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  1. I can somewhat agree with above, even very low wind values are very loud, it feels datached from what's actually going on. I can't set the wind above probably 10% for most missions because of that. Tho removing it outright might be going slightly too far, just tweaking the levels massively would do enough imo.
  2. Max255

    3den Enhanced

    You sir, are a saint. Thank you very much. To describe what happened more precisely: missions in question were basic coop missions without additional scripts, just editor placed units, some objects and ofc heavy use of additional attributes that this mod brings. Mission would begin fine but after 1-1,5hrs the server would freeze with no indication of crash when checking remotely, just 100% CPU usage. Force killing the server closed it just fine. For players everything froze, both players and AI, no message of lost connection to server and even after the server was force closed it took a minute or 2 for clients to notice. If there's anything more I can try to help track down this issue I'm willing to help.
  3. Max255

    3den Enhanced

    Not sure what might cause this but most missions I made after updating this to 3.4 have some issues in dedicated MP, most notably lagging out the whole server after 1-2h. Yes, there are lots of other mods involved but we had no issues with 3.3 and those older missions still work fine. Tested just before writing this post. No apparent errors in the RPT, neither client or server. No indication whatsoever why this mod became a problem. And while this is possibly investigated and fixed, does someone still have access to version 3.3?
  4. Can confirm, ACRE devs know about the issue aswell. Only thing I can recommend now is to rollback the client to 3.1.10.
  5. Max255

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    There's few pics of EGLMs mounted on Mk17s on AFSOC pics, not many tho. And then there's this one: I haven't seen any more so I'd also say it's not really worth the effort.
  6. Ok, so to avoid any misconceptions: - SSD and more RAM of the same speed won't improve FPS per se, but it might decrease the stuttering when loading in new map assets (basically moving around) and/or playing with large view distances. SSD will also decrease load times. With less than 16GBs of RAM SSD is a must have. - CPU overclocking is the most effective way to directly improve FPS during busy (med to heavy) missions but also the most "dangerous" (it's not, if done properly). Arma loves higher CPU clocks... - The RAM speed the CPU can utilize is only the stock speed, you can "overclock" beyond that but you also might wanna know what you're doing. It's also very effective way of increasing FPS in Arma. - Unless you play with totally maxed out view distance (12k etc.) you won't probably need 32GB of RAM. The CPU will struggle before that anyway. I'll say that 16GB is most optimal as long as it is high speed. This might not be the absolute truth about Arma's performance but most of it checks out from my and others experience.
  7. He's talking about actual NVG overlay masking the GUI. That's not regulated by any options in CBA settings. Only things you can change with those are effects options (grain, blurriness, fog, etc). To change the overlay you'd need to edit the module because of the way it is applied.
  8. AFAIK it's intended that way. Plus there's no real workaround that doesn't require rewriting the whole nightvision module and breaking something else in it. If possible at all due to engine limitations....
  9. Max255

    Not Found the paa File....

    Definitely not ACE, most likely other mods are conflicting or/and are badly made. Safest to remove all mods and then start adding them back in until the error appears again. Vanilla campaigns aren't really made with mods in mind anyway, especially ACE... Also, please use a spoiler tag around the pasted RPT, this is pain to scroll through. EDIT: Disregard the first part, I had to read through the first post a few times to understand what your issue was exactly. ACE makes the NLAW a one-shot weapon like it is in RL. Also the error you've been seeing is caused by ACE but has no gameplay consequences. It's fixed in development version. So my point still stands, neither vanilla campaign was designed with ACE in mind, nor ACE was designed with vanilla campaigns in mind.
  10. Nothing has been removed, all the scopes are still there. Must be something else, maybe a mod conflict...
  11. All fine for me, check only with CBA.
  12. Max255

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Correct, external IR-only navigation/formation lights. AFAIK MELBs do have them already (although I'm not 100% sure, I'm only a passenger and/or JTAC for these guys) and they'd be extremely useful for night formation flying. The heli is a normal UH-60M from RHS, just with a black texture and an attachTo fuel probe.
  13. I'd say go with the standing ones, every time I was in a gunner seat in Arma I complained about visibility more than anything else, this looks like it solves that.
  14. Max255

    Arma3 Videos

    Compilation of training footage from June, recorded and edited by our CO.
  15. Max255

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    My vote is on Crye AVS aswell. And looking forward to the new stuff, I know it'll turn out awesome. On a sidenote - I posted this earlier in the topic - seeing that the current MGP release is getting kinda dumped in favor of new stuff... Is there any possibility for a quick update to the vests? They were missing shadow LOD last time I checked. This might not be a huge deal for most people but I can't unsee it now...