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  1. Hello @Jonpas I fricken love the Theseus and JNS Skycranes FYI. HA had to say that. Thanks for your quick reply. Good to know that it might possibly be reworked in the future. So I can wrap my head around your second part the answer. You said. "Not ACRE2's feature, but those of the medical system you are using." In regards to not being able to speak to team mates over VOIP\radio or even when they are nearby when your avatar is unconscious. I don't quite understand how it all works together. So, would this not happen using mumble then as well with out Acre2 when you fall unconscious if this was a medical system feature? Which it doesn't. I just made the assumption(perhaps falsely) that Acre was disabling the Mic\radio\location chat in TS when your avatar goes unconscious. Thus it would actually be an ACRE feature and not Ace medical. Just trying to understand how all this magic works. Thanks for any insight. Have a great day.
  2. First post here on Acre's and I want to start with WOW this really is fantastic for immersion. It is so nice to not hear even our small group all the time when you are trying to talk to just one person you are working an urban environment with. I have a couple questions that I have DuckDuckGoed and Googled for. The message WARNING: ACRE IS NOT CONNECTED TO TEAMSPEAK! Is there a way to A: disable it or B: set a time limit on how long it displays? Like say the first 30 seconds of the mission. Does it really have to be there the whole time I am in mission? Can we put a fade out on it? Why would you want that to happen some of you are thinking. Well, since you asked I am home all day ever day recovering from cancer treatments and am playing on my small groups (All 6 of us) server while the rest of the group is at work. Our TS sever is not running during the week and it gets bothersome trying to read what is under that message? And sometimes when we do play we don't want to play with ACRE but if you build the mission with it you have to load it. I had a look at removing ACRE from our mission so we could play the Sandbox without it, but ACRE's is dug into the mission like ticks on a hound dog to borrow a line from Jessie the Body. Sadly our mission template has grown to a point where going back to a version that doesn't have it is impossible. Second question. With our small group we find it hard\boring when we do go down AKA unconscious and can't talk to anyone to let them know that I AM DOWN and need healing and am located at such and such. Is there a way to disable this option? We are not hard core Arma players but love using Acre's in our small group. But lying dead for minutes at a time until someone realizes you are down does have its drawbacks. Either way we love your work. Thanks for everything. Cheers. Styxx
  3. styxx42

    Theseus Services

    Excellent and IMO a much-needed addon. Jonpas, could I request an optional addon check in the event that RHSUSF is used and the Melb is inside that RHS instead of a separate MELB by itself? I receive a dependency error for the Melb when launching. Addon'tacs_variants_melb' requires addon 'MELB' The RHS addon is 'rhsusf_c_melb.pbo' If possible Thanks for all your great work.
  4. Hello Quick question. Not a game changer but. When launch with this addon enabled I receive a pop up " Addon Zetaborn requires Addon CAData_ParticleEffects." I can continue. But I would like to resolve this. Is there a dependency that I am missing. I redownloaded and still get the error. Thanks for all your hard work IceBreakr Styxx
  5. I wanted to post I feel the same way on all points of OP. I did not for the first time jump on the DLC with a pre-purchase. This DLC just did not do enough for me for the price. And I will not be ponying up for it.
  6. styxx42

    Ghost Recon in A3 Experience

    Lightspeed_aust Your missions were the BEST I ever played. I am so looking forward to your work on this project. I can't wait. if you need a small group to test for you on a dedicated server please let me know. We play most Friday nights. Really looking forward to this. Are you planning to add a water component now that we have the ability to swim and dive? (holy Crap I just ready your virus thread. Hope you recover 100%) Thanks
  7. styxx42

    British Ridgback PPV

    Looks fantastic and is a real nice addition to the BAF. Thanks for all your had work Cleggy.
  8. styxx42

    BMR Insurgency

    Jigsor I just loaded this up and went, wow. Great job. Thanks for all the hard work.
  9. styxx42

    Urban Patrol Script

    Kron, Thanks for this. LOVED it in every iteration of Arma. Thanks for this great work.
  10. styxx42

    Operation Myrmidon

    Thanks, This sounds interesting. Going to give it a try now.
  11. I echo the Glad to see you working together on this. Can't wait to get home and try this out. Thanks!!!!
  12. styxx42

    [R3F] Logistics

    Wow this is fantastic. Really great stuff. Adds a whole nother facet to Arma 3. Base building. The video was really well done as well. Props to the person that worked to put that together as well. One question. Will the AI still walk right through placed objects like in A2? Thanks for the great work.
  13. I second this. Love this tool. Best one I have used.
  14. Sure this is old but I needed to say BIG THANKS SavageCDN. This really helped us out. Props to you
  15. A Big Thank you for all your work on this. It is beautiful. Thanks so much. It extends the gameplay HUGES.