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  1. Yeah, it's not easy to download it. But i've just made it :D. Success. Click the third link from the list of three - this one: "Скачать @DSHG_vdv_desert_Sarmat_02.7z". Then, lower, the field will appear where you've to put the code (usual anti-bot). Then wait a while and when the green button appears, click RMB on it and "Save as...". That's simply it.
  2. ACPL_Maverick

    [camp] p i r o g

    Yeah, IMO it's the biggest advantage of this campaign, a plot, realities and a Slavic fraction which is opposite to the USA and their puppets. Good job, man :)
  3. ACPL_Maverick

    [SP] The Boiling Blood v0.9

    You have to put the mission .pbo file into the game root, (ex. C:\Games\ArmA II\Missions), not in your user directory. Thank you. Well, I've been enjoying making this mission :).
  4. ACPL_Maverick

    [SP] The Boiling Blood v0.9

    Put .pbo mission file into Missions folder in the game root, then unpack addons archive and put every .pbo file you find inside into Addons folder in the game root. Pretty easy, I think.
  5. OK, so here and now I'm publishing my first mission to ArmA II (I've got some experience in ArmA and OFP, gained some time earlier). http://www.sendspace.com/file/e7p23g Armaholic mirror: The Boiling Blood (@) Here's some quick informations about the mission (a part of readme): 1. Requirements An original version of ArmA II game. Version 1.03 Mission does not requires any custom addon excluding ones put in archive. 2. Info PLOT: We are at open war on Chernarus with NAPA. They've been retaking our supply convoys a few times ago, because of the high requirement for weapons and ammunition. This time the whole convoy had been possibly destroyed. You have to find place where this happened, clear our ordinary supply route and find out what's under this radical change of the NAPA's tactics. Maybe they don't need supply no more? PLAYER: Vasiliy Kuzniecov, a commander of the recon infantry squad "Grey Wolf" of the Russian Federation army. VERSION: 0.9EN LANGUAGE: English (speech & text) INCLUDES: Briefing, overview, speeches in english lan., additional music, intro, two different endings, two outros 3. Known issues - no identities (will be fixed when I find out what to do, to have russian voice in identity) - Russians speaking english in cutscenes (well, I don't know Russian...) - a bit poor task method selection in the further part of mission (not like as it was in ex. campaign) - if you find somewhere in mission author name "Maverick" instead of "Maverick_SU" - it's just a typo 4. Music I've used songs from the following games: - Hearts of Iron 3 - Codename Panzers Phase One - Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - Earth 2150 5. Thanks to: - Author(s) of scripts, addons and music which I've included into my mission. - Slacker7 for voice acting