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  1. Przemek_kondor

    OFP servers browser

    http://kondor.armagame.pl/ofp_servers.html Hi, It's not new thing definitelly but I thought that it deserves its own topic. The server browser allows you to find and connect to OFP / Arma:CWC servers. It was Features: Displays online servers (that reports to current master server defined in https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiki/poweruser/ofpmonitor/masterservers.txt) OFP look and feel Dupports fallback to hardcoded list of servers (in case master server is offline) Allows to join server (with mods) via Steam (Windows, Linux and Mac) (server must be compatible, i.e. 1.99) - might be the only way to play MP in Linux and MacOS Alternativelly you can copy-paste IP:PORT and use as direct address in game in-built browser Supports links to servers' mods (the list is hardcoded though) links to game patches (e.g. 1.99 or 2.01) You can query servers as raw data: http://kondor.armagame.pl/php/get_ofp_servers.php?masterUrl=master.ofpisnotdead.com:28900 or invidual server's details: http://kondor.armagame.pl/php/get_ofp_server_details.php?server= you could maybe use to display your server data in webpage Known issues: port might be incorrect not persisting sorting column Others: On Windows OFPMonitor is usually a better choice There's also https://files.ofpisnotdead.com/files/browser/ by @retrocz The source code: https://gitlab.com/gliniak/webgl-world - contribution is welcome It uses PHP sockets to communicate with master server and game servers History: It started actually as a project that eventually would be something like current MS Flight Simulator. I wanted to fly around on F-16 anywhere on Earth with terrain dynamically (heightmap, textures) from some services (I should have pattented the idea then). That's why the whole project is called W(eb)GLW(orld). Some things got already implemented (simple date-based lighting, water, terrain but only from static height map, WebGL scene renderer) and you can see it in OFP in browser loading scene. Due to lack of time and enthusiasm I decided to wrap up my existing work and give it any shape. OFP in browser april fool was that thing. As bonus I wanted to add (read-only) working servers browser (gamespy was dead for some time already). With @poweruser blessing I've rewritten some OFPMonitor code in JS and PHP. And thanks to http://armagame.pl I could host it. After "release" @RozekPoland asked me to extract the browser itself to standalone website and this is what we can more or less see at http://kondor.armagame.pl/ofp_servers.html
  2. based on https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/a_%_b: rand = 1 + (random 40); nr = rand - (rand % 1); [this] exec format["crate%1.sqs", nr] maybe this will work
  3. floor is available from Arma1https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/floor (round and ceil too), hmmm we need some way to get integer from float
  4. ah, stupid me - it should be floor instead of abs (absolute just changes negative to positive) nr = 1 + floor (random 40); [this] exec format["crate%1.sqs", nr]
  5. You could move them to random position inside some area (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setPos) and/or randomize their setup e.g. (sorry I haven't coded in sqs for many years, hence pseudocode): nr = 1 + abs (random 40); [this] exec format["crate%1.sqs", nr]
  6. Przemek_kondor

    PowerServer & OFPMonitor: Multiplayer without Gamespy

    Is master.ofpisnotdead.com down? (OFPMonitor works but I guess it uses its servers list cache for now) [edit] confirmed - after OFPMonitor reinstall it's empty Connection refused 111 (http://kondor.armagame.pl/php/get_ofp_servers.php?masterUrl=master.ofpisnotdead.com:28900)
  7. Przemek_kondor

    Downloading OFP latest patch?

    Another repository: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CaCTGwl4XMijn5sNd6KeEKw4NGPMNkO5
  8. Przemek_kondor

    Downloading OFP latest patch?

    You can just install fresh game 1.99 from https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma:_Cold_War_Assault#Download_Mirrors one link is still working
  9. Przemek_kondor

    PowerServer & OFPMonitor: Multiplayer without Gamespy

    Nice, but not sure if the name should be modified and the OFPMonitor is missing an explicit license meaning this applies https://help.github.com/en/github/creating-cloning-and-archiving-repositories/licensing-a-repository
  10. Przemek_kondor

    PowerServer & OFPMonitor: Multiplayer without Gamespy

    That's the list (master.ofpisnotdead.com) master server provides: http://kondor.armagame.pl/php/get_ofp_servers.php?masterUrl=master.ofpisnotdead.com:28900 @krzychuzokecia There's no 80** IP there, meaning your OFPMonitor probably has cached it
  11. Przemek_kondor

    Please update the linux server binary

    Isn't this working: https://store.steampowered.com/app/594550/Arma_Cold_War_Assault_MacLinux/ (with -server option)?
  12. Przemek_kondor

    trying to install operation flashpoint 1 goty

    1. Either http://kamran.cc/ARMA2/CWA.zip or http://tom4897.info/depot/ofp/game/CWA.zip is the link to the full "CWA" (Cold War Assault) installer 2. Red Hammer (or even its community sequel) you can find under: http://steamcommunity.com/app/65790/discussions/search/?q=red+hammer&gidforum=882959697728857370&include_deleted=1 3. You can make custom scenarios and addons. As I said it's just rebranded OFP: Resistance with upgraded version, hence all the things works the same
  13. Przemek_kondor

    trying to install operation flashpoint 1 goty

    You can download Arma: Cold War Assault installer (which is just rebranded OFP: Resistance v1.99) and use your OFP:GOTY key there. Works with Windows 10 too.
  14. Przemek_kondor

    Running linux servers in 2018?

    Maybe there's a verbose option (-v or --verbose) which would give you some hint.