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  1. Sorry if it's mentioned elswhere, I don't read the forums as often as I used to. Anyway, I appears that during this year's Blender Conference Miroslav Horvath from BIS (Bohemia Interactive Simulations) again had a talk about the tools he's continuously developing for 8 years. I think it's a good place to post it, since the tools are a Blender addon for improvements of terrain editing workflow for Real Virtuality engine (Arma, VBS, ToH, DayZ...). There are some interesting insights on how Take on Helicopters terrain was created, or what does VBS streams simulation that could be seen some time ago in some trailers looks like from behind the scenes. My original topic from several years ago concerning the same tools but in Arma 2 version: Well, "eight years in development, and still not released" :)
  2. Or if you use QGIS and don't want to download country(continent)-wide OSM files you can download osm data concerning your area of interest straight from the QGIS thanks to OSM Plugin. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/QGIS_OSM_Plugin One another good place to look for free GIS data/tools is the freegeographytools blog (tag 'data').
  3. lecholas

    New Road System

    To be honest, I've never worked with GM, but QGIS for example lets you reproject rasters/vectors to any possible coordinate system (if you know the right parameters you can also define your own one I think). And I guess that when you have heightmap and shapefile in the same crs, smoothing of the raster DEM could be performed in some third party GIS application or even 2D graphics editing application directly into the heightmap. I can think of several possible workflows. The question is: would it look good ingame?
  4. lecholas

    New Road System

    @M1lkm8n You need to create a new vector line layer (shapefile) with a correct CRS and start an edit session. It's roughly described here: http://geo.nls.uk/urbhist/guides_vectorlayerqgis.html I can't test it with Arma3 yet, but its interesting, what kind of projections are supported (I guess UTM only).
  5. lecholas

    Blender for terrain editing

    The idea behind this was watching movies and pdfs presenting the tools for VBS - and TerraSim (I tried to convince my boss that one of this programs would be nice to have to make models for ArcScene... ;) ) and it can be described as using gis data (vector or raster, file or or service based) directly in one program to generate consistent (or 'correlated') data for Arma maps. The example you wrote about is one of the ideas - generation of vegetation based on vector land cover data (eg. with buffer-based definable areas for different density or preferably height of vegetation). Or an option to generate a defined vegetation type along roads, or other features from gis data. It could look like that: you define some settings for your vector/raster land cover layers, choose a raster source for sat mask (eg. WMS-based) and elevation model, draw a square extent and export the data package (sat and dem rasters, pbl file, maybe layers.cfg, txt files for vegetation import in Visitor3, rasterized vector data for the purpose of creating mask layer... A bit of automatization of the process which I used during the creation of my still WIP map: .The more difficult things would be creation of roads based on real vector data (by 'creation of roads' I mean: road objects network, raster mask for roads, maybe raster layer for blending with sat mask, vegetation along the road - all at once) or generation of other human made objects. Ideally, all the source data (quasi-ortophoto, DEM, land cover, building footprints) could come from one origin - eg. laser scanning. This way it would really be 'correlated'... but that's not for QGIS (as a matter of fact it's more like for ArcGIS 10.1, but it could be too much even for that software).
  6. lecholas

    Blender for terrain editing

    So, is that a hint that the tools might be released in some form for the community? Well, it's not easy to answer that ;) In short, it all started with OFP/Arma modding (still trying to help Topas and others in September 1939 mod), and now I work as a 3D GIS specialist (a junior one ;)) so I use combination of GIS and 3D tools on a daily basis (mostly ArcGIS, recently CityEngine, Blender as a support tool). Also, some time ago I started to learn python for Blender/ArcGIS/QGIS (I thought about attempting to write an addon for QGIS which would support the proces of creation of Arma maps - something like Shezan's briliant World Tools, not done from scratch but with the open source application as a basis... but I don't have time for this). And as a philosopher by education (sic!) I think, as one of my professors used to say, that there is nothing more practical than a good theory, so I like to read such strange magazines as Blenerart. The worst thing is that my job is also my hobby so when I have some free time I spend it doing almost the same I do in my working hours... Yes, I know that it was hardly 'in short' ;P So, if understand correctly, when you finish editing a part of a terrain in Blender then you 'patch' the original rasters (height or sat/mask) in correct places? Good to know. Thanks.
  7. I'm not sure if anyone noticed it but there is an interesting article in BlenderArt magazine (ISSUE 39: SPIRIT OF EXPLORATION): http://blenderart.org/issues/ It is written by Miroslav Horvath (former(?) World Design Lead at BIS) and concerns using blender as a tool for supporting terrain editing process for BIS games. Some ideas aren't new for me (as sculpting terrains - a very interesting attempt can be found here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?125952-Grebbeberg-WIP-terrain), but of some I have never thought of (eg. texture paint - the satellite one - directly in blender; I wonder how strong computer one has to have to do this - I had troubles editing more complicated 10240x10240 sat masks in a 2D graphics program; the technique is similar as here, I suppose: ).I've also found a movie about this: (it really starts about 8min 15sec)I hope someone will find this as interesting/amazing/useful as I.
  8. Interesting, would the cost values be different, if the rock was reversed upside down (ie. if the wider part of it was hight above the ground, and the diameter of the rock's intersection with the surface was the same)? Such a situation is very ofthe for tree models (or buildings with balconies etc.) I think - narrow geometry lod near the ground and much wider above the ground. So in other words, it seems that the cost values are generated not around the geometry lod but inside the volume of geometry lod's bounding box...
  9. lecholas

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    It's not anything new, but I think it's interesting (as is always when it comes to improvements in the area of AI). Am I right that it looks a bit different from the standard Arma2 AI (especially the bunching up)? Has it been implemented already?
  10. lecholas

    September 1939 Mod

    Well, there hasn't been much progress from my side recently (as Topas said, 'normal' life - I'm recently very busy in my new exciting work). But I think I can show some of WIPs of my earlier work which consisted in creating some environment objects for Wola Gułowska map. Some transportation: http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/7782/wozdrabiniasty1.jpg http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/4231/wozpoczta1.jpg
  11. lecholas

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    I mean the former one. Thanks a lot.
  12. lecholas

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    Well, you can definitely count me as interested. Especially if the scenarios come with some reading-matter for theoretical background. Looks very nice.
  13. lecholas

    Problem with custom road

    Indestructible piece of road would be ok for me. I'm not 100% sure but I think I've already tried only roadway lod without geometry lod with no results (I think I've tried every possible combination of lods and their properties - of course I could have omitted some possibility by mistake). Anyway I don't have time or even ability (I don't have access to my pc with arma/BIStools/my models now) to check it.
  14. lecholas

    Problem with custom road

    ROTFL... well said, well said.... Well, the strange thing is that it WAS possible in OPF - FDF mod did it. But in Arma/Arma2 the same setup of the model won't work...
  15. lecholas

    Problem with custom road

    Sorry, nothing seemd to work for me and due to no time for more experiments I put the project on hold (I reverted to using simple retexture of BIS's sample road).