish posts here but i'm trying this and it's not working. 🙂 gets me the following error; 'call{west |#|reportRemoteTarget [t1,3000]; t1 co...' Error Missing : And, my understanding of java is just solid enough to copy stuff that works most of the time and is pretty limited in terms of trouble-shooting. anyone got any thoughts?
  12. theopolus

    Arma3 Videos

    Battleboys ArmA 3 – Infiltrators Fireteam WRENCH insert into enemy territory on G.O.S. N'ziwasogo via HALO, ambush an enemy patrol and attack a regional command post. Enjoy our Content? Don't forget to Subscribe!
  13. theopolus

    Arma3 Videos

    Battleboys ArmA 3 – Swamp Fox Fireteam Ivan assaults numerous insurgent strong points on Gunkizli. In fantastically dramatic style, the insurgents make liberal use of their RPG's! Enjoy our Content? Don't forget to Subscribe!
  14. theopolus

    Arma3 Videos

    Battleboys ArmA 3 – Road Work Redux Another mission from JESTER's Malden Campaign in which Fireteam Delta is tasked with intercepting and destroying an enemy supply convoy. Enjoy our Content? Don't forget to Subscribe!
  15. theopolus

    Arma3 Videos

    Battleboys ArmA 3 – Snippet: "Wait for it ..." Excerpt from "Fac 'em Up!" and made fully complete with the addition of footage from Frost's point of view. Revel in the sheer majesty of a ridiculously large ammo dump cook-off! Enjoy our Content? Don't forget to Subscribe!