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  1. sidhellfire

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    I just realised something obvious - we're lacking proper functioning Grenade launcher leaf sights. You know - that you are adjusting the rifle unparalleled to the aiming line, to line up the front sight with the leaf one. Not mentioning holographic sights like Eotech that still act like just a glass with red cross/dot painted on them. Yeah, and NV mode for Eotech! Actually, it would be also good, if the optical sights, like PSO-1 wouldn't be "glued hard" to the shooter's eye. Most of shaking is now applied to head instead of sight. Same mechanism would be great for vehicle mounted weapons. Soldiers, while mounting M2, bend their knees, and bow their torso, so most of the shaking that suspension wasn't able to compensate is limited by the natural movement of the soldier, so he can still aim while in vertical motion. At least half of the shaking should be limited in circa 30cm vertical range. Sadly, I doubt if anyone reads this :(
  2. sidhellfire

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    #1 ability to lean out of the window of vehicle (simply default q, and optionally turning on freelook while doing so, so noone needs to press alt twice) #2 ability to choose on which side you want to disembark (direction+action key) //already sugested #3 Heat haze (21s ) depending on weather/world#4 adjustable player model (body proportions, variable faces) - eh, keep on dreaming #5 according netcode -> could player data, like custom faces be synchronised while in briefing instead of actual game? Same with pre-loading models maybe? #6 something like very low LOD to draw certain type of objects beyond draw distance set in graphical options (I hate why enemies "pop out" when I scan&zoom) #7 Maybe implementing teamspeak client ingame? Would be a golden solution. Needs straight cooperation between TS3 developers and BI. #8 6DOF in all vehicles (in terms of TrackIR/freetrack). #9 More dust! And sand! And even more dust! In dust. #10 Updating that list in first post, and maybe a developer call on which suggestions may be added, which can and will be added, and which are not even considered.
  3. sidhellfire

    sooo.... its 1st of april

    I've missed 1st April completely, but wanted to participate and uploaded my first avatar on these forums.
  4. sidhellfire

    128+ slots?

    I'm looking forward to this. Since IC-Arma I couldn't participate in any massive events (now current work does not let me have time for Charlie-Foxthrot campaign). I think, Arma2 community is simply missing basic large scale battle server, like in example those which Mount&Blade Warband has. The concept never-ending of a frontline battle between regular units is amusing. Always have been. I think that basic Capture & Hold seems best suited for this.
  5. sidhellfire

    Graphics engine improvement

    http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=472963525826&oid=117738571610397&comments Seems someone came up with heat haze I've mentioned long time ago.
  6. sidhellfire

    Facebook competition

    I would go for "Bobby"!
  7. sidhellfire

    How to fix Performance

    ... Instead doing what he wrote above, just make sure no other application/process is eating up your resources.
  8. sidhellfire

    Co-pilots would be nice.

    It could be easily avoided in most situations, without causing any bugs, just by making the co-pilot slot the last one to fill up.
  9. sidhellfire

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    No addons, but more co-op missions instead.
  10. sidhellfire


    I wonder how the signal map would look if the emitter was on the hill. It wouldn't look so obvious as in valley. Anyways - this is just awesome! But in other hands means no compatibility with other maps than Charnearus?
  11. sidhellfire

    Any good old games?

    Adventure games don't get old, so no good old games there :D Check them out and find a good theme for you. If I was about to install any old game, I would go for Jagged Alliance 2.5 or decent strategy game.
  12. sidhellfire

    Do they give refunds???

    Stating that someone is a mentally handicapped, when he really is, shouldn't be called an insult.
  13. sidhellfire

    This game sucks!!!!

    The answer is that you are moron.
  14. sidhellfire

    Red Dead Redemption

    Anyone able to provide some detailed informations about "Free Roam" multiplayer mode? I am really looking forward some cool RPG game with bunch of my friends (4-12 players)
  15. sidhellfire

    Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2.0 Released!

    The only problem is your controls configuration. Secondly, buy a joystick for gods sake.