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  1. If you are looking for a clan to play with strategy, use the teamplay advantage look no further. We are here for 1 2 moths now , we have only 6 members so far, so im sorry if i don't bring any material to show ourselves because this clan is in developement sofar. /****Organization*****/ -We work as real special forces with detachments of 12 soldiers, with special habilities. -We use ranks and other identities to make the command chain easier. -We do obligatory trainings in order to get the best performance into battle. /****PlayStyle*****/ -We play combined ops with other clans. -We play fun games such as domination or insurgency " others " -We use ACE and ACRE to bring realism. /*****Assets******/ -Videos: no but we'd love to make some. -Website: same as before. -We got teamspeak running. -We need someone to edit our missions. -We got server running not so efficient though ,and not 24/7. /******YouMust*******/ -Be Respectful with other team members. -There's no age requirement -Know how to follow when it's time to and lead when it's time to aswell. -Know english atleast understand it. -Have fun and really like arma : )! Send a PM providing Skype or x fire or any other asset for communications and a PM will be sent with the information in order to play with us. Thanks for reading.
  2. It's not working for me , i can't load it in the editor , Is that the L3dt " antartic " texture you used?
  3. deltaGhost

    The Ingame map

    what tutorials? you did not link anything
  4. Alrigth so here is the question Do you have to crate your own ingame map or vistor will auto generate it ????
  5. deltaGhost

    World Machine 2, terrainbuilder

    As as you can get a heightmap from it , a black and white picture telling the atlitude so search for export and search for .png heightmap ... http://www.google.es/search?um=1&hl=es&biw=1280&bih=852&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=heightmap&oq=heightmap&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=407l1922l0l2110l9l7l0l1l1l0l313l718l0.1.1.1l3l0
  6. deltaGhost

    House, partial destruction

    Amazing ! :eek: since i need to apply that's stuff to my building that's useful ! thx if you guys make a tutorial or thx anyways for posting some help here : P
  7. deltaGhost

    4000 map size to 8000

  8. OMG , this L3DT it's so complex for what im actually looking for, thats a terrain generator , there isn't just that you can just model on 3d and then export to heigthmap? That program it's so complex comapred with wilbur the one i used before and it was not too bad Back to the question there isn't a " terrain creator tool " wich you model in 3d and you make your own kind of mountains by 3d and then export to heighmap? simplier one i mean i can't do anythign with this xD... So many options! Can you in this program just create a simple " plain land and make your way, or it will crate over and over some islands ? And another thing about l3dt can you use it to make caves? place them there horizontaly
  9. deltaGhost

    Ghost Recon - Island Thunder campaign

    Hey Ligthspeed sorry for not providing you the ghost recon units , they weren't 100 % perfect ,and i had to leave modding for a while question of time and maybe motivation gone away.. So , soon ill start transferring GR maps into arma 2 one by one , starting with the , Georgian campaign , the origmiss one , and maybe make em bigger and add 2 or 3 more things . M01_Caves M02_Farm M03_rrbridge M04........ So what about making a origmiss campaign :P? Or maybe just keep training yourself on this IT , campaign so you adquire enough skill for the campaign of all the origmiss map :P
  10. yeah i wondered the same thign today xD i deleted the .wrp and works anyways so its okay for me , but since im no ignorant im reading this to
  11. deltaGhost

    Wich OS 7 vista or ""XP """

    as soon as virus kills my database ill get win 7 xd And BTW , i got your antetion will my arma 2 work , run in arma 3 will the BI TOOLS change when arma 3 comes out? new versions bla bla bla new tools maybe : P ....
  12. Well so , yeah it unpacked my extra addons also lol but no problem at all and i got to get the sample map working on less than an hour 20 times less taht took me before so as far i can tell that your tutorial rules : P i also could introduce some objects and a lot of stuff and run them into arma 2 i made like a cqb training camp lol So , do you know of any tutorial wich explain how to send your 3d models made for example with maya or 3d max , into vistor 3 so thats 3dmax-- export -arma format- import--visitor 3 maybe ill ahve to use oxygen , and also im concerned that i won't be able to make them get destroyed ingame , they will be all anti nuke bunkers lol yes About the zones , they have not to be exact , i mean some variation won't mind it's just the concept of it not 100% , like 75 % same , its the 4 levels of the georgian mountain and then the caves , i know how to make caves on 3d max studio what i don't know is how ill introduce one in visitor 3 lol " i tell this of the caves because theres some at the the top and they are important " so can your experience tell if are you able to get some caves in a map i mean , afghanistan = caves full of talibans and takistan = afghanistan and i haven't found any caves in takistan yet, weird. Probably it's impossible to set a cave on a arma 2 map? :S maybe if i make one inside a rock :? xD Also how do i make ah satellite image of it? How i make the ingame map ?
  13. Btw another thing Bush in your tutorial , you should advice that if you have mods , so another PBOs appart from the vanilla ones like modificationn and stuff , the mikeros tool "Arma2P" , will unPBO them to , because that can generate some chaos :confused: on armawork you know also they get dropped outside of the CA folder wich makes it worse " opinion " because it gets together with the arma work files...
  14. So i know it's is something wich it's nto direcly relationaded with , the tools , but maybe some stuff works diferent depending with the OS So , thats my question does that matter ? if it matters which is the best OS to use? whats your opinion on wich is the best OS to use PROs? i use XP because im used to it and i ge t alot of stress when i use 7 or vista , keyboard suffered when i had them on xD
  15. thanks for the information :) alrigth so this is how i did install them right next to arma 2 file and is that normal? well the thing is that , i have my windows in spanish but arma was installed in an english folder " program files " instead of a spanish language folder wich it is " archivos de programa " , so i installed the tools there , and i can run them with no problem , im gettign this but i gues its not important no? vacio = empty i gues that windows its programmed to only include the programs in the start " inicio" when they are in the main by language " program files folder " in this case " archivos de programa " next time ill isntall my windows as im english .... im worried that this will give me problems to the future i hope not ah alrigth ive already got that tut one i download it ages ago so thats the one i guess? ah ok now i start to remember it maybe you have to do a few strange things with the cpp file of your p drive .. ill jsut check the youtube tutorial of gnat i gues it was yeah so that one is ok for isntallign the tools? i used that one and i could go far away with the oxygen 2 i crated my own actors/soldiers/characters and all : P was cool now it's time for maps and then master the actors/soldiers/characters , how are they technically called? " the soldiers... thx---------- Post added at 11:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:13 PM ---------- Alright , just curious , can you make for example this kind of " landscape " with L3DT Zone 1 http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/856/zone1.png/ Zone 2 http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/713/zone2.png/ Zone 3 http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/89/zone3.png/ click and zoom i want i need to make an exact one "Note" i dont mean the big rocks , i can make the big rocks myself.