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  1. Is the mod will be on 1 September 2013?
  2. Germany has always liked to bawl out others including of Poles. I hope you will not have anything against Topas: 1 Marca - (W Polsce) Narodowy Dzień Pamięci "Żołnierzy Wyklętych". Dzień każdego kto przeciwstawił się zbrojnie, komunistom i Sowietom w latach 17.09.1939-21.10.1963 1 March - (In Polish) National Day of Remembrance "Cursed Soldiers". Day of anyone who opposed the armed, the communists and the Soviets in the years 17.09.1939-21.10.1963 Cześć i Chwała Bohaterom! Honor and Glory of Heroes!
  3. Nice Opel Blitz. But why is it written Warschau Express? Is it because, all three assaults were to converge on Warsaw?
  4. I really like your mod. I see you put your heart into this project. As a historian i see few mistakes but nothing very important just details. I know it's only game :). I'm from Poland and i'm proud of your job, greetings !