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  1. polishfactor

    September 1939 / Wrzesień 1939

    We are all deeply thankful for all people involved in this great moment (directly and indirectly). Gathering one year ego once more all enthusiasts and restarting all subjects lead finally to this successful end. All September 39 lovers dreams just come true. Great work was done by our big friend PetrTlach to return for all history funs this great mod. We can only say... Thank You PetrTlach! We will still work close with CSA38 team and support all new content updates. All Poland is realy happy now!
  2. polishfactor

    September'39 @ Arma 3

    For all September 1939 funs we are proud to present official webside. www.september39.pl Now all funs can easy find all official informations about our team members, supporters, all mod history , legal terms and most interesting - hot news and work in progress examples with 3D objects presentation viewer. Once more , thanks for all Your moral support and attention. We are still growing in numbers this way so we will work faster and faster.
  3. polishfactor

    September'39 @ Arma 3

    Thanks all. We will need all community best support and "cool spirit" to fast work :-)
  4. polishfactor

    September'39 @ Arma 3

    This information was added to peoper way end old topic and avoid any information mistakes like this that Keeway is not invlolved or connected with any Veterani,pl or any September 1939 DevTeam legal work for over 2 years. :-) So new topic was opened to write new posts and to not mess in the same way named Sepember 1939 subject.
  5. polishfactor

    September'39 @ Arma 3

    Best news for all .... New legal Dev Group with a part of old September 1939 mod team members under aegis EGRH.pl (Electronic History Reconstruction Group) maked from Veterani.pl initiative for all history lovers have just started hard work to bring You all September'39 mod great and fully working Arma 3 mod content! Many of great history lovers are „entangeld“ in this project and the first effects their work You will have a chance to see pretty soon it’s 20’th May on special presentation in theese day on „Night of Museums“ in Poland. Thanks to Topas care (transfer licence into my Veterani group for further work and creating the most faithfully reconstructions), also great petrtlach attitude and receive assistance from him and establishing strictly cooperation what us offered - we’re fully prepared all together to start work over that great project. That’s why that 2 great supplemental and associated together content mods from 1939 (Wrzesień 1939 and ČSA 38-45) will provide all community a chance inview into hard war history. Like Topas wished - both groups will cooperating close so whole content will be a 100% compatible with each other. Also friends from IFA3 are with us close by our work so we’re together creating one from beautiful projects for all history fans. More informations about Dev Team and work progress will be published on EGRH.pl and September39.pl which soon will be shared for You. Regards [V]PolishFactor Head of: september39.pl Dev. team egrh.pl veterani.pl
  6. polishfactor

    September 1939 Mod

    I checked it - all links are working fine. We finaly end work on reconstruction of defence Polish Post in Gdansk. Thanks Topas trust and all his friends great September 1939 mod work, next great Polsh history moment was reconstructed and saved. This is most precise reconstruction made ever. We used to make it all knowlage form official publications: Franciszek Bogacki "Poczta Polska w Gdańsku" Warszawa 1978 Franciszek Bogacki, Jan Romanowski "Obrona Poczty Polskiej w Gdańsku" Warszawa 1976 Dieter Shenk "Poczta Polska w Gdańsku. Dzieje pewnego niemieckiego zabójstwa sądowego" Gdańsk 1999 Mariusz Wójtowicz-Podhorski, Jacek Przybylski "Pierwsi w Boju" Poznań 2010 and help of Ewa Mlinowska director of The Polish Post Museum in Gdansk to finish it. Of course for all Polish history enthusiasts we will allow to try it in September on our free official servers to play.. You wil be able to see original ADGZ "OSTMARK" in action which realy attacked 1.09 1939 post building and was hard damaged by defenders with 7.92mm Wz. 35 anti-tank rifle (present in game too). Oficial trailer of Reconstruction of defence Polish Post in Gdansk (start of World War II ) : Next will be battle of Wola GULOWSKA with great Lecholas new map to see and play in October. Now we are working to prepeare a new trailer too.
  7. polishfactor

    September 1939 Mod

    There are many 1939 vehicles due to great job of our Chech friend PetrTlach work to make september39 comaptibile with great CSA38mod Just use it together: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22803 and 1939 fix http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22943
  8. polishfactor

    September 1939 Mod

    All files You will find on Armacholic. Oficcialy there are only Polish soldiers with personal weapons. You need all these files to start play. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19433 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19434 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19448 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19435 1st we fixed some vehicles we need to our reconstructions. Join our Ts pass Veterani on EGRH and help us. Soon reconstruction of defence Polish Post in Gdansk. Some scenes from ARM2A and original pictures from 1939 More information on: http://veterani.pl/premiera-filmu-14-godzin-pierwsi-w-walce-i-prace-na-rekonstrukcja/
  9. polishfactor

    September 1939 Mod

    First thing my big congratulations and I whish You all good for soon born a new family member. I hope we will have soon new great ARMA6 girl team supporters :-) Our respect for a privacy and all family care decisions You wise made. We are deep greateful for giving us a chance to continue Your and Your friends great work. We fully understand all responsiblity and trust we recived and how many Polish and other eyes are still pointed on this work. We coopearate good in EGRH. There are many young talented people with heart to work for preserving our history so work will be continued without any problems. Yestarday officially by 3 project directors voice, new chief of ARAM3 project was accepted. This is our main coder - novee. So all questions or suggestions about ARMA3 now sent only to him now. I want only to apologise for our ex member involving anyone in personal games or own problems but we deep thanks him for all his good efforts he made till this time. Our task is to work silently and in quiet and talk only about work and progress. Thanks all for good words and support our beloved september 1939 mod. Once more I want to invite all to join EGRH - polish history and mod september 1939 fun group and this way active support it.
  10. polishfactor

    September 1939 Mod

    All are just now MP for a LEGION (Polish Integration Scene Project). EGRH as Veterani part is opend for any history lovers. We participate in this project to recriut and train true reconstructors, make tests and mod work promotion (big battle movies etc) They are special made for 50-70 slots for high level (kind a LARP) reconstuction missions. There is no problem at all to prepeare fast SP much easier scenarios if there will be enough interest. So vote and join EGRH.pl to help in develope and tests! :-)
  11. polishfactor

    September 1939 Mod

    We have a little problem with it inside new september39 (EGRH.pl) working group.... :-( Half wan't work only on ARMA3 version, and second half is trying first end ARMA2 part ( ARMA3 permanent changes problems). This made us slowing down dillema weakend our last only one direction work power. To prevent false rumours of ending september 1939mod work I decided to present little more information about situation of this one of most important polish national mod we decided to take care after official Topas permition we asked for few month ego. Most important is that: Mod is still in progress and we still work to end it as fast as it possible to gave as many as it possbile great content to all Arma comunity users as complex "product". Complex means: 1. Mod - units and weapons (based on Topas and all great september39 group basic work). 2. Dedicated and adopted Poland history maps (based on great Lecholas Wola Gulowska he is still supporting us) 3. Big mision pack with 24 close as possible history reality made greatest Polish WW2 battles. Complex work thinking is very important becouse it's a key to present good our history, names of many forgoten heroes and to show wider hard truth about tragedy of WW2 war and important role of Poland to stop Nazi's tragedy. Complex version need more time but is more attractive and bring more attention and quarantee better support too. EGRH.pl role is wider then only gave community a great mod. We start building strong basics : 1. Gathering as many as it possible ARMA specialist and end players to harder and wider support work for creating, testing and playing content. All is to make it more popular and stable and more popular by media work too ( producing vids, make comments etc) 2. Contact profesionals by presenting work and abilities in polish official history institutions responsible for education and national history preservation. 3. Gather contacts with history recostuction groups and gaving them great support in planing and testing history events to make them more popularity and support their great work and find more supporters. EHGRH have 3 main project directors (to aksed specific questions) responsible for different way of work. 1. I am a main head of Veterani.pl which started and opened EGRH.pl with main foudner - Wlocz99 and other members of our group as all EGRH.pl members. As 2nd EGRH project director, I am acitve mission maker resposible for september 1939 complex missions pack content (most bigest 1939 polish battles). As regular soldier and retired officer I am main reality and military mission pack consultant too. I am responsible for preserving playable balance beetween simulation and game for history september 1939 all mission and to coordinate all mission makers work. I ma oner and administrator of EGRH.pl page As one of the head of LEGION (project made to gather and integrate main and active polish scene groups work and to play together - septemner mod too), I am responsible for recruiting new history lovers to make them EGRH memmbers. 2. Wlocz99 youngest and 1st EGRH project director. He is our main history consultant and active History Reconstructon Group member in reality. He is responsible for all history consultations and museums and other history instituitions contacts to find wider support for a project. He has a main right to acces of 1939 mod content so, he is responsible for EGRH information and cooperation policy, accepting moders acces and good contacts with all fathers of september 1939 mod and other important WW2 history groups like best Chech friend Petrtlach (head of great CSA 38-45 group) supported our mods compatiliblity and many great work inside. He is mod develpoement coordinator for ARMA and Men of War games. 3. Beba oldest EGRH member - 3rd project director As big corporation manager in reality ,he is our main media, strategy and promotion consultant. He is 2 bigest ARMA servers (one of the best in Poland) sponsor and adminstrator. He is responsible for prepearing best place for future september mod players bigest events (over 100 slots). He is responsible for resolving any law issues, propmotion and all technical support. He is holding group dyscipline and is responsibile for all grups good cooperation rules to evoid, any personal problems ruined many projects. We have to separate special part for ARMA3. Chief of this work is still Keeway - fully resposible for units transfer. There is different topic for it. Work in progress: We 1st concentrate on integration of Polish scene by LEGION project to gave september 1939 as many as it's possble history motivated mission makers, graphics, coders, and other talented people and with strong reason to hard work bringing huge numbers of future players and their work lovers. There is always not enough so we are open on any support. We still officialy asked for help of any talented patriots to sign in egrh.pl forum and gave us any possible support. 2. We opened many contacs and presented content and part of mission pack for official history institutions representatives to recive strong help and media support in IPN and WW2 Museum. We are trying to promote it as very important national mod for Polish education. 3.We serching sponsors inside and outiside to recive profesional and fast help for most important parts needed for mission pack battles. 4. We prepeared missions and made playable trailers to promote september 1939 and start it very soon to play with ARMA2. New mission pack battles, with new mod september39 content and Polish adopted and new dedicated maps pack closest presentation EGRH for members LEGION plans (tests): 1. 2 i 3 część Obrony Westrplatte gramy 1 wrzeÅ›nia - zapisy grup na (WW2 war begining - 2nd and 3rd part of Westerplatte - 1 September) http://legion-arma.eu/misc.php?page=teamsquad Battle Trailer: 2. Bitwa pod WolÄ… GuÅ‚owska - Październik (Wola Gulowska Battle - October). 3. Obrona Poczty GdaÅ„skiej - Listopad (Defending Polish Post - November) 4. Bitwa pod MokrÄ… 3 - GrudzieÅ„ (Mokra 2 Battle -December) Battle trailer: 5. Powstanie Warszawskie - styczeÅ„ (Warsaw Uprising- January) We are determined now to work faster. Problem is only ARMA3 showcase. Work slowed down due to efforts and support is now dividing. What do You think. 70% groups still playing mainly ARMA2. Topas advice will be very important for me here... Help us to decide! All vote! Complex mission pack content (all mission in progress): 1. Obrona Westerplatte Westerplatte 1-7.09.1939 Obrona skÅ‚adnicy (w 3 częściach). Westerplatte defence (3 parts) 2. Obrona KÄ™py Oksywskiej 1-19.09.1939 Heroiczna Å›mierć puÅ‚kownika DÄ…bka. Kempa Oksywska defence (col. Dabek heroic death) 3. Obrona Helu Hel 1.09-2.10.1939 Obrona Półwyspu . Hel Peninsula defence (not defended admiral Unrug ) 4. Obrona pozycji mÅ‚awskiej MÅ‚awa 1-4.09.1939 Obrona pozycji pod MÅ‚awÄ…. Mlawa position Defence 5. Bitwa w Borach Tucholskich 1-5 .09.1939 Walki Armii Pomorze w "korytarzu". Tuchola Forest Defence 6. Bitwa pod BorowskÄ… GórÄ… 2-5.09.1939 Bitwa o Góry Borowskie. Borowska Mountain Battle 7. Obrona fortu WÄ™gierska Górka 2-3.09. 1939 Obrona przejÅ›cia ze SÅ‚owacji. Wegierska Gorka fort defence 8. Bitwa w okolicach Jordanowa 2-4.09. 1939 Walki brygady pancerno-motorowej. Tank Jordanow battle 9. Piotrków Tryb. - Tomaszów Maz. 5.09.1939 Bitwa Armii Prusy. Tomszow Maz Army Prusy Fight. 10. Bitwa pod Iłżą 8-9.09.1939 Atak Armii Prusy w kierunku przeprawy. Lza Battle 11. Obrona fortów piÄ…tnickich Åomża 7-10.09.1939 Obrona fortów. Lomza fort defence 12. Bój pod WiznÄ… 7-10.09.1939 Polskie Termopile kapitana Raginisa. Wizna Battle (Polish Termopile heroic kpt. Raginis death) 13. Bitwa nad BzurÄ… 9-18.09.1939 NajwiÄ™ksza bitwa kampanii (4 części) Bzura battle (in 4 parts) 14. Bitwa pod Barakiem 7-8.091939 Walki w okolicach SzydÅ‚owca i Iłży. Barak battle 15. Tomaszów Lubelski 17-20.09.1939 Okrążenie armii Lublin i Kraków. Tomaszow Lubelski (Army Lublin and Krakow encirclement fight) 16. Bitwa pod MużyÅ‚owicami Jaworów 15-16.09.1939 Rozbicie SS Germania w Lasach Janowskich. Muzlowice Battle - SS Germania masakre. 17. Bitwa pod Åomiankami Åomianki 22.09 1939 Ostatnia bitwa gen. BoÅ‚tucia pod WarszawÄ…. Lomianki Battle (gen Boltuc last fight near Warsaw) 18. Obrona Warszawy Warszawa 8 do 26. 09.1939 Oblężenie Warszawy i jej kapitulacja. Warsaw defence 19. Obrona twierdzy Modlin Twierdza Modlin 13-29.09.1939 Obrona twierdzy modliÅ„skiej. Modlin fortress defence 20. Bitwa pod Kockiem 1939 Kock 2-5 października 1939 Ostatnia bitwa SGO "Polesie" z Niemcami. (Wola GuÅ‚owska w 2 częściach - bitwa o koÅ›ciół i cmentarz) Wola Gulowska cementary defence and bloody win church battle. 21. Obrona Poczty GdaÅ„skiej 1.09.1939 - Polish Post defence in Gdansk
  12. polishfactor

    Warfare mode?

    Not only modders... Just comapre D-DAY content of IF DLC to free ARMA2 Invasion44. They prepeared 1 allies plane, 1 tank and 1 map. This is biggest joke ever even for 9,99EUR! Even Russian content is very fun. We have only 2 more WW2 Ru tanks then in ARMA2. Number of German equipement as tanks is a missery too! Besides all Warfeare for Baranov map exist and working. Thanks god! If this game want to start realy earn money attracting ARMA2 funs its need patches with new wider heavy equipement. If not people will stay in much better and mostly free reality of ARMA2 mods with best ever ACE and WARMOD.
  13. polishfactor

    September 1939 Mod

    Plying ARMA till this time totaly made me mad . Especially history mod pojects like this as a mission maker in my group:-) Your 7TP is masterpeace. I have played many hours with this tank but Hotchkiss is much stronger in close combat due to 34mm hull against 17 mm and powerfull turret with 45mm agaist 15mm 7TP and 2X more ammo inside in any fight. 7TP had 2X better 37mm (longer) AT boffors wz36 gun with max range 7100m against 2100m short SA18 (3 less kinetic power). All was useless agaist PZIV front and even side armor... If you will need precision data for hulls penetration points and type and number of ammo - i can help You with pleasure. So i propose these 2 more missed in main PL tanks list (i have all logistic data): Vickers MK E (2 turret) : http://c.wrzuta.pl/wi19899/3b5a025e002844ed501adde5/vickers_mk_e_dw http://c.wrzuta.pl/wi9256/708a7134002b71a7501ade8f/vickers_mk_e_dw_up http://c.wrzuta.pl/wi19883/5b13357c0017f8bc501adef3/vickers_mk_e_dw_up2 Hochkiss H-35: http://c.wrzuta.pl/wi2553/2e3e47d500124db4501ad555/hotchkiss_h35 http://c.wrzuta.pl/wi7363/6fae2ba00018e6fb501ad79c/hotchkiss_h35_2 http://c.wrzuta.pl/wi7081/0bcf233e000b7e84501ad876/hotchkiss_h35_3 http://c.wrzuta.pl/wi3967/e5dc65fa00259dcc501ad977/hotchkiss_h35_up
  14. polishfactor

    September 1939 Mod

    My propositions for mised important PL units in main list: Vicekrs Ejw - tank http://c.wrzuta.pl/wi99/465aa3fa001e892a501ac5a8/vickers_ejw_2 http://c.wrzuta.pl/wi2863/d466803e00268547501ac8bd/vickers_ejw 1 turret Vicker is important due to 47mm QF with max 3200m range gun (most powerfull from all PL tanks).