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  1. Cuatro4

    Joystick detection problem

    Hello I have been having the same issue with my X-56 Hotas system I cannot seem to get them to be recognized what can I do?
  2. Hey so have you seen the Boeing MQ-25 that is really cool.
  3. Y'all should stick with it I am happy to help and learn with y'all.
  4. Do yall plan on adding to this mod with other types and looks of planes later on in the future. Do you plan on releasing this on steam or armaholic?
  5. Shouldn't this one be better or make this look different from theirs like the Drakon. Idk or the phantom ray this is far sleeker and sexier than the arma one tho.
  6. Can't wait for this too come out...
  7. Any way that after this yall will take on a more futuristic drone build or no more UAV's also would you consider making another carrier based UAV? I am hyped for this and can help test it in game for you all if need be. Just private message me.
  8. So how long till then i will test it for you
  9. Every time I spawn the F 35 C on the Nimitz it blows up and I don't know how to solve it
  10. Hey can I help test the mq 25 and you know that there is a fly-off between Boeing general atomics Northrop Grumman and Lockheed martin in September 2017 and there will probably be another competition for an attack recon version so will y'all make more than one of these drones and stuff?
  11. Can I help in any way
  12. So when will this be released or how close is it to being done cause I will beta test it for you guys you can email me at hillsball1801@gmail.com