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  1. Hello, if I may, I suggest removing "no idle anims" changes from both PBO's, because: - ACE has it's own Idle Anim removal and some crews remove that .pbo (for immersion, so the soldiers aren't lifeless dolls) - not everybody wants those changes (same reason as with ACE one), I suggest making another optional .pbo for the non-ace version that removes the (Player and AI) Idle anims Other changes I'd suggest after watching the video and seeing the changelog on Armaholic: - make Tactical Pace (aka jog with weapon in firing position) speed change an optional .pbo too, because that heavily impacts CQB and gameplay in general, esp. in PvP and also because original is IMO realistic: - keep original "sprint" fastcrawl of ArmA3, it's very realistic in my opinion, such speed is achievable IRL (haven't seen the A2 version yet and I don't really remember how it looked) or make changes optional That's it, otherwise great job
  2. But isn't Dynamic LoadOut by BIS restricted to editor-only, a.k.a. no rearming on the airfield between flights? I know there's GrumpyRhino module to work around that, but You said not every weapon function works properly then. (If I understood correctly) As for the HUD's, AFAIR old (A2's) FA-18's had a switch between Green, Cyan and Red - and it worked great.
  3. Hello. May I ask which loadout module was removed and why?
  4. Apparently the new forum system doesn't seem to have the in-thread post search option, so I'll just ask. Map looks lovely, is there any chance you guys could make a CUP_Terrains (and not JBAD) dependency version?
  5. Thank You Foxhound, just 2 things: - the "Credits and Thanks" section on Armaholic is outdated - isn't the mod release news-worthy? or is there any way we can post one? I've searched before if there's an option for it (as well as uploading), but didn't find it.
  6. SECOND RELEASE OF PSZ MOD Hello and Happy Easter! Due to some problems with our last release after ArmA3 v1.68 patch, we've decided to release a hotfix. Currently releasing ALFA 0.68.1103 version - here's what's new: Along with new content, there's some new features we included, like enhanced range adjusting, optional keyboard presets and registration \ side numbers for vehicles. For more info on those features, please rely on the readme and other documentation packed into release. Mod REQUIRES CBA w wersji 3.2.1 or newer. DOWNLOAD - PSZ Mod v0.68.1103 @ ArmACenter.PL - PSZ Mod v0.68.1103 @ ModDB - PSZ Mod v0.68.1103 @ Goggle Drive Enjoy!
  7. ...continuing: You mean like these? It will be fixed, thanks. True, thanks. Somehow it decided it's time to stop working between last 2 versions... About the magazine - TBH I'm pretty confused, it seems like it's some newer version of the mentioned green mag, yet I think I still saw the more transparent version not that long ago on the MSPO Expo. Current version also fits what could be found in the older photos of the Beryl rifles, but after all, it seems You're right. Then again, considering we had fair problems with making transparent mags look how they should, I can't really make promises as to what can be achieved here. (Prawdopodobnie ma to jakiś związek z faktem, że - z tego mówił mój znajomy z "syfu" - starsza wersja przeźroczystych magazynków była za słaba \ za cienka i potrafiła się rozkleić \ rozpaść w polu. W konstrukcji tych "nowych" widać, że materiał jest dużo grubszy, w obu przypadkach, może o to chodzi) We'll look into it. AFAIK real Beryl's barrel isn't compatible with any custom devices (AFAIR due to the fact it was built to have a "rifle-grenade" launching compatibility) and that's also a reason why it doesn't have a suppressor variant, both IRL and thus, in-game. Thanks to You, we will. We'll probably strap it on some extra variants of some newer Beryl(s). Once again guys, thanks for all the feedback. We'll do our best to make the mod AAAP - as amazing as possible ;) Cheers!
  8. Thank You guys very much for all the kind words :) and for all the reports. Now onto Your feedback guys: Smoke Launchers on Zbik will be working "soon", same with RPG-7 zeroing. AFAIK there'll be some upgrades in that aspect, but can't really give an ETA on that (and don't expect it too soon). Crewman as in Driver? Driver is rather a car driver (lightly armed with no extra load on the vest), also because we don't have crew helmets done yet. ACE3 support (tires, advanced ballistics and zeroing, and whatever else it needs) will come with time, probably after we're done with basic mechanized infantry assets (as in: most of the GI units and their weapons \ equipment), tho don't hold my word on that ETA. AFAIR the mod is not yet ready to be used with ALiVE. Uhhh, what? Exchange? What? Why? There's still plenty of PKM's in the field and it was widely used in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not to mention our OPFOR units will use those. The UKM-2k of course will be there, it's one of the things with top(pest) priority as of now. That opening made us chuckle real good :) While You might be right, there's also a fair chance the MOD will get some Negevs anyway, simply because there's a fair chance first LMG MSBS'es would hit the field around 2024. Also, the model is mostly ready, sooo... Not to mention it's simply nice to have some variety and there's no RL constraints against it. Rest of the responses in the next post, due to quote quota in the posts.
  9. Thanks Foxhound & aholic for the mirror, You guys are the best :)
  10. Hello. The mod got released :) Have fun! and please continue the discussion here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186957-psz-polskie-siły-zbrojne-polish-armed-forces/ Happy New Year everybody!
  11. "PSZ: POLISH ARMED FORCES" SITREP PSZ: Polish Armed Forces is a mod project focusing on adding a high quality, realistic modern Polish Army faction. This means we plan to recreate in-game most of the currently used Polish Army equipment, including of course most of the signature weapons, vehicles and units, like Beryl, MSBS and Tor rifles, Rosomak APCs, Leopard and Twardy tanks, Sokol helicopters, etc. The SECOND version just got released, so why won't you give it a try? THE FUTURE The general idea is to release the mod as soon as the base is ready, then build upon it, until we have everything one could ask for in terms of realistic Polish Armed Forces faction(s). Initial plan includes PKW 2010 faction with weapons, infantry and some vehicles, which then should be supported by following Special Forces, PKW "Motorpool" and also the 2020-ish PKW faction updates. 2020(-ish) faction will be there to include the newest weaponry polish military industry is trying to incorporate, like MSBS Radon assault rifle, Negev LMG and possibly more, like ATGM Rosomak APC variant. Mod requires CBA (for ASDG Joint Rails, for example) and at this moment we are thinking about incorporating MRT Accessory Functions and Weapon EventHandler Framework for greatest possible immersion and level of realism. Also because we want everything to depict real-life counterparts and their behaviour as much as possible, while keeping the best possible visual and technical quality. SECOND RELEASE Happy Easter, eh? Please bear in mind that it's STILL an ALPHA release, which means there's tons of stuff missing and that the stuff that IS present may need further polishing, not everything (or rather, nothing) might be final. Realistic expectations are a key to happiness and thus we suggest to take that approach :) Current mod version is ALFA 068.1103; and it contains: For the time being, PSZ: PAF mod REQUIRES CBA 3.2.1 or newer to work. DOWNLOAD - PSZ Mod v0.68.1103 @ ArmACenter.PL- PSZ Mod v0.68.1103 @ ModDB- PSZ Mod v0.68.1103 @ Goggle Drive USEFUL LINKS - ArmACenter.PL (home of the PSZ Team) - ModDB profile of the PSZ project - FaceBook profile of the PSZ project - Official PSZ Gallery on Imgur CREDITS ===PSZ TEAM=== WinteR5 Macko zGuba Istar Jon ===CONTRIBUTORS=== (more to be listed as we'll implement more goodies from our beloved friends!) Dan (former developer) - M97 Zbik Sgt. Pepper (former developer) - textures and layers Smookie (former developer) - animations Keeway (former developer) - developer, config, content porting, scripting Reyhard (M.I.A.) - developer, config, content porting, scripting RHS Team - Leupold scopes, repository Project Reality: Polish Forces Team (Veti, ddeo) - STAR trucks Kamil Nowicki - Alex / Bor, UKM-2000, Negev [ACPL] Ghost - "Steal the Data" scenario PSZ logo by WinteR5, uses great Eagle drawing by Julia Baradziej. Enjoy!
  12. ACPL Jon

    US Military Mod

    DeltaHawk, I'll be frank - we (PSZ Team) offered to fix them for You, in exchange for a "little" favor. So, can we speak about it in private if You're interested?
  13. ACPL Jon

    US Military Mod

    Hello DeltaHawk, regarding the mentioned vest armour, sorry to bother you here, but could you please respond to the private message I sent you? One could say it's relevant on topic of the vest armour.
  14. ACPL Jon

    System Shock 3

    Amazing news.
  15. Good job on the mod, thanks; Yet - is there any chance for some stamina \ fatigue system fix? I mean... so it's not as drastic? With barely over 30 kg's my soldier can't sprint for 50 meters - and that's not realistic in any goddamn way...