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  1. Nothing has been removed, all the scopes are still there. Must be something else, maybe a mod conflict...
  2. All fine for me, check only with CBA.
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Correct, external IR-only navigation/formation lights. AFAIK MELBs do have them already (although I'm not 100% sure, I'm only a passenger and/or JTAC for these guys) and they'd be extremely useful for night formation flying. The heli is a normal UH-60M from RHS, just with a black texture and an attachTo fuel probe.
  4. I'd say go with the standing ones, every time I was in a gunner seat in Arma I complained about visibility more than anything else, this looks like it solves that.
  5. Arma3 Videos

    Compilation of training footage from June, recorded and edited by our CO.
  6. Tier 1 Gear Pack

    My vote is on Crye AVS aswell. And looking forward to the new stuff, I know it'll turn out awesome. On a sidenote - I posted this earlier in the topic - seeing that the current MGP release is getting kinda dumped in favor of new stuff... Is there any possibility for a quick update to the vests? They were missing shadow LOD last time I checked. This might not be a huge deal for most people but I can't unsee it now...
  7. 64 bit server

    Or you can just run it through Wine, 64bit works fine for us with that setup. I won't go into detail cause I'm not familiar with the process by any means.
  8. From what I understand, pre-mix is the initial volume of users voice ACRE takes and before it gets mixed with radio beeps and noise/interference, post-mix is overall volume of all that after it's been mixed. Eg. if user voice is too quiet compared to those sound effects, you increase pre-mix, if both are too quiet, you increase post-mix.
  9. Vehicle racks are in development last time I checked, obviously no ETA.
  10. No, mission is bascially a dozen units, some vehicles/objects and ALiVE modules. No other modules and scripts. As for mods, we don't use anything besides ACE, ACRE and gear/unit mods.
  11. Yeah, I've updated @aliveserver yesterday. I'll check the dependencies.
  12. I mentioned in the first post, missions without persistence work just fine.
  13. I forgot to mention that our server is setup through Wine. It crashes right after it tries to initialize the database. No message like "There is a problem with ALiVE plugin" or anything. I'm not a linux guy but I don't think anything major was changed/updated on our side since last time ALiVE worked.
  14. PBOs are all lowercase, though the @AliveServer DLLs are not. Not sure if this might be the cause but I'll check it anyway. EDIT: Nope, still crashing.
  15. I'd normally search before asking but I'm kinda short on time. We've recently started using ALiVE again and we're coming across an issue where the dedicated server straight crashes when clients download the mission with a Database module in it. RPT just ends after initalization of alive_sys_data. It was working fine last time we used ALiVE (maybe a year ago). Normal ALiVE mission without Databse module loads up fine (maybe except the game being stuck on loading screen for admin after briefly flashing the map screen).